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Now that the dust has settled

Did the mutts go to the moon - or was it hoax

Personally i think it was a little strange going 240,000 miles away with cliche technology from 1969 - what do you think

My take is that the moon landing hoax is a tremendous cope by amerifats who cannot deal with the fact that their greatest triumph was only possible with Nazi ingenuity.
The American space program was at its zenith when kidnapped German scientists were at the helm, and the decline started the moment the kikes ousted Werner von Braun.
Do the moon landing deniers realize that the technology involved in creating the insanely powerful and detailed microchips in the computers they're using to post their shit is many orders of magnitude more incomprehensible and miraculous than the relatively simple ballistics involved in going to the moon? Thus if going to the moon was impossible, then the computer on your desk is even more impossible.
The moon isn't even there dude.


So could this pill solve the issues of prison management and revolutionize the system in general? Would you still support capital punishment with this as an option?

sounds fucking demonic
>serves 1,000 year sentence in 8 hours
>proceeds to conquer the entire world
I would literally kill everyone alive.
>our dreams become longer and longer