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Welcome to /fi/ - Finland! Rules: 1. The default languages for discussions in /fi/ - Finland are Finnish, Swedish and English. 2. You can ask here people from Finland anything anonymously, trolling is allowed, but must be funny and not malicious. Please be respectful. 3. Remember all global rules apply to /fi/, and general respect and courtesy is in this board no matter your opinions or the opinions of others. If you are not familiar with history and culture of Finland, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finland

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Night train

We had a debate over here in Finland about 15 years ago, that should a train conductors leave a kid in the middle of winter night to a cold station, without a cellphone, because the kid wasn't able to show a ticket, that was in battery dead phone. Interesting. About exactly 50% thought the kid should be left on the cold station at winter night. >Will remember the next time to not screw up. While 50% thought that is horrible and of course the ticket isn't sacred and the kid's life is more important. The debate never came to a conclusion. Can /fi settle this once and for all?

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Finnish PM calls for a 4-day-week and 6-hour-day

>Finland’s new prime minister caused enthusiasm in the country: Sanna Marin (34) is the youngest female head of government worldwide. She leads a centre-left coalition in which all 5 government parties have women at the top. Her aim: To introduce the 4-day-week and the 6-hour-working day in Finland. >Sanna Marin is the new Prime Minister of Finland. The 34-year-old social democrat was celebrated internationally because of strong women-led government: It is a coalition of five parties – and in all of them, women are the leaders. >Marin wants “much shorter working hours” More important for Marin is the question, how long the Finns should have to work. She demands much shorter working hours on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Turku. In her position as Minister of Transport and Communications, she said: >“A four-day work week, a six-hour workday. Why couldn’t it be the next step? Is eight hours really the ultimate truth? I believe p...

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Ismo Laitela

>no en

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+20 Teachers Accused of Sex Crimes in Just 1 CA School District

More than 20 teachers and administrators in a California school district have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with their students over the last ten years, making the district’s pupil-to-perpetrator ratio one of the state’s highest. The district has spent millions on civil lawsuit settlements, and two students have committed suicide. “There are at least 50 victims of sexual abuse within the Redlands school district. We’ve discovered perpetrators that were abusing kids for 10-plus years, sometimes having multiple victims. In almost all those cases, the school district had some sort of notice that they could have investigated and should have investigated those perpetrators and taken them out of the school system,” said Stewart. The tight-knit community at Redlands Unified School District has roughly 21,000 students. The district sits at the heart of the Inland Empire, the suburban sprawl east of Los Angeles. Parents in the area are growing concerned for their childre...

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People actually believe commies are weak

Need I remind you it was the commie chads who annihilated 80% of the wehrmacht, starving and without guns. What excuses can you manlets come up with next? >Stalin didn't fight on multiple fronts Yes he did >Lost against Finland Yes thank you for pre-war XP which boosted our chadmobile T34 research Where did Communism lose? I can't see it

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What's your heritage?

hey /fi/, What's you're heritage? >Le 56%? >filthy med fag? >"Nordic" Finnish? >Achmed Von Deutschland/Sweden/England? >Dirty inbred Paddie? >cockroach? >drunken slav? >bat eating chick? Please fill in, share and critique.

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Supreme Court of Finland just banned Nordic Resistance Movem...

Supreme Court of Finland just banned Nordic Resistance Movement https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11556872 f

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Why Finland is such a socialist shithole? Louisiana (One of...

Why Finland is such a socialist shithole? Louisiana (One of the poorest states in the USA with 60% of population being blacks): >Population 4.66 million >GDP 257 billion USD >Median wage $47,905 >Income tax with median wage 18% >Homeless 3,059 (decreased 80% since 2011) Finland: >Population 5.51 million >GDP 251 billion USD >Median wage $42,480 >Income tax with median wage 28% + municipal tax which is on average 22% >Homeless 5,482 (decreased only 30% since 2010)

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President of the Finland, Sauli Niinistö in local grocery sh...

President of the Finland, Sauli Niinistö in local grocery shop. Can Trump go to wallmart just like that in the land of freedom?

