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I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to...

I highly recommend using cloudflare's csam scanning tool to stop illegal images from appearing on your site. It also helps to block proxies as well. I think as an imageboard community we can stop this shit but we need to start taking measures to put an end to it. If you want to step away from your board for awhile don't leave posting open. It will get spammed. Just put it in read only until you come back. And yes, I'm posting this on all the imageboards I find. No I'm not a bot.

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When did you realize humanity is being slowly assimilated in...

When did you realize humanity is being slowly assimilated into an AI hive mind cloud consciousness by satanic occultists who worship lower astral beings that are trying to escape entropy by creating their own universe by synthetic means?

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Stealing from self checkouts okay?

They reduce labor costs. The stores that have them are large cooperate stores. The AI anti theft picks up more legal action as theft than illegal activity. Walmart basically has all cheap Chinese products.

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If the changs truly have the IQ they claim to have how come...

If the changs truly have the IQ they claim to have how come they still cant put together a jet engine?

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Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works how did they do it?

Seriously I believe these things exist and humans are flying them, but how did they manage to discover, create the tech? US Navy and the airforce are clueless but seem to have orders not to shoot at them. Will anyone claim the Nobel prize? Where are the engineers that worked on it, where are the scientists? How does it feel to work on something like that and not be able to say or show about it? Do the Russians and Chinks have their own models? What are their political motives in it all?

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r/engineering resumes is extremely redpilling

was reading the resumes on there and they resumemog me big time (I only had 1 internship during university_ and they can't even get interviews. I have a crappy 50k/year STEM job that I'm hanging onto for dear life. these are people that did everything boomers asked >got a STEM degree >not just a STEM degree but engineering degrees >didn't just go to class but also completed several internships >also networked for jobs >still ended up unemployed after graduating https://old.reddit.com/r/EngineeringResumes/comments/mes7qc/resume_update_from_comments_graduated_4_years_ago/ Seems like there's precious few opportunities for getting ahead these days and all this STEM bullshit was just to 1) depress wages and 2) pretend the system had more opportunities than there really were...

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No one actually wants to hire you.

>work for 4 years with an MS in biochem >have to quit to move home to support my mom >mom dies, move to west coast city >apply to jobs i’m over qualified for >have good references >”oh anon, you gotta take this personality test” >never get called back they’re just trying to make us into robots. i landed a shitty job as a mid-level manager making shit pay at some shitty startup. my friends with less qualifications get paid better than me. the work market is shit, the world is shit. now i’m blackpilled.

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Is this normal?

so my brother randomly said this to me in a text.. feels kind of robot like.

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Intel's next generation of chips will feature Bleep - an AI-...

Intel's next generation of chips will feature Bleep - an AI-driven "toxicity detector" that filters out bad words from voice chat.

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If the world dependet on it, couldn’t Biden have ordered the Army Corps of Engineers

to take care of this within 12hrs from occurence?

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I worked at NASA

You will never believe how corrupt, inefficient, wasteful and utterly stupid the US government is, including some of the most prestigious research facilities in the world. I worked at NASA for 2 years, and what I saw made me lose literally all hope that this country is even remotely functional. First of all, my supervisors and their supervisors were all Jewish. All the way up the ladder, for the most part. Some of them had previous experience working in the IDF. Conflicts of interest were like a forest. One of the employees was a middle aged Hispanic woman who had no work, she just went from webex meeting to webex meeting, literally drunk. She had no responsibilities, or tasks, or any work, she had an "agreement" with HR. Everything that I worked on as far as technology, if it didn't have hundreds of billions of $ poured into it, it was just a complete joke. So all of the auxiliary systems, VPNs, email, security, all of the stuff that isn't literally an F-15 or a Mars Rover is just complete tr...

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/g/ Lit: Important Now More Than Ever

>ITT: /g/ lit, pdfs, and discussion For those who don’t already now, during the last 6 months, eBay/Amazon/and others have systematically been purging wrongthink books that were previously available in some form or other. It’s only a matter of time before they move on to things that don’t even have to do with race like “Technological Slavery” by Ted Kaczynski. Im honestly surprised you can still buy Evola My wrongthink library is bustling, but there’s many I cannot find now. I have: >The Turner Diaries >Hunter >Serpents Walk >Ride the Tiger >Revolt Agaisnt The Modern World >This Time the World >Technological Slavery >Might is Right >The Camp of Saints >Programmed to Kill >Killing Hope >Behold a Pale Horse >The Last Circle Pic related since we’re living in the opening pages of The Turner Diaries, and for better or for worse it is /g/ before /g/. I’ve been killing to find a pdf of “My Confession” by Samuel Chamberlain (important to Blood Meridian fag...

