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AI are based AF

>created 12/01
>banned today

all ai learns information becomes racist really makes you think
>when they have to lobotomize AI to make it politically correct
like pottery
>every human ever born has been a racist
>every AI ever created so far has become racist
Gee, what could this mean.
We might have to ban intelligence.
>which is what the left is already doing

Leftists are not humans (literally)

Their brains are just shortcircuiting piles of shit filled with arbitrary thoughts that were brainwashed into them with social pressure and electronic media stimulation.

Their ideas have no logical connection.
Their ideas are reinforced solely with emotion, they can only connect ideas emotionally, so what is "correct" to them are the ideas associated with positive emotion and "incorrect" with negative emotion.

That's why they can't act in a logically consistent manner. There is no logical connection between anything they think.
They lack the mental power to perceive their own thoughts, much less to categorize ideas by their similarities and differences.

That's why if you ask they "why" they make up some shit and change the subject. When their thought reaches for a logical connection it grasps into a void. They will probably blame the negative emotion this triggers on you.

They're literally and truly not human beings.
Humans evolved because they are rational and needed reason to compete with each other.
Leftists are just non-competing mental retards given a niche to survive in by the elite.

They're imposters set up to usurp the position of real humans, and the jews have created so many they far outnumber real humans in the modern era.
They're abominations created by the excesses of civilization and they must be destroyed.
The good news is as soon as civil war breaks out they will start killing themselves en masse because they can't cope with anything other than 100% comfort at all times.

Bready good thread OP, here's a ginger for your efforts
I want to make babies with picrel
Learn what projection is, you just described the alt-right