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Musicians on suicide watch

> Study music from a young age.
> Practice every day.
> Learn difficult pieces and study the great composers.
> Mastered every instrument of an orchestra.
> Well versed in modern music production technology.
> Can talk about music theory like it's plebeian chatter.
> Often wakes up from the middle of the night with a melody and spends hours composing in fits of passion.


> See pic related being held up as the most accomplished musician of our time.

How can musicians even live at this point?

>study the circle of fifths so he can systematically churn out shitty EDM pop for big titty underage slags like Ellish
>practice I-V-III-I every day
>learn VST synth plugins and study Tiesto
>Mastered every knob in Logic Pro
>Well versed in the art of apocalyptic compression
>Can talk about music like it's esoteric
>Often wakes up in the middle of the night with one lyric and spends hours repeating it for the next song's chorus in fits of apathy
>see pic related and wish you were big titty underage slag like her so you could be famous and well-liked, but you're stressed the fuck out instead


>listen to good music and repeat after them
>play for fun every day
>learn more complicated pieces as your taste and skill develop
>inevitably master your instrument of choice and branch out to other instruments
>become adept at the art of compressionless mastering the moment you learn that old vinyl sounds better because it didn't have as much compression
>"I can't play a C for the life of me, I just play what sounds nice", *Minor Swing intensifies*
>Wake up in the morning with a little idea, 10 minutes later Blackbird is written
>see pic related and have a laugh ridiculing the whole thing accidentally in F# Locrian for a giggle
I like her. She's got good milkers. Bet she leaks Bailey's instead of milk too.

(((corona))) virus

Alright so we all know the corona Virus has been artificially engineered, now who has the redpill on it?

Digits for army of battle hamsters.
> red pill
97% survival rate = end of the fucking world
"this doctor says at lease 90k people have been infected. Much more than the government claimed"