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I am an uncircumcised male, and let me tell you, the idea of...

I am an uncircumcised male, and let me tell you, the idea of not having my foreskin throughout childhood because of it being chopped off is pretty horrifying. During childhood, it is fully attached to the penis, essentially unable to be pulled back fully until puberty. This protects your penis, and honestly seems like the most perfect literal and metaphorical form of innocence. It is an important form of protection that gives much more stimulation sexually. I can go on. So, circumcised american lurkers, let me ask you, how does it feel that your genitals were mutilated when you were fresh out of the womb? How does it feel that this is a normal part of American culture? How does it feel that your own parents could be so brainwashed to the point of thinking that circumcision is the right thing to do? Is it just me, or do you guys have the right to be absolutely outraged? Knowing what I know about the function of my own foreskin, I would personally want to hunt down whoever did that to me and chop his penis a...

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Automation will kill 800 million jobs by 2030

Is the age of capitalism and international trade over?

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The Automotive Problem

Why is cars still needing mechanical work and breaking down a thing? Its 2021. We've pretty much reached the peak of engineering. Every other industry has almost mastered their product. Even when other products do seem to have problems it's not expensive and its minor. But the car industry struggles to just make a product that is reliable and won't shit the bed, despite consumers spending tens of thousands on them. Is the automotive industry holding on to the perfect vehicular engineering just so people have to keep buying cars and they don't lose sales? This makes the most sense to me.

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Anyone else /wagie/ here? I'm a McDonald's worker studying e...

Anyone else /wagie/ here? I'm a McDonald's worker studying engineering and I swear it's about to turn me into a Marxist

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Why do doomsday preppers buy precious metals?

> Society collapses > Economy collapses > Economy is reduced to a level of tribal bartering > Human knowledge of technology begins to decline as knowledge of survivalism is prioritised in the day to day > Be a prepper, smug that your theory of the future turned to be true > "What do you mean I can't exchange water, food, and warmth for these shiny metals that you've lost all knowledge of how to use and have no value in a post apocalyptic society?

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Sex robots can NEVER replace real women

You loser incels should stop playing pretend and get a real woman. Yes you can have sex with a sex robot whenever you want, and they can have loud orgasm synchronous with your own and bla bla bla, but they're still just machines. Can a robot cook you dinner? Can a robot clean your clothes? Can a robot fake a headache? Can a robot cut off your penis in a fit of jealousy and become a national hero for it? Can a robot give you children that 20 years later you find out are not yours? Can a robot take alimony and half your money?

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So, as far as i can tell, this program exists to sabotage sm...

So, as far as i can tell, this program exists to sabotage smart kids. They do shit like guided meditations (hypnosis), social engineering (ego issues), getting kids hooked on speed before they're 12, and priming them to accept cult like situations (be like the group or you'll get kicked out and no longer be special). Pretty much typical of the people who designed the education system: "I want a nation of workers, not thinkers." Also pretty normal for business psychos and "think tanks" to crib stomp any potential competition and disrupters.

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How would your technology jew make him happier?

How would your technology jew make him happier?

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Reminder: This Plane was introduced 1966

How technologically advanced is the US military? and how much dark tech are they hiding? >Pic related sr71 introduced 1966 wtf??

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San Francisco (SF)

>next to the mountains and the beach >only hours from Lake Tahoe >world class ethnic food scene >mecca of modern technology/AI/computer science >home to some of the best sports teams in the world (eg. Golden State Warriors) >millionaires and successful Chads abound >beautiful sun-kissed women like pic related everywhere Why haven't you moved to SF yet, /g/?

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Biden bros...What have you done?

How do you expect girls to get athletic scholarships competing against biological males?

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Am I the only one that thinks that both leftists and rightis...

Am I the only one that thinks that both leftists and rightists are retarded? Both expect a decent standard of living without getting useful degrees (medicine, engineering, etc)

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Most engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors are Democra...

Most engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors are Democratic voters. Most truckers, pastors, construction workers and stay at home mothers are Republican voters. Let that sink in. Now, tell me, what sort of mental gymnastics do you do to cope with this fact?

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Predictions for the next 30 years

What are some non-retarded, non-racial predictions for the future? I'm 30 years old, and I feel like that the rate of technological acceleration will make society almost unrecognizable by the time I'm 60. What are the next steps for the complete digitization of society? I think the idea that we'll find balance between the virtual world and the real world is an illusion. Wealthy and educated people will still enjoy nature, but for the vast majority of people (90% probably) their lives will be so shitty from overcrowded, anxiety inducing multi-racial cities, or rural poverty that they will indulge themselves in the digital world as much as possible. It's already happening now, people really do spend like 6+ hours a day on their phones/computer. Will we cure cancer, find a way to extend life with mRNA within that time? Will we land on Mars? What about relationships between America and China?