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Finland opens borders - NOT to Sweden

Finland has opened its border to Norway and Baltic countries. Not Sweden. And Swedes are fuming, saying this will have consequences. This is now a Maria Ohisalo (Minister of Interior) appreciation thread. Sauce: >https://www.svd.se/finland-oppnar-granser--men-inte-mot-sverige

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Finnish minister of milkers...finance just resigned

Finnish minister of milkers...finance just resigned

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Finnish economist think tank predicts total collapse

Tuomas Malinen, chief of a famous economist think tank in Finland, predicts total collapse of the global economy and ever before seen scenarios. Their studies shows that even the best case scenarios world is going to get BTFO. He predicts that in june / july bankruptcy zunami will flush down the economies, and this will impact on food chains and supplies and all hell breaks loose.

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A Finnish rush onto Germanic Lidl stores to buy shoes

The convenience store chain of Germany named Lidl, which have spreaded all over Finland in last 10 years, now had Lidl themed shoes for cheap. The result? Tens of thousands of Finns storm in all of the Lidls, all over Finland. https://www.stara.fi/2020/04/23/lidlin-lenkkarigate-paisuu-15-euron-kengista-pyydetaan-jo-800-euroa/ The shoes were sold out within an hour from everyhwere. Some people put them online for sale for 800 euros.

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This is a Finland thread. The thread about the greatest cou...

This is a Finland thread. The thread about the greatest country in the world, Finland.

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literally refute pic related. Why should i, a finnish man wh...

literally refute pic related. Why should i, a finnish man who has no connection whatsoever to some desert kike, adopt his religion? I'm not even an atheist I'm sure there's a god or gods. Idc either way, but I feel disgust in my stomach when people tell me that Christianity is a white religion when in fact it is globalism in it's purest form. >inb4 jesus was white jesus was brown and short, he was just made "white" so europeans could accept it easier, that's why pagan holidays were added as well. >inb4 "muh morals and laws" Are you telling in this day and age, a country as advanced as finland needs some desert kike religion from 2000+ years ago to have laws and order? if anything all we need is nationalism, Christianity is why migrants are coming here in the first place. >inb4 jews ""hate"" Christianity Christianity and Judaism go hand and hand. Jews were given special position and labels in Rome which caused it's collapse after adopting Christianity...

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Finnish woman locked up on a small room in Peru!

https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-11283372 Finnish woman, 26, from Oulu city in north Finland, went to travel to Peru and wanted to see the country. She spent a few weeks and traveled around the country but then one night the countrys borders were suddenly closed. Now she is stuck in a small hotel room! The hotel has been quarantined due to corona. The Peruvians bring her 3 meals per day. >But sometimes there were only porridge to eat. >She was not given ibuprofen for headaches. She was told they can let her out on Saturday if she stops having symptoms, then she has been locked up for a week.

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12 yo girl gangbanged in Finland

They came here to seek safety. https://www.hs.fi/kotimaa/art-2000006459109.html Hassan Mohamud Mohamed, 39 Abdo Ibrahim Ahmed, 34 Quassar Mohsin Sbahi Aldhulaiei, 27 Rahmani Gheibali, 22 Ali Osman Mohamed, 27 Javad Mirzad, 30 Osman Ahmed Mohamed Humad, 24 Shiraqa Yosef, 21

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This is a Finland thread. The thread about the greatest cou...

This is a Finland thread. The thread about the greatest country in the world, Finland.

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Take Finnish sauna to help protect against the Corona virus....

Take Finnish sauna to help protect against the Corona virus. The virus doesn't like heat. Finland has some of the least amount of infections. Do a sauna today.

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Thank you FInland!


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Finnish Government will send dozens of border guards and few...

Finnish Government will send dozens of border guards and few ships to get skittles into Greece. While Greece will not take any migrants anymore, the Finnish government has sent dozens of border guards to 'help' Greece. The Finnish government demands from the border guards that migrants will be taken in and not blocked. It will be interesting what will Greeks think of fellow EU nations sending border patrols to undo their work to keep the migrants away. https://www.iltalehti.fi/politiikka/a/a66c66ba-7a17-4e1f-b0e1-2604aa95cee3

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Finland explain yourself


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Finland BTFOs rapists

Finland has found a way to prevent skittles from raping their women. In every family, a day is destined where the son surpasses his father. For Sweden and Finland, that day has arrived. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H31aRC3eOOI The Finnish government spent the equivalent of $2.7 million on this video, by the way.

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How Finland Combats The Rape Epidemic

>Stop! >Don't touch me there! >This is - > - my no-no square! https://twitter.com/SwanOfTuonela/status/1233493251140849668 OMFG

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Finnish spice girls government about to split up

Highly admired finnish girly government about to split up, due to internal tensions. The greens party minister is having temper tantrums, and the big boobie centrist minister is not having it, the prime minister cutie pie takes couple steps back and won't say a thing. Or some shit like that.

