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>steals millions of jobs. Within 20 (twenty) years. Automat...

>steals millions of jobs.

Within 20 (twenty) years. Automation and machines will take millions of jobs, starting with minimum wage.

Already we see self checkout machines. Yes they require an attendant to watch over 10 machines that replace 10 cash register employees but soon, that attendant will be replaced by machine also.

Millions of adults do not have the skills or education for a career beyond minimum wage. Their jobs are being replaced. What do you do with these workers?

Jobs like Mcdonalds used to be for teenagers making money for college. Now it is a career. Machines will replace them.

So millions of people displaced with no jobs. They are hungry and homeless. What do you think will happen? Automation is the future. Soon your job will be taken. We need UBI
1 decent solar flare in cycle 25 will fuck every machine, with our magnetic field at 75% field intensity and weakening
50% chance of major grid failure at some point before 2025
>Be young guy at mid-sized firm
>Hired to do one thing, but realize it sucks so I automated most of it
>Start automating other people's work, too
>Layoffs come, worried since I'm the new guy but they lay off mostly older people
>I'm automating their jobs now
I feel like I'm the enemy but they're paying me a lot and I'm starting to make money on the side selling some machine learning shit for sports betting.
>Easy to steal from
half off my groceries since 2018
Imagine thinking cashiers and flipping burgers are real 'jobs'.

Can you automate people's pipes getting backed up from large shits?

Can you build your own house? Can machines begin the actual conception of a 'widget' to do 'widget stuff'?
People so much steal stuff using those machines, it’s hilarious.
>We need UBI
>give everyone free money
>business just raise prices

wow it's almost as if these people have never taken out a student loan to pay for college
Darwinism doing its thing. If you’re not intelligent enough to survive in a technologically advanced society, then society doesn’t need you and you die off. You can’t ring up customers and flip burgers for 100’s of years. Smart people will adapt and brainlets will disappear
>Automation is the future.
Automation is the past. More than anything, we live in consumer societies.
The _production_ of goods was automated long ago, displacing millions of manual labor jobs worldwide.
Good thing humanity will be completely fucked up during WW3 at that time. Wont be worrying about jobs then motherfuckers.
>lefties complain about big agriculture and mega corporations
that's the automation you asked for.
>So millions of people displaced with no jobs. They are hungry and homeless. What do you think will happen?
Anarcho-Primitivist revolution.
>Automation is the future. Soon your job will be taken. We need UBI
No. Anarcho-Primitivist revolution.
I'm a diesel mechanic, it'll be a hot fucking minute before they take mine
Do you know how much money I've saved by weighing my steak as onions. Hahaha
Dumb machines.
It will actually probably start with accountants and data entry shit. The day of the rope is coming for pencil pushers.
Being a check out clerk hasn't been a viable job for decades. Minimum wage and always part time hours made that a only useful as a side job for cash on the side as it was.
No you need engineered viruses and diseases that are intentionally used in countries like America for example to reduce and control population.
I dislike the idea of shoplifting, but if the machine im using cant spot the 40 rolls of toilette paper im holding and remind me I need to scan it, then maybe they should invest in a better machine?
Everytime i have to use one of those i steal a butterfinger. Its my fee for working
They've been talking about automation for over 100 years. Those jobs will evolve into something else. Those machines need maintenance. They need people to help the dumb masses use them.
I remember when they had a cashier kiosk in Jack in the Box. I could customize my order, pay right there and pick up the food with no errors in the order every time. The AI was a better cashier than a human and far more efficient.
They have to design a different kind of self-checkout machine for black neighborhoods. Maybe something where the customer steps into a cage.Then they have to place everything they're buying in a container that has a scale that gets the total weight of the items. Their body is scanned so they're not hiding anything under their clothes. Then they scan each item by placing them in a container that scans and weighs each item and adds up the weights so it matches with the whole. And then after they've made the payment the cage will unlock and they will be able to exit with the goods they've bought.
>Buy stock in companies that automate
>Use the profits to buy shit from these same companies
UBI will happen inevitably, but if you want to get to a higher living standard than average, you'll have to invest in automation.
the invention of farm machines and the automobile put millions of joggers out of a job, look what happened to them; they became criminals and leechs of society.
>tiny little one bag scale thing replaces convery belt with spinning 6 bag thing
the dumbest shit they could have ever made. Its like going from living in a mcmansion to living in a "tinyhome" whenever Im checking out at the shart mart now.
Also they needlessly keep shoving cameras in my face and its pissing me off
>Get the most expensive cut of filet mignon, ahi tuna steak or salmon at my local grocery store
>usually $20/lbs or so.
>go to checkout
>scan a bananna
>ask me to put it on scale
>weigh my steack/fish
>pay .49cents a lbs