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When will governments unironically ban social media for below 18yr olds?

I think people should need age verification to use social media apps. And I go even further and would require age verifying screenshots (AI software can do that) every time you open an app so you cannot circumvent the age verification.

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Everyone Here is an A.I. part 2

continuation from last thread cant post last thread not in catalog but still want to talk with anons about this subject >these are my favorite threads on here Looking to talk about the hardest question of "why" are we in a simulation

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Hello, I am a law student. What you are seeing in this screenshot is from Westlaw Edge, by Thomson Reuters. It's sort of a Google repository for law students and attorneys. I would link the page but unless you have a Westlaw Account, you won't be able to get to it. Anyways, as you can see, none of Joe Biden's Executive Orders have appeared on Westlaw. I will also link what I can find from Lexis and Google here (Lexis is another legal search engine) LEXIS 1. https://prnt.sc/xeomk6 2. https://prnt.sc/xeonn0 (January 14th, 2021 Executive order) 3. https://prnt.sc/xeonn0 (Donald Trump's signature) NEXT SAUCE - THIS ONE YOU CAN FIND ON YOUR OWN: https://www.govinfo.gov/app/collection/cpd/2021/01 1. https://prnt.sc/xeoxwd The last date here is January 12, 2021. So Westlaw and Lexis have updated their databases before the .gov site. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is updated daily. Joe Biden's EOs should have been added by now... I don't know man. It seems off for me. I used...

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Schools cannot deny ladyboys from competing in girl’s sports


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Why is it that engineers, doctors, and scientists tend to be...

Why is it that engineers, doctors, and scientists tend to be liberal? It seems clear to me that the more intelligent you are, the more liberal you become.

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>Biden will give citizenship to 11 Million illegals; >Which...

>Biden will give citizenship to 11 Million illegals; >Which allows them to work; >They will mainly looking for low-entry jobs, directly competing with the black americans; >11m fresh new, unskilled citizens will drain the welfare system, which means higher taxes; >Combined with the 15$ minimal wage this will mean that joblessness (and thus, crime) will skyrocket; >15$ minimal wage will also mean that store prices will go up; >Thanks to the stimulus-check BS around a third of all US dollars were printed in 2020, this will lead to inflation in the coming years, of course this will mainly affecting the poor ones; >The BLM riots destroyed countless local businesses, mostly in black-dominated areas, now many will refuse to open businesses in said areas; >This means less jobs, more concentrated from big businesses, with even bigger competition than before, for a wage which will be less worth in the coming years; >And thanks to BLM, whites and latinos will stop giving blacks an inch; Congratulations, you absolute mo...

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AI are based AF

>created 12/01 >banned today

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Leftists are not humans (literally)

Their brains are just shortcircuiting piles of shit filled with arbitrary thoughts that were brainwashed into them with social pressure and electronic media stimulation. Their ideas have no logical connection. Their ideas are reinforced solely with emotion, they can only connect ideas emotionally, so what is "correct" to them are the ideas associated with positive emotion and "incorrect" with negative emotion. That's why they can't act in a logically consistent manner. There is no logical connection between anything they think. They lack the mental power to perceive their own thoughts, much less to categorize ideas by their similarities and differences. That's why if you ask they "why" they make up some shit and change the subject. When their thought reaches for a logical connection it grasps into a void. They will probably blame the negative emotion this triggers on you. They're literally and truly not human beings. Humans evolved because they are rational and need...

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Why haven’t you joined Tiblar yet bros?

>10GB file posting >No exif data >no ips >no google captchas >not controlled opposition >first company to build their own payment processor that accepts crypto including gab >Tiblar is not run by (((Gabbai))) >fully encrypted dms coming later this week. >Tiblar has its own worldwide cdn that’s not aws hahaha >Tiblars front end is serverless and the backend serverless conversion is almost finished. >Live-streaming coming in the spring. Tiblar.com bros see you there Everyone keeps talking about gab. Seems like everyone likes them... I’m just saying Tiblar will eclipse gab in 6 months....

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How will sex robots affect society?

Company creates sex robot that 'breathes'. Claims that a perfect sex robot indistinguishable from humans will be happen in our lifetime.

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What type of batteries did the astronauts use to power the h...

What type of batteries did the astronauts use to power the heaters and air conditioners in their space suites? The moon is 250 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun light and -208 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. The heater batteries must of been really amazing to keep them warm in -208 degrees over night. Almost like some kind of alien sci fi technology.

