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>"AI will create more jobs than it will make obsolete." I d...

>"AI will create more jobs than it will make obsolete."

I don't think that's going to be the case. I find it unreasonable to expect the average person who's job got replaced would somehow get a tech job in return.
for instance:
Right now we have a glut of unemployed/underemployed STEM graduates who are unable to get employment in the tech industry.
The prevailing opinion I hear from hiring managers is they are all unqualified to do the work, they are too dumb or whatever.
OK, but ultimately someone who was able to go through an accredited STEM program is going to be smarter than the average person, so what does that say about the average person's chances of getting these tech jobs?

The era where there is literally not going to be enough jobs for everyone is approaching and we really need to be thinking of how we are going to address that problem.
So what should we do if we are in STEM? Did I was all those years for nothing?
>The prevailing opinion I hear from hiring managers is they are all unqualified to do the work, they are too dumb or whatever.
they say this because they'd rather import h1bs with bs certifications than spend a dime training anyone
>The era where there is literally not going to be enough jobs for everyone is approaching and we really need to be thinking of how we are going to address that problem.
The elite are going to kill you.
Just use the AI to educate your workforce. Symbiotic relationship. Jobs multiply, education cheapens. Win win.
>muh there are not going to be enough jobs for everyone
>implying we have done everything possible
jogger, we haven't even settled a new planet yet, calm down motherfucker.
They have more than enough people domestically, they want to import foreign labor to destroy the native labor and suppress wages and competition. Then eventually exploit them further by offering their totalitarian control to solve the problems they created themselves.
The plan has changed surprisingly little in 100 years.
AI can replace even your boss, theres nothing an algorithm cant do.
Adapt or die. If humanity held back for every single person that could be inconvenienced by progress, we would still be clapping stones together
Exactly, the left think that everyone can learn2code if they just try hard enough.
When in reality it's a job for the top 20% of the population just to do the basics; but its more like the top 10% to do most of the complex work, and an even smaller percentage to do the really complicated in depth stuff.
>he thinks it's just wagies

Too lazy to find the article but Japan estimated that a majority of Doctors, Lawyers, etc. will be replaced by machines in the next ~15 years
Enjoy eating fried bugs in a pod!
This is why we need to stop immigration to the 1st world and let the population naturally decline like in Japan and South Korea.
who gives a fuck
what jobs has AI made obsolete so far
I can't think of any
"letting AI drive cars" is about who takes responsibility when the AI fucks up and kills someone
in other words, the AI brand is terrible and associated with unreliable control as well as potentially immoral influence on the US government to pass poor laws that make it easier for unethical business practices to flourish
it's a fucking toxic brand
It will create more niche specialized jobs.

I work in the welding industry and its slowly transitioning from hire any retard with some knowledge on the street to stritcly people who have at least education or qualifications behind them.
And even at that they are mostly going to be pay capped unless they show some promising skills and work ethics. The separation from the average welder or fitter to the more advanced shit is a huge gap.
AI is a cliche. Satan is using human ego to create technology to take his place on the throne of this world. Ol' Teddie K. had it it mostly right, except there is no stopping it.
in a sense OP is right---AI is really about the military tricking taxpayers into increasing the tax bill for...reasons...and stuff
so you're going to have to get a job to pay for all of that "AI research" the military has to do, joe six pack
hey thanks for helping out by the way
It's just the cope to keep the Plebs from rebelling before the kill bot armies are ready. The tech revolution will do to humans what the car revolution did to horses. It will make the vast majority of them too expensive to bother feeding. Feed the chaos, anon. Life won't get safer for common humans.
This crisis is not a new one, it has happened several times before. Think of it as another industrial revolution. An agricultural revolution left many farmers unemployed. The number of people working the fields went from 80% of the population to less than 1%. This sort of shock has happened in the past, and will happen in the future. There will be great social upheaval and a rethinking of how economies should function. There is nothing new under the sun. You either adapt and find a new niche, or you starve to death. Any attempt to socialize out of the crisis will go exactly as disastrously as it has every other time it has been tried. At best something like an UBI and completely socialized healthcare will delay the inevitable social and economic crash.
I've worked in an IT supportive role for 10 years & I can guarantee you the vast majority of people CANNOT fulfil any technical roles.

