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2% of GDP would put us in 3rd position in terms of military spending globally

By 2024 we would be at 100bn dollar defense spending, behind only the US and China, but way ahead of India, Saudi Arabia, France and even Russia.

Trump cannot be serious wanting us to spend so much on weapons and soldiers, can be?

We should be spending much more given the state our troops are in.

Plus it's basically an economic programm. Given the fact we are sliding into recession it sure as hell makes sense.
Another fact is that you could promote dual-use research and reap the fruits of said technology in the long run.

All in all it's better than to import liberators and brag about how its an economic programm for muh IKEA.
Trump just wants you to buy more American military hardware.
Pay your fucking America tax you ungrateful engineers.


>I’m a writer living in Brooklyn in a small, mildly charming apartment. I love traveling, stand-up comedy, and I’ll never stop trying to learn French. I am also 36 years old and have been single for 10 years.

>I’ve been actively dating, online and in real life, for actually a decade. It has never once resulted in a relationship. But (mercifully) dating has never been my life’s focus. It’s always been work. I’m a writer, a content strategist, a brand voice consultant.

>I was raised in Fort Worth, Texas by a single mother who would not permit me to date under her roof. You don’t date “until you have your career.” She meant well. We’ll get to that another time.

>Have you watched Instagram stories of your friends hanging out together with their kids but not you because you have no kids? I have. Have you ever sat down to dinner with family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues, a workout buddy, or your fairy godmother and the first thing they ask you every single time is “so, how’s dating going

>Here’s how dating is going: Dating is the worst part of being single. I am fine with my single existence until the moment I try to alter it. Then I’m plunged back into the bleak waters of knowing within 30 seconds of meeting my “date” that I’m not interested in him. But I showed up, because “you never knoooowwwww,” so I still have to stomach palpably boring conversation and two glasses of mediocre wine before I can politely lie and go home.


You guys do know these articles are clickbait, no? They are tailored to make you feel good about yourself and your life choices, while getting some justice porn along it. The reality is 30+ women are ridding the cock caroussel as usual and being provided by the state. They are hired to fulfill quotas and stay most of their lives on the same job. A sucker is born everyday, so they never have problems to get food on their table - you can see this by how fat they are. They go from beta to beta, each time refining their strategies. Women are always carried by society, men are the ones ignored their whole lives.

>You are 30 and can't provide for yourself? Though luck pal. Now, stop whinning, I have to help that lady in her 40s, she has no one and she gave me the most shinny cute smile today. She seems different from the others
>Have you ever sat down to dinner with family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues, a workout buddy, or your fairy godmother and the first thing they ask you every single time is “so, how’s dating going?” [Crushes wine glass in bare hand.]
Dear God, you can't make that kind of cringe up.
It’s impossible for women to be single.

I’ll say it again in case you think I’m doubtful.

It’s. Impossible. For women. To be single.

There will always be men willing to date her. She just has to realize it’s not only the man that needs to give something. She has to also give something back and men don’t really give a fuck about the bitches money.