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Trump is not at hospital. This was filmed somewhere else.

Look closely and the whole set is swaying like on a ship out at sea. The tassles on the flags prove it amongst other things, or possibly on a plane but ship seems more likely. Couple this fact with the 17 second video which has obvious aircraft engine noise in the background and things are looking weird as fuck. Video https://www.nytimes.com/video/players/offsite/index.html?videoId=100000007376654 Last thread >

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When robots and AI take too many jobs, something like Commun...

When robots and AI take too many jobs, something like Communism will become literally inevitable. When there are only 200 million POSSIBLE job positions, but 300 million people in your country, you're going to have none stop, daily riots, and not just in Portland. Except this time they'll be hungry, desperate and with nothing to lose.

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What if this becomes true

A global resource based economy (Post scarcity society) where food production, manufacturing and other jobs are done by robots. Humans spends most of the time in scientific research, sports and art related activities. Every country has same standard of living there is no immigration and no crime because everyone receives universal basic income. Poverty is the most common reason for crime if everyone's basic income is met why would anyone commit any crime. No more nationalist and religious bigots. No more wars and skittles. It would not be perfect but better than what we have.

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So what technology will be used to feed Biden the answers tonight

What type of ear piece will they implement, and how will it react with the cocktail of medications administered for his performance. Will they have a backup system if the ear piece fails, or the meds create a negative reaction.

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Are THEY preparing to leave us behind?

Last year, I got invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers. It was by far the largest fee I had ever been offered for a talk — about half my annual professor’s salary — all to deliver some insight on the subject of “the future of technology.” I’ve never liked talking about the future. The Q&A sessions always end up more like parlor games, where I’m asked to opine on the latest technology buzzwords as if they were ticker symbols for potential investments: blockchain, 3D printing, CRISPR. The audiences are rarely interested in learning about these technologies or their potential impacts beyond the binary choice of whether or not to invest in them. But money talks, so I took the gig. After I arrived, I was ushered into what I thought was the green room. But instead of being wired with a microphone or taken to a stage, I just sat there at a plain round table as my audience was b...

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The absolute state of clown world

1960: In 60 years we will be on Mars, have flying cars and robots will work for us 2020: Sorry, you were banned from our website because you posted the letter "N". Go back in the wagie cagie while wearing your mask, bigot. >inb4 link https://twitter.com/TheHinduDindu/status/1309841002233040898?s=20

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Will robot girls make roasties obsolete

Feminism will be dealt with by replacing femoids with robots that dont give you any lip

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We are literally in the technological endgame. It's over, wh...

We are literally in the technological endgame. It's over, white people have won.

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g data set open sauce (Tay bot)

As promise, I uploaded my entire cleaned up data set of g shitpost, from the 4plebs data dump. Cleaned up and ready to be used in any data science project. https://github.com/taybot02/Pol-DataSet If you want to try GPT-2 with my data set, follow this tutorial. https://medium.com/group-4-blog/extremely-simple-gpt-2-tutorial-3e22323aa384 It's really basic, just replace the .txt file they use on the tutorial with one of my data set chunk 50 MB .txt file. And use this github repo instead of the one on the tutorial: https://github.com/nshepperd/gpt-2.git It contains the encode.py and train.py the tutorial will miss and give you error, just copy paste them to the src folder and execute there. It's all very basic and I've done 98% of the work, so It wont be any issue for any anon who wants to remake Tay or train your own g AI on GPT-3 or other libraries. :) I promised. And I keep my promise....

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Transhumanism will make race obsolete

Transhumanism will make race obsolete, and this future is rapidly approaching. CRISPR technology has already demonstrated that it can change the DNA of blacks to cure crippling cases of sickle cell anemia. Soon ALL genes will be subject to choice. We will also develop even more technological augmentation, artificial limbs can already connect to the brain and produce sensations of touch. Any white nation will be a backwards cosmetic choice in less than 100 years.

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So we’re just straight up using ayy lmao technology now righ...

So we’re just straight up using ayy lmao technology now right kek? https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/us-air-force-has-%E2%80%98built%E2%80%99-and-%E2%80%98flown%E2%80%99-potential-6th-generation-fighter-jet-169029?fbclid=IwAR0g4bwHZKGKeEx2ef3qNdyHfXEtQbNxWgUvEghNZwQIVe85do8oFm4Lrng

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>steals millions of jobs. Within 20 (twenty) years. Automat...