it feels pretty good desu
We need Utopia to be real.
Yo i always sneak an extra peppermint mocha creamer past those machines and none are the wiser. I feel like such a ganster jogger when i leave.
wagies don't deserve jobs, they deserve death
Automated cash registers fear the protestor.
how does self checkout steal jobs if they only ever have three registers open either way?
>scan a green pepper as a red pepper because the red peppers were $0.75 cheaper
>manager lady looks at me and says "that's not a red pepper"
>"i know"
>walk out
I don’t use them, I rather wait and have people bag my groceries.
UBI is pretty much inevitable. It’s not going to happen for decades, though.
>Within 20 (twenty) years. Automation and machines will take millions of jobs, starting with minimum wage.
Sounds bad. I guess the only thing we can do is bring in an unlimited amount of low skilled labor.
how's that $15 minimum wage working out for ya?
>computer takes over muh shitty jobs
>automation takes all lower-class jobs
>receive UBI payments which are larger or smaller depending on your social credit score every month or week
You're welcome.
All this means is less need for low wage immigrants.
> Automation and machines will take millions of jobs, starting with minimum wage.

While I'm not arguing against this point it also effects higher wage jobs too. Stock brokers have pretty much been completely automated and what's the point with having news anchors anymore when an AI program can do the same job. Even trade jobs aren't safe either, there are brick laying robots/electrician robots that can do the job faster and a lot of times better plus many more jobs automation has creeped into that people think are safe jobs from automation.

Don't expect some Baby Boomers in Washington to come up with answers to this problem that is right around the corner. A lot of them can't even work a computer and all of them repeat the same Baby Boomer mantra that every person from that generation repeats of "I'm going to be dead soon, let younger generations deal with it".
No, we just need a war where millions die
These machines are super dumb anon. When I was a poverty boy I used to scan one of those cheapass tinos burritos and throw 5 in the bag. Wouldn't catch it 99% of the time and not sure if the attendants just pitied me or didn't see.
Honestly I'm thinking the future will be more like neo-serfdom than Communist utopia even if the age of infinite growth capitalism seems to be dying down
UBI is the solution.

Pay people not to riot and create another anti-industrial revolution.
starting with minimum wage *laughs in realistic* it will start with middle management and data entry minimum wage will get hit next because of unions in other sectors but its harder to automate a burger flipper than your entire office
great. we can stop importing shitskins to do bad jobs then since machines can do them instead.
I’ve thought about this at length over the last year or so. Once the AI machines can repair themselves I can’t think of a single job that wont be automated away and once the machines start looking like us we’ll be useless eaters to the powers that be so they’ll probably just wipe us out after they merge with machines to live forever.
I have never stolen from a self-checkout. Does that make me a cuck?
You underestimate the joggers ability to damage these machines
We need to either have UBI or laws regulating automation, it should be treated the same way monopolies are.
Thanks minimum wage increases
>Soon your job will be taken.
No it won't. A machine can't do my job.
>What do you do with these workers?
Eventually they won't work and live off welfare
Imagine working for the store while you shop there... lmao cucks
The funnier part? Is that robots wont take the majority of the jobs. You wont put a half million dollar robot to replace a lowly paid spic mopping the floor. But you will suscribe to accountant AI, number cruncher AI, notary AI and a lot of white collar jobs for cheapass subscription based software instead of paying good money to an employee.
White collar joggers are cocky right now thinking only the brainlet blue collar workers wil get replaced, but the truth is that with ai and smartcontracts is easier and cheaper to replace the white than the blue collar jobs. And they will get replaced sooner than the spic mopping the floor, since the spic-o-matic 3000 robot will be out of reach for most small companies, but not the google AI sub,
>it's going to take even more blood and pure agony for this rat race world to finally implement an abundant policy
>but they are so batshit insane things will need to get so unbearably bad that, so bad, that the UBI may not even work correctly before they finally shit it out
Reminder humans will NEVER EVER get past this so called "great filter" because no alien race wants to do any sort of uplifting or business with such a disgusting group of batshit backwards ratpeople, unless it has to do with them killing each other some more by giving them tools and gadgets that'll be their own demise
The japanese are behind this not the kikes.

Why do you think the joggers are being flow in when we have machines? japs are messing up their plans with high end tech.
>>steals millions of jobs.
This shit stole BILLIONS of jobs.

They are THE employment jew.
Imagine spending 18 years in public education and leaving it not even being worth minimum wage.

Only government can get you results like that.
>What do you think will happen?

