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Spanish Big Brother had woman watch her own rape


A participant of Big Brother was sexually assaulted while she was passed out drunk by her on show lover

if they were lovers he did nothing wrong and this melodramatic bullshit is ruining a innocent mans life. like did she die? was she bleeding? was it something she never did before with someone she isn't intimate with? ok guess what, literally nothing happened.
i bet her pussy got wet
Would be hotter if it was real rape instead of cheating while drunk.

>Immigrant man, 28, is jailed for raping and torturing woman...

>Immigrant man, 28, is jailed for raping and torturing woman who was beaten, sodomized forced to dance naked and call him ‘Master’ and 'Prophet' during two-day ordeal in Spain
The asylum seeker immigrant, 28, launched a violent sexual attack on young woman at his flat


>The 23-year-old woman was in court to see him sentenced to 9 years after he subjected the woman to two days of brutal sado-masochistic treatment

>Immigrant 28, forced his 23-year-old victim to have punishing sex with him and to perform disgusting sex acts over a two day period.

>They accused him of pepper-spraying her on one occasion and inserting foreign objects in her rectum on another as well as making her dance naked for him and calling her 'his rightful slave' the day of the first rape.

>On another occasion he was said to have changed her SIM card in her phone, leading to her losing all her contacts 'so she could only contact the prophet' as part of the 'situation of Islamic dominance he imposed on her through the abusive exercise of his authority, physical superiority and a campaign of sodomy'

>After forcing her to perform a sex act on him and raping her on August 7 last year, he stopped her from leaving the apartment the following morning and made her have anal, oral, vaginal and other sex again before physically attacking her.

>The victim underwent a emergency reconstructive colonoscopy surgery and tested positive for Mycoplasma Genitalium.

>Describing how he hit her and smashed her head against the wall while he raped her, and grabbed hold of her neck, they added: 'He told her he didn’t care whether he had to kill her god willing and covered her mouth with tape.'.

>Wednesday's court case comes just days after a controversial Barcelona court decision to acquit five refugee men accused of gang-raping a 14-year-old girl of the charge of sexual assault.

that fake op
dumb roasties
You euro cucks are fucking stupid for not beating the perps to death after they get acquitted. If it was my daughter they would never find the bodies maybe pieces but never all of them. Fuck these people and fuck you guys for letting this happen to your woman