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Folks what has this country turned into? The bastion of indu...

Folks what has this country turned into? The bastion of industrialization and technology now has one of its largest state’s facing potential wide spread blackouts because of power grid failure. This is insane. This does not even happen in many third world type countries. We cannot allow these idiots to control the rest of the country. Enough is enough.

LMAO! maybe the big igloo will pop off in california.
How long will joggers go without ebt and shiiieeet
The pastor predicted this in his dreams.
Who is John Galt?
>Muh 5th largest economy in the world
Can’t even keep the electricity on... I hate California, we need to install checkpoints to keep these people contained
>The bastion of industrialization and technology
Yeah, in 1950.
We stopped trying to be that in 70s, stopped altogether being it in the 90s, and have carried on the image of being that by our sheer size.
Our principle industries, that is, the ones at which we strive to excel, are finance and media/advertising.
>California is the sixth largest economy in the world and yet can't keep the lights on.
I think it is safe to say democrats and liberalism have failed.
Lot of horse shit. Big cities get hit with black outs. Plus if you haven’t taken advantage of the fed and state refunds for solar your a fucken moron
in the middle of a 120 degree heatwave
God is punishing California for their sins.

See also: Sodom & Gomorrah
When you realize China owns California the better your world view will become
Government changed the law to make the utility responsible even if they were not negligent for any fire near a power line.
So the utilities said; Well then when it's hot or windy we will turn off the power to avoid fires.

All the state needs to do is return to the standard that a utility is only responsible if they have been negligent, but leftists hate admitting they are wrong, stupid or unsuited to hold public office so they never will.
What do you expect?
California is a state not a country faggot.
But why?
Whats the reason for this?
So look into Enron anon. They just fucking do this for varieties of reasons. Sometimes it falls on the electric company. Sometimes it's political.
>Folks what has this country turned into?

That's California dude, don't blame their stupidity and depravity on the rest of us.
17 predicted this.
If it progresses to continental blackout that's a red line.
>blackouts don't happen in third world countries
How's never having left American suburbia working out for you bud?
It's a feature not a bug.
>turned into

California has been this way literally forever, as in literally every single summer there are rolling blackouts since the 1980s. This is not new.
Let Commiefornia burn
Fuck boys. I need to move to San Francisco within a year. How the fuck do I live there and not expose myself as a Nazi?
Ha! Good luck without your AC faggot
>the fake temperature of 121 degrees is the cover story for this.
It wasn't that hot the power grid is horribly mismanaged and (((they))) have to blame it on someone.
This is what happens when joggers, leftists and jihadis are allowed to breed on your land.
God punishing California

Next earthquake
bro its fucking humid like FL here in Los Angeles. The sun was super red and the skies were hazy as fuck even though there aren't a lot of drivers out. wtf is happening bros?
when are these joggers gunna develop clean fossil fuel free energy that is powered by widespread bushfires
California is a third world country
>Blame power company for fires.
>Fine them hundreds of millions into bankruptcy.
>Cry when power company turns off power.
lmao this is really third world tier
haven't experienced state-wide blackouts since the late 90s.
Need moar wind turbines lmfao
how is that cheaper-than-coal solar and wind working out for you?
When you depend on wind blowing OP... The wind blow
Fuck off shill
>Most wealthy state!
>5th largest economy in the world!
>Government that actually cares about you and uses its power for the good of the people!
And all the other retarded lines they try to give you, gigantic coastline and massive cheap labor force, yet they can't send people out there to manage forests or terraform to reduce the spread of fires. If I was leader of Cali I could implement a plan that would make fires nearly nonexistent and undesertify the entire state, I would also set up water independence so we didn't have to worry about shipping it in from elsewhere and could use as much as we wanted to green the state.
Instead all of their money goes towards nonwhites and retarded welfare policies, retarded "futuristic" rail projects that never get finished.
Stacy and Chad need to turn down the thermostat.
Blackouts happen every summer in California during heatwaves, stop making a big deal about it.
>mfw electric and internet infrastructure in rural MS is better than California
That's the great thing about a republic. If the local government makes shitty decisions it doesn't drag the whole country down and gives the state the opportunity to realize its mistakes.
>Folks what has this country turned into?
socialism for corporations and capitalism for everyone else. PG&E gets shittons of government handouts and has a virtual monopoly so of course the upper crust at the business gets multi-million bonuses every year while letting infrastructure rot into rust that starts massive fires.
just get a nuclear platn LMAOOOO
>This is insane.
No, that is life in California.
>can't cut trees near power lines or NIMBYs sue
>can't manage forests at all but that's another shitpost
>voters force switch from mixed portfolio to maximum wind and solar, not enough power available
>removal of natural gas and coal spinning reserves
>voters force removal of dams
>remove almost all nuclear plants
>voters force ISOs to not buy any electricity from other states because it 'might' be 'dirty' power
>voters and NIMBY lawsuits force PGE and Southern California Edison to not perform needed upgrades for decades over bullshit
The lesson here is that power grids and other infrastructure must be managed by professionals, not voters.
It’s clear as day California “leaders” are all communist trash that hate their constituents. The left is so lucky they have the police to protect them.
>This country

