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Somebody explain to me how this rat faced yenta got "caught"

Queen kike was "arrested" in New Hampshire, USA. Nobody in the world is stupid enough to wilfully return to a country, after having escaped to France mind you, that wants you arrested to live out the rest of their days in secret.... Tell me how anyone could believe this wasn't just staged and why this kike won't just be sent on her merry way to israel a few days from now?

Since she was captured in the US she most likely never left. Maybe she spread those rumors about france herself through friends to get people to look for her elsewhere. She did release that doctored photo of her on the west coast, likely for the same reason.
kike SDNY judge got removed last week then this boom.
expect Weiner laptop and CF / crimes against children to follow...
I want to rape her

HAPPENING!! Eurofags crack encryption server

20+ million encrypted message by criminals got intercepted by French police hacking Encrochat server. Police are now looking for cases to match the shitload of evidence they collected , regarding drug trafficking , assassinations, torture, weapon deals, money laundering and corruption etc..

So far 100 arrests made in Netherlands based on 7 million decrypted messages.

746 Bongs also got arrested

Encrochat had 50.000 users worldwide.
Crimitards were sure their encryption was uncrackable and talked openly about everything they were doing.

Lots of interdasting stuff habbening of late:


The swamp it is a-draining.
>Crimitards were sure their encryption was uncrackable and talked openly about everything they were doing.
lol there were nazis being spied on on a uboat and one of them said you cant crack enigma, the other one said everyone thinks their code cant be cracked
Dere's no way they cracked AES, encrochat did something wring

>as secure as weakest link
Dey never learn