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nordcucks on suicide watch

AI used to reveal the face of roman emperor.It's 100% Med

Also Ancient Greeks are 100% like the modern Greeks and they never were nordic lol


what is with /g/ obsession with the romans
>Looks like a creeper
That explains the child raping
dude is 110% med
Not going to read your article.

Sick of these dumbass threads.

I'm Nord and everybody knows Nords are meant to be fucked by Big Med Daddy Cocks.
Wtf they were never "Nordic", cope harder. They just weren't brown.
Reminder that the arbitrary division of Europeans into two monoliths, the Snowniggers and Medniggers, is fake and junkie.
Shut up. Type-Moon says they were all white and blonde. They were also cute girls.
Looks like he wants to carry Mr. Frodo up Mount Doom.
>ai can add skin and hair colour
fuck of pasta jogger
Caracalla wasn't greek we was half nafri half leventine
>Believing kike colouring in
Who the fuck thought Italian people looked Nordic? Are you normally this retarded?
>muh meds master race
>masters of the Mediterranean and nothing else
>Utterly BTFO'd by nords and saxons who then conquered the entire earth and went to the fucking moon

You were stepping stool to our greatness. Everything you did, we did 1000x times better and you will NEVER top us.

Fucking medcucks.
Ancient Greeks were a bit paler before they got repeatedly ass raped by the persians
>Now, ancient DNA suggests that living Greeks are indeed the descendants of Mycenaeans, with only a small proportion of DNA from later migrations to Greece
>Not surprisingly, the Minoans and Mycenaeans looked alike, both carrying genes for brown hair and brown eyes. Artists in both cultures painted dark-haired, dark-eyed people on frescoes and pottery who resemble each other, although the two cultures spoke and wrote different languages.
How will nordcucks ever recover?
>Caracalla was born in Lugdunum, Gaul (now Lyon, France), on 4 April 188 to Septimius Severus and Julia Domna. Thus he had Punic paternal ancestry and Refugee maternal ancestry.[8]

pretty white for a lebanese, north african and refugee mix
>AI is as arbitrary as it gets
>ignoring he was an African
Med yeah, but not white.
Caracalla is north african my friend
So based

The nord cucks are seething ITT
>an italian was italian
Caracalla was North African, and was also the most tyrannical emperor Rome ever had
Dude looks like an average mexican lmfao
He looks like Genny from Gomorrah. That statue is in London right? Looks pretty cool irl.
>A mediterranean people looked like a mediterranean people
>a northern med looked like a northern med
Stop the fucking presses, holy shit!
>Indo-Europeans invaded Europe, including Greece and Rome
>Introduced their language which couldn't have happened unless they were the elite

Yeah sorry Medlets, the common rabble might have been your average brown medmutt, but the elite were Nordic. Naturally they fucked a lot of Med women so their genes eventually got diluted and produced the wooly-haired thing in OP. But the foundation of your empires was laid by blonde and blue-eyed steppechads.
That's a literal North African anon. Caracalla is not Roman.
>doodoo skin refugee rapebaby still coping
Not sure why this board insists on whitewashing history.
Romans werent joggers or half joggers or sand joggers.
Get over it.
this guy looks almost exactly like me, having a tan doesn't make you a Turkish rape baby.

My dad is a redhead, my mom is a brunet, my sister is blonde. The European genetic variety is far superior to Refugee/Paki/Asian etc... inbreed filth.

Die in a fire jogger
>meds are meds
No shit.
Muh science muh AI
Oh shut the fuck up faggot
Just trad Mommsen
Caracalla literally an Afro-Syria
>Ancient Greeks are 100% like the modern Greeks
yes and modern greeks are white, now fuck off
You haven't seen the one made with paint that had blonde hair and blue eyes? More like giga aryan lmao. Better stretch the rope.
This dude literally looks like me, just with a rounder face, darker skin, and no freckles. And I'm iraqi
Caracalla was a dunecoon
Caracalla was a Stan though and responsible giving citizenship to non whites
Was this before or after the Turkish rape?
Imagine posting any scientific proof on an anti-science board, anon you are wasting your time here.
Why did all early Roman emperors look Nordic and all the late Roman emperors look like modern Italians?
Looks like a cool guy. Probably still has a disdain for plebs.
> write ai that applies different skin tones to statues based on machine learning
> apply ai to statue with parameters depicting darker skin tones
Muh AI programmed by SJW leftists from san francisco.
Not even the same face you blind face, autist.
Man does anyone else just really appreciate the ancient artisans and how well they could work stone? So much fucking detail and without advanced tools available
Gaius Julius Caesar was a slav. My ancestor. :)
>Speak the language of blonde, pale, bright eyed indo-Europeans.
>Worship the Gods of blonde, pale, bright eyed indo-Europeans.
>Have a blonde, pale, bright eyed indo-European Patriarchal culture.
>We wuz feminist, matriarchal anatolian peasants, Indo-Europeans blown the fuck out.
One of these things is not like the other.
Meds are basically retards that got set up with an internet connection(spawning next to the mediterranean). Everyone around them did everything better eventually.
That emperors was a Syrian man and pretty fucking based
Yeah this is why the Refugees went to Hispania and violated the goths so hard their king popped his head off after they sacked Rome.

Nordcucks, fucking albino joggers will forever be remembered as spineless faggots that only managed to do something when the western empire was in decline and divided.

Again, another spit to nordcucks. spit.
I saw a thread earlier today claiming the exact opposite
Which shill am I supposed to believe?????
we're foiled again fellow nordbros
>AI fed with Jewish Hollywood nonsense produces face
>What will it look like?
Imagine being proud of being re mban(roman) meaning keeping/holding confusion over the population.

The leaves they carry around their head represents covering up.
Almost like in Italy there have always been people with blonde hair and light colored eyes.
Division thread. Ignore.
Ancient greek gods where depicted with white skin, blue eyes and red/blond hair. Fuck off, jogger
The only thing we know about the skin color of the ancients comes from the fact that they painted their statues, and enough flakes of those pigments remain to determine what the painted statue would have looked like before the paint eroded.
Jesus Christ is this truly the only thing mutts can come up with as being white?
hair and eye color is irrelevant next to the bone structure, there are white europeans of literally all known hair+eye colors and yet they have mostly the same bone complexity, while that is not the case with (((people))) outside of europe
Caracalla was from North Africa. We've always known this.
I google imaged second pic and it shows me sandniggers as similar faces, not greeks or spanish.
found the jew neanderthal hybrid abomination