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Are Nordic countries really white?

A lot of people on this board think that slavs are non-white while only nordic people are white. Pic related - women of Finland army. Is that what white nationalist want our planet to look?

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I work at a Finnish hospital and we just received a patient...

I work at a Finnish hospital and we just received a patient who has high fever and bleeds from every orifice, but his ears. I'm spooked as hell. It was an honor shiposting with you guys

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Decapitated Finn Sanni

Finnish woman Sanni Ovaska was decapitated by her Palestine friend Hasan Alqina. Press C to offer condolences to her family. >FB name: sanni.ovaska Hasan committed suicide. Photos here: >https://twitter.com/SwanOfTuonela/status/1220345818848342022

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Finnish skittle-burner patrolled (beheaded)

Sanni Ovaska was a Finnish female and a body builder / gym-goer. She had a sandnigger skittle boyfriend named Hasan Alqina. She decided to break up with him. pic related is outcome. he killed himself too. Good riddance. Threads in Finnish: https://ylilauta.org/sekalainen/116132182 https://ylilauta.org/sekalainen/116188254 https://ylilauta.org/sekalainen/116276944 Hasan's profile: >Jaffa, Israel - Hometown fb.com/people/Hasan-Alqina/100004694585119 Twitter: https://twitter.com/alqina67

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>Finnish Girl posts anti-white remarks >Champions all sorts...

>Finnish Girl posts anti-white remarks >Champions all sorts of progressive causes, including open borders >dates migrant >Reportedly tries to break up >Is brutally murdered https://nationalfile.com/report-pro-migrant-woman-brutally-murdered-by-migrant-boyfriend/ How can we encourage more of this?

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Skittle gets denied an asylum - kills wife!

It happened in Hämeenlinna, Finland. A skittle man was denied asylum so he killed his Finnish wife some days ago. About 2 years ago the same woman had made this social media update: "have a nice Easter and do not judge people" (Refugees dont like Easter which celebrates Jesus) The identity of the woman or her husband or their pictures have not been given to the public so Darknet had to be used to find their identities. It is however this girl and this is the man in question.

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Remind me why we hate women again? https://www.dailymail.co....

Remind me why we hate women again? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7854449/Finlands-new-Prime-Minister-Sanna-Marin-34-plans-introduce-four-day-working-week.html

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Go to a Finnish shop: a Somali woman is buying lots of papie...

Go to a Finnish shop: a Somali woman is buying lots of papier de pupu

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Finnish government votes YES for ISIS murderers to be returned to Finland.

https://www.hs.fi/politiikka/art-2000006346827.html Government just voted full trust in our extreme government to bring back literal ISIS murderers. These brides left Finland wanting to murder us and undermine our country. Now it looks like they are going to get a free flight home, a free house and loads of food and money every month on our tax bill. I've been working my ass off for a decade and been asking the government for a government house and support and I never got it. Didn't know I just needed to become a creeper and threaten the lives on the people who pay for my existence and the government will rally around me. This government literally wants us to die. It cares nothing about Finnish poor or homeless children and considers the fictitious rights of people who want to murder us more important. What the fuck is the next step for us Finns?

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Finland in pictures

Finnish security guard goes to work in the Stockmän shopping mall in Helsinki, 2019, colorised

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How long til Finland falls?

How long til Finland falls?

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Finland YES

The future is female.

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Finland’s government is now led by these five party leaders....

Finland’s government is now led by these five party leaders. #newgeneration calling it, we're going to be fucked

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A 34 year old woman, Sanna Marin, who used to work in retail...

A 34 year old woman, Sanna Marin, who used to work in retail for minimum wage before her career in politics is now the prime minister of Finland. We are royally fucked.

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Finland gets a 30-ish, leftist female prime minister

https://www.thehindu.com/news/international/finland-picks-34-year-old-sanna-marin-as-its-new-prime-minister/article30240819.ece Sanna Marin, 34, was raised by lesbians in Finland. She never knew her father. She speaks fluent Finnish and Swedish. She is one year younger than North Korean democratic president. Marin herself is extreme leftist and also green.

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Finnish Independence Day

Weather is +shit celsius and it's raining, all the shades of gray + browns outside. Say something nice about Binland. Or fuck you.

