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Musk fired all European engineers

Musk just dabbed on the entire European engineering group. It’s literally over.

Good, these goys love jewish overlords of the EU.
Free speech gets you jail time over there. This happened just last week...
> A French Holocaust denier who was convicted under France's anti-Nazi laws has been arrested in Scotland after authorities searched for him for two years, police said Tuesday.
Imagine "Working" so little that you can cruise through on momentum and that no one will notice.
Elon Musk is the kind of guy to flood White countries with pajeets and refugees just as long as they slave away for 20 hours / day. He's no better than your average liberal satanist in government. Also he is unironically the spearhead of the transhumanist movement, which people seem to think is fine for some fucking odd reason.

Elon is on drugs

The man is 51 years old and he's burning the midnight oil with a bunch of younger engineers at 1am like it's nothing. He's on the same "smart drug" stimulants as SBF.

Take the circled part out and here you have what’s his taking.
HEY GLOWNIGGER! Fuck you, i studied this at university quindi succhiami il cazzo
You're projecting kike. He's not 90 years old.
Sorry ladyboy, not my problem
Cope, seethe and dilate