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Decapitated Finn Sanni

Finnish woman Sanni Ovaska was decapitated by her Palestine friend Hasan Alqina. Press C to offer condolences to her family.
>FB name: sanni.ovaska
Hasan committed suicide.
Photos here:

>Hasan committed suicide.
incel-ahmed shold be a cliche
>get pussy from dumbass
>allahu akbar her and you anyway cos you such an incel-ahmed
white women are scum
She was somebodies daughter
Someone invested time, money, blood and sweat in raising her
Im so glad shes dead

Finnish skittle-burner patrolled (beheaded)

Sanni Ovaska was a Finnish female and a body builder / gym-goer.
She had a sandnigger skittle boyfriend named Hasan Alqina.
She decided to break up with him.
pic related is outcome. he killed himself too.
Good riddance.

Threads in Finnish:

Hasan's profile:
>Jaffa, Israel - Hometown


>he killed himself too.
best outcome for all of us
For women like this, collectively and individually, this is how it's supposed to end.
And we're going to let it happen.
In b4 the cucks "but anon, we're supposed to protect them from themselves!"
Fucking bullshit. They made protecting them from themselves illegal. This is not some snake in a tree coercing the innocent. They have all the facts laid bare, all the arguments, and a whole host of warnings and contradictions before them.
But they still choose evil.
So you get what we have here now.
I hope it hurt.
Beheaded apparently.

- https://nationalfile.com/report-pro-migrant-woman-brutally-murdered-by-migrant-boyfriend/