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Tesla Neuralink 5G comes 2020

Only $150 will you buy it



mark of the beast
why are people hyped for this scam? Neither Elon nor any of his associates are using it so why should the goyim even pay attention?
What could possibly go wrong? Just imagine what you could with the power to program a brain.

>no friends >no gfs or wives >no sex >no career >massive col...

>no friends
>no gfs or wives
>no sex
>no career
>massive college debt
>job automation looming ahead
Is the millennial generation a bomb just waiting to explode?

maybe if they werent such narcissistic flaming douchebags. Hmm.
not all millennials are pathetic incels who suck trump's dick on /g/ all day long. get a job you worthless sniveling rodents.
I just want the next mass shooting to be at an Antifa protest and please use a go pro and live stream.