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Trump has ditched the wall from his platform for 2020.

Word on the street is Trump is abandoning the wall as a concept for 2020, this isn't surprising.
He can't run his 2020 campaign on 'build the wall' again without looking really pathetic, plus 'finish the wall' isn't going to work on anyone except the dumbest of the dumb (Granted, this is the GOP we're talking about, so that isn't out of the question).

You can see he barely mentions it these days. In the past he used to talk about it all the time.

I don't know if I care if the wall is built anymore since I've given up on any solution excluding the Boogaloo or leaving the country, possibly illegally if things get to horrible. If rather a wall not be in place to keep us in.
Isnt it almost finished, or was that just a part of it?
Well gbs is, you convinced me to vote for whatever Communist race-baiter the Dems nominate!

No one reads the title

Scottish 17-year-old who was suspended for filming his teacher telling him that he could not say in class that there are only two genders has been told he cannot return to his school.

The Aberdeenshire pupil, named Murray, had shared the video to social media because, according to a friend, he wanted to expose the left-progressive, anti-scientific ideologies being taught at Scottish schools, and expressed concern that telling very young children that “boys are girls and girls are boys” is “a very dangerous thing”.

The viral footage revealed that the teen had been removed from class for stating that there are only two genders, with the teacher telling him that whilst the boy was entitled to his “opinion”, he could not share it at school because “the authority” and school policy dictated that there are many genders and to assert otherwise was “not acceptable” and tantamount to discrimination.

“I know what you think, and I know what the authority thinks, I know the authority’s point of view is very clear,” the teacher is heard saying.

Murray had been suspended for one week, according to the school on grounds of sharing the footage of his teacher without his consent, later tripled to three weeks. Now, the pupil has been told that he will not be able to return to Mearns Academy to finish his education, the Evening Standard reports.


The teen told a YouTuber who goes by I, Hypocrite — who helped the original story go viral — that he and his mother had been called in for a meeting with school where he said “people higher up [in the school] said it’s not OK for me to finish my education at that school, effectively, and they told me there’s no chance I can return.”


Aaaaand, nobody is going to do shit about it. Enjoy the new world.
I got the feeling from the video that this dude probably didn't disagree but can't really speak his mind.