It's just California.
I'm in rich part of OC, hoping the blackouts don't get so bad that it'll go out here. I live around a LOT of bergsteins though so I doubt it

oh speaking of, 14.4% price hikes coming on electricity lol
This is unironically how civilization will end one day after years of dysgenics. If things can fail like this now, imagine how they will fail when our technicians and engineers are negroid mutts living in virtual reality 90% of the day.
The is democrat "leadership"
all the electricity is taken by cannabis companies, simple as.
California literally had everything, oil resources, solar resources, hydro, wave power, nuclear.

Split the state up and put it out of its misery.
>this country

California = Brazil, but more obnoxious irl and less obnoxious in ftp mmos.
Loadshedding is regular here. Got 5 hours last night without juice.
>this country
Its like our st petersburg, disconnected and snide
leftism is retarded. they switched to solar and its not reliable just like everyone said but they did it anyways because they are leftists and leftist must deny reality.
>be Commiefornia
>buy into the hype about how green energy is the future
>ban construction of any kind of traditional power plant
>power grid fails when they hype fails to materialize
It's turned into Mexico Norte, rolling blackouts are typical Third World stuff really.
>richest state in the union
>billions sunk into a high speed train project for almost a decade with little to no progress shown
>taxes out the ass
>crumbling infrastructure
>water shortage problems that have not been addressed for decades
>refuse to adopt wildfire prevention and maintenance models from other dry states/countries
>Keep whining about lack of funding for any of above issues, yet have funding for new gibs programs every year
California is a third world shithole, Mexico City is legit cleaner nd more functional.
I hope this place is reduced to ashes and i can finally be free from Sodom
I’m cool with this
hopefully they just keep outing el dorado county, they really fucking hate them. But this has been going on since 2001 because Democrats are literal tools of satan and I do not say that hyperbolically, they inflict suffering and misery wherever they grab absolute power.
But I thought they were the biggest financial generating state.....but they have infrastructure of a 2nd world country?
Looool Cali gonna flip RED

It’s only getting started. The younger you go in the demographics, the higher the percentage is of 3rd worlders. Barring a revolutionary shift in political power, the US will be a Latin American country, and not a particularly nice one.
I need to escape CA, it's mutated into something nightmarish. Its way harder to even find cute girls anymore.

Im 25 I have $30k but no job, where should I flee. I promise I have never voted Den and never will. I voted for cliche candidates like Vermin and the rent is too damn high guy before being politically awakened.

Help me not die in this third world hellhole
Socialism, drugs and corruption do that to you.

And they still vote Democrat. They deserve everything they get.
My state is doing just fine.
you're turning into South Africa or South America. That's what's happening.
ITT People who don't remember the other times California has had major power grid problems.
This honestly isn't even the biggest power problem CA has had during my lifetime. Not really surprising.
>be California
>6th largest economy on earth
>become minority white
>makes fucking 11 year olds legal
>non stop fires because Aussy trees
>failing electric grid
>votes democrat
Trump 2020
Well yeah the state is literally on fire it's only a matter of time before it reaches something important to the infrastructure.
California is a third-world country that claims to be apart of America.
>The bastion of industrialization
The US hasn't been a bastion of industrialization for ages now, we moved all of our important shit off to china and other third world sweatshops.
a proper third world country.
>powergrid may fail
The absolute state of c*li
California is fucking trash. Corruption and ineptitude will be the downfall.
>california switches to unreliable and shitty green energy while smugly scolding the rest of the USA.
>Literally now on fire and having blackouts because its shitty grid can't handle it.
Califag here. Didn't loose any power at all. Flyover states please continue to butthurt
that's what neglecting your power grid mixed with green stupidity gets you. California is a disaster but liberals have difficulty with accepting reality.
AZ next door here, we have the heat wave as well but are blackout free
>not California

California is fucked in every hole at the moment- heat up to 120F is a major strain on the power grid with everyone's AC running full blast, parts of the grid are fire-damaged, and the power companies have been fucked up badly anyway even before all this happened.

The rich will just turn on their generators and complain, everyone else will swelter.
I've lived through blackouts in the 80's (saving energy restrictions) , in the 90's (UN sanctions restrictions) , .....it was a hoot. You get 6 hours of electrical power, then you get fuck for 6 hours.

It's about time California gets a taste .... just hoping those Hollywood bitches get some taste of real life.
I'm a mech engineer w/ 6 years power industry exp, top tier school 3.8gpa and lost out a position to a female English major with no experience. That's the norm now.