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What's your heritage?

hey /fi/,

What's you're heritage?
>Le 56%?
>filthy med fag?
>"Nordic" Finnish?
>Achmed Von Deutschland/Sweden/England?
>Dirty inbred Paddie?
>drunken slav?
>bat eating chick?

Please fill in, share and critique.

Half Mennonite and half Mormon. 100% Jesus freak Prottie.

Supreme Court of Finland just banned Nordic Resistance Movem...

Supreme Court of Finland just banned Nordic Resistance Movement



I think our next pm Jussi Halla-Aho will solve this problem.
HAHAHA THE FUCKING JOKE IS ON THEM! Never forget that the Nazi party was literally banned in Germany a decade before they came to power! Bans of political parties and censorship usually have the opposite effect.