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You guys want an /x/-tier blackpill that's actually real? CE...

You guys want an /x/-tier blackpill that's actually real?
CERN's LHC has beens hut off now for a couple of years. They're going to be turning it back on again in 2021. They've been upgrading it. Actually, they've already been testing the upgrades, but it's not fully turning back on until 2021. When it does, it will be far stronger than it ever was before.

Lots of people think that CERN's LHC is responsible for changes in the very fabric of our reality. They are smashing particles together and doing things on a quantum level that even our best scientists do not fully understand. Ever hear of the mandela effect? Curious how that only became "a thing" after CERN was turned on and upgraded, right?

Each time CERN is upgraded, it seems like our world becomes more and more progressively insane. Weirder and weirder. People on this site commonly say "WHAT TIMELINE ARE WE IN?!" well it's totally conceivable that CERN's LHC is actively switching our timelines, and that's why things that otherwise don't seem like they would happen are now happening.

So what will happen in 2021 when they turn on this new supercharged LHC? There's no way to tell. For all we know the very nature of our reality could unzip itself. A black hole could spawn that would destroy us all. Some scientists have theorized that in such a scenario the black hole might actually spawn and then take 5 years to devour us. We'd have to live under the emerging black hole, knowing we would be devoured by it with no escape.

In another scenario, the black hole might emerge and we would not even be consciously aware of it. I guess it's technically possible that this is already happening.
>very nature of our reality could unzip itself
I lost.
I won't even tell you to take your meds because all of this bullshit was entertaining.
Higgs Boson is a theoretical prediction from the 1960s. Nothing predicted since then has been found.

All this hysteria about LHC is probably created by CERN itself so that they can debunk it to seem relevant to the taxpayers.
"Out of this door might come something" - Sergio Bertolucci, Director of Research and Scientific Computing at CERN.

It's much, much worse than just a black hole, anons.
>Some scientists have theorized that in such a scenario the black hole might actually spawn
maybe some scientists who don't know shit about physics, there is a lower limit to a black hole due to how they work, black holes are big ass things that form under certain conditions, they just don't zip to existence
Primordial soup when?
I thought if this too. Idk whatto do ... do we kill the scientist like in terminator ?
Resonance Cascade When?
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dealers choice.
You lost me at Mandela effect. Just because Boomers like you misremember history, doesn't mean it's reality fracturing. Kys in the most painful way you an think of.
Bad grammar, disregard
Totally believe it LHC is responsible for clown world.

No fucking way you could of told me the world was like this in 2003. I would of laughed in your face.

Shit gets wierder daily
2021 is going to make us beg for 2020 to come back
hi newfriend
Why would anyone make a Large Hard-On Collider? Only fags want to see hard-ons colliding.
>Curious how that only became "a thing" after CERN was turned on and upgraded, right?
Mandela effect explained:
>Be zoomer
>Think you are hot shit
>Remember something wrong
>Can't admit you were wrong because of narcissism so it must be a conspiracy
That's it.
Rollan for shifting to the 2D timeline
>Lots of people think that CERN's LHC is responsible for changes in the very fabric of our reality.
How many of those people are schizos?
>People on this site commonly say "WHAT TIMELINE ARE WE IN?!" well it's totally conceivable
Shut UP you dumb schizo.
Just stfu.
I'm well aware what danger CERN possesses. People really should have realized by now that chasing progress at all costs is inherently dangerous. That change itself isn't inherently benevolent nor malevolent. You need to compare and contrast the bonus and the malus in regards to your current innovation and that which you have just innovated. Unfortunately, this is a concept which is lost on the minds of technophiles and progressives alike.
In a conceivable scenario we might get transported to a dimension where I could find love with another blonde haired blue eyed human and have a family.
>a device that emulates the sun at 0.000...1 effectiveness
>tears the fabric of reality
Yeah, I've seen Steins;Gate too lmao
I love maps. I collect them. Especially global maps. One thing I always appreciated was north and south America and the tiny land bridge that connects them. This tiny land bridge is Mexico btw. Anyways the west and east coast was always more or less parallel to each other on ether continents. After CERN this was suddenly no longer the case. All my maps as if by magic changed so that the west coast became nominally south and the east coast nominally north on south America. Anyone else experience this?
>It's totally conceivable

