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The 2020 LAPD graduating class everybody.

What the fuck is this? Is this Peru? Even in France there are till some whites around,


These are the people protecting California. Godspeed!
Its literally mexico
Now when beaner cops shoot niggers there will be crickets from the judenpresse.
I can't wait for this shithole hatesite to be shutdown and for everyone involved in it to be sued into oblivion and hopefully given a lethal injecttion. This site is not 'free speech'.. its a cancerous tumor of hatred that must be destroyed at all costs.
i dont care as long as they aren't black, i love my spic brothers
This fucking thread again
Well, at least the niggers are fucked.
NYPD is the most diverse police force, and they are getting shit on. Wait till these rookies stand on their footpost and have to deal with them.
We are FUCKED.
Dont care, voting trump
pfffffff. there's not a single white, kill me pls
Hey that’s me in the right
O say can you seeeeee
This can't be real.
>Do you understand yet?
>That we're going to fucking replace you. Deal with it. No More Whitey.
We're so fucked anons.
>these are the people shittalking England
Are we going back to the 1980s? These demographic shifts are going to make serial killers become a trend again.
wait till they realize that while hating blacks is done occasionally by whites, it is part and parcel of latino culture
It hurts so much /fr/
iDios mios, goyim!
Meanwhile nu/fr/ still thinks they are winning by doing nothing as the left wins and whites get replaced.
Wow, what a shock it's literally all beaners.
Bro i like hispanics. They work hard and mind their business. For the last fucking time its jews and niggers that we hate. Learn it or gtfo off fr.
At what point will the media turn on latinos?

Blacks are not treated well in any Central or South American country. Mexicans in the USA are notorious for not liking blacks.

I can't believe the black community is happy with this image.

So will it still be racist when they inevitably put down another few niggers or will mexicans become white for that?
Jews love Mexicans in LA. They think of them as their little spic monkeys. Their parents practically had them raised by their Mexican maids and cleaners.
Good. They can't blame white people on fucking up and killing niggers
It does look like Peru but at least they look indio, not literal africans like in Paris so good look with that.
You don't understand how bad it really is.
Imagine if France had a land border with Algeria and it was taboo to discuss deporting the millions of Algerian illegals that came across every year.
Imagine if one of your presidents gave all these illegal Algerians citizenship in the hopes they would vote for the right.
Imagine if millions of Algerians came to France legally every year in addition to the millions of illegals.
Imagine if Occitania became majority Algerian due to acceptance and even encouragement of Algerian immigration by the Occitanian government.
Imagine if these Algerians openly talked about conquering France.
Imagine if these Algerians received preferential treatment by the government.
Imagine if it takes less than 100 years for France to go from 90% white to 50% white.
Whites got filtered by the IQ test, which only wants 100IQ at most.
Why do you assholes hate Diversity?
Actually pathetic lmao
Would /fr/ prefer this picture or a picture entirely of negroids?
ay caramba
el Golbina del Oger la Policia
at least the pension problem will solve itself when most of these el diabeticos
After decades of receiving southerns socialists, you're fucked gringos, jahahahaha
Mutts are fucked. Trapped in the biggest shit hole of humanity
Lotta brown folks. And soi people
I see repeating faces
pretty sure LAPD make up has been like that for years now. probably a cropped pic where theh have whites at the side or in the back
Why are they all fat?
You can see the babyfat in their cheeks on most of them still
There are more whites in actual South American countries....
It's a fucking cadet youth program. Idiot. I still get your point though.
Good let these fucking cunts take the heat and kill the niggers
There are very few real whites in America. Officially it's 60% but in reality it's probably 20-30%. The inter breeding with natives and spics is widespread. In europe there is more racial segregation.
I doubt they even speak English. Not that that would get you far in LA.
Mexico is retaking what was rightfully theirs: https://youtu.be/26raYPP4n7Q
These are high school cadets, not the graduating class. These are literally fucking kids from some beaner school.
I’m a New England yank
Never been to LA

Southern California is really Guatemala lol
Not even
Castizos, just Aztecs
LA is 25% "White" which includes Jews, Refugees, Persians, Armenians, and even Sudanese.

