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Why are they so weird here?

First of all, are French even using the Internet? They're the second biggest nationality on the continent, yet they're absent here, as opposed to Germans. Secondly, when they formulate their thoughts here it always feels like stuttering and coarseness. When they say something it's very often cringe, uncreative, primitively honest or just outdated. They will come here and say "DO YOU THINK EUROPE IS LOST??? BECAUSE IN FRANCE WE HAVE IMMIGRANTS!!" Well no shit Sherlock, lol. Wtf is wrong with this country of cringe people?

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Is France really not White anymore? :(

Is France really not White anymore? :(

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Are the french at least a bit worried or are they peacefully...

Are the french at least a bit worried or are they peacefully accepting their replacement? It's bizarre at this point.

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>get your ass kicked by the Nazis >have to leave all your ge...

>get your ass kicked by the Nazis >have to leave all your gear while you evacuate your troops with everything that floats >Nazis kind enough not to massacre you on the beaches >immediately start blaming the French >make jokes about how they are cowards for getting defeated by the same enemy that defeated you >claim an embarrassing defeat was actually a victory >sit back and let daddy America win the war for you >still lose your entire empire in the process >continue to make propaganda about it three quarters of a century later

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HAPPENING FROGS FINALLY DO SOMETHING TO STOP BOATNIGGER INVASION >Would-be migrants hurled stones at French riot police in anger after officers slashed and deflated dinghies being prepared for English Channel crossings this morning. >The group clashed with police in the village of Gravelines near Dunkirk after hundreds of migrants headed to the area on Friday. >Public officers from the French CRS - the general reserve of the French National Police - slashed and deflated at least two of the migrants' rubber dinghies before they could launch, according to GB News. >Frustrated, migrants began to throw stones and tree branches at the officers, who used the riot control agent CS spray. >The clash is a result of a new police presence across the French coast between Dunkirk and Calais, ahead of an expected announcement of a new channel security deal between the UK and France. >The UK has agreed to pay an extra £60million to help authorities bolster the security presence along the French coast. https:/...

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Decapitation of a 12 year olf French girl in Paris

Did everyone forgot already? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Lola_Daviet

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The 2020 LAPD graduating class everybody.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH What the fuck is this? Is this Peru? Even in France there are till some whites around, https://twitter.com/kingcowpoke/status/1274017024255987719?s=21 These are the people protecting California. Godspeed!

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When will men APOLOGIZE for liking younger women?

>But why does this supposed fixation that older men appear to have on young women bother me so much? Is it because, as a 40-something woman, it reminds me that in the world of dating, women of my vintage have depreciated in value? That the idea suggests physical appearance still matters more for women than men and we are thought to diminish in attractiveness more precipitously? Is it because research like this confirms what I’ve long suspected: some men (hashtag not all men) find girls more attractive than grown women – women with possibly more opinions and agency? >What ultimately bothers me is a man who believes that a woman his own age is too old to love. The French novelist Yann Moix intoned last year: “The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary. The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.” https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/people/older-men-s-fixation-with-younger-women-really-boils-my-kidneys-1.4411572 tldr; Men are selfish pigs. Apologize....

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Most surreal coronashit pictures / measures / events

I’ll start with this pic taken yesterday of French ZOGbots on a beach making sure people wear their shitty masks

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>The sexually frustrated dolphin has been wreaking havoc in Landévennec, Brittany, a seaside town in the north of France. The town had to ban swimming because the dolphin, who locals nicknamed Zafar, wouldn't stop rubbing up on boats and innocent beachgoers. According to the Telegraph, Zafar even "used its nose to push one woman out of the water and up into the air." >The playful dolphin used to delight locals and tourists alike by cruising alongside boats and letting swimmers hold onto his dorsal fin for a ride. "But then a few weeks ago he changed," the Telegraph reports. Although Zafar never got aggressive, he did try to prevent beachgoers from returning to shore. One swimmer who was subjected to the dolphin's lovemaking had to be rescued by boat, the Guardian says. >The frisky dolphin's advances have gotten so bad that Roger Lars, the mayor of Landévennec, issued a bylaw that banned swimming and diving "whenever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed." >...

