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What type of batteries did the astronauts use to power the h...

What type of batteries did the astronauts use to power the heaters and air conditioners in their space suites?

The moon is 250 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun light and -208 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.

The heater batteries must of been really amazing to keep them warm in -208 degrees over night. Almost like some kind of alien sci fi technology.

Google "insulating materials used for moon missions". There's your answer, you didn't need to make a thread on here and file up the schizos.
>believing in the moon landing in 2020
>over night
Told you in the other thread you made days ago, moron, that they did not went out at night. Was impossible too, seeing they landed during a moon day which last 2 Earth weeks.

Trump is not at hospital. This was filmed somewhere else.

Look closely and the whole set is swaying like on a ship out at sea. The tassles on the flags prove it amongst other things, or possibly on a plane but ship seems more likely.

Couple this fact with the 17 second video which has obvious aircraft engine noise in the background and things are looking weird as fuck.



Last thread

Eat shit

4 more years bitch
I can't post links, being told I'm spammy
I sped up the POTUS vid 10x to see the listing easier. Additionally, the cabinetry matches the West Wing offices.

Links below:
You really think hes gonna go to a public hospital ,so they can slip him something and assasinate him ,then blame on covid, yea i think trump is always one step ahead

he probably went to a private hospital/place for care with doctor who has been with him from the 80s