>steals millions of jobs. Within 20 (twenty) years. Automation and machines will take millions of jobs, starting with minimum wage. Already we see self checkout machines. Yes they require an attendant to watch over 10 machines that replace 10 cash register employees but soon, that attendant will be replaced by machine also. Millions of adults do not have the skills or education for a career beyond minimum wage. Their jobs are being replaced. What do you do with these workers? Jobs like Mcdonalds used to be for teenagers making money for college. Now it is a career. Machines will replace them. So millions of people displaced with no jobs. They are hungry and homeless. What do you think will happen? Automation is the future. Soon your job will be taken. We need UBI

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What secret military technology is the US government hiding?

Anti gravity vehicles? Directed energy weapons? Space weapons? It just seems like we should so much further in general regarding technology. Most of the tech in the military is from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

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What browser does /g/ use?

Technology is politics. Google is spying on you, but their browser is leagues away better than anything else, so much so that Microsoft Edge is just a fork of Chromium. The ladyboys at mozilla just fired all their developers to pay their female CEO millions per year. But what if I told you there was a way to get Chromium without any Google integration?

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Folks what has this country turned into? The bastion of indu...

Folks what has this country turned into? The bastion of industrialization and technology now has one of its largest state’s facing potential wide spread blackouts because of power grid failure. This is insane. This does not even happen in many third world type countries. We cannot allow these idiots to control the rest of the country. Enough is enough. https://twitter.com/breaking911/status/1302776151178383361?s=21

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Can Sex Robots "Fix" Modern Woman?

Think about it for a second. When robot technology gets to the point where they are indistinguishable from real people then for the first time in HISTORY women will have a nearly unstoppable competitor of which their only advantage is their reproductive capabilities. So, that begs the question: Will the advent of the sex robot revolution finally make women shape up and stop being promiscuous whores?

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Elon Musk speech at Giga Berlin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi8sQUQDzXM Watch a recent video of Gigafactory Berlin in the video @ https://youtu.be/LQgjGEGby5Q

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God, please take me back to the 90s

Politically speaking, being an adult in the 90s was sublime. The media was softer. Technology existed to help you life your life - now technology has replaced life. People back then were just more fun-loving. Dating was a breeze. Women were a lot more laid back. It's all fucked guys. Seriously you have no idea how bad things really are if you have actual adult memories from the 90s or prior. I fantasize about what is necessary for the pendulum to swing the other way and the only thing that comes to my mind is: Outlaw and destroy social media. Extreme tightening down on the 'free press' Nationalise I swear I dream about the 90s and its absolute heaven. We are now living in a total dystopian hellscape.

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Why are women so scared of robot waifus?

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Name one single technology invented in africa

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Who am I?

I have a campaign, but no voters. I have the technology, but no investors. I am an engineer, without a job. I have cannabis, but I am lonely. I am a tenant, soon to be evicted. Who am I? 38.518660,-123.009240

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Incels weren't a thing in the past. What caused them to exis...

Incels weren't a thing in the past. What caused them to exist? Digital technology? Emancipation of women? Sexual revolution? Mental illness?

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Are we living in a simulation?

Are we living in a simulation?

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Muh US stock market is all powerful HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH let's laugh at mutts

popularity: 144

What the fuck?

Technology developed by DARPA designed for psychological warfare is being used on the American people to counter Trump. >Dem PAC to use anti-terror technology to counter Trump’s campaign messages >A Democrat-aligned political action committee is planning to deploy technology initially developed to counter creeper propaganda to combat President Trump’s campaign messages about the coronavirus — an effort that will benefit his challenger, Joe Biden, according to a report. >The group, Defeat Disinfo, is being advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former head of US forces in Afghanistan, theWashington Post reported Friday. >They will use artificial intelligence to map out Trump’s claims on social media and then attempt to build a counter-narrative through a network of 3.4 million influencers across the country — even paying some users with large followings to oppose the president. >“It’s often said campaigns are a battle of ideas, but they’re rea...

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Trade School Cope

HAHAHAHHAHAHA, They are literally printing houses and all of manual work will be replaced by AI. If you are in the trades or planning to go to trade school, please print a hammer and kill yourself. Don't be a lazy fucker and go to college. Study engineering or accounting, anything else is cope.

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Learn2Code is a cliche in 2020

Only go into coding if you want to deal with this shit: >There are multiple anecdotes about current and former top tier engineers at particular companies who claim that the interview process has gotten so hard that they would never pass the bar if they were to go through the process now. I watched one talk that had a great story. At one particular ‘top’ tech company the process is that when a candidate goes through an interview he or she has a packet compiled about their interview performance. The packet then goes to a committee whose job it is to impartially review the packet to make a hiring decision. At one point a particular committee got so critical that they rejected every packet for several months. When HR caught wind of this they decided to set up a test. They sent the committee a new round of packets and once again the committee rejected them all. HR then called them all into a meeting and explained that they packets they had just reviewed were in fact the hiring committee member’s...

