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Meds on SuicideWatch. Romans were Nordic CONFIRMED

AI used to reveal the faces of roman emperors

Not a single one of them look like modern day Mediterraneans


I thought everyone already knew that. Southern Europe was invaded by sand people. You can easily see it in the Italians and Spanish.
Those two guys can be regular spanish. Stop trying to "we wuz romans", are you joggers Nigel?
Most of them look Med.
are you sure about that?
The general rule is if a group of people is camping on ruins then they were the invaders who made them into ruins in the first place.
Friendly reminder that the faggot Canadian who made this used a list by The Apricity for the hair and eye colors, and is also a liberal sperg who celebrated BLM and was pissed off at the ones who were complaining about it these emperors' looks
Not going to We Wuz here, but some of them look awfully English.
When will Snowniggers and Medniggers learn?
If it's brown, flush it down
This thread is giga, we wuz cope.
Love muh Nord and Germanic bros but Romans were Meds
Dude on the right is what I typically think of white Spaniards looking like, the ones that aren’t North African or Semitic anyway.
So wouldn’t that actually be Italian? Since they were descended from Roman settlers?
i like how people just assume everywhere looks like it does now, as it did in the past. Fall of the roman empire changed southern europes genetics, which is why greece cant function as a society, despite somewhat inventing it. Why southern italy use to be rulers of the world, but need a government to take care of them.

I fully think if you were popped into ancient egypt during its peak it would look like poland does now. Same with ancient greece, the holy land, south europse, spain, much of north africa.

Those civilizations were at one point, towards the end of their historical significance, over run and changed genetically as a result. We really only have modern record of it happening to rome, i think that was the less drastic version of what happens when a civilization dies. Its happening now to the west, minus the standing army leading the charge.
>modern day mediterraneans
you mean refugee mutts

no shit that the people who built an empire where whites and not shit that came from the middle east
who would have thought
Not sure if you're a retard but they don't know their skin color.
Vai no caralho. Sou portugues.
Still larping nigel? No wonder british women always go for meds.
you really claim that someone like Thrax was nordic, just look at him, he is balkan as he can get. All he lacks is a fat golden cross around his neck and 2 liter beer bottle
so being part norwegian and italian is the most based u can be. NICE!
>Romans were Nordic CONFIRMED
Everyone who is woke knows, Romans were black.

Get a life retard.....
stop trying to incite people against each other you fucking jogger we need to unite against the jews
They actually look very italian lmao
Pasta joggers really are joggers
stop white washing history you nutcases
So everyone can be educated.

This is the leading study on Etruscan DNA (Roman DNA because you guys are stupid)

Etruscans are not Germanic in origin and probably slowly immigrated from the Armenian highlands into Europe over a very long period of time. Modern Italians share Etruscan DNA, as do some Germanic people due to how far the Empire expanded.

Also people like OP should be shot. It just shows how the education system fails in every way.
>has blonde hair must be Germanic
>dozens of threads every day about meds being not white
>meds spam papers and cherry picked images
>historical maps
>Refugee rape
>african soldiers rape
>1000year laminate
> "Its just a tan"
> "Look at the one blonde med"
> "The Refugees didn't rape anyone"
> "we have brown skin but have never been raped by africans"

Point to a med in real life and ask a child if that person is white.

99.9% chance the kid will tell you No, absolutely not.

The child's response is honest, and they can tell the difference between a white and a non white. I

If an 8 year old thinks you're black, it's because you are.

An 8 year old will also point out a transsexual claiming to be a woman too

According to the latest Anglo-Yank historical worldview:
[+] Egyptians were joggers
[+] The Romans were Scandinavians
[+] What's next? The Greeks were Pakis, the Phoenicians were Scotch-Irish? Are the Japanese just Down-Syndrome Welshmen?

Also, I deeply resent having to speak this dyslexic fucking language.

this guy looks exactly like me
Muh Nordics man you guys are a joke. If you're so great why do you need to prove it
Every single one of them passes as a native in med countries. Fuck off mohamed
They do this shit all the time. They tried to do it with jesus as well. Not that I think modern italians are exactly the same looking as romans, but still.
But our women still get voluntarily raped by them and they mock our polite qualities and civil personalities.
northern italy, slovenia still have this phenotype
Is that what nordics do to get over their inferiority complex
I see those faces every day at bar, not at pub
What the fuck is that unnatural skin color? Looks like a charred Indian. No north african or middle easterner looks like that, let alone a med.
>Muh AI
If AI is so smart, why hasn't it taken over the world yet?

If you look in the article, all of them look like mob guys
Shitalian continuity confirmed
How does the AI know what the hair color is?
How does the AI know what the eye color is?
The answer is it doesn't it's just making a guess.
This is ridiculous and bullshit.
All neural net AIs have massive margins of error.
Neanderthal Jews and Refugees always ruin things and are motherfucking ugly
light features arent nordic exclusively
Roxolani sarmatian tribe also had light complexion
keep seething barbarian
>Not a single one of them look like modern day Mediterraneans
you've never been to a mediterranean country have you

also funny how not a single nordic country has any ancient ruins, its as if you really were barbarians like the meds called you
Who cares, their all Isrealites anyways
I believe it, but this all depends on what the AI were trained on.
If romans were nordics, then why the fuck did they consider germanic and nordic people as barbarians?
>British education
Ok britbong
We Wuz Italians and Shieeeet
>anglos in charge of recognizing normal faces
>We wuz romans
fuck off Olef
You... understand these are arbitrarily created artistic representation based on another arbitrarily perfected representation of a real person, right?
The statues (and in more recent times the paintings) of nobles and famous people are idealized version of those people, not exact reproductions of them; it's for the same reason people today change their photos with Photoshop, to look better than they really are.
Also, Maximinus on the right looks like the sicilian guy who picks up my trash every wednesday, make of this what you will
i love being roman
A lot of these guys look like the typical bad guys in modern Hollywood productions. Maybe the jew knows something about Rome that we don’t
Lel it says the author introduved his own biases while working on this project... so that is why many of them look Indian
How tall were these Roman people? Some people say the ancient Greeks such as the great Spartan warriors were like 5'5"

Just put them in adidas tracksuit and you get typical gopnik lol