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What are /fr/'s arguments against Hijab?

I want to know as apparently /fr/ is celebrating France's Hijab ban.

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French call to replace English with Latin as Europe's official language


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French farmers roll tractors up to govt buildings and dump SHIT on them

Holy based https://twitter.com/RobTheRich001/status/1375141215717449734

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How do we save this country ?

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France declares American social theories as a threat to civilized world

>Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So >Politicians and prominent intellectuals say social theories from the United States on race, gender and post-colonialism are a threat to French identity and the French republic. France is the first country to declare USA a third world backward shithole basically. BASED FRANCE. Take your neoliberal American identity politics and shove them right up your ass. That's right, fuck the USA. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/09/world/europe/france-threat-american-universities.html?

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>France: America is a threat to your very identity. Do you...

>France: America is a threat to your very identity. Do you agree?

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Here's the next French president

Say something nice about him

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France is the best country in the world

We have the most victories in the world, we have won WWI and WWII, best language, best food, too many tourists etc. We have best european army for 67 million people. We had 2 french empires And you?

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Happening in France

Well well well, another beheading https://www.lavoixdunord.fr/928567/article/2021-02-01/toulon-une-tete-humaine-retrouvee-dans-un-carton-dans-le-centre-ville

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You're either with the US or with the EU >France's President Emmanuel Macron said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to decide who his allies are. In an interview on Saturday 30, the Frenchman again said that Brexit was a mistake and that the fate of the two nations is linked. >According to him, London must choose a model and cannot seek to be, at the same time, the best ally of the United States, the European Union and other nations. >“What policy does Britain want to choose? It cannot be the best ally of the US, the best ally of the EU and the new Singapore ... You have to choose a model, ”Macron told The Guardian and other vehicles. >The President of France said that it is not up to him to decide, "but I would like good and peaceful relations" with the English. “I am for common ambition and a common destiny. I hope Boris Johnson is also on that path, because I think the British people are. We remain allies ”, he concluded....

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the true map of france

the true map of france

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French minister suggests the EU should abandoned “broken English”

Suggests that the EU should now only speak French and German and forget about English. France will hold the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU in the first half of 2022. In preparation, Beaune said, Paris would take “concrete initiatives” to enhance European languages. That will include language training, and making sure the EU institutions are “very vigilant” on language diversity in recruitment processes. “It’s not a rearguard action or the fight of one single country,” Beaune said. “It is, truly, a fight for European linguistic diversity with French and German at the forefront.”

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Europe Black Population UPDATED

I have made the updated version the 2020 edition, BLACKEST COUNTRIES LIST: 1) France - 5.5 million (worst sourced one, everything else is within +-10% error at 95% confidence) 2) UK - 2.5 million (but this was WAY back in 2011, higher now) 3) Italy - 720k 4) Spain - 580k 5) Germany - 529k 6) Netherlands - 490k 7) Portugal - 450k 8) Sweden - 315k my sauces are more transparent, for countries with only country_of_birth statistics, I have updated the numbers by comparing with their neighbors who have a more accurate "migrant background" or direct ethnic census count.

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Buying a pond: a good investment?

Frenchfag here. Been living in Normandy since 2014, I have made probably hundreds of fishing trips in small ponds/lakes/rivers. But there's this one special pond which really captivates me and I literally fell in love with it (don't call me a fag, you would've felt the same thing if you were with me). I've been fishing pike in there multiple times and it's absolutely the most magnificent pond I've seen in N France. A true piece of Paradise. Its a area is 41ha and it even contains rare bird and insect spieces! I basically want to buy it in order to keep it a private property which would prevent it from being destroyed by human parasites but also to eventually live there. What does /fr/ think about the idea of buying a pond? Is it an acceptable investment or is it a money drain. The price is around 100.000 eur which is way cheaper than a house or a hut it the area. I'm a big enthusiast of french countryside/forest and I tend to spend big portions of free time in the wild.