The actual number of real honest to god european whites in this city is maybe like 10% or less. I'm non white and I haven't seen one in a few days unironically.
>import Central Americans
>become Central America
is anyone really surprised?
Just wait until the figure out they can rob white Goyim while in uniform and arrest those same whites for complaining.
Shouldn't the police reflect the demographics of the community they serve?
I'm in shock. I shouldnt be but I am.
shit do mexicans really look like this?
i still dont understand why the fuck a police department would want to hire a female for any job other than a desk job.
intimidation is the best weapon a police has to avoid violence with criminals, how are these wimmins supposed to intimidate a criminal? they will not sadly, and will be forced to use lethal force at practically every intervention they make if they want to catch someone, is that the police-state we want? intimidated wimmins with loaded firearms?
only big boys should be policemen.
Hmmmm, and "abolish muh police" these are the anti-white gestapo coming for you and yours, just watch. You're going into a camp or just executed that is the next stage
White people hate niggers less than Browns do. I see no issue with this.
California is less than 21% ethnic European compared to 99.3% in 1940

In US retarded race laws. Everyone there would be classed as (((white))).
Officer Downie
Most parts of LA have been looking like the third world or second world for decades. Once you aren’t in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or into the direction of Orange County or Santa Barbara most people would have a heart attack if the see the fantasy film images contrasted with the actual city.
Wow, look at that diversity.
And every single one of them is a racist who hates black and latino people
Such diversity!
nuke california and mexico
genocide of the last free white nation is so funny amirite
Looks like racism was already beaten I don't know why we bothered at all
Dude. It's LA. Whites left that place 30 years ago.
>multiple ribbons

>graduating class
that's so junkie
The next time an American tells you they're white, remember this thread. It is SO much worse than mutts here say, they just cant cope with going outside and seeing their empire die. I live in fucking MAINE and they've managed to make like 30% of our kindergarteners look like OP's image.

America is NOT WHITE. Not "minority" white, its just fucking Brazil 2.0. And if anyone else wants to get smug, this WILL happen to you. OP's image will be the golem soldier used to force it on you just in case you don't accept the cuckery enough.
I prefer them over blacksomethingmatter
I only see dark as shit beaners

Where are all the " Castizos " That beaners larping as white here talk about all the time ?
>everyone thinks this pic is real

lmao guys
LMFAO so when all the spic and nigger gangs get fed up and start basically calling these kids uncle toms and they dont understand , the gangs will quickly resort to violence when hazing so quickly will not work on these plebs, they have no understanding of history. its Cain and Abel all over again .. just watch
How da gunna blames whitey and shittttt, nigga? Ya ah meen.?
This is nothing but more right wing fake news.

THAT IS NOT THE LAPD GRADUATING CLASS. These are high schoolers in a police cadet program for students. An "activity/learning program" by police departments. Which nothing but an excuse for cops to get close underage kids especially for sexual abuse purposes.

"The badge gets you the pussy and the pussy gets you the badge", cops say. That was said by former Las Cruces shitbag cop Garcia who participated in these youth explorer program for young teenagers who are interested in law enforcement. It is a government sanctioned program with the purpose of providing children to cops for sexual abuse, and kids are sexually abused and raped all the time in this program, and in ride-alongs too. Foolish ass parents who think cops are neat because the government told them so and because the government dress their pets in faggotry fetish princey junkie false macho suits, that hand their kids over to these cops like idiots. Cops are complete psycho criminal pieces of shit, nothing about them or their 'job' needs to involve outside programs where they're alone with young teenagers.




These cop pieces of shit are reaching into schools with children to foster and encourage this scumbag behavior. The idea most likely is that these kids won't talk about any sexual abuse and may even continue to be cops in the future, (where they probably think they have license to rape and molest others and be violent sadist malicious shitheads, all partof their little scumbag club).

Hence , "the pussy gets you the badge" -ex cop Garcia from Las Cruces
They all have black hair, brown eyes and brown skin. Way more diverse than mutiple colors of hair and eyes.
these are cadets but this is the future

all of them are hideous shitskins and under 5'5. the US is over
Well with all the cumskins kneeling someone needs to shoot the niggers
affirmative action (positive discrimination/employment equity) for non-whites
Zone fiveAPD here. I've been a leo almost 15 years w/6 in APD. I can confirm the $500,000 incentive being offered. Almost no one is taking it?

A lot of us love this city. I'm Gwinnett County born and raised. You dont know what its like to have your city abortion you.

Six million. That is the number of us who have died in the line of duty for this city, and it doesnt even begin to cover the hundreds who have been shot and injured.

Nothing short of the resignation of the mayor is going to get me back to work. Motherfuckers are going to learn how thin that blue line really is.
>these child lookin mutts have the power to give you a ticket or remove your freedoms
It's a cadet program. Literally all "at risk" kids from bad neighborhoods/juvie/parents were gangbangers/etc. they funnel them into the cadet program to keep them out of trouble.