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Refugee is beaten by Spanish neighbors after attacking a kid in Spain

>He, destroying and attacking a kid in the middle of the street: https://twitter.com/2Fingerdepollo/status/1288750169505308672

>Some Spanish neighbors from the zone catch him and give him some of his own medicine: https://twitter.com/2Fingerdepollo/status/1288751792587710465

I regret not being there, brutalising some refugee with the excuse defending the kid.
Id tell that fat to choke hold him for me. Boom boom boom liver and ribs as i was trained in the gym. IN the sternum, in the liver, fuck him UP!
It's like 1492 all over again. Nice one, Spain! I could watch that smelly paki getting beaten all day long.
Nice. Beating moros into submision never gets old.

Why did the Spanish, Portuguese and French fuck the native women so much?

In Anglo societies coal-burning was seen as forbidden. People would be insulted if you said they had done it. Why is it that in these ethnicities coal-burning was such a massive part of their colonising. The French In Canada, Spanish in Latin America and the Portuguese in Brazil loved to racemix

they were non-white to begin with
It only matters who the women are fucking, white men are allowed to race mix, white women aren't. A white guy fucking a jogger is improving the joggers stock at no cost to the white man, a white woman getting pregnant with a jogger baby is ruining her stock.
>In Anglo societies coal-burning was seen as forbidden
Fucking inbreed
Where is Sven with the 10/10 in bongland?