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What the fuck is wrong with the French and yurocucks lately?...

What the fuck is wrong with the French and yurocucks lately? Is this how they pay us back for saving their asses in WW2?

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French Canadians should all be deported back to France

They should be deported to France if they can’t assimilate with the rest of Canada and just bitch and moan and being a protruding sore.

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Nearly half of French people believe in the Great Replacement

https://www.france24.com/en/20180108-8-10-french-people-believe-conspiracy-theory-survey >Of around a dozen theories tested, researchers found that 79 percent of French people believed in at least one of them. Nearly half of the population (48 percent) lent credence to the "replacement theory" according to which the global political and media elite is organizing for white people to be replaced by immigrants.

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>As you‘ve probably heard by now, on Thursday night, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg reported that while in France in 2018, Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery because he didn’t want his hair to get messed up in the rain and didn’t think it was important to honor those killed in war because, as he apparently said at the time, they were “suckers” and “losers.” Both Trump and the White House immediately denied the comments, as they do every time a story comes out that makes him look bad, with the infamous draft dodger taking to Twitter to “swear” he never said such things while telling yet additional lies: And now new acusations >In one account, the president told senior advisers that he didn’t understand why the U.S. government placed such value on finding soldiers missing in action because they had performed poorly and gotten caught and deserved what they got, according to a person familiar with the discussion....

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The future of France looks like this. Even in the countrysid...

The future of France looks like this. Even in the countryside. We are doomed.

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French students destroying classroom and screaming

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnGgPlveUZc What the fuck is wrong with the French? For a bunch of uptight dickwads, you sure act like baboons

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The FRENCH REVOLUTION - What your junkie, Marxist, atheist college (((professor))) didn't tell you!

>A very typical story from the Reign of Terror by Jews and freethinking atheists, lovers of reason and science: When the Princesse de Lamballe was brought forth she was asked to swear eternal hatred to the King, the Queen and to Royalty. "The oath," said she, "is foreign to the sentiments of my heart and I will never take it." She was instantly given over to the ministers of death. These ruffians pretended to caress her, stroking her cheeks with their hands yet dripping with human blood. On reaching the heap of dead bodies, they bade her kneel and ask pardon of the nation, "I have never injured the nation," she replied, "nor will I ask its pardon." "Down!" cried they, "down and ask pardon, if you wish to live." "No," said she, "I scorn to ask pardon from assassins that call themselves the nation; I will never bend my knee or accept a favour at such hands." In a rage to see themselves thus overcome by the constancy of a woman, they...

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These are the worst scum in France. Especially Algerians. I...

These are the worst scum in France. Especially Algerians. I met some Moroccans and some were OK, but still shitskins who commit crimes, bring islamism and enjoy social walfare by breeding like insects

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French culture is the superior culture. It's commonly accept...

French culture is the superior culture. It's commonly accepted facts. Everybody wants to imitate us, be us. That's why we are the most visited nation in the world for tourism, Paris is the capital city of luxury goods and elegance, also rich people can't live without Champagne, Chanel etc. We are the superior model for the most inspired successful people . Rich women dont want canadian shoes or american perfumes. Rich men dont drink american Champagne. Deal with it.

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Top 3 Worst Anons

Does anyone agree with this? 1. UK 2. France 3. Amerimutts Both UK and France have shown poor quality posting. For example, I've rarely seen one good post from a French flag in the past 12 months. Deciding on the 3rd spot was difficult for me, but I narrowed it down to the Amerimutts; for every good American poster, there are ten degenerate Amerimutts who drown them out completely. That is why I absolutely had to add them. In terms of sheer quantity the bulk filth is coming from the Amerimutts. This is why they take 3rd spot.

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Thousands of illegal African migrants are again marching in Paris demanding citizenship. Already, 10,000 illegals marched last month demanding the same thing. When will this madness end? I'm pretty sure shit like this doesn't happen in other European countries. Hell I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen in any other country in the world.

