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One dead after shooting at shopping mall in Finland, several others injured

So what’s going on?


>be Finn
>go shopping
>get shot
>Be female in fingolia
>get run thru by nomadic fin nazi.
Such is life in Fingolia.
Where's the BBC article on this?

PSA- You can legally make an AR-15 with no paper trail

Yes, you read that correctly. Legally, the part that makes a gun a gun is its lower receiver. That is what houses the main mechanisms inside of it. If it isn't complete, it is regulated the same way a piece of metal is (not at all). You can buy receivers that are 80% done with no background checks or paperwork, and then finish it yourself at home. You've now made an AR-15 that doesn't exist. All you have to do is buy the other parts for a gun, none of which are regulated as firearms.

You can buy kits for a few hundred dollars that make it a lot simpler and faster to mill the receiver. You might be saying "I don't want to spend an extra few hundred dollars, anon!" What you're paying for is total privacy in knowing it will never be confiscated. And once you bought the kit, you can manufacture an unlimited amount of AR-15's with it. Aside from AR-15's, you can buy 80% lowers for other firearms such as Glocks (many models), and the 1911.

This is information that our self-proclaimed leaders in Washington would rather not have us know. So check it out, and learn how you can make yourself or anyone you care about rifles and handguns that can never be confiscated. Semper Fi.


>PSA- You can legally make an AR-15 with no paper trail

If you truly want it paper trail free then you better buy all your parts in store in cash, including the jig and the 80% completed lower
Then if you really care about nobody knowing do talk about in text or within hearing range of any cell phone/ internet connected device
What do you think the NSA is for, to catch actual creepers? They're too busy figuring out what law abiding European descended men are doing.
If you have the extra money great. Make it that much harder for them to figure out you have a fun, I'm certainly not against the notion. That being said when the time comes don't expect them to actually not know unless you've been super secret squirrel about it and none of your friends/family knows either and you never talk about it

Personal recommendation
Just buy whatever you can afford, put whatever extra money you would have spent on a no serial lower into a quality optic, 8 pmags filled with either Mk318 (TNB1T556) or M855 and a sturdy stock, bandolier and a sling setup
You can still be traced. Cause the atf can seize the customer lists once it’s banned. Hopefully those that sell it encrypt their lists.
Obvious ATF post is obvious.