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HAPPENING: The US is being invaded by an army of illegals

That's a wrap folks, the US is done for. How many more years until until Spanish becomes the official language and white people become strangers in their own land?

>President Joe Biden’s border agencies are preparing reception centers to help a huge inflow of perhaps 800,000 family migrants this year, along with a record inflow of unaccompanied children and a growing wave of single men, according to media reports.

>The reports do not describe any steps the federal government is taking to deter, stop, or reduce the inflow. The inflow will generate billions of dollars in smuggling revenue for coyotes and for the drug-smuggling cartels that control access to the U.S. border — and plus many billions in extra revenue and profits for U.S. companies.

>This year, there is evidence more families are sending older children through the UAC door while the fathers and young men sneak over the wall until they can get transport to go north. Most media coverage treats the different streams as unconnected, but the migrants share a cellphone communications network that keeps them in close contact with each other, the coyotes, and their illegal-migrants families already living in the United States.


Fuck spics
A country were wômēn and gìrls are seen as sæx objects because of African rap culture and fõrced prōstîtutions and Sax trafficked victim's! Stop brõthels and prõsìtìutions in Spain! Stop consuming it so no Africans and eastern European girls will be sax trafficked! Just imagine if they are your mother daughter or sister

Not Spaniards, what is your concept of Spain?

An interesting history, but your economy went to shit in the last 100 years. Also every mutt race in the Americas is basically "Spaniard + some jungle monkey" you should really have kept your dick in your pants.
I studied Spanish literature as an undergrad. I recently traveled through Spain with my family. We stayed first in Madrid then went North along the coast up to Catalonia.
After an horrific Civil War, unironically Spain is among the most civil nations on Earth. A visit to Picasso's "Guernica" development in its museo is worth a trip. Also, please visit the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. These are some positive things about Spain you will never forget.
loved it when i was there, love the history, hope you guys dont go extinct :(