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French ad during the CL final (11 million people watching)

Literally displays a white woman leaving her white bf for a black and getting impregnated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AptiH3u6nU0

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Which US state is the best?

>pic related The Cato Institute says Florida is the freest US state. Is it true? As frog dying to escape the brown socialist hell that is France, in which state should I move to enjoy whiteness, guns, low taxes and quiet life?

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Culture? Check. Language? Oui. women? Absolutement . Politics? D’accord. Nuke power? Check.

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French threaten war if Britain sends invaders back to France


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Do the French still hate the British?

Explain ITT

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France is doomed.

France is doomed.

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>be french leftist cunts >go to Africa to feed nigglets >get...

>be french leftist cunts >go to Africa to feed nigglets >gets gruesomely murdered by locals

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French protectorate in Lebanon

Would it be make shit change in the Middle East ? It would establish a third way in the region, instead of sucking American or Russian cock. Pipelines would be controlled by us and we'd get out of the reach of Merkel and her 4th Reich. inb4 >typical French wanting more refugees in his country shut up jew

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https://twitter.com/LeGlobe_info/status/1291420470693240835 https://twitter.com/LeGlobe_info/status/1291408315839324167

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Listen carefully. We did it twice, and if you push us agains...

Listen carefully. We did it twice, and if you push us against the wall we will do a third time. Europe is essentially already our state, France, Italy, just vassals of our might. Never EVER underestimate a german who is cornered.

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France becoming more powerful

I have seen a lot of articles about France those past few years. They seem to be reforming a lot and every analyst seems to see France as a rising power. How do you think this will end ?

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France will use Huawei for their 5G, after a meeting with French ministers and the Chinese vice premier, France has announced Huawei is building the French 5G network

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How is it to live into a Third-World hellhole ?

Imagine living into such a shithole being surrounded by roaming whores and sicarios ? Looks like the future of France without the latin vibe tho

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Refugees kill young woman and her dog in Lyon, France

What is the situation in France? How does the french people react to this? Please report in, french fags. https://www.document.no/2020/07/20/frankrike-ungdomsgjeng-overkjorte-og-drepte-hund-slepte-deretter-eieren-til-dode/ "An unusually brutal murder shocks France. A youth gang first ran over the victim's dog. Then they ran over the dog's 23-year-old owner, because she wanted to wait for the police. Then the young people dragged her several hundred meters after the car. She was pronounced dead at the scene. It was the night before Sunday that the young woman was out for a walk with her dog in Lyon, writes Le Parisien . The perpetrators are said to have come driving at high speed and first run over the woman's dog. But they did not give up after killing the dog. The young woman was then hit, before she was dragged after the car several hundred meters. Her life could not be saved, and it was the firefighters who first arrived at the scene who declared the woman dead. France is in shock ove...

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Looks like the refugees are burning down churches and cathedr...

Looks like the refugees are burning down churches and cathedrals in France again. The question is, how should France react?

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another fire at a historic cathedral in France . this time Nantes. looks devastating. https://mobile.twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/status/1284387808526966786

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Let's keep it short.

I'm going to ask a simple question, it is directly addressed to the frenchfags lurking the site but feel free to give your takes if you're a foreigner. How do you envision the future of France for the next decade. Please try to be constructive, I'm not asking for a dissertation but do put some effort in justifying your opinion.

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Somebody explain to me how this rat faced yenta got "caught"

Queen kike was "arrested" in New Hampshire, USA. Nobody in the world is stupid enough to wilfully return to a country, after having escaped to France mind you, that wants you arrested to live out the rest of their days in secret.... Tell me how anyone could believe this wasn't just staged and why this kike won't just be sent on her merry way to israel a few days from now?