I've seen people smash a USB cable into an ethernet port diagonally & wonder why their mouse won't work

I've seen people complain about an error they've had for "months" that they thought they would finally do something about & it literally prompts on startup of said application & clearly says "This feature needs to install click Now to install now, Click Later to install Later".

I even had someone a few weeks ago call about their computer not working. Their desk only had a monitor, mouse & keyboard, THERE WASN'T A FUCKING COMPUTER EVEN THERE!

I am telling you, people are absolute retards as the majority.
Automation will create jobs up to a point but they will be increasingly sophisticated until you'll have only a handful of people actually being able to contribute while the rest is useless.
And if AI ever surpasses humans there won't be any real jobs at all. We might still have bullshit jobs or some substitue so people don't go crazy. Or maybe we'll have something like the matrix.
Lads, if nobody has jobs then who is going to be able to afford to buy shit from the robot owners? Isn't there going to be some natural economic equilibrium with all of this?
>Right now we have a glut of unemployed/underemployed STEM graduates who are unable to get employment in the tech industry.

This is 100% the fault of the H1B and L1 visas. Large tech companies intentionally hire outside the United States, let the people work from a remote office for a year, then bring them to the US on an L1 visa. That's for positions that they can't fill directly via H1B.
>The era where there is literally not going to be enough jobs for everyone is approaching and we really need to be thinking of how we are going to address that problem.
The problem is that this narrative contradicts the simultaneous narrative that there aren't enough workers to do all the jobs and this is why we need mass migration and open borders.
Most people just see both narratives coming from the same place (mass media, social media, academia, etc), and they can see that these places are heavily curated with regards to acceptable opinions, and the result is they just disregard both.
Wrong. MY AI can:
>Write any program solving hundreds of millions of human problems.
>Tell me in instant what and where to invest money in order to get X return over Y period
>Set up a factory by ordering my managers, following corporate laws, incorporate a business, hire people, employee them for menia task, and much more.
Right now it is understanding Dark matter and soon it will make a space crawler for investigating sauce of all matter.
OP is <100 IQ jogger.
We address the problem by reducing the global population, implementing a global eugenics program, maintaining the population below 1.5 billion humans, subsidizing land for agricultural use (Joel Salatin style), then providing UBI with the increased production from artifical intelligence/robotics.
>AI will create more jobs than it will make obsolete

haha no, vast majority of people on earth are just above retarded cutoff, AI and robots will get rid of any jobs they could do.
>The robots are going to take all the jobs
>Everyone will be unemployed
>No one will have money to buy the shit made by robots
>Consumerism comes to a grinding halt and companies collapse from lack of sales
There is no logic in the AI panic.
>The era where there is literally not going to be enough jobs for everyone is approaching and we really need to be thinking of how we are going to address that problem.
>option 1: massive depopulation
>option 2: traditional work/pay systems become obsolete and are replaced with systems in which an AI distributes credits per person based on social standing and "good" or "bad" contributions to society
>option 3: ban ai
The last remaining machinists got the hell out back in 2008 because it is unstable at best and there are much better paying trades out there. Universities pushed the STEM cliche because of this, suckering many into a buttload of debt for training in a field that has been dying a slow miserable death in the US for 20 years. Trump's economy was a temporary boom but the fact remains despite all the media hype about China we are still importing retarded levels of shit from them and until Globalism is dismantled completely manufacturing in the US is fucked.
Yeah no shit sherlock
We're just gonna kill em.
In the land of opportunity our people have chosen to grow fat and stupid rather than capable.
AI thinks rumble strips are crosswalks.
AI thinks mailboxes are parking meters.
AI thinks flatbeds are buses.

