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Stop eating sugar

>cliche to hate sugar and love fat
Sugar doesn't exercise the part of your body that transforms fat to ATP to glucose, and so that's why sugar makes you fat.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr7IRYLqleg
Do you know what else loves sugar? Yeast !!!

Do you know what Yeast and Cancer have in Common?

They are Fungal in nature!!!

How can you defeat Cancer then?? With Antifungal methods.

i fast for 1 month out of the year every year
everyone should
Literally everything has sugar in it and your body needs it you dumb fuck.
THE sommer,

While sugar is a factor it is not the reason for malign (metastatic) cancer. Rather, it is the result of our very nature, or better, of our birth. Endogenous retrovirus, a once free living virus (similar to HIV) that at one point integrated into the genome of our ape ancestors and started to "optimize" our mode of pregnancy by making our placentas invasive (meaning those things eat into the uterus wall and rip open the mother's blood vessels to provide more nutrients to the growing baby). Now these genes are in all of us, every godforsaken cell, they are simply "switched off" in any tissue aside from placenta. Or usually they are. Mechanism for cancer is that one of the functions of this endogenous retrovirus is to faciliate fusion of placental cells into what is called a syncytium. Same happens when a pre-cancerous cell accidentially activates these genes: at one point, the cancer cell (or one of its "daughters") will fuse with an unsuspecting immune cell, giving the resulting hybrid the ability immune cells have: moving around the body. From there ... well ... metastasis.
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The anti-sugar movement is JEWISH. Its thee most heavily pushed thing in the mainstream diet world. When anything gets pushed this hard in the mainstream its always jewish. You need sugar for your thyroid

>Every other country eats food with cane sugar
>perfectly fine
>Americans eat high fructose corn syrup and high fat garbage
>become lard
>"It must be the sugar!"
Imagine allowing yourself to be brainwashed by this garbage
why don't you go eat a dick, they're sugar free.
Pretty much everyone who ever accomplished anything in the modern world ate sugar. During WWII Britain's sugar ration minimum was 8oz a week, or half a pound, that was the rationed amount, during a war. How about people stop cramming themselves with excess nutrition-devoid calories in the form of hydrogenated vegetable oils and factory-farmed meat 5 meals a day? Hell while they're at it maybe they could actually move their bodies every once in a while.

Sugar consumption is one of the least changed factors in this whole "obesity epidemic." PUFA oils and desk jobs are a whole lot more prevalent now than they were 50-100 years ago, maybe that's where we should look.
mucles need sugar
I've been eating both sugar and fat a lot since i was a kid (27 now) and i'm very skinny and my blood pressure is fine, also i don't work out at all other than walking 10 minutes a day
Does anyone know why would that be the case?
What about fat though
>Hey you tubers.
Why is he calling his viewers potatoes?
This is true. Chattel slavery of Keks and Negros was to cultivate sugarcane for Jewish sugar traders.
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It’s true. Sugar is super addictive and it’s in plants even. I went carnivore 2 weeks ago and I feel amazing, and lost weight even. However, I crave sugar. I have realised I have spent my life addicted to it. What blows my mind is how many food manufacturers ADD sugar to products that don’t even need it. Why? Well to sell more of it. The sugar Jew is the worst Jew. Once every few weeks it’s probably okay to eat a piece of cake or something, but we all over indulge in sugar without knowing because it “tastes good”. You’re better off drinking alcohol than eating sugar, alcohol won’t give you fucking cancer! My dad was a skinny dude, even at 63 young women would flirt with him. At 64 he died, brain cancer. He was a sugar fiend. Always had candy in his mouth. Bowls full in the house of mini candy bars. At the movie theatre he’d get 4 different boxes of sweets. Now we know where the cancer came from.
I legit had an easier time quitting cigarettes than I am trying to quit these faggoty boomer juice energy drinks. I shudder to think of the state of my gut flora. Please send help.
limiting processed sugar is a good idea, but if you think carbs in general are bad for you, then you're a retard.
The fructose in HFCS can cause health issues if eaten in excessive amounts.

Most starchy carbs, such as rice, are broken down into glucose, the basic form of carbs. However, table sugar and HFCS are 50% glucose and 50% fructose (5Trusted Sauce).

Glucose is easily transported and utilized by every cell in your body. It's also the predominant fuel sauce for high-intensity exercise and various processes.

In contrast, the fructose from high fructose corn syrup or table sugar needs to be converted to fat or glycogen (stored carbs) by the liver before it can be used as fuel.

HFCS adds unnatural amounts of fructose to your diet, which the human body has not evolved to handle properly.

In fact, up until the last few decades, your diet would have contained only a very small amount of fructose from natural sauces such as fruits and vegetables (6Trusted Sauce).

In addition to lower concentrations of fructose, fruits contain fiber, water, micronutrients and antioxidants. None of the info in this article applies to whole fruit, which is very healthy (6Trusted Sauce).

The adverse effects listed below are mostly caused by excess fructose, and these apply to both high-fructose corn syrup (55% fructose) and plain sugar (50% fructose).
6. It Contains No Essential Nutrients
Like other added sugars, high fructose corn syrup is "empty" calories.

It contains plenty of calories, but absolutely no essential nutrients.

Eating HFCS will therefore decrease the total nutrient content of your diet. Because the more you eat of HFCS, the less room you have for nutrient-dense foods.

At the end of the day, avoiding high-fructose corn syrup may be one of the easiest and most effective ways for you to improve your health and lower your risk of disease.
He's right, cancer loves sugar, but he forgets that every cell feeds on sugar, everything gets turned into sugar in body, since sugar is energy.
thank you anon
Yeah, my diet is high in animal fats and animal and vegetable proteins.
I'm basically sedentary, and eat large meals irregularly, which slows my metabolism.
I'm still rake thin though, and fairly fit for a guy who does nothing physical.
I can arm wrestle all my friends and win, excepting the tree surgeon, and the biker.
I'm trying, holy fuck. It's easier to stop drinking than eating this crap.
If I ever get cancer I will just do extended fasting until it goes away. Literally just not eating anything at all.

Will that work?
Not a real dr. Sugar is bad but dont be fooled by quacks.
Stop eating sugar, youtube for sauces.
the only sweeteners we should have are raw honey and maybe jams / jellys or fruits
But I just ate some sugar! What should I do!?