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HAPPENING!! Eurofags crack encryption server

20+ million encrypted message by criminals got intercepted by French police hacking Encrochat server. Police are now looking for cases to match the shitload of evidence they collected , regarding drug trafficking , assassinations, torture, weapon deals, money laundering and corruption etc.. So far 100 arrests made in Netherlands based on 7 million decrypted messages. 746 Bongs also got arrested Encrochat had 50.000 users worldwide. Crimitards were sure their encryption was uncrackable and talked openly about everything they were doing.

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Views on the French revolution

What are your views on the French Revolution? Was it a good thing or not?

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THEY ARE COMING FOR SAINT LOUIS IX OF FRANCE https://twitter.com/Jeff_Jacoby/status/1270721088532574215 for those who dont know: Louis IX was the based chad who burned every single talmud in France in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral (by orders from the pope). It was a pretty big bonfire to say the least. He burned them in front of the Notre Dame (Our Lady) Cathedral to honor the Virgin Mary, because the talmud calls Mary a whore

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MEANWHILE in Dijon, France Chechens vs Algerians

Meanwhile in Dijon some Algerians killed chechens, war has been started, chechens accusing Algerians of drugs and being thugs, swearing for revenge. You won't see this on the news.

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So, what does /fr/ think about Dijon, France ?

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France is in an immigrant civil war


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In france (Dijone) there's fighing between russian refugees (chechens) and african refugees (alzhirians). Fight strated because alzhirian taxis hit chechen student and promised to shoot him. In answer russian refugees declared jihad. Whoever will win, france still be cucked. Just look this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hk-BhEbXFyQ

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......but it involves no French people, it's Chechens and Refugees who are killing each others https://twitter.com/FrDesouche/status/1272296049177178113?s=09 https://twitter.com/AlexLeroy90/status/1272301540674605057?s=19 https://twitter.com/Alchechnya/status/1271749800443199489?s=19 https://twitter.com/mlk__tche/status/1272304806288293888

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Macron says France won't remove colonial-era statues and calls the protesters secessionists


popularity: 82


Chechens and Algerians are fighting each other in Dijon right now. What the fuck is this country coming to? I just wanna grill with my French buddies, for gods sake.

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This is France in 2020

https://streamable.com/5i45sz a young chechen was beaten by refugees and blacks in a city so chechen community (refugees) made a raid to avenge him

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Algerian living in france here Born here before anyone ask A...

Algerian living in france here Born here before anyone ask Ask me everything and i will say if the vision of /fr/ is true or not.

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You can't say they didn't warn us: >" Our enemies are not as generous as we were to the French people in Compiégne in the summer of 1940. They are serious about their campaign of hate and revenge toward us. They are not just battle cries. They want our very lives, and would exterminate our people and nation root and branch were we to surrender to their power. They agree on this, even if their individual opinions differ on this or that minor point. We must defend our existence in this war. " - Goebbels, June 1944.

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Use you government ID to watch porn

New law in France make mandatory to proof your age to watch porn. > for that the solution is to use your “Franceconnect” Id. >Franceconnect is the if you use to access public healthcare, taxation website and all governement services...

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Can we speak seriously about the White House protests?

Let's be real, if they all scaled the fences and broke through, nothing would happen to them. All those cliches about how they would get shot are not true. We know that those cliches are not true. In all likelihood they would just roll over. Who wants to bet that some Black Sheniqua will go right up to president and slap him in the face? Sounds ridiculous? It's not. Let's talk about other historical events. Like the French Revolution. The king was basically under house arrest where they were unironically slapping him around until they decided to kill him. In Iran the revolution happened so fast that most ministers and high ranking military officials didn't even leave (because it happened so fast), leading to their mass execution. The great game of chicken has now commenced and I don't think that Trump or the military has the balls to stop it. This is of course all the fault of Trump letting his own side get pummeled for years. Both on the internet and on the street. Any even casual obser...