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Finland's Prime Minister

Finland's Prime Minister

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On this day 80 years ago, the smelly hordes of Soviet Union...

On this day 80 years ago, the smelly hordes of Soviet Union attacked Finland without a declaration of war.

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Fuck Finland

What's the point of that shithole? Their language is retarded, their food is shit, they have no culture, and they all look like chinks. Finland belongs to Sweden.

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One dead after shooting at shopping mall in Finland, several others injured

So what’s going on? https://www.rt.com/news/469976-finland-shopping-mall-finland/

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PSA- You can legally make an AR-15 with no paper trail

Yes, you read that correctly. Legally, the part that makes a gun a gun is its lower receiver. That is what houses the main mechanisms inside of it. If it isn't complete, it is regulated the same way a piece of metal is (not at all). You can buy receivers that are 80% done with no background checks or paperwork, and then finish it yourself at home. You've now made an AR-15 that doesn't exist. All you have to do is buy the other parts for a gun, none of which are regulated as firearms. You can buy kits for a few hundred dollars that make it a lot simpler and faster to mill the receiver. You might be saying "I don't want to spend an extra few hundred dollars, anon!" What you're paying for is total privacy in knowing it will never be confiscated. And once you bought the kit, you can manufacture an unlimited amount of AR-15's with it. Aside from AR-15's, you can buy 80% lowers for other firearms such as Glocks (many models), and the 1911. This is information that our self-proc...

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Trump has ditched the wall from his platform for 2020.

Word on the street is Trump is abandoning the wall as a concept for 2020, this isn't surprising. He can't run his 2020 campaign on 'build the wall' again without looking really pathetic, plus 'finish the wall' isn't going to work on anyone except the dumbest of the dumb (Granted, this is the GOP we're talking about, so that isn't out of the question). You can see he barely mentions it these days. In the past he used to talk about it all the time.

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No one reads the title

Scottish 17-year-old who was suspended for filming his teacher telling him that he could not say in class that there are only two genders has been told he cannot return to his school. The Aberdeenshire pupil, named Murray, had shared the video to social media because, according to a friend, he wanted to expose the left-progressive, anti-scientific ideologies being taught at Scottish schools, and expressed concern that telling very young children that “boys are girls and girls are boys” is “a very dangerous thing”. The viral footage revealed that the teen had been removed from class for stating that there are only two genders, with the teacher telling him that whilst the boy was entitled to his “opinion”, he could not share it at school because “the authority” and school policy dictated that there are many genders and to assert otherwise was “not acceptable” and tantamount to discrimination. “I know what you think, and I know what the authori...

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Finland: 80% of men over 30 are childless

Seems like another country in desperate need of immigrants, since the native men have chosen to go derelict in their duty of reproducing.

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Passenger whose face was mauled off by emotional support dog is now suing Delta Airlines

>5 people literally pulled the dog off him >fucker ran right back to finish the job https://www.washingtonpost.com/transportation/2019/05/29/an-emotional-support-dog-attacked-him-flight-hes-suing-delta-owner/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.32eea5659498 Honestly Delta deserves this.

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Why Finnish steel is still the highest quality in the world?

Why Finnish steel is still the highest quality in the world?

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Finland receives a leftist government

Finland voted right wing and the center into the power. However because there were many parties involved and none received more than 20% of votes, the ruling will be divided. And eventhough all leftist parties received individually a smaller amount of votes than the right wing party TrueFinns, combined the left wing parties have slightly more than 50% so they will get to decide the government. It was decided that governemt is made up from Leftist Alliance, Social Democrat Party, Swedish Peoples Party, Green Party and Centre Party. Swedish Peoples Party received only a few % of votes however.. https://www.savonsanomat.fi/kotimaa/Rinne-aloitti-hallitusneuvottelut-tilannekuvan-kertaamisella/1369941

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FINLAND IS RISING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXqWBRq3...

FINLAND IS RISING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXqWBRq3rzo The video is banned completely in Finland. Bitchute mirror: https://www.bitchute.com/video/jSIExqWZzrIa/

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What is /fi/s profession

Even after finishing a miserable economics school I signed up for an economics college and it's pure suffering. Materialism, jewery and a load of horseshit. Mountains of horseshit. My parents insist that I finish it but there is no way in hell I'll wageslave like this. I want to do some meaningful work, to have atleast a semblance of passion for what I'm doing. I don't care about the money, I'm perfectly up to driving an old wreck and living in a pleb house/apartment. What are some easy to pick up professions? What do you /fi/acks do? >inb4 schizos come out of the woodwork with muh datamining Yes, of course. What would the elites do without that information? You sure showed them.