No it's not
well, I hope they perform a satanic ritual beforehand to placate their chthonic deities. you know how (((scientists))) are.
>People on this site
You understand this is a site populated by rētards, social rejects, conspiracy nuts, science deniers and other related societal misfits & trash I hope.
It's not switching our timelines. It's killing us. We survive because of quantum immortality. Our minds are what skip timelines.
YAY more lines from my favorite movies and songs will change, thus ruining them! YAY! Thanks, science! you're a real pal.
t. Mandela Effect noticer
we can smash our particles together, OP.
>Lots of people think that CERN's LHC is responsible for changes in the very fabric of our reality.
Yes i was on the internet in 2008 too when people were saying it would create black holes. Weirdly enough we're still here.
>it's totally conceivable that CERN's LHC is actively switching our timelines
Physicist, currently making my doctorate in particle science at DESY in germany here
Sorry to disappoint you all
I know those theories about how CERN might damage our reality but they are highly unlikely
Maybe some fundamentals in our current standard model are wrong (which is a possibility) and we actually catapult us in parallel universes or something similar crazy, but with out current knowledge the reasonable conclusion are that this is impossible

Tho i could give you some irrefutable, non provable theories if you want and I promise you there are sooo many

>black hole might emerge and we would not even be consciously aware of it
actually we would because black holes need to have a certain size or outer forces would destroy it immediately, and furthermore we can't reach the needed energies yet!
BUT much more creepy and even realistic could be small black hole, only the size of a few centimeters in diameter so it remains not spotted because of it's size, floating around our solar system, that may one day get to earth
We would still see it at one point because we measure gravitational forces relatively accurate at least in our solar system but there would be literally nothing we can do

Or even better
The Freeze death of our universe could have already begun!
Were random spots in out universe begin to basically stand still and they expand with the speed of light so we wouldn't see them come
Just one day, we are no more
We wouldn't even know
Nothing will happen. A black hole will not form. Gravity is the weakest force and subatomic particles will be repelled by the other forces.
Why do only some of us have the reading steiner ability which allows us to detect a timeline shift? Alien blood types?
imagine being stupid enough to pay for an upgraded LHC when all they got for their last injection of money was a table of particles that have no use or relevance for any application. jews ripped you off again. lol.
t. ATLAS physicist for 5 years
CERN is not responsible or even capable at all to change timelines etc.

That is done via my smartphone lol
>Some scientists have theorized that in such a scenario the black hole might actually spawn and then take 5 years to devour us
Which 'scientists?' Quit being a fucking retard.
Read a book faggot.
And just for the sake of the argument

>doing things on a quantum level that even our best scientists do not fully understand
technically this is correct because of the observers paradox but practically the CERN LHC is used to verify or disproof theories
The things researchers found out there aren't "new", they just proven theories they postulated before. So it is also not wrong to say, we understand whats going on there

>LHC has beens hut off now for a couple of years
they had experiments until 2018, since then they upgraded it

>mandela effect
Much more likely to be caused by the spread of social media. You know the thing where people share information without verification and take everything they read there as truths

>actively switching our timelines
this concept is from science fiction and isn't a real theory
There is no such thing as "switching" the timeline
Much more interesting (and realistic) theories deconstruct time itself, saying that time and space are more like a "fluid" (hard to describe without math) that we can bend

>black hole might actually spawn and then take 5 years to devour us
depends on the size, i've read something like a hundred years, but still
And again, if the LHC would create a black hole much of our physics we know today would be broken and wrong so highly unlikely
Does anyone remember pic related?
Something is definitely going to come out of that portal. God save us all. Also I remember reading about how a mongoose or a weasel found its was to the lhc and chewed some cables.
every time the LHC is fired, ithas a 99.9999999% chance to obliterate the timeline. when this happens our consciousness' all jump over to the 0.0000001% of undestroyed timelines. since timelines are infinite, they can do this forever and we will never be able to tell.
Shit are they trying to repair the timeline? We were having so much fun though!
You Burgers should have MOABd Cern instead of some Afghan shithole.
The Kardashian’s have more powerful black holes than CERN
>black hole might actually spawn
Might actually explain why the expansion of the universe is speeding up if time has been slowed on Earth due to the increased gravity from a black hole created at CERN. That or your mother is growing as such an increased rate that it's causing the same effect.
Cern is a nothingburger. It will be used as a hand wave for the rapture so they don't have to face what happened.

I can almost hear the bullshit news blurb.
They will blame it on cern, space aliens or nuke but most likely cern.
Read the book, "Under an Ionized Sky" by Elena Freeland.
Those dicks are trying to capture particles from another dimension without really knowing what the side effects are.

If you've read a book on quantum mechanics and weren't scared, you didn't understand what you read.
We have a particle collider in the US. Nobody ever talks about it, though. The deepest underground laboratory in the US.

