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Estonia thread

a thread about the greatest country on earth, Estonia.

amerimutts will be seething.
>amerimutts will be seething.
Why? You're the best eastern european country there is. Plus your flag is very nice.
Nah dawg, me and my homies are gonna move to Estonia.
How do we get rid of the Russians?
I've been trying to learn Estonian as a second language, because I may move there one day.
Based Eesti our true brothers
how do you say 'twelve months' in estonian?
also, represent
rightful german clay
Omg im SEETHING right now
Isn't Estonia that made up country from The Mouse That Roared?
Maybe like... 3rd greatest
Never heard of it.
Why are Americans seething? The government is paying me $3,000 every month on top of the original $1,200 just to sit on my ass, yeah i'm good bro
The only slaying you'll be doing is negro pussy, you filthy jungle fever freak
Explain yourself
I love you Eesti.
You'll be included in our Übermenschenzuchtprogramm one day.
did you know that Whitmer is ethnically Estonian
Post your real flag. The HD one with the trees.
literally where?
my favorite queens enthusiast
I went to Estonia two years ago. I really like that country. Most people were cool except for the russians and that one fucker ni Kuressaare who wanted us to pay by cash for his shitty room.
> greatest country on earth
> 90% of GDP is selling cheap alcohol to Finns
You should correct your perspective. Estonia was great when it was under the rule of the German Weißhaupt Ritterorden.
Now it's nothing more than another post soviet low wage shithole.
>all these posts
>no brush
That esti died didn't he? Rip
so what was your experience as a soviet butt boy??
eat shit Estonians and don't come crying to us when Russia cucks your ass. It's their rightful clay.
The greatest countries get the greatest plans.
>amerimutts will be seething
Nope. We like Estonia.
Went there don't ask me why..
Felt like in an other place, no immigration and Tallinn is rather nice city It is comfy, people keep to themselves. It is just the feeling of not to live in a country filled with immigrants that felt good
estonia rhymes with pony, i always thought there was a just a pony there
You're just Finns who got raped by Russians and Germans instead of Swedes.
Estonia is a nice little country but absolutely irrelevant. No money, no resources, no skills.
It’s not that Americans are uneducated, it’s just you should already know we don’t give a fuck about irrelevant countries.
Estonia? What the fuck is that?
European countries that are relevant are ones that are known for their power, success, contributions, etc. such as UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and of course Russia.
Little offshoot countries such as yours are not only irrelevant to us but also the rest of the world.
No seething, just how it is.
Now go fucking do something, invent something, conquer something, whatever.
Until then shut the fuck up because you don’t fucking matter!
why would I seethe? I have heard that Estonia is absolutely lovely
It's pretty good. During my traditional clothes tour, I attempted to deflower a girl.wearing traditional garb during a folk festival in every country I visited. The estonian girl made a delightful 'eep' sound when I plunged inwhich really lit a fire in me after the boredome that was scandinavia.
How do you cope with the fact that you will never be a Scandinavian country?
Pure niggers, the whole lot of them.
Stop dragging attention to yourself if you want to stay based you absolute fucking retard.
>amerimutts will be seething.
We will?
I'm just sitting here with my coffee thinking:
>Estonia? You mean Discount Finland? Why would I seethe about that?
What I know about Estonia:
It's flat, more or less. Some little islands. You could stand in Tallinn, throw a rock and hit Finland. Lots of boats. Tallinn itself looks nice.
Other than that?
Not much.
Baltic states are russian clay,u faggots will be pumped and dumped again.
Seethe more faggots.