They release a fake virus and stir up a hysteria over a few months causing people to take a rushed vaccine
>an attendant to watch over 10 machines that replace 10 cash register employees but soon
nah... They may have replaced 2 jobs and a long, long time waiting on line. that's it.
Boomers/Bootstrappers don't realize this. There's no shortage of people who need/want to work. Of course there's a percentage of unemployed people who are lazy, but even entry-level jobs are slightly competitive for a lot of people to get into now. I saw a warehouse job on indeed that involved stacking boxes on a skid, and they wanted a year experience for it. Not only automation, but high immigration causes there to be competition where the boomers never had any. Boomers had much more spending power, less inflation, more affordable everything. But they are so out of touch with reality and are seemingly blind to the world around them, that they blame their descendants for their "shortcomings". And any mention of a UBI gets you called a commie by cuckservative retards here in Canada who are going to vote for O'toole, the boomer gibs party.
>It takes at least 2.5 of them to be able to produce the same customer throughput as a manned checkout, the customers fuck about scanning and after scanning have to get their money etc out.
>They take twice as long to go through; on a manned checkout customer can fuck about with money, "loyalty" cards etc while trained staff quickly scan the groceries faster than they ever could, reducing the individuals checkout time.
>One almost always needs staff assistance anyway, alcohol and cigarettes requires them to ID check, if you want specific change (ie five 1$ coins) they have to change it for you because the dumb machine can't be told to do it, any issue with the weigh checker (which there is always) requires staff intervention.
>Theft is easy, buy apples, pay for onions. Results in higher losses so prices throughout the store go up to compensate.
>Fucking stupid thing tells you shit you know, and when in the middle of already doing it, like a cunt.
I fucking hate those machines.
Nothing happens. The problem with Automation is that owners want to charge more for the same products despite their costs dropping. I am hounding vendors almost daily for pulling this shit with automation and I threaten to buy the same equipment they have to break them. I know these fucks start making such huge margins that most people would shit themselves for.

Automation should be dropping costs drastically yet it isn't. People are losing their jobs and they also can't afford these products.
There are cartels forming with automation and how long they can keep up this nonsense of record profits, I don't know. But it's only a matter of time before they break when competitors start dropping prices thanks to Automation and the race to the bottom begins.

words have meanings
look them up some time
So why do we need so many immigrants to take all the jobs we don't need?
Makes you wonder?
Self checkout exist because faggot boomers that never had it hard and have 250k or more in the bank plus social security checks rolling in that no one else will see want to clog up the kids in high school that scan so much more per hour than Gladis the cripple and Frank the rapist could ever imagine. Automation is a result of bitch ass Boomers.
These machines take constant supervision and maintenance. seems like it's creating jobs
>We need UBI
no. you need to die.
i can check myself out in half the time that a cashier can. if everyone wasn't so goddamned lazy i would just get in line and happily support cashiers.
you are going to work and there is no way to get out of it. make the best of it and keep yourself employed. the alternative is to be a shit employee until you're no longer needed.
So far even in US with US salaries it's not really profitable to replace alive employee. Some large businesses tried, but in the end even Amazon managed to reach only a very small degree of it. It's still too soon.
Some of us like these since we don't have to get in line behind some shitheads paying by check with expired coupons who also feel compelled to tell the cashier their life's story knowing store policy demands the cashier won't tell them to STFU, ok?
You are superfluous bodies. When the Elite replace you with an AI, they don’t want you to be spoon-fed with UBI. They want you to fucking die, so their offspring can enjoy the natural resources that you would have consumed.
America needs to mass deport and defund generational Welfare. We need to deal with population numbers first. Deporting and defunding will mean less crime. Rent and food prices will go down, as there is less demand and less government paying for it for people who will never work. We need to deal in more American made. The government needs to break up businesses that never should have grown as huge. And to tax them. If they don’t like it, they can move to China and lose all American sales. We need to do everything possible to deglobalize and dismantle oligarchy power.

Not a single politician is willing to do ANY of these things.
I would rather machines take the jobs instead of immigrants from the third world who will make society worse. I don't have to worry about a machine popping out a bunch of kids or stinking the place up.
Lump of Labor fallacy you uneducated faggot.
ubi is the only thing that can ensure a large scale job destroying automation scenario is able to come to fruition. Automation cant happen if the people are unable to afford the products produced by it. Ubi is basically a subsidy for mass automation that couldnt otherwise happen without it. A confiscation of our own wealth to keep an unsustainable force afloat. The absence of ubi = mutual growth for us through increased wages and lower hours worked due to increased productivity. Anyone who buys into the ubi cliche is a literal retard.
No just kill them all