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Night train

We had a debate over here in Finland about 15 years ago, that should a train conductors leave a kid in the middle of winter night to a cold station, without a cellphone, because the kid wasn't able to show a ticket, that was in battery dead phone.
Interesting. About exactly 50% thought the kid should be left on the cold station at winter night.
>Will remember the next time to not screw up. While 50% thought that is horrible and of course the ticket isn't sacred and the kid's life is more important. The debate never came to a conclusion.
Can /fi settle this once and for all?

>the kid should be left on the cold station at winter night
an unaccompanied child should not be allowed to board a train; only on special occasions (war, evac, plandemin and so on) when tickets are not necessary
in case if an unaccompanied child already onboard inform the police
and that whore is jewish
Go back to paper tickets
Gas, grass or ass. No one rides for free. Its moot by now though. I don't think the kid is still standing there.

Finnish PM calls for a 4-day-week and 6-hour-day

>Finland’s new prime minister caused enthusiasm in the country: Sanna Marin (34) is the youngest female head of government worldwide. She leads a centre-left coalition in which all 5 government parties have women at the top. Her aim: To introduce the 4-day-week and the 6-hour-working day in Finland.
>Sanna Marin is the new Prime Minister of Finland. The 34-year-old social democrat was celebrated internationally because of strong women-led government: It is a coalition of five parties – and in all of them, women are the leaders.

>Marin wants “much shorter working hours”
More important for Marin is the question, how long the Finns should have to work. She demands much shorter working hours on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Turku. In her position as Minister of Transport and Communications, she said:
>“A four-day work week, a six-hour workday. Why couldn’t it be the next step? Is eight hours really the ultimate truth? I believe people deserve to spend more time with their families, loved ones, hobbies and other aspects of life, such as culture. This could be the next step for us in working life.”
>In Finland, 8-hour-days for five days a week are common in peoples’ work life. The left-wing alliance, with which Marin has formed a coalition recently, demanded a test run for the 6-hour-day.

Based mommy

A Swede would say that, Sven.
I would bang her insane like a Salvation Army drum.
Word on the street saying - she shaves her asshola rather than her boxa? Apparently looks like a Raccoon that’s been hit with a Shotgun. I’d still give it a bit of Aussie Avo though. Smash it 6 ways to Sunday I would.