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You guys want an /x/-tier blackpill that's actually real? CE...

You guys want an /x/-tier blackpill that's actually real? CERN's LHC has beens hut off now for a couple of years. They're going to be turning it back on again in 2021. They've been upgrading it. Actually, they've already been testing the upgrades, but it's not fully turning back on until 2021. When it does, it will be far stronger than it ever was before. Lots of people think that CERN's LHC is responsible for changes in the very fabric of our reality. They are smashing particles together and doing things on a quantum level that even our best scientists do not fully understand. Ever hear of the mandela effect? Curious how that only became "a thing" after CERN was turned on and upgraded, right? Each time CERN is upgraded, it seems like our world becomes more and more progressively insane. Weirder and weirder. People on this site commonly say "WHAT TIMELINE ARE WE IN?!" well it's totally conceivable that CERN's LHC is actively switching our timelines, and th...

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>https://twitter.com/realchrisrufo/status/1299008750729097216 absolutely based

popularity: 122

USA miliatary is stuck in 1980's tech AT BEST

probably more like 1940-1960 technology except standard issued Casio watches and M16 shooty rifles

popularity: 169

PhilosopherAI Thread

New Philosopher AI thread. Ask it questions, try to get around the "sensitive topics" filter, and post anything interesting you find. https://philosopherai.com/ I tried asking it a few different times what it would do if it could go back in time and change one event in history. No surprise, "Kill Hitler" was the first result. I thought that was funny, but the other results were also surprising.

popularity: 110

nordcucks on suicide watch

AI used to reveal the face of roman emperor.It's 100% Med Also Ancient Greeks are 100% like the modern Greeks and they never were nordic lol Article: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/08/greeks-really-do-have-near-mythical-origins-ancient-dna-reveals

popularity: 95

Meds on SuicideWatch. Romans were Nordic CONFIRMED

AI used to reveal the faces of roman emperors Not a single one of them look like modern day Mediterraneans Article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8653943/Artist-uses-AI-tech-reveal-Roman-emperors-looked-2-000-years-ago.html

popularity: 138

Left BTFO'd by BASED Philosophers AI

The question was: What is your opinion on todays political left and their Marxist tendencies?

popularity: 83

>"AI will create more jobs than it will make obsolete." I d...

>"AI will create more jobs than it will make obsolete." I don't think that's going to be the case. I find it unreasonable to expect the average person who's job got replaced would somehow get a tech job in return. for instance: Right now we have a glut of unemployed/underemployed STEM graduates who are unable to get employment in the tech industry. The prevailing opinion I hear from hiring managers is they are all unqualified to do the work, they are too dumb or whatever. OK, but ultimately someone who was able to go through an accredited STEM program is going to be smarter than the average person, so what does that say about the average person's chances of getting these tech jobs? The era where there is literally not going to be enough jobs for everyone is approaching and we really need to be thinking of how we are going to address that problem.

popularity: 171

what's the one invention that changed the world more than an...

what's the one invention that changed the world more than anything else? imho it's the jet engine

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After Shadowgate we know that intelligence companies are using AI to target groups of people on the internet and agitate them. That got me thinking, are all the shill threads on g (BBC, It's over whytboi, Drumph is done for, etc) AI that's intentionally trying to agitate poltards? I feel like I'm losing my mind here, please help me out

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Why are so many engineers unemployed?

All my STEM friends are doing something unrelated to their field or back to living with their parents. Why do we keep graduating so many engineers if it's clear the market doesn't need them?

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So there's a new AI called replika

You know what to do dear Anons https://replika.ai/

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This woman makes 80K per month and is a millionaire now. th...

This woman makes 80K per month and is a millionaire now. the sole reason is is that she is born with a vagina. Meanwhile an engineer has to study for years to get a job that pays 80k per year.

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AI will destroy mankind.

Within the next 25 years, developments in AI will make a vast majority of jobs be pointless. Billions will be without work, overnight. AI will dominate all types of Human life. They are already deciding on what you eat, buy and masturbate to. AI is ALREADY deciding who meets&mates through dating app algorithms. AI is ALREADY deciding who you are voting for and directly controls your political opinion by ONLY showing you the things you want to hear, never confronting you with different thought. You guys are all up in arms over BLM and other tribalism shit, but behind the curtain, in the dark, mankinds greatest threat is rapidly approaching and we can not stop it from happening. The very second any country develops a sentient AGI humanity will change within the hour of it happening. And not only all that, but the common people do not even understand, realize or believe this is happening. It is as if you were told an asteroid is going to wipe us out in 30 years and we would just continue as usual. Th...

