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Incels weren't a thing in the past. What caused them to exis...

Incels weren't a thing in the past.
What caused them to exist?
Digital technology? Emancipation of women? Sexual revolution? Mental illness?
wars got rid of excess male population, and thots were easier
Delusional entitlement.
>Incels weren't a thing in the past.
Van Gogh
>Incels weren't a thing in the past.
they were. they were usually thrown into a battlefield and killed before they had a chance to chimp out. there have always been ugly loathsome unfuckable losers.
Of course they existed. One study found that in prehistoric times, there were 18 females to one male. What about the 17 other males? They were incels. With Tinder and feminism we're returning to that. Monogamy was sexual socialism. Polygamy is free market capitalism in the sexual arena.
There have always been incels we just have a cute little word for them now.
Social Media
Women created incels. Incels have become volcels.
Don't confuse incels with volcels.
Women need to wake up.
The creation of tinder which highlighted looks first and personality second, along with the vast amount of options for women.

It's basically unchecked capitalism when the bottom 80% of men haven't had sex in the past year while "sexual encounters" for women are at an all time high. If you're in the bottom 80%, you're literally fucked for life beyond a few scraps here and there.

It didn't used to be this way.
Incels are not new. There are articles about how humans have far more female than male ancestors. Females are all-but-guaranteed the right to breed, males have to fight for it. It has been this way for as long as we have been human and longer.
Bad jaw development is from a modern diet. Incels have always existed. Only around 40% of human males who have ever existed have their genes passed down and in humans alive today.
Tinder, OK Cupid, etc.

Those apps are toxic to dating culture and should be abolished. Back in my day, we had to actually go out to the mall and talk to a girl face to face, which took actual guts. All it takes on Tinder is a pretty face and a stupid joke. So, back in the 80s, if you had guts you could date Stacy, today, not so much.
inceldom is going to get worse and worse too. incels should have the option of euthanizing themselves if they want, if they're denied the basic dignity of dying in a war for some noble ideal or their country or something. there's nothing worse for a society than listless sexually frustrated men.
Video games. Every single incel plays video games quite a lot. Women want a strong provider, not someone who is an expert tea bagger in counter strike. If a guy opens his mouth and says he makes 6 figures or runs his own company, he's immediately more attractive even if he looks like an incel
Incels exist because of social media and porn. The porn corrupts then because they start thinking that every girl wants to bang constantly and the social media Screws them up because they can see all the people with actual relationships and the whores who are whoring themselves out to the highest bidder. This creates a very angry sad little man.
whats the fucking mystery? Lonely losers are indulging in self pity on online forums
>incels didn't exist in the past
hookup culture, if everyone is monogamous even the ugly ones find their looksmatch or a tiny percent stays forever alone
accelerated polygamy via technology and culture.

that's it. anyone saying anything different is a retard.
it's not even a reward to fuck chad anymore. it's just a threat of punishment if you don't. the more it becomes the norm the more women are sort of forced into doing it.

it's just polygamy bro's. women would rather have 1 child from chad than 5 children from her eqaul.
real simple.
Social media and a degenerate culture that prioritizes looks over substance.
Pretending it isn’t absolutely normal to go a while without a fuck caused them.
I have been a year without sex several times. It’s not a big deal. I AM THEREFORE AN INCEL?
I was in a rehab clinic recently for sex/cocaine addiction.
Pretty much ends your thing I would think. Incel is a term favoured by David Hogg tier turbo Hoggs.
The lads who think of themselves that way are neurotic and think that the belly full of writhing snakes you get when you go out to pull is mental illness rather than what it really is, normal levels of high anxiety.
the end of warfare and the end of socially/legally enforced monogamy
unfortunately the default for our species is alpha-harems and beta incels
just the facts of evolution
You can change into a chad chin by changing the posture of your tongue.



Even the jew york times started shilling against the mews.

An invented cultural marxist word to create an enemy. In this case single people. I'll never utter that fake word in public.
Of course they were.

