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my hispanic brothers, you should not let the sick anglos tri...

my hispanic brothers, you should not let the sick anglos trick you into race conflict.

historically, the spanish empire has defended that all men are equal under god, just as the Bible says. don't let the true christian values that forged our blood die. we are all descendants in one way or another of the empire our forefathers built upon these values.

defend your heritage, defend your ground, and let those mentally ill yankee pirates be with their "melanin is important" flashlighting, while rejoice in our own race of races, the hispanic race.

hispanics should not care about the color of the skin, because hispanics come in every color.

arriba españa y la hispanidad.

Come on, that won't happen. The chances of that happening are really low, I don't think so.
latinos are better at reasoning, at least at the last moment
I can see in latinos that they are shooting at blacks, they have only one fixed objective and that is to defend themselves.
If there's some latino retard else that threatens to kill negros, they'll never really have anyone else's support, I bet you that.

if blacks can reason, there is no need to really worry
>the eternal sniveling cuck castilian
I love you all latin brothers.
Except nicaraguans, go fuck yourselves

The Southern European Question.

How can we get Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Southern Italy) to leave the EU as soon as possible?

You lower your taxations and a lot of SOUTHERN company moved to you country making you richer. You dumbass study before following what your tard gov give you on television. Dumbfuck, Viva l'Europa.
And that's supposed to hurt us?
Having Sicily being independent from Italy as well?

Come on anon, don't make me dream, I can only wish that in 50 years only white Europeans will be the quarter to half descendants of Normans in Sicily while the rest of the continent has been muddened by your resources.

Also, pls, don't let Naples be a part of our country, I pray every night that Vesuvius erupts again leveling Campania in molten rock.