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What's your heritage?

hey /fi/,

What's you're heritage?
>Le 56%?
>filthy med fag?
>"Nordic" Finnish?
>Achmed Von Deutschland/Sweden/England?
>Dirty inbred Paddie?
>drunken slav?
>bat eating chick?

Please fill in, share and critique.
Italian ancestry, southern Italy. Like Basilicata or something.
Everytime I get do one of these I get shit on for putting american in all of them. I cant help it I'm a 6th generation American
im sun of me mommers and dadders
whoe are suns of the'res mummers and daders befor then
heres your datamine
Too lazy to do the family tree. Here are my whiteness credentials.
>tfw midwest og jeg snakker norsk
50% 100% pure Jewish
50% African American
100% anglo saxon englishman
Pretty much purely Irish. A little Scottish and cornish/welsh thrown in too.
Idk really know I suppose I am mostly Russian and German with maybe some Caucasian
Full Somali anon. Please don't call me nigger
Polish as far as I know on both sides of my family.
t. African American
grand parents were born here in USA but everyone is italian.
I have traced my roots back well into the dark ages, this video explains my lineage in detail, if you would care to take the time to watch It.
Filthy med
On mobile because why not.Im 100% turkroach.
Sister took a dna test was 50/50 NORF Anglo and SOUF German
i'm pretty much half german half czech, with some euromutt mixed in. my great grandpa killed his cousins in ww2 and i wish he hadn't.
irish and jewish and stuff.
100% Nigger
And that's why i'm tall and kind of nonchalant.
68% welsh
29% irish
3% swedish
Read it and weep fags, superior goblin master race checkin in.
Y'all just a load of mutts.
Euromutt but won the genetic lottery in a lot of ways
Honestly, here’s the list—I don’t know percentages.

Roman (on my father’s paternal side)

But the Roman is more of a note of where it originated from—it’s mostly a Scottish/German split, iirc.

I’ll probably get called a mutt, because I’m not purely one ethnicity, but at least I’m 100% white, and can drink anyone under a table.
At least my blood is 100% European. Mystery grandpa is full Anglo.
62.5% Celt (Irish, Scot and Welsh)
21.875% Anglo (no clue where in England)
12.5% Germanic (lower)
3.125% Norwegian

100% Norf FC
Live love life Souf FC
Simple as
The American Great Grandparents were Dutch decent supposedly. But im assuming they were Irish.
American Dutch make it a point to intermarriage with the American Irish.
50% grecofaganopoulos
25% spaghetti nigger
25% president harrison
100% son of david, biblical hebrew
24% Askenazi
73% Eastern Slavic
1% South Slavic
2% South Italian

Guys, am I white
My dad's side is Britbong. We've been in America since the late 1700s and can trace the name back to Northumbria in the 1500s.

My mom's side is half German, half Polish. Both sides came to America in the 1800s. I haven't traced anything further back, though. I really need to ask my grandma when I next see her, she's got the whole family tree mapped out.
i only know up to my grandparents. how u guys know so much?
my grandpas name ended in burg not sure if jewish
My ancestor came to Australia as a chad Sgt. after fucking shit up in Europe.
He came here as an officer, shot some bush rangers and retired as a shop owner in what is now a big East coast town.
Feels good man
A soup of European and hillbilly genetics. My last name would be Polish if I wasn't a bastard
im going to get bald :(
English, Danish, Swedish. Musicians, artists, soldiers, farmers, and construction workers. All of my extended family are good engineers, gardeners, and artists. But I feel my soldier blood is calling for a good old fashion holy war. Maybe next generation.
Half Mennonite and half Mormon. 100% Jesus freak Prottie.