But the numbers were lower, the time spent incel was shorter, and far more eventually were not. The primary reason is the date and not marry culture that we have now.

Before (way back as far as 1980...) it was understood that basically everyone would get married. Which meant that everyone would hook up and date culture was about finding that one person that you would be with.

Now it is just fast turn around and that locks out a large percentage of males.
Before the Internet:

>men had a pool of 6-10 women to pick from
>Alright, Jenny is a 6/10 but she loves me, we have fun together and we can make this work.
>women had a pool of 12-20 men to pick from
>Alright, Steve is a 7/10 I love him and we can make this
work, I'm aging and soon there wont be any men left in my pool

>men have a pool of 10-15 women to pick from
>Masturbation is easier. I have no social skills thanks to years of chatting on a keyboard but not a single full year of actual human interaction face to face.
>women now have a pool of 4898123991023-831241298321983813492192 men to pick from
Lack of a father figure in a stable household. Most of these kids grew up in state funded daycares and had no male role models during the most critical part of their developments
Zoomer haircut and resting bitch face in this picture.
The one on the left is shopped.
Jaw issues from out evolutionary path. It contributes to baldness and "old man strength" as well and is starting to emerge younger and younger. Cranial tension, irregular breathing, and lack of quality sleep are the primary reason for the anxiety, but the tension can spread into your neck, shoulders, arms, and entire body if left unchecked. Electronics posture also accelerates it.
I don't get it. They both have weak ass chins/jaws.
Ladyboys weren't a thing in the past.
What caused them to exist?
Digital technology? Emancipation of women? Sexual revolution?

>Mental illness?
That incel picked the worst hairstyle for his facial structure
emancipation feminisation
women rights
sexual revolution

all are these are reasons why incels have appeared nowadays
before there was no such a thing as "whamen choices whom to get laid with"
The internet I imagine.
I believe the cause of this is multiple factors.
>Lack of excercise (Main way of development to get testosterone)
>Onions and absurd conservatives in almost every food item
>Drinking Water either has hormones in it or the alternative (plastic) bottled water has broken down plastic inside of it which also works as estrogen.
>Most foods require very little chewing creating a weaker jaw.
>Chronic masturbation causes testosterone to be temporarily halted and exhausts the body.
>sitting at the computer or bent over a phone ruins your physique even further.

The solutions? if you can afford it drink water from glass bottles. eat hard stuff like carrots and do some jaw excercises. do some martial arts + weight lifting. (easy on the cardio shits actually bad for your test in excessive amounts) Working out will also improve posture.
and lastly try to masturbate only a few times a week. abstaining will boost your testosterone only for a week and after that it will be useless, so just do it less and eat yogurt and drink something afterwards.
Chemicals in the water that turn people autistic, jewish feminism and tinder normalizing sloots.
grain slave diet
Sexual failures have always been ostracised.

Also a lot of men aren’t men anymore. Many traditional male jobs and occupations have been significantly reduced.

Our lives are easier and we all don’t live on farms or work in heavy industry. Heavy work made men what they are as did wars. Those are all but gone, hence why so many men are unemployed losers that play video games and drink and masturbate and do drugs all day. Many have dropped out of society
>weren't a thing
They were, but the uninceled themselves by enlisting and somehow not dying in the heat of battle.
Early extraction of wisdom teeth
You stupid fucking moron. What the fuck do you think has been driving these asshole suicide bomber for the last 50 years? They cannot get fucked so they are promised 72 virgins when they die for Allah.

You stupid fucking incels are the same. You cannot get laid, you blame blacks and women and you shoot up schools and drive vans into people.

And not only that, you are TOO FUCKING STUPID TO REALIZE THIS.
A lack of mewing.
>Incels weren't a thing in the past
They were, they just went by a different name. Most of them joined monasteries, or became hermits. Incels are a cliche, as such they coincide with the internet.
Processed food so less developed jaw
Bad breathing
Bad posture
Lower t due many factors.
It's just a case of people making up new words for the same old shit. No news here.