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The clown is counter to everything that is the spirit of rev...

The clown is counter to everything that is the spirit of revolution. It is a cliche of resignation and defeat. Did you know, when a person is being tortured, there is a point in the process after which the torturer knows he can extract no more useful information? It doesn't work like you think it does, with pliers on teeth and crying confessions.The threat of violence is always more effective than any actual pain inflicted, and once he begins to cut or burn or tear, his chance to gain workable intel begins to decrease logarithmically. This is because, once a man begins to accept what is happening to him, and he loses all hope, he will laugh uncontrollably, and no matter how much additional pain the torturer tries to inflict, he will simply continue to laugh until he can feel nothing any longer. This inorganic clown cliche is an invitation to ourselves invite death, and they are trying to get us to go in this direction because we are unlike any other torture victim, not restrained in any real way, endur...

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Al Noor Mosque Map Project

So I was helping a guy with some textures. But... I'm sorry Bernd but it's just not happening I bit of way more then I can chew here's a download for the map so far plus the textures: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9uk03q3m4d7d5ph/CC_final.rar/file I'm sure that there's someone who can finish the map here's a list of known issues not including missing details: -I tried to clean it up but there probably is quit a bit of messy geometry -the dome and the thing at the top of the minaret need some sort of custom prop -there are no cube maps -the scale for the room after the tiled one is to off, it needs to be smaller -the area at the very back is weird because i have no idea what it looks like -the grass is a simple brush that's higher then the asphalt, it should probably be a displacement instead

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Yang climbing hiiiiiigher and hiiiiiiigher

What will you do with all of those NEETbux? Will you shoot up a muzzie church /fi? At 6% and rising for the "D" side of the house. Is Drum5th, dare I say, Finnish? How can he recover? #YangGang #BangBangBang #GangBang #LikeAMuslimChurch

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why do you hate me /fi/

brownanon here. I don't get why you guys hate us. I dont want to hurt anybody and most of us don't either. I didn't ask to be born in the West. I didn't ask my grandparents to move here. My folks are educated and grew up here too. Even if I were to leave, I don't speak the language of my homeland. It's not my fault the land of my forefathers is such a shithole. Personally I just want to finish uni and get a decent job. I wouldn't dream of breaking the law or touching a woman without her consent. Shouldn't folks like me be allowed to stay? >Hath not a (((Jew))) eyes? Hath not a Peanut hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? >If you prick us, do we not bleed? >If you tickle us, do we not laugh? >If you poison us, do we not die? >inb4 stfu sandnigger...

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Migrants banned from Finnish schools and daycare centers after multiple child rape cases.

What's this? A good news from Europe? https://voiceofeurope.com/2019/02/migrants-banned-from-finnish-schools-and-daycare-centers-after-multiple-child-rape-cases/ >The Finnish municipality of Oulu announces that migrants are no longer allowed to visit schools and daycare centers. The reason is that parents have complained about so-called integration visits and feel worried about their children after the recent rape wave against young girls. >According to the Finnish police, the alleged perpetrators are male migrants who have come to the country in recent years and most of the rape victims are girls under the age of 15. >One of the places the media has highlighted in connection with the rape wave is the municipality of Oulu in North Ostrobothnia. In Oulu, the police are investigating at least ten migrants for serious sexual offenses against girls as young as ten. As a result, parents have complained and expressed concern about how the municipality can allow the integration project ESIKOTO to continue....

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Saamis are the true natives of Scandinavia and Finland

Yes, us Saamis are a semi-nomadic reindeer herding people who owned these lands before sw*Dish dogs, n*Rwegian dogs, and f*Nnish dogs came here. wh*Te dogs will be repelled and Saamis will rule the world once more

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RIP Basic Income

FINLAND BASIC INCOME EXPERIMENT - RESULTS LACKLUSTER >No improvement in employment rates >No improvement in entrepreneurship >Negligible improvements in quality of life >To achieve these """"great"""" results, Finland would require a countrywide income tax of 54% on everyone >Modern commies on suicide watch Fucking annihilated. Now please refrain from shit posting about this garbage basic income idea. >http://julkaisut.valtioneuvosto.fi/bitstream/handle/10024/161361/Report_The%20Basic%20Income%20Experiment%2020172018%20in%20Finland.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y