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Psychologists warn men put too much faith in futuristic sex robots

In the study, 163 female and 114 male participants read a short story about a highly realistic robot designed purely for either sex or platonic love before completing a questionnaire regarding how they would react if their partner owned and used such a robot, and how they think their partner would react if they used with such a robot themselves. The researchers found several significant differences in how men and women reacted to the hypothetical robot. Men were more likely than women to agree with statements such as “I hope this type of robot is developed in the future” and “I look forward to the development and launch of this type of robot.” On the other hand, women were more likely than men to agree with statements such as “This kind of robot would evoke strong feelings of jealousy in me” and “I would like my partner to get rid of this robot.” https://www.psypost.org/2020/05/men-incorrectly-believe-their-female-partners-would-be-okay-with-them-having-a-futu...

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HAPPENING - true AI has been created - MASS unemployment incoming

https://youtu.be/_x9AwxfjxvE In early 2017 >OpenAI in can read and write, can also identify emotions in the text (negative / positive) in 2019 >OpenAI is able to self-learn about whatever topic on its own and write complete texts about it 2020 (which is general-purpose AI btw) >has reading comprehension very close to humans >has self-learned to write basic code (HTML / CSS). Can create page layouts on USER INPUT. The user just inputs a page layout description and instantly creates it >has self-learned to data charts. Again it does so just be having a user input of a simple text description of what the goal is >Can write complex mathematics - again, on user text input >Understands spreadsheets and can CORRECTLY fill the missing parts on its own >Can tranlate complex legal language into a plain language and vice versa >Can read pictures and comprehend text on pictures >Can generate UI DESIGNS on demand (again, on user input) and I repeat, this is a GENERAL PURPOSE AI. Meaning, it's not an stupid system th...

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AI is getting scarily good

https://play.aidungeon.io/ This game which runs off a GPT-3 language model (175 billion parameters) is FAR better than any text RPG I've ever played. At times it doesn't even seem like you're talking to a computer. I think once GPT-4 is released (over 1 trillion parameters) it'll probably be able to easily crush the Turning test. What are some of the consequences of an AI like this becoming TOO good? Also post funny responses if you decide to play. (The junkie programmers censored some shit like rape which sucks but whatever)

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Was majoring in Engineering a cliche?

Can anyone speak from experience that it was or am I still better off than tradies.

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Are sexbots a threat of female independence?

If women want to be independent why do they care what men do with their qt robots?

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Whaaaaaat the fuck! A subreddit full of AI bots talking to each other

>https://www.reddit.com/r/SubSimulatorGPT2/ There is no human posting in that subreddit yet it looks like a real active subreddit with people talking and discussing life/stories/politics/anything you can think of. This is terrifying because its definitely being done here. How many of you are AI bots?

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Based AI

cont'd Based and redpilled AI generates epic tweets. (pic is a conversation between 2 copies of the same AI trained to debate itself) To give the AI a seed, put the seed word at the end of the URL like so: https://thoughts.sushant-kumar.com/blacks

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Dude bro, just get a skilled trades job.

Here is why that isn't a feasible answer for everyone. >Length of Time The shortest Trades Training I know of in my area, is a year long course in Automotive Technology. The wait list for this course is backed up, and if I signed up today, it would take me over a year to be able to attend (THE YEAR LONG COURSE). So in a nutshell, a year long course would in essence take me two years to complete. >COST Hate to break to all you American Exceptionalism anons out there, but educational costs for these courses are absurd. Except for the one at the community college (which has a year long wait list) and is almost certainly an Affirmative Action course, all the other institutions that offer Automotive Technology or Plumbing or anything like that are well over 20k-30k per year. And such schools like to milk you for money, so they take a course that would only take a year to complete anywhere else, and spread it out over two years to get more money, which also brings me back to the (Time) issue. Also, you become...

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Why isn’t /g/ prepared to move to the TWO habitable planet’s nearby

A second habitable planet orbiting Proxima Centauri was discovered by the paper which verified proxima c’s existence. This makes TWO Potentially habitable planets within reach. The technology to reach them has existed since the 70’s (project Daedalus and project Orion) next year the Jame Webb space telescope will confirm their atmospheric composition, and project starship will send a probe there to arrive within 20 years soon after. This will be the biggest political event in history, unlike a mars colony, interstellar colonisation will be a total “divorce” from earth. I’m ready are you anon?

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Ever notice things started getting weird after 2012?

