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What type of batteries did the astronauts use to power the h...

What type of batteries did the astronauts use to power the heaters and air conditioners in their space suites?

The moon is 250 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun light and -208 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.

The heater batteries must of been really amazing to keep them warm in -208 degrees over night. Almost like some kind of alien sci fi technology.
Space batteries
The studio hat AC
Silver-Zinc on the LEM, lithium-ion in the back packs that weight over 150 pounds on Earth.
They use lithium-ion batteries.
Cold and heat dont transfer in a vacuum. There's nothing to get cold or hot because there's literally nothing there.
Anyone who still believes we landed on the moon after all these years of never going back suffers from low IQ and cognitive dissonance beyond repair....and NASA faked the space shuttles too...WAKE UP
heat shields and insulation. do you think they just pump up the AC on re-entry? lmao
Amazon basics. /hist/ is over there...
The SURFACE MATERIAL was at some places in shadow very cold and the SURFACE MATERIAL in sunlight could be very hot but the VACUUM OF SPACE is neither hot or cold as it is a VACUUM.
Astronauts in space need to get rid off WASTE HEAT or else they will OVER HEAT as the VACUUM OF SPACE doesn't carry away heat unlike AIR on Earth does.
That's one of the reasons why the suits and ships were painted WHITE because it REFLECTS LIGHT & HEAT.
The Moon is not a physical object, it's not even a sphere. What we look at is a reflection of our realm. NASA grabbled "science" is all lies.
why don't you google shit before looking for answers from mentally ill Q posters?
The vacuum of space doesnt conduct heat
It makes me sad how obviously fake the Moon landings were. It's really too bad being redpilled. Many moments are ruined, but at least I see the truth.
Ill go with, what is insulation for 1000 bob.
You are not equipped to have this conversation, if you can't find this information yourself already.
Guess you cracked the code anon.You're smarter than the whole of the Soviet Union who never suspected a thing.

>must of
Lets settle this argument once and for all.
The Soviet Union watched this all go down. The Soviets would have jumped on any chance to embarrass the United States. The United States being caught in a lie of epic proportions, amongst the biggest lies that could be told, would have made every Jewy Commie salivate at the thought. So if this was all fake, they would have seen the lack of a spaceship, lack of a lander, lack of a landing, lack of equipment and men on the moon, and told the entire world.
But they didn't. Because they're bros apparently. Any and all arguments end with this observation right here.
Thank you for your time.
without an atmosphere there is not much heat transfer.
space itself is an excellent insulator
Alas, they lost the schematics in a big warehouse somewhere, along with all the other clever things that got men to the moon and back.
No, there's nothing unusual about that, people lose priceless, world changing stuff all the time in massive warehouses somewhere.
We can't build it again goy all the technical skills are long lost but enjoy your call center service job
yacht batteries
It's not cold in space.
Due to the fact there's no air and absolutely nothing around you you are being perfectly thermally insulated.

If anything it was probably hot inside.
They used a small nuclear generator in each of their suits.
>sun light and -208 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.
Learn the difference between temperature and heat, realise the effect of insulation and albedo on heat transfer, especially in an airless environment and you'd stop coming to such retarded conclusions.
Daily reminder that since the first astronauts on the moon took communion there that jews have been trying to discredit the landings entirely. White christian men went to the moon on a nazi rocket and now western religion is dead along with the nazis and nobodies been able to go back since.
I think they were fake but an important point is what effect does temperature of particles in a near vacuum have on something like a suit? Almost nothing. There are so few molecules to transfer heat that it does not work at all like here on earth. At least in theory. I think it’s all fake but your point regarding heat transfer is not valid.
plain old snorkles to breathe the cool moon air
That's black body equilibrium temperature, they reflect almost all of the incoming thermal and optical flux.

I assume they didn't use active cooling, the expansion of oxygen probably provided all the cooling.
Astronauts were wearing moon boots. Also the Gemini capsule has a moon roof, that helped with controlling the heat.
yeti cup armor and space batteries
>must of
stopped reading there
How do Americans make this mistake?
Most people that have English as a second language are better at it.
They had already back then fuel cell.

It converts hydrogen and oxigen into water.

Perfect for space usage because the byproduct is water, which astronauts need to drink.
I assume they used an RTG or some shit.
But go ahead, redpill me anon.
>The moon is 250 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun light and -208 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.
>The heater batteries must of been really amazing to keep them warm in -208 degrees over night.

There is this material called aerogel. It has such low thermal conductivity you can use it to shield a chocolate from a blowtorch:


This property of aerogel is due to the fact that 99.999% of its volume is made up of gas pockets. Gases in general are poor thermal conductors; if you put them in tiny pockets, gas molecules can't travel far enough to transmit the heat they pick up to other molecules, greatly slowing down heat conduction.

Take this to a logical extreme: reduce the number of gas molecules available for conduction to a tiny density. What happens? thermal conductivity trends towards zero. This is the vacuum of space. There are only trace amounts of gases there, far too little to pick up and carry away meaningful amounts of heat.

That's why astronauts don't fear the cold of space, or the heat of extraterrestrial airless surfaces: there's nothing to transfer heat to or from them.

In fact, astronauts need to fear overheating: their own bodies constantly generate heat, and unlike on Earth there's not atmosphere to constantly remove it. Space suits have cooling systems that circulate water against the astronaut's skin, and the hot water is then pumped to a heat exchanger, where it dumps its heat into ice. Ice, actual ice. The ice is expelled out of the suit, taking the extra heat with it.
They didn’t think of this in their lie bc they never went to the moon
Heat doesn't dissipate in space, so the real question is how did they cool down.
It's "must have," