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Estonia, Ireland and Finland have the smartest European students

PISA scores don't translate well to actual real-life skills or intelligence. Our students are mostly clueless dumbasses.
Estonia isn't a real country.
Fake Macedonia in red kek. Explains their retardation on /ee/.
We have gypsies bringing the country wide scores down, sad
>muh academia
checks out
Not coping out and saying romanians are not more retarded, but there are ~6-7m outside the country in europe,probably took tests under the other nationality.
Also even in the country, the "smarter" romanians usually drop out of high-school and never touch our shitty higher education.The ones that stay are the dumb sheep NPCs that work their asses off for 5 PhDs but still work at mcDonalds.

Also PISA,IQ tests,etc don't translate into "intelligence", they just prove you have more knowledge into a certain field or you are good at pattern recog/memory.Intelligence is not really that, though everyone has a subjective view on it.
kosovo subhumans
Gee I wonder why France's score is so low
I don’t get how Ireland scored so highly. Our Leaving Cert exams are a joke and most of the students are brain dead. The women are make-up wearing lefty whites and the guys are just scumbags who have nothing between their ears. This country is a complete joke and the people are stupid, that’s why we only vote in the same two parties who take turns fucking us in the ass.
Education system here is ridiculously out of touch with the real world. Basically: "lean this and be on your way", there's never practicality attached to anything, it's just disjointed concepts all over the place. Also teachers are not accountable since they can't be fired.
I wonder how do we cheat each year to get high results, because regular Estonian is dumb as bricks.
A nice example of why coal-burning is a mistake. Portugal = native white high results (above average).
Brazil = huge coal-burning with nigs and amerindians low results
Must be the influx of Nigerians.
Is there any way to arrange for your kid to sit for this exam?
>that lead
Should've just said that Finland has the smartest students
What kind of clown world is this?
When I fucking say that Estonia is very good place, I wasn't fucking lying.

Faggot, show man up and only true white men should go to Estonia.

If you start a company over there, you pay 0% taxes, don't be a faggot and go to estonia.
the difference between for example 499 (UK) and 504 (Norway) is negligible, but finland and estonia are clearly leagues ahead of everyone else what the fuck
Finland confirmed Mongoloids
It’s due to that beautiful mass immigration
It's the Genghis genes
I'm so proud of our lil'southern neighbour.
Italian and Greek BVLLS don't need no math fucking all your bitches
People under 18 are 20% gipsies here. They bring scores down.
What would Germany be able to get without the subhuman scum?
~30% of the school-aged chilluns being borderline illiterate functionally retarded 70IQ gypsies and turks will do that to you- same with the abnormally low score of Slovakia and Hungary- they also have double digit abbo IQ-tier infestation that drags them to hell.
Also the shit-tier educational system filled with demoralized and culturally subverted retards that don't care plays a role. Estonia, for example is 1/3 vatnik and this apparently doesn't hurt their score much, meaning it's porbably mostly tied to the quality of the educational system and the % of non-europeans.
It's because of the mongoloid ancestry
Id hope so, all the shitskins the western countries have had to take in has definitely taken its toll.
Just look at poor sweden, being outclassed by pooland
Ireland Super Power by 2020
lol. PISA is a scam and if you cared to check them out you would know. The countries that do well on these tests tend to practise these particular tests in school ahead of time, while most countries dont care and dont. Even a monkey can be taught to open a door, you just have to show him how.
>Test scores
>Actual intelligence
>Italy is borderline retarded
>Most bad scores come from trade institutes and from terroni students
Where is Slovenia? That's because we are the best.
Listen mongoloids.
those countries have the least amount of niggers and sandniggers.
the other Euro countries statistics, minus the shitskins, would have the same result as these 3.

its the same with guns in the US. America has the same gun crime stats as Europe or ANZ...if you count white gun crime only. America does not have a gun problem. it has a Nigger-Spic problem.

statistics, faggots, learn it.
Western maths taught in school is absolute childish tier. Eastern Europe kids need to learn calculus and trigonometry in 8th grade while english mutts draw and shit.
How did Greece go from the intellectual giant of the world to this? Shame!