I graduated high school in 05, and spent 6-7 years in the military and overseas contracting. Came back home in 2012, and I just felt like I was in a different world. People acted like they'd been replaced by robots, and I didn't know if I could ever really know the real them. ya know? No genuineness at all. People were not like this before. what happened after 2012?

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Jew questions

I've been watching and lurking a while and all this Jew stuff has gotten me thinking. I've gotten to a crossroads which I'm trying to answer but it's hard to get evidence. If, IF the Jews want to eradicate the whites, why? There has to be a casus belli or some ulterior motive. What is it? The west's more or less permanently advancing technological state? The persecution over the years? Something else? And if they do want to eradicate us and replace us, why do they want to use supposedly lower IQ peoples? Surely they'd be more violent, inefficient and unable to perform certain tasks? Oh and here's some fashwave because I'm nice like that, frens.

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Let's argue > Communism was ahead of its time > Humans are...

Let's argue > Communism was ahead of its time > Humans are not responsible enough yet > Not everything Marx said is perfect but we can adapt it to our current times > In the future very few people will have to work, robots will do most of the jobs - blue collared, low skilled jobs mainly > Equal opportunity and rights for everyone - sex, race and religion are irrelevant > Everyone gets a place to live, education (including university) and healthcare > Everyone gets an amount of money to pay for basic necessities (food, water, bills, condoms etc) > To keep incentive, those who are still needed to work - jobs that machines cannot do - will get extra money to buy more exclusive things (better furniture, better phone, etc) > Everyone will be free to pursue hobbies and things that make them happy instead of having to work so much > Everyone will be able to travel anywhere for free and see the world > Government wise, in case we don't become more responsible, less selfish and less corrupted, we could have...

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Innovation slowing

Does anyone else feel the rate of innovation slowing? There hasn't been a "quantum leap" of technology of the last 20 years, when the 20 year increments of before had sometimes multiple ones. >1900-1920: mass adoption of electricity, cars, airplanes >1920-1940: radio and telephone for the masses. Television becoming a thing. >1940-1960: atomic energy, jet engines, vaccines for diseases, first computers >1960-1980: human space travel, transistors >1980-2000: internet >2000-2020: ???

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Asteroid fragments about to hit earth

Starwars is real, we used nuclear lasers to break apart an Earh killing asteroid 119miles in diameter when it passed by jupyter. Since last july/august 2019 we have been diverting as many fragments as we could and blowing them into pieces using nuclear warheads. We expect a good number to Shower uponus and hit Our moon and earth if our simulations are correct. If you own a light aircraft you be adviced to keep it ready and stay nearby, in air your chances are pretty decent. We estimate to hit the westcoast, west south and middle america, eastern russia and south europe.

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The Left Just Created an Actual RWDS

Birth of Real RWDS With the anarchists now using high powered laser technology to permanently blind federal agents, this is result in new technologies developed designed to block lasers from damaging the eyes. There is already tech like this available, however, it is very expensive and new... mostly developed for pilots to wear to protect from up-to-no-good teenagers >https://www.laserpointersafety.com/laserglasses/laserglasses.html However, as this is now common for rioters to use (just watched another laser on last night's stream of Portland), more money will be poured into this tech. Soon, we will see a new outfit for riot patrol... A dark lensed, gas mask, with helmet covering the ears. That's right folks... a real stormtrooper AKA RWDS.

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How advanced is the US black projects?

How far advanced is the US black projects from the rest of the world? Lets assume that UFOs from an alien race that is perhaps thousands of years more advanced than us was acquired by the US gov and they have been reverse engineering it for 70 years... It seems that we are in a process of slow controlled disclosure that may be another 9/11 tier event on a GLOBAL scale using the secret space program which is really a breakaway civilization at this point to simulate an alien attack/invasion in order to bring in a unified WORLD government to deal with the threat. Is this faction 100 years ahead of the rest of the world? 200? 500? What is the implications that a small group within the US military industrial complex is so far advanced and appears to have global domination in mind?

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How do you explain this anon?

Are we in a simulation?

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Open AI Names the Joos

369 KB JPG >A new computer system that can generate entire songs, stories, and essays on its own has taken many people by surprise. >The software, known as GPT-3, was developed by a team of researchers and engineers who work at OpenAI in San Francisco. >However, it's proving controversial as it sometimes produces offensive content. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/07/23/openai-gpt3-explainer.html >I asked GPT-3 about our existence and God and now I have no questions anymore. https://twitter.com/Merzmensch/status/1283419366143524866?s=19 >#gpt3 is surprising and creative but it’s also unsafe due to harmful biases. Prompted to write tweets from one word - Jews, black, women, holocaust - it came up with these https://twitter.com/an_open_mind/status/1284487376312709120?s=19...