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my hispanic brothers, you should not let the sick anglos tri...

my hispanic brothers, you should not let the sick anglos trick you into race conflict.

historically, the spanish empire has defended that all men are equal under god, just as the Bible says. don't let the true christian values that forged our blood die. we are all descendants in one way or another of the empire our forefathers built upon these values.

defend your heritage, defend your ground, and let those mentally ill yankee pirates be with their "melanin is important" flashlighting, while rejoice in our own race of races, the hispanic race.

hispanics should not care about the color of the skin, because hispanics come in every color.

arriba españa y la hispanidad.
>CNN hasn't spoke a word about her
>MSNBC hasn't spoke a word about her
>nor the times or any other major media outlet

if you don't understand why there's a complete blackout about this case in every mainstream media outlet then you have learned nothing from this experience or about politics in general

there's no prepared media narrative for spics vs joggers, it makes their entire speech collapse
the media is desperate to not blame the melanin enriched for fucking the country up
they tried to b8 and frame you and they failed, that left them naked
they handed over antifa, because as long as they were white it was still ok to blame them for the shitstorm
now antifa is out of the way and its getting even worse
if it gets down to spics vs joggers, then its over for them
there's no spin to salvage that shitstorm

>get #justiceforitalia or whatever trending
and make these videos viral. guess why (((they))) are trying to hide them?
right now there's not a more powerful visual piece of propaganda than minority victims. except this time they were victims of BLM protesters. this is the ultimate redpill for the silent majority

>Black woman fed up with BLM over her business looted
https://twitter.com/Mus1yMustafa/status/1267852417409916928 (embed)

>black business owner shot dead in st louis

>italia's sister crying over her murder

see the thing is Pablo, black are going into THEIR neighborhoods instigating shit, and latinos are fighting back unlike white pussies to afraid to do anything
I mean some latinos are fine but the darker they are the less intelligent.

I wish my ancestors had wiped out all of latinamerica and replaced them with european genes. Imagine a white Americas.
fuck off spic kike, im not coal-burning with some sudaca monkey
>hispanics should not care about the color of the skin, because hispanics come in every color

Except white, you dumb spic. Porque no te callas.
Won't work mi amigo. Hispanics give a fuck about their neighborhoods and the rioters tried to steal their shit.
All the appeals in the world won't stop them from defending their areas, the same as if rioters attacked rural America and someone tried to ask the rural people to lay down and let them burn their shit to the ground. Britches got big and bridges got burned.
Stfu cuck, 3/4 of your country doesnt want to be part of it, you're the last to give political advice.
>the spanish empire has defended that all men are equal under god
That doesn't mean they should be all literally equal, miscigenate and destroy the diversity of peoples in the world;
It was the lack of desire to keep homogeneity that made the spanic and portuguese colonies being racemixed shitholes
>arriba españa y la hispanidad.
pfffff otro subnormal que quiere llenar España de indios tiraflechas

Fucking Castillians, always a copy of what Portugal started, responsible for the genocide and exctintion of millions of people and relevant cultures- Fuck off.
do not call me hispanic nigger
Whatever, I'm not willing to share my civilization with niggers.
We can ally with amerindians and have some mulattos and blacks as vassals. Not as equals, we were above them and we will always be.
This makes me happy OP, I agree our people need to unite and embrace the values of Christianity. No more brother wars
Fuck niggers
Fuck jews
Asi de simple es
r e d d i t
Could we cliche a reunited democratic Spanish empire into reality?
>tfw born too late to be a conquistador
>tfw you will never get thicc Mayan ass while bringing glory to your home

It hurts
>these values
Values of raping, infecting and stealing from native americans?
>(((my hispanic brothers)))

"Don't play into the white supremacists ploy as you defend your families and your property, instead support the looters and all the media/corporate establishment behind them"

