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Zoomers can't use a computer anymore!!!

This is a really bad thing, I'll explain:

For example, the way the internet is used by zoomers is a psyop in itself. Zoomers don't use computers. They use their phone only. It's weird if one even has a laptop.

This creates a lot of problems. It means they have no experience with really messing around with files / computer programmes like everyone who uses a computer inevitably will have to learn. No one 'chooses' to learn that stuff, it's j ust a question of running into problems and having to figure out what to do, in regards to installing / uninstalling / file management / editing, etc etc.

Zoomers are starting to not even know how to use a mouse.

The smartphone has ruined everything. No one has any initiative with technology now, they just buy a new phone every few years.

We're now at a stage where using a computer has become an inherently boomer activity. It's up there with listening to albums or playing Counter Strike.

I put it to you, that gen z is going to be much much less technologically adept than the millennials are. They're regressing, and it's making them more easily brainwashed by whatever flashes on their screen because the medium lends itself to minimal user input rather than in depth moving around on screen and searching for answers / etc etc.

Last thread had good discussion.

Key points from last time:
>Zoomers pay for all their media, don't even know how to torrent
>even if you disregard internet, smartphones are nothing but a toy. you can't do any real work on a phone
>Throwaway consumer culture being taken to the extreme

Last thread:

I never bothered learning. little of this stuff makes sense
This is quite possibly the dumbest thread I've ever seen.
I always assumed zoomers were just the new boomers. Millennial are fucked in both directions.

Level 4 Infectious Disease Specialist Here

I work daily with some of the world's most infectious and fatal diseases. Reading internal reports and also stuff available on the internet (papers, new articles), I'm becoming extremely concerned we are massively unprepared for the next epidemic.

People imagine that any kind of epidemic that occurs today can be more or less mitigated through modern public health infrastructure, stocks of vaccines and antivirals, and basic quarantining measures.

The issue is that in modern, densely populated cities, a sufficiently advanced pathogen would be capable of infecting the vast majority of inhabitants in weeks, before any health measures could have an effect. The population density is enough that current quarantining techniques used in cases like smallpox would be completely ineffective. Antivirals have historically proven ineffective and hard to disseminate while our current vaccine stocks might not work at all.

Currently computer simulations indicate that a dangerous enough pathogen could effectively destroy a city like Los Angeles in a few months. "Destroyed" in the sense that emergency services are shut down, medical services are shut down, all economic output ceases and over 30-60% of the population is wiped out.

In short, a small nation-state or even well-funded creeper organization could easily reduce the US to the state of a third world nation with. Yet no one except my colleagues seems to give a fuck.

Want to know more?

>Cities full of niggers would be the first casualties in a massive viral epidemic
>The population density is enough that current quarantining techniques used in cases like smallpox
Cities have less population density today than they did in the past.
So the fact that people before were able to eradicate smallpox means that doctors today are incompetent and don't deserve their exorbant salaries.
>destroy a city like Los Angeles in a few months.
>over 30-60% of the population is wiped out.

I don't see the problem.