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Here’s France. https://twitter.com/jeromeroos/status/1267909349453807616?s=21 You’re welcome!

popularity: 76


THE CHIMPS ARE RIOTING AND LOOTING IN PARIS >LIVESTREAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e2zRZk0f9c

popularity: 93


https://twitter.com/Conflits_FR/status/1267871530756816896?s=19 This is in Paris rn >In France they have their own George Floyd : Adama Traoré, was supposedly killed by police brutality but it happened years ago, they're using him as a pretext to manifest Gatherings also happening in : Lyon, Lille, Marseille Wondering how the same police that harmed beyond repair thousands of Yellow Vests will react to this

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Lorsque je vois les USA je suis content d’être en France

Les tentions ratiaux sont tellement énormes entre les blancs qui se font lynché les policiers qui mettent les genoux au sol. Une blanche qui s’est excusé dans la rue lorsque qu’un BLM l’a abordé. Je suis content de vivre en France

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African Migrants in France march in solidarity with American Blacks

https://mobile.twitter.com/BasedPoland/status/1266793748685438976 They demand citizenship

popularity: 96

FRANCE IS CHIMPING OUT RIGHT ***NOW***!!!! https://www.yout...

FRANCE IS CHIMPING OUT RIGHT ***NOW***!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLRRusx3TFY

popularity: 82

France is gone, forever.


popularity: 110


FUCK WE NEED TO BOMB THEM NOW!!! >One poll last week found that just 2% of French people trusted Trump to provide world leadership. >Seventy-six percent of Germans in a new poll said their view of America had deteriorated because of the crisis.

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I started in january last year. I spot a pretty girl in prison for a long time (facebook pages of support made by her parents for example), I send her a letter, she responds and after a short period of time (generally 2-3 weeks) we meet. Then it comes quickly, she invites you to the UVF (Unité de Vie Familiale, place in the prison where you are alone with you boy/girlfriend from outside for 1 weekend) and you do your business Actually I date 5 girls at the same time I would be traveling everywhere in France without confinement Benefits : >Faithful girl (only one person authorized at UVF) >Several possible girls (they will know nothing outside their prison) >Unique experience Disadvantages: >Fuck sessions only once every 2 months >Long to build a relationship >The relationship will not survive his release from prison (especially if you take several like me)...

popularity: 109

France 2020

France 2020

popularity: 70


How are you going to survive to the massive outburst of islam and leftards radicalisation that is going to make our beautiful country all fucked up ?

popularity: 82

First hours of deconfinement in France. The absolute state of third world paris

popularity: 85



popularity: 92

Consider this place as dead, we do not exist anymore, we do...

Consider this place as dead, we do not exist anymore, we do not have hope. When France comes to your mind, just negate it as it never existed at all, do not even try to think about this country. We're no more. All things encompassing us, our culture,history,language, the original people here, the achievements. Everything is wasted for good. DO NOT mind us.

popularity: 60

French kids will learn arabic at school

French kids will learn arabic at school

popularity: 87

Prove you're not a blind hater, say something you like about...

Prove you're not a blind hater, say something you like about France. They will choose their own decisions rather than follow orders from other nations like the United States.

popularity: 70

Why are Blacks always stereotyped as Brutish, Violent, Promiscuous Beasts?

Why do blacks have this stereotype wherever they go? From ancient Egypt to ancient Rome to now? This is a cartoon created by a Nafri in France. Even refugees stereotype blacks this way.

popularity: 79

How do we solve the Nafri question in France? Any suggestion...

How do we solve the Nafri question in France? Any suggestions?

popularity: 83

What's /fr/s opinion of north Africans in France https://m....

What's /fr/s opinion of north Africans in France https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=umF1kfVujhM

popularity: 79

Smokers confirmed immune to coronavirus >French researchers...

Smokers confirmed immune to coronavirus >French researchers are planning to test nicotine patches on coronavirus patients and frontline health workers after a study suggested smokers may be much less at risk of contracting the virus. >The study at a major Paris hospital suggests a substance in tobacco – possibly nicotine – may be stopping patients who smoke from catching Covid-19. Clinical trials of nicotine patches are awaiting the approval of the country’s health authorities. lmao @ all you non-smoker virgins

popularity: 71

What is the most African nation in Europe?