Dead end.
>we really need to be thinking of how we are going to address that problem.

The elites have already thought about this and have a solution. Eradicate the whites and replace with low IQ brown and black skin people. The brown and black skin people will number 500 million so as to keep the planet and nature in balance.
It's pretty much obvious all low level white collar jobs are gonna get replaced quicker than blue collar jobs. also, five current jobs which are not super hard may get reduced to one job with the help of AI.
we are fucked, boys. even now in Poland low level jobs in IT get >100 applications per place within on month. and there are like 5 offers per month kek
>"AI will create more jobs than it will make obsolete."
That's just a spiel for the working class.
Anyone who falls for this is a retard.
ai reduces work
so it increases productivity
higher productivity means more wealth.
it means jobs are easier because you don't have to work hard to meet basic needs.
>The era where there is literally not going to be enough jobs for everyone is approaching
We've been in that era for a long time. Most jobs are redundant and only exist because central banks prop up uncompetitive companies to keep scored of unemployed workers from lynching them.
>The era where there is literally not going to be enough jobs for everyone is approaching and we really need to be thinking of how we are going to address that problem.
I can think of a million things where human interaction is needed for a job.
>>"AI will create more jobs than it will make obsolete."
You're clinically retarded if you think that.
job is a problem to be solved. to create a job is to create a problem. people are stupid faggots!
Said people vote. There will be consequences.
One possibility is society turning to the left since the right usually guts social security and has utter disdain for the unemployed.
>"AI will create more jobs than it will make obsolete."
You're right, this notion comes from people that fail to understand that a sub 100 IQ person won't be able to do anything of value 10 or 20 years from now. It's what you get when large parts of the establishment denies that there's any inherent cognitive differences between people due to genetics.
these cards are the hot shit. i want a t4 one day
There is no cap on efficiency. Right now automation is fledgling in most industries, and the cost for entry is going down as price of electronics continues to go down. However, despite what software developers are accustomed to, automation or software in the physical work with critical safety requirements is incredibly hard to do well. It does take an army of automation/controls engineers, techs, and skilled maintenance to keep a line running. There will still be operators as well because product life cycles are all different and manufacturing that is fluid based on customer requirements may still benefit from automating parts of the process with trained operators picking up the slack for what is too novel or difficult to automate. Automation will create more jobs but first we need to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. or else all of these automation jobs will be outsourced too. For example, I design automated manufacturing equipment for China and we ship it and commission it remotely. Our Chinese counterparts are much more interested in automation than we are stateside because, at least in the FAA regulated world, most parts are still built on benches with hammers.

OP are you speaking from experience or your mothers basement?
Graveyards will become digital where digital clones will live.
Right now ~50% of people work, the rest disabled retired lad off quit. Someday only 10% will need to work and 90% will become the new trust fund babies.
The only thing that will save us is if the people who still work are the best and not some diversity hire. Competition for jobs will be extreme, people want to work.
But they won't
The global culling is coming most of humanity is redundant and expendable
>I don't think that's going to be the case
I agree

it will make a lot of jobs much easier
you'd only need to supervise that the AI is making the right decisions and correcting it when it fails

as long as AI and robots can do work, that saves humans from wasting their lives doing chores, robots should work for human consumption as long as the planet isn't overburdened
>Murpy's law

Who will win?
That's a huge problem with the industry. They want fully qualified people to work on a lot of engineering applications, but they don't want to reinvest some funds in entry level.

