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Why are Spain and Portugal considered as white countries?

Why are Spain and Portugal considered as white countries?

Who the fuck cares about spain or portugal?
No news ever comes from those places.
Shithole flyover country obviously.

Ever since the spanish fleet was sunk and they raped the south americans and islanders into oblivion the Spanish have never been the same.
>Why would a country attributed with providing smallpox blankets be given a production status at all by any means?
they literally killed all the refugees, based
Why wouldn't they be? The modern nations of Spain and Portugal are literally the product of a successful white race war. They subsequently led the way bringing Europe to dominate the global stage. Anyone who claims they're not white because le Moors is basically claiming white people can never win. Its pathetic.

Why do Spaniards hate Latin Americans so much?


Putos indios de los huevos
kys tiraflechas
There's bias in your wife's opinions. Argentinians and Mexicans hate each other so of course she would say that. Socially most Spanish speakers dislike Argentinians for being undeservedly smug for living in a country that's poorer than Mexico.