If I had to guess, I would say France or UK.

popularity: 60

Macron sides with Italeeches

https://www.ft.com/content/d19dc7a6-c33b-4931-9a7e-4a74674da29a France's sociopath president Emmanuel Macron has sided with Italy and Spain for the establishment of Eurobonds to help Southern Europe cope with the coronavirus crisis. >Normally, the countries with their economy in the crapper get debt with higher interest rates than countries who take care of their economy. >Essentially, an Eurobond means that Southern European countries can borrow money in the form of bonds from the EU. However, these bonds are guaranteed by the entire eurozone, making issuing bonds to them less risky and resulting in a lower interest rate. >TLDR Southern Europe spends what they want and Northern Europe pays Macron is screeching about solidarity and evil populist uprisings and/or the destruction of the eurozone unless we pay up nicely. This would of course prevent his emperorship >He recalled France’s “colossal, fatal error” in demanding reparations from Germany after the first world war, which trigge...

popularity: 76


French professor Luc Montagnier who frist isolated AIDS says COVID19 is bioweapon who contains AIDS DNA sequence. https://twitter.com/LHDSR_TV/status/1251013070438178816

popularity: 118

Study shows hydroxichloroquine ineffective at treating corona virus.

What?! Trump said hydroxychlorquin would cure corona virus!! This cant be!!! https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/15/health/new-french-study-hydroxychloroquine/index.html

popularity: 80

Kike Macron betrayed France again

Macron just said he will cancel the debt that certain African countries have towards France. Press S to spit on this disgusting kike, a traitor to the proud people of France and a traitor to the West. S YouTube Livestream Speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tEBQhwCvY4

popularity: 50

France is better than the US

France is better than the US

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Can a Frenchie explain?

So I was studying in your country for a year at the Sorbonne until the crisis hit. I’m back home now. I didn’t have a lot of time to learn the subtleties of the language, but my comprehension is good in class. But something always stuck out to me when I went to a boulengerie. Without fail, sand niggers, grotesque whores, and homeless people always ordered a “pain au chocolat” instead of “chocolatine.” I went to the South to Bayonne and Bordeaux, and never heard this. I asked the lady at the counter and she said “only niggers say chocolate bread.” Is this true?

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ALERT! HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE IS MOST PROBABLY A SCAM. > The French study cited by Trump was led by Didier Raoult and evaluated 26 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine and 16 control patients, all of whom had tested positive for the virus at baseline.4 After six days of receiving 600 mg of hydroxychloroquine a day, 70% of the hydroxychloroquine treated patients tested negative for the virus, compared with 12.5% in the control group (P=0.001), while all of those who had received hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin (six patients) cleared the virus by this time. Although Raoult reported the results as positive, he excluded from the analysis six patients in the hydroxychloroquine arm because they had not remained in the study for six days. The reasons for non-completion were that one patient died, three were transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU), and two withdrew. None of the 16 patients in the control group died, withdrew, or needed care in an ICU. Raoult announced that the study was of “great imp...

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My country - FRANCE - won the most battles in history and st...

My country - FRANCE - won the most battles in history and still has one of the strongest militaries. What did yours achieve ?

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Alright mother fuckers, let me break it down for you. The US...

Alright mother fuckers, let me break it down for you. The US spends more on the military than the next top 10 countries combined. We have 11 aircraft carriers with enough firepower on them to blow any country on earth to high heaven. Aside from a single aircraft carrier owned by the French, we are the only one to have nuclear powered carriers. To put that into perspective, China has two active carriers, and one them was Soviet made. Neither of them are nuclear powered, and neither of them have superior launching capabilities that ours have. The US has nearly more military aircraft than China and Russia combined, with absolutely superior combat capabilities. Our soldiers in both the Army and Marine Corps have more advanced equipment than any other country on earth. Military training in the west is superior in every way to that of the training done in the east. We have a massive fleet of drones capable of destroying a target without even needing boots on the ground. As someone in the military that can confirm a...