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Why do Spaniards look different from Latinos? Why are Lati...

Why do Spaniards look different from Latinos?

Why are Latinos (from the Americas) whiter than Spaniards (original Berber/moors) even though Latinos come from Spaniards?

What happened

A true Spaniard doesn't wear a Barcelona shirt.
This conflation of race by literal level of melanin is nordicist retardation. Most Europeans outside of Angloids and Nordnigger subhumans can actually tan without developing skin cancer.
>Why do Spaniards look different from Latinos?


What went wrong?

Catalonian Riots General

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBbsDOuKejk

Very quick rundown: Catalan secessionists are protesting because the politicians that tried to secede that region from Spain have been sentenced to years in prison and they didn't like that.

Ok I have to officially apologize to the chilean in this thread that is larping as a commie. I said that we are more civilized here but no.

People are stealing 4k televisions here too.
>I'll just vote for my independence
Top lol, I hope those protesters learned something from what happened to the cuck politicians. If you want something that isn't in the state's interest, you have to fight for it.