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Can Sex Robots "Fix" Modern Woman?

Think about it for a second. When robot technology gets to the point where they are indistinguishable from real people then for the first time in HISTORY women will have a nearly unstoppable competitor of which their only advantage is their reproductive capabilities.

So, that begs the question: Will the advent of the sex robot revolution finally make women shape up and stop being promiscuous whores?
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The problem with modern women, is modern men.
You watch porn, and then wonder why OnlyFans
You admire a mindless thot, and wonder why women become thots.
You only want a 8 or better, and then wonder why you, a 3 or 4, is an incel.
Solves the problem of needing to have an affair if that's a problem.
Would you guys mind sharing a sex robot?
It's men who need to be fixed. Men disproportionately commit crime, and are less intelligent on average than women. Why would women need to be fixed when men are the real problem?
When they're indistinguishable from real people, they will have far more utility than a walking hole.
>When robot technology gets to the point where they are indistinguishable
This will literally never happen.
Why bother with real women or copies of real women.
Nope, there's nothing more powerful than evolution.

Evolution dictates that the next generation of people who survived are only those fit to breed and survive. Any degenerate forces that either push women towards being bad mothers and spouses, or any forces that drive men away from women to bots or whatever, those things will be bred out of the population long term.

Thinking about that process from the other side, what works sticks around and that's the basis of traditionalism which has been around a long time. Everything else is slowly bred out, including women who are thots and make useless or unattractive mothers.

Artificial wombs and genetically engineered kids are far more likely to pose society altering effects that sex bots.
This hurts senpai. I don't want wife bots to replace a sweetheart, but it is possible, and most girls are whores, the few that aren't don't want to be with me despite my devotion and accomplishments, and we have the technology. So... sure. I guess. whatever
No. The rise of high speed online porn has emasculated, placated and castrated western men to the point that they no longer are men. This will only serve to further the mental, physical and emotional toll taken on young men and their prospects as potential partners. Until men realise self control and take back ownership of their own mental and physical wellbeing, they will continue to be powerless lowly goyim fit for nothing but to coom and consoom.
Why would we want them to stop being promo whores. I don't mind dropping a load in your sister while her husband is at work or having them do things they would never do at home, in secret for me. as if.
No. Change your mindset. Sex robots are unlikely to be mass produced, but you can see women as sex robots now.
No, females will never be women and never be human. Sex robots will ensure that doesn't matter and that the human race will continue in spite of their attempts at white suicide.
If sex robots were free, school shootings would stop.
Didn't Mores Law get outdated or updated? instead of every 18 months or so its down to every 12 to 14 months?
>When robot technology gets to the point where they are indistinguishable from real people then for the first time in HISTORY

Civilization will end before that point comes it will become africa cattle planet long before then.
Yes. Once white women realize that their only purpose left is to breed children, they will revert back to the good house wife, and be happy they have a man who doesn’t want a sex robot
Sex robots will arrive, but they'll take time to be realistic. At least 2030.

What will arrive much, much sooner, possibly in 2 to 5 years from now, is something like pic related.

The tech for virtual, non-bodied waifus (including the AI, look where GPT-3 is already) is almost here, and they will become massively popular, especially with AR/VR entering in mainstream use.
Doesn't even have to be sex robots per se, wait for truely immersive, super realistic VR linked to a device that doesn't emulate a real pussy but creates even strongers sensations.
With VR you can basicaly fulfill any fetish fantasy, bodytypes, settings etc, so why stick to a robot?
The tech to create an ultimate jerking machine that is synched to your VR isn't that far fetched compared to a functionnal sex robot.
They aren't made to fix women, they are made to replace them in an individual's life.

Imagine having a loyal companion that is more intelligent than you, can be witty, funny, encouraging, cheering, teaching (languages, little tiny bits of random trivia, physics, math, chemisty), motivating (can use psychological tricks on you for your own best interest, better result if you upload your general psych profile on it), is actually trying to make you better without a hidden agenda (just don't install bigtech OS stuff on it). Probably doesn't laugh at your jokes, but doesn't resent you for anything (unless you want to)

Has attractive physique tailored to your liking.

Currently it is far too much to hope for it to cook etc, those are better left for other task-specific machines. But imo having a companion that has a net positive effect on my life is enough.

What is possible atm: basic sex positions and movements, conversations, speech recognition, ability to see and react to surroundings, facial recognition. I wouldn't mind pushing it around the house in a wheelchair if it can do the aforementioned.