We see right through you, converso
At this point containing the mutt aids is the best the hispanic world can do, history does not matter, the only thing that matters is avoiding the destruction of hispanic heritage through black violence incited by anglos and jews
based madre patria
Fuck niggers
You have to go back sudaca. The Reconquista 2.0 will be against you also.
Yes father, we will carry out your will. Glory to Spain.
If you are not from some of the countries on pic related
Meds gtfo
DEVUELVE ORO HIJO DE PUTA. Go back to worshipping your dead jew on a stick while you pretend to forget that your empire was the biggest wasted opportunity ever that happened more due to luck and treachery than to actual effort and capability. The only good thing about you is what little Roman heritage you have.
You also brought niggers over here, plus massive systemic corruption.
based hermano, Latino-america only is poor because of the jews and freemasonry.
Every latin-american country had at some point fascist/nationalist parties but they never came to power..
Only real low iq people believe that they are superior to someone because of their skin color, that's just stupid.
A white can be evil, a Negro can do evil, a Asian can do evil, an hispanic/mixed can do evil.. It's all depends on how their culture were formulated. Catholic tradition transformed savages into civilized people, only the jews that destroyed God from people hearts, making all them savage beasts.
Wake up latino friends, let's unite and fight the jews, VIVA CRISTO REY !
Shut the fuck up and pour my sangria, Jose.
Gustavo Bueno is that you?
Spain is cool but fuck niggers
Imagine being Spanish lmao

‘Refugee-a Eapana’ indeed.
The Empire of Basques, Celtiberians, Latins, Visigoths, and Suebi
The peoples of Europe that rejected nigger Judaism (Islam)
The peoples who led the way for white diaspora
As an Amerimutt with Anglo ancestry, I must show some respect to the best Meds, the Spaniards
>hispanics should not care about the color of the skin, because hispanics come in every color.
this is the right message, people of all cultures were raped by the spanish so there is a good mix
I unironically wouldn't mind if you guys wanted to create a hispanic empire. Maybe we could even get italians and portuguese (including hues) in making it a latin empire and taking over the world.
Arent there Riots happening in Barcelona?
Shut the fuck up spic. Spain had a racial caste system in the Americas. Blacks didn't have rights and it was forbidden to breed with them...unless you were an indian.

Whites had the most power
Viva la nueva españa
I mean I don't hate whites or blacks as long as they treat me with the same respect I give them, I do disagree with destroying corner stores or independent stores just cause muh police, it's fucking retarded big ((corps)) on the other hand eh they've had it coming.
A rare message of unity from Espana, usually I see you guys antagonizes hispanics on /es/. Appreciate the message.
I defend my culture and thus I say fuck niggers. Their crap culture is ruining our countries. African americans are, alongside Han chinese, the cancer of the world and I endorse genociding those people.
Imagine actually actually believing there is no way hispanics could be pissed off at negroids without the anglos, ooooo the anglos, telling them they have to be. Fuck off. Do you believe the blacks have not targetted hispanics as well as whites in their decades long crime sprees? What planet do you come from?
i just want my trad castizo wife all white women are AWFLs
Nah, I'm glad our paisanos are cleaning house. Joggers are vermin.
>don't riot/loot
>defend your heritage, defend your ground
>don't do the white man's dirty work for them
This guy gets it.
Do you consider Portuguese and Brazilians to be Hispanic too?
I think you are forgetting something important OP
Hispanic girls are made for aussie cock
sorry we're allowed to kill niggers fuck off
>you should not let the sick anglos trick you into race conflict.
Honestly its pretty hard to believe the absolute state of the white men in america
Are they fucking retarded or what ?
>inb4 white men kissing nigger's shoes
latinos will never fall for this shitty bait beacuse being racist is part of our culture and like it or not we are okay with it and laght it off
>Posts in English.
you forgot about guinea ecuatorial.
shut the fuck up moornigger
You españoles are our brothers, nobody else, don't fool yourself, every single rape baby from latin america, whether a nigger huehue or some despacito shitskin is a vermin and has no relation to us whatsoever, we have nothing to win by considering them our brothers and letting that scum in here in Iberia.

Fuck all spic favela scum
>all men are equal under god
That’s why Spain is poor and full of niggers who are looting your stores
KYS, euro spic.
fuck god and the bible
Y las leyes de sangre que?! Callate comunista inmundo! Desagradable judio revisionista! Cornudo cagon y puto! Que viva España y las Colonias! Que viva el Rey! Pero vos inmundo moro te vas al infierno!!!
Fuck off spain fag. Go eat some barely cooked meat
> Hispanics

fuck off Gallego
Come on, that won't happen. The chances of that happening are really low, I don't think so.
latinos are better at reasoning, at least at the last moment
I can see in latinos that they are shooting at blacks, they have only one fixed objective and that is to defend themselves.
If there's some latino retard else that threatens to kill negros, they'll never really have anyone else's support, I bet you that.

if blacks can reason, there is no need to really worry
>the eternal sniveling cuck castilian
I love you all latin brothers.
Except nicaraguans, go fuck yourselves