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absolutely based
This is an incredibly important story but it won't get much attention because it's kind of boring. But it's critical
Marxists are literally trying to take over nuclear weapons systems using left wing identity politics in the extreme.
Remember Yuri saying they'd go after defensive systems? how is this not that?

Just needed a little push
Will the revolution be televised?
Man is fighting the good fight.
Since people are scared to get fired if they speak up, people who have enough wealth to take a stand are a godsend, they will allow the others to speak up.
>Engineers revolt
So far only one guy spoke out.
bump. hopefully he was well planned. hope he has good employment legal counsel.
STEM has always been right-wing.
The fire rises gentleman, the fire rises.
>we wuz reverse engineering ufos n sheeit
Thank god i live in italy

> blm activist try to dox me for memeing george floyd

> my boss is a fascist lmao
link to the video in question:
this is a nuke lab!
get yer race war out of there it has no business being in the place with the nuclear weapons
>It is cancer and we need to get it out of the labs right now.
that's a real hero
>boss wont let me wear a confederate flag at work
>halp im being oppressed
i wonder if he lurks here, have a bump op
A good point that many joggers on here fail to see
>muh it's just gov and cities that's pozzed
>muh based rural retards
We literally can't let joggers get the nuclear codes. That should be axiomatic to all.
Thanks for the white pill, Swampgerman!
even the nerds in government labs are fighting back against modern leftist commie cancer these days

pretty sweet
So america is going to get nuked?
fuck engineers, just replace them with black engineers, technological progress will be better and faster, whites are dumb, blacks are smart
Wow this is great news!

How do I upvote here?
>Sandia executives dispatched a counterintelligence team to lock Peterson out of the network and scrub his communication from internal servers
And Antifa still thinks they're the rebels fighting the system...
>within hours, Sandia executives despatched a counterintelligence team

We're living in a Deus Ex dystopia already. Google did the same thing with their whistleblower, and sent a SWAT team after him for good measure.
I know it's boring a nerdy as crap, but I just love a big ol' statistic dump
You can't argue with numbers, math isn't racist
The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6Ue2pTwgQE
The fire rises. The truth is seeping out everywhere. Tick tock, schlomo, tick tock.
Too little, too late. They should have spoke out 10 years ago when this shit first started gaining traction in the mainstream.
Based as fuck. I stand with Casey Petersen. While I disagree with his cucky civnat stance (muh more data to find the real reasons for inequality), I do nonetheless salute him for having the guts to stand up against the secret police apparatus within Sandia that is Jame Damoring the living shit out of him just for voicing mild disagreement.
Here's their "core strategy team." Looks like a couple of Jew boys and a bunch of Karens.
The current director, James S. Peery, sounds like he fully bought into the "diversity" shit.

>James called inclusion and diversity a business imperative. He told the audiences that studies show diverse teams are more innovative and higher performing. “We’re in the innovation business. Why wouldn’t we want diverse teams?” he said.
Derrida and Althusser fellate Satan in hell.
I just watched this whole video. This lad backs the 13/50 rule with facts and data. He knocked it out of the park.
He'll be crushed, unfortunately.

Not enough people want to risk getting fired or cancelled by supporting him.

It's only going to get worse.
(((‘Sandia executives’))). Or are they just shabbos goyniggers, faggots and cuntholes?
Engineering school was great because there were never any black people
>race theory is disproven pseudoscience
>critical race theory:
Looks like more blacks and pajeets are about to get employeed in the usa. need to stamp out racism n' shiiet.
They will get fired adn replaced by engineers of colour. The efficiency of their work doesn't matter because nobody will use nukes anyway, good job giving an excuse.
How long until /g/ is empowered by leaked black budget tech?
Lists of Journalists w/ liberal bias?
do these assholes have protection?
many simultaneously disappearing in the night?
would this send a message?
Turned down several recruiters here in Berlin because they advocated for SJW companies. I am not selling my beliefs for money to these it ladyboys!
Is there any info on any of these being jews? I'll take a potshot of it being 4/4 but there isn't really any info on the internet.
This is the reason why it's standard procedure that cops empty their gun if they are in danger.
This is why I don't believe we ever went to Space someone would have spoken up against the hiring people for diversity not there IQ a long time ago
Diversity page from Sandia website, updated July 1st

used to work there. This all started 12 years ago when they sent HR execs to an offsite conference on white privilege. Employees flagged it back then on internal discussion board, pushing back on white privilege but the SJWs ran HR and management was fully behind big programs to advance women and minorities. Nobody on staff had a problem with competent women and minorities. Problems when incompetent ones had real authority and responsibility and would fail in projects...but they were defined as never failing so lots of money wasted and morale sank. They ran out a lot of experienced people (mostly white they) in 2011 by cutting benefits. China spies got in. Literally. Nothing like walking down the middle of the secure technical are hearing two Chinese talking Mandarin. China laughs heartily at our own idiocy. A US citizen technical person would never get within 100 miles of a Chinese nuclear lab.
Why is an engineer emailing a company about critical race theory
does anyone remember James Damore?
Alright im actually seriously going to sleep now
>questioning about race
yeah, tell me more about this commie junkie scum.

The rebellion is most definitely hear. Can You feel it anons? All these happenings. People are sick of Jewish filth even if most can't define and identify it. The (((elite))) in this country will be purged.
Engineers deal with reality, so we’re red-pilled. You have to be in line with reality to succeed, that’s just logos.
>"dozens of employees contacted Peterson to express support"
>out of a group of over 10,000
lol, there's your silent majority at work, right?

i like how the best that fringe right wing twitter shills can do to spin this stuff is, "10,000 people heard his message, and dozens supported it! we're winning hearts and minds everyone!"
A person I know was just fired due to a lazy sheboon janitor. This person that was fired was top notch at her game. Always praised for her ability, but this nigress janitor used her office to take naps, etc. She complained many times,and ultimately the HR fired her because
>cannot get along with diversity hires.
joggers are destroying meritocracy, and American exceptionalism.