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Europe Black Population UPDATED

I have made the updated version the 2020 edition, BLACKEST COUNTRIES LIST:
1) France - 5.5 million (worst sourced one, everything else is within +-10% error at 95% confidence)
2) UK - 2.5 million (but this was WAY back in 2011, higher now)
3) Italy - 720k
4) Spain - 580k
5) Germany - 529k
6) Netherlands - 490k
7) Portugal - 450k
8) Sweden - 315k

my sauces are more transparent, for countries with only country_of_birth statistics, I have updated the numbers by comparing with their neighbors who have a more accurate "migrant background" or direct ethnic census count.

Why don’t you have an updated UK? What’s the point if it’s from 10 years ago
Damn those numbers are scary. WTF France? If this is the black numbers what are the Refugee numbers?
Fuck how did we get so many joggers in such a short time bros?
I don’t remember ever seeing a jogger irl throughout my childhood and I’m in my early 20s now

Buying a pond: a good investment?

Frenchfag here. Been living in Normandy since 2014, I have made probably hundreds of fishing trips in small ponds/lakes/rivers. But there's this one special pond which really captivates me and I literally fell in love with it (don't call me a fag, you would've felt the same thing if you were with me). I've been fishing pike in there multiple times and it's absolutely the most magnificent pond I've seen in N France. A true piece of Paradise. Its a area is 41ha and it even contains rare bird and insect spieces! I basically want to buy it in order to keep it a private property which would prevent it from being destroyed by human parasites but also to eventually live there. What does /fr/ think about the idea of buying a pond? Is it an acceptable investment or is it a money drain. The price is around 100.000 eur which is way cheaper than a house or a hut it the area. I'm a big enthusiast of french countryside/forest and I tend to spend big portions of free time in the wild.

>The price is around 100.000 eur which is way cheaper than a house or a hut it the area.
WTF Eurobros? I just got a 2 story 5 bed 2 bath house in Appalachia for 95,000 USD.
Do it you magnificent French faggot. I hope you get a beautiful pond, a little organic farm for your family, some solar power so you can shitpoast and mine some Btc, some guns and a cute Waifu (first gf when I was a teenager who was French so I have a francofetish) and some kids. WE ARE ALL GONNA MAKE IT MES AMIS
Have you considered running a fishishing syndicate. Brits pay big money and the ones I know are very respectful of lake rules. 50k per yr revenue would be realistic to start and your fish get fresh bait. Take note communist on constructive contribution.