"Don't worry, someone else will do it". They can't find enough FPGA engineers anywhere, but no one wants to hire an entry level... unless it's some Indian that they can pay half that they can pay an American.
Won't happen for a hundred or so years. AI today is not at all reliable. But guess what? You, nor your progeny will live long enough to see it happen. Like our forefathers, we shouldn't care about it.
>It could go either way:
>AI makes most jobs obsolete,manage to provide for most human needs, utopia where noone works
>AI makes most jobs obsolete, but AI would have owners, who hoard all the benefits for themself, they kill off the masses using AI controlled robots, or be cruel to them in general
>AI gets intelligent enough to find everyone the jobs that is fulfilling to them, to help people improve, in a way they won't suffer, and which is fine for the environment
>AI calculates that it is too expensive to use machines for a job, so it uses lower class people as slave labour, for the benefit of the rich, using health monitoring shock collars to push the slaves as far as they can without killing them
Wheter or not we will have jobs when true AI will be achieved is not very relevant, what is relevant whos hand will the AI be in, and whos interest will it work for.
Someone needs to control those AIs.
AI won't create more jobs, but it'll provide the potential to increase productivity so our useless leeches have a higher standard of living
The premise of AI is continuously increased processing power. This premise is false. Hence AI is nothing but dreams.
Even simple robot arms is much more expensive to maintain than human labor. AI lol.
I don't think anyone is actually pitching this at this point. It's really quite obvious that we're heading to a point of three employment paths
Effectively things that are not worth automating or have a value in being people ran; e.g., a doorman.
>Maintaining of technology
If maintaining technology required as much valued employment as the non-technological steps, the focus on automation would diminish.

its because people of nearly all intelligence levels want to be told what to do because our schools and society fuck with their brains.

The kids need handholding, its not that they didn’t learn, or are lazy, or even are too dumb. Its that the kids can’t have a handle on common sense the employer takes for granted.

What we are seeing is misguided education. Language of the workplace, social interaction, And personal initiative are sacrificed for the sake of raw technical ability.

the jews have not realized yet but they are up a creek without a paddle.

For a long time they let the goyem get degrees so a boss could say “I have 100 professional goyem” But now they are realizing how different a goyem is from what they want.

They raise their standard, forgetting that this means they are competing for the hyper perceptive and social more than the technical.

The techbros just want to be wagies, so they do what they are told, but doing what you are told is a quick way to become a clueless robot.

Money is out there anon, but you must seek it yourself. There is no “path” those have been burned.

Not by AI

AI is old shit, people act like its big and new, but its just industry 4.0 putting computers everywhere.

The paths to comfort have been burned by inflation, immigration, misguided education, and a lack of drive.

We gave up our liberty for steady employment, Now we suffer the consequences.

God I hate the shallow worship of authority.
>they are all unqualified
I'll translate: "we can get immigrants for cheaper"
Typically what I see coming out of universities is kids who are absolutely incapable of independent direction.
They seem to require written directions for everything, absolutely everything.

In a work environment, this is utterly useless. It may be fine for a factory worker, but when your job requires you to figure something out on your own, these kids fall flat.

I used to be in robotics engineering, switched fields later and went into automotive. I often found that college kids who were meant to be technicians to help assemble prototypes often became far better engineers than the university kids who trained for the job, simply because the college kids were far more willing to figure out things for themselves, while the university kids would immediately start looking for diagrams... which of course don't exist yet.

I got fed up with that world, realized I wanted to work with my hands, and became a mechanic. Pays more, and ironically, requires you to figure things out far more than engineering did.

We constantly hunt for apprentices, there's a SEVERE shortage btw, if any of you are interested in joining a trade all trades are short on apprentices.
For whatever reason, management has it stuck in their heads that university kids are where they should hunt for new recruits... this has been disastrous. Once again I see the same breed of recruits coming in as I did in engineering... incapable of thinking for themselves.

Something as simple as figuring out no-start issues, after using process of elimination you tell them its the starter solenoid for instance, but they just can't follow along, they NEED a written guide, and they seem to need to trust that guide to be infallible.

These aren't humans, they're drones. I don't know how or why, but somewhere along the line, they had their self direction beaten out of them.
obsolete in the future, there are living people now that need and will have those jobs.
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