Black holes itself is just a theory. Literally nobody knows what will happen.
sending jellymen back to the 20s huh
Fuck off with your Steins;Gate John Titor bullshit. Take your meds, schizo. El Pay Kongroo.
They’re opening portals to other dimensions, some of which have demonic entities in them which come through. This is intentional, they know exactly what they’re doing, which is why they have occult rituals outside the facility. They’re ushering demons into our dimension.
Dude, it's literally the MSM spewing bullshit. That's all this is, plain old bullshit. All commie revolutions are based on bullshit.
Your on to something anon
Get ready to change timelines!
Your on to something anon
Everything you do has a consequence. There's this book, the bible, I know I know you don't want to hear it, but there's a reason why this book is pissing off so many people, it's the one simple fact that it spoke the truth and it's impossible to masquerade it.
The truth is, God gave us everything in the beginning, but if you eat from the tree of WISDOM then you're gonna get hurt.
That is all.
There is nothing out there, this could be patadise, but the so called scientist, who are in actuality luceferian crazy people, must tinker with the variables that hold our world in shape in order to create chaos.
That is the ultimate battle we're fighting since day one, everything is in order and that is our life, but there are these people who don't want to accept this reality and need to change it, change their gender, change the roles of man and woman, change our thinking, change our believe
It's a constant race for them
I have no answers but to try to peotect yourself and your family, there is nobody to come for your rescue, so trust in yourself
Seek medical attention. This isn't fucking Steins;Gate.
There are particles billions of times more energetic than LHC produces falling at you from space at this very moment. Before particle accelerators scientists used those space particles, but for some experiments you need a lot of statistics and so particle accelerators were made.
>uh, uh, maybe it's the science guys! i mean, come on, could the jewish full-spectrum media overload really influence people? it's probably some k.. c.. q-quantum science stuff, amirite?
>Lots of people think that CERN's LHC is responsible for changes in the very fabric of our reality.
>This thing with radically warp our reality.
>Our present reality sucks.

Reality isn't that thin my guy
>Lots of people think that CERN's LHC is responsible for changes in the very fabric of our reality
stopped reading right there
>They're going to be turning it back on again in 2021.

An occult ceremony timed with the Biden cabal taking power again. The particle accelerators open a gateway to other realms, such as the demonic realm.
Luckily black holes are not real, at least how we think black holes form and work is not accurate
I have noticed no more "mandela effect" experiences since Cern has shut off. There were frequent changes to the quantum timeline when it was running. This will be bad once it fires up again. God help us all.
CERN is based on Jew junk 'science'. Nothing will happen except for untold millions of shekels being siphoned off for other forms of kike fuckery. Feed your brain w/ Alfven not the Jew swine Einstein.
I'm also half way believing the theory that every time Cern is fired up, it destroys the universe. So thats why we are experiencing a shift in a time-line, because our consciousness just shifts over to the next closest thing when the universe collapses in a nano second.
I've had one instance in my life where I felt like time skip. But it was a glitch in my brain. Time accelerates forward not backwards. So by even our rudimentary understanding of theororetical dimensions. its impossible to bend or break time. So my experience can't confirm this. As for smashing particles to cause an eruption or tear in it. Seems unlikely. And if it did the effects wouldn't be felt for a very long time. While alot of things like entanglement seem instantaneous in reality it isn't. Nothing travels faster that light except maybe antimatter but until we can observe it (another impossibility) then we are stuck where we are.
Our timeline is merging with another timeline
>a black hole could spawn that would destroy us all
Imagine wasting 60000 gorillions to turn it on and off every 6 years
fuck off please.
Oh My El Psy Kongroo!

Steins;gate became the basis of our reality? Fuck me.
They are summoning demons to our existencial plane.
>mandela effect
Named after a jogger. A communist murderous jogger who the left has immortalized.
Physicist here, take your meds, schizoid.
Seems like you're obsessed with the hubris of man. If the Higgs boson is such a massive pussy it can't handle two atoms colliding at like 1/100th light speed then reality would have unzipped itself 1000s of times when particles collided at light speed when supernovas have happened. Let's say jogger holes are caused by the Higgs boson being a little bitch. That shit took so much mass that it dwarfs our little bitch ass solar system and that includes our NEET sun.
Chad red giant vs two joggers smashing together atoms.
Get real faggot.
Ever heard of cosmic rays? These particles a have orders of magnitude more energy than LHC can produce. And those particles hit our planet every fucking day.

If your hypothesis is true we would have noticed such effects centuries ago.