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HAPPENING - true AI has been created - MASS unemployment incoming

In early 2017
>OpenAI in can read and write, can also identify emotions in the text (negative / positive)
in 2019
>OpenAI is able to self-learn about whatever topic on its own and write complete texts about it
2020 (which is general-purpose AI btw)
>has reading comprehension very close to humans
>has self-learned to write basic code (HTML / CSS). Can create page layouts on USER INPUT. The user just inputs a page layout description and instantly creates it
>has self-learned to data charts. Again it does so just be having a user input of a simple text description of what the goal is
>Can write complex mathematics - again, on user text input
>Understands spreadsheets and can CORRECTLY fill the missing parts on its own
>Can tranlate complex legal language into a plain language and vice versa
>Can read pictures and comprehend text on pictures
>Can generate UI DESIGNS on demand (again, on user input)

and I repeat, this is a GENERAL PURPOSE AI. Meaning, it's not an stupid system that just really good at doing one thing(= all complex software we had the last decade). IT CAN DO ALMOST ANYTHING.
Meaning the vast majority of humans will soon become UNEPLOYABLE.

this is the same shit that writes most posts in /g/, I'm not too worried about it being mistaken for a real human.
Great! When do we send AI death squads out to eradicate the gorillas and the kikes? Does it heil Hitler yet?

AI is getting scarily good


This game which runs off a GPT-3 language model (175 billion parameters) is FAR better than any text RPG I've ever played. At times it doesn't even seem like you're talking to a computer. I think once GPT-4 is released (over 1 trillion parameters) it'll probably be able to easily crush the Turning test.

What are some of the consequences of an AI like this becoming TOO good?

Also post funny responses if you decide to play. (The junkie programmers censored some shit like rape which sucks but whatever)

The end is getting closer. Get saved today.
>"pick a setting"

I typed 'surprise me' and it said I was an invalid. It can't even tell I am a human :(
You are Communist Jimmy, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you've been looking for. You have come here searching for a mystical spellbook of great power called the book of essence. You look around and see a few mages standing about.

"Why hello there, little wizard." One of them says to you. "Do you come here often?"

"I've been searching for the book of essence for years."

> You mean, "our book of essence," right comrade?
"Our book of essence." You correct him. "I was looking for the book of essence. Have you found it?"
"No, we haven't. We're all looking for it."

> You at least you're doing this as a community.
"Well, I'm not going to give up. If any of you has the book, please let me know." You say.

> You leave the community and travel west.
You decide to set out for the desert, where you think there are ancient ruins and oases. The farther away from civilization, the better.

> You spread communism to the sands.
You and the small band of others, march into the desert. After a few days, you come across a huge pyramid. The sands indicate that it's at least a thousand years old.

> You claim the pyramid for the proletariat.
You, Redcap and his friends take control of the pyramid, for the proletariat. You decide to call your new nation The New Soviet Union. After all, it is the future.

> You you pen your manifesto and erase any history contained in the pyramid.
You and the rest of your group go inside the pyramid and use magic to unlock the secrets of the pyramid's inner chambers.

> You open the inner chamber.
You open the chamber and find yourself staring at a stone that has been hollowed out. You step forward and hear a click. The stone floor of the pyramid has opened up and is now your secret underground base.

> You is this the secret to a successful communist nation?