The innovation will take off when there's a demand for this tech.
I'm not interested in realistic dolls, I would prefer an animesque one. Anyway, robots combined with artificial wombs would give men true independence. Males would finally have a reason to work hard and become productive member of society. It would become harder for women to turn them into slaves, but I think there would be still white knights and simps.
Or geneticly engineer a sample of female population ( 20%)to have brains like gaymen have .
Women only want 20% of men / find them attractive ? Junkies want 60% like normal men want 60% of women / find attractive .
They love men the same way men love women aka genuinly unlike women who's love is based around acquiring resources and protection on a subconsious level and not caring about you as a human being /view you as disposable .
Also they are much more inteligent , much more interesting and much more genuine than any woman is .
And by making those neo women 20% you solved the dating gap/attraction gap since guys will be going for the 20% of neo women and women will want the 20% of men .
Sauce im a bi fag who has dated both
The emergence of sex robots is my favorite cope of all. Men who replace women with sex bots are too abnormal to be able to compete for women anyway. It might hurt females in the lowest 10-20% in attractiveness because some of them won't be able to marry even an autist with three ears, but sex bots definitely won't hurt attractive women or even ordinary women of basic desirability. Will it hurt tit streamers? Maybe. But I'm guessing it will boost the income of some pornographic streamers because the sex bot tech will be combined with an online experience to simulate sexual interaction with the streamers. It's possible it wouldn't have a major adverse effect on the income of non-pornographic tit streamers either. It might even encourage some of their fans to think they have a better chance because some small percentage of other fans stop watching and donating.

I also can't see myself ever buying a sex robot. It makes no sense to me but to each their own.
>Push for fembots
>Gets replaced by manbots

We all get fucked if we follow that trend mate
So what you are saying is the womens reproductive system is thier ace in the hole
Would you have an AI robot best friend? I feel like something would be missing. This would also be missing from a relationship, and only weird fucks would think they can get from a robot what they can get from a like minded human who loves you.
Cope harder, incels
I hate women
>When robot technology gets to the point where they are indistinguishable from real people then for the first time in HISTORY women will have a nearly unstoppable competitor of which their only advantage is their reproductive capabilities.
Ok Schlomo, in what year will that happen.
sex bots are as good to society as colonizing mars
a fantasy that can do alot of wrong
depends on the woman, knowing our current society it might only fuel them more
No. The robots will only drive them further into insanity. Only the removal of their voting rights and violence can fix them
I'd DEFINITELY go for the robot. Here's why:
a) won't fuck around on me
b) won't leave me, lie about me to the courts and every friend she knows I have, and won't suck $100,000 in various costs and payments out of my lifetime earnings. [with that much savings, I could afford the robot, and it is a REALISTIC number]
c) can be programmed as you want, with an interchangeable face/head and maybe adjustible "elsewhere"
d) who needs the drama of a monthly period?
e) who needs the even GREATER drama of pregnancy? [if you want kids, ADOPT]

and so on.

Looking FORWARD to it!!!
sex robots can offer men pleasure and comfort something that modern women rarely provide no matter what you give them in exchange. If sex robots were to become mainstream women would be forced to provide massive reproduction, house work, comfort and pleasure in order to compete for men from 1/10 to 10/10. so yeah I think this might work. But femmenists and leftists wont let it happen and conservecucks wont prevent them from stopping these robots.
Jews have been trying for decades to destroy the modern family
That is why they started with feminism and have been pushing the porn industry
Now there trying to turn everyone into a junkie ladyboy and remove stable family's
Sex robot's and such are just going to be another way to keep men under there thumbs
Think about it, It stops Men from finding a tradwife or any women of actual quality while keeping men a wage cuck
and keep them from desiring a fulfilling life but keeping them in a cardboard box trying to get fulfillment from a fucking piece of metal with plastic casing
No there not based they are part of there fucking endgame
No. Jew wins on points. You having sex with a robot takes you out of the gene pool. Idiot.
Get real and hire a ho bro.
Where do I invest? It's the future. Probably will save society keeping the beasts sated and preventing abortion
They will create models with artificial wombs installed. Screencap this.
Nah, they'll always be second choice compared to a one night stand with a 7/10. Imagine cleaning it, as it looks at you with its hollow eyes.
This is wishful thinking. The only result it will have is less competition for the top males, because the 90% are robowanking.
>implying sexbots need to be indistinguishable from women to crash the pussy market
top fucking kek, we're almost there with these uncanny valley basic VI dolls, the femoids are already screeching and seething and feminists are lobbying hard to ban this as it's "dehumanizing" and "will perpetuate rape culture" and whatever other fucking bullshit argument they can

it's like luddites facing the steam engine all over again
history often rhymes kek
>robot technology gets to the point where they are indistinguishable from real people

Imagine thinking fucking a cumrag will equal contact with a biological human in any near future.
Disgusting. No one even posted the required reading/waifubot cliche's
>Will the advent of the sex robot revolution finally make women shape up and stop being promiscuous whores?
Women will stop being promiscuous whores when men stop being promiscuous whore enablers.
Quit trying to turn your bizarre diaper fag level rubber fucking fantasies into some kind of heroic achievement. Face it, you're a weird pervert.
porn and "toys" are destroying people