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pretty neat anon, finally a wholesome thread
Yup and add that with the powerwall you may not even need the grid.
Tesla really does have some of the best products.
>oil companies hate him
>this one little trick
The millions of man hours placing individual wired tiles made by wage slaves in China just to prevent one Natural gas power plant from being constructed. The left is nuts.
If that's true, which it isn't, it would be amazing
t. electrician
looks like a great idea, will it charge my car and neuralink wirelessly ?
All states have laws now that say individuals cannot be paid for supplying the grid.
and the grift gets bigger
Imagine caring what some hustler with a degree from "the wharton school of business" has to say about anything and buying into his grift like he's some kind of science messiah.
Im all on board for one reason.
My local power company jacked the prices up so bad because their the only game in town, and I cant STOMACH spending nearly $300 a month in the winter for electricity and being told "well we wont fix your power line until date X"
Hail, heavy rain and extreme heat and cold is going to make that a bitch to replace and keep energy efficient.
>More solar power scams
No thank you
only way solar energy can be made to work in cost and resource effective way are solar tubes that heat hot water
my mate installed one of those ages ago, stull runs OK without issues, electric panel would have to be replaced twice in that time
he gets hot domestic water spring to autumn and some suplementary heating on colder days
only in winter he uses wood burning furnace to add more heat
there are also cheap systems that run AC using hot water but not popular here because we need heating a lot more
Yeah but will they be maintenance free for 20+ years?
I'd wait til solid state Li Ion batteries are on the market, regular Li Ions will drop down in price bigly.
They're already finding ways to tax this here just like how they're charging us a shit ton to charge our teslas.
>government pays millions to build power plant
>get money back by taxing electricity
>suddenly, tesla makes solar roofs
>government starts taxing solar roofs
You cannot get out of the system. The same happened with electric cars. They were causing wear and tear on the roads, but not paying the gas tax, so now those types of cars get taxed more.
>-b-b-but tesla's a car company
>it's overvalued
boomers have no fucking clue
And after how many years do you have to replace the rooftiles?
I'm hoping these things will flash birds in the eyes and cause them to fall.
why not just normal solar panels?
but that means it'll save less money than it costs... why not buy a normal roof...
youtube brilliantlight power corp
Bullshit. The pet project has already failed

Holy fuck OP. How'd you find an article from 2023??? Are you a time traveler????
It won't...

They add idealized electricity production over 15 years with no dust and cell degradation and zero repairs against an I flayed regular roof price.

Realistically it costs 3-5 times as much and you are forced to sell excess electricity for fractions of a penny to the energy company instead of getting market prices. Repairs cost about 10 times as much as regular roofing.
Everything tesla ever shilled never actually happened. It is the biggest market fraud of our time and the guy will be in jail in 10 years tops
Won't it just absorb the heat and require you to generate heat inside the house to warm you up?
>elon musk
oh my god will you redditors shut the fuck up about this guy, you are starting to get worse than the steve jobs cult
nice this is why elon is the 3rd richest man in the world... not couting jews and their blood money thats why i said man.
Solar panels are only effective when facing the right direction, obviously won't be as resilient to damage as regular roof tiles, and have a limited lifespan.

Solar is not limited by spare land to put the panels. This is Solar Roadways all over again.
just make a don smith free energy device lol
I saw an article on here yesrs ago about spray paint with solar cells and carbon nanotubing that could harness electricity. That seemed promising
What about hail?
if true then much more usefull than electric cars
>haha clouds go *fwoosh*
Elon is being propped up to fill the Buffet void of the token white guy billionaire.
Unless that roof is less than 75¢ a watt it’s nothing amazing
this is not a new invention.
High altitude tethered balloons with solar panels could generate much more power due to them being above the clouds and there is also less atmosphere, making the solar panels more effective.
High altitude balloons would also provide superb comunication abilities.
The only reason everyone don't have their own propeller actuated tethered spaceballoon is because of the potential millitary capabilities of such balloons.
>buying a house will cost less than renting
Why isn't everyone buying houses?
But isn't this literally a scam just like the Tesla Power wall and all his cars/trucks?
Isn't wind energy better than solar?
not political, musk lies constantly about shit that's supposedly just around the corner, tesla's build qualities are shit, and solar city roofs burned down a bunch of businesses using them. shill somewhere else, muskite
pretty cool honestly.
How long does it last before you have to get it replaced?
will it be enough?
Is it like Christmas tree lights when one goes out the whole chain does? I imagine they are in series.
nuclear energy is by far the best and cheapest solution with the least amount of pollution all things considered especially the newer Thorium reactors. of course it requires government investment but so do the subsidies that go to "green" energy.

Even Michael Moore has understood that green energy is a mirage. There's no such thing it's all smoke and mirrors. It's one big subsidy scam.

Nothing about those tiles or battery is green in their production, in their components and their price is ridiculous.

That said I'd still place them if I could because being energy independent is a good thing from an individual perspective because all those green initiatives are going to raise your electricity costs as it did in Germany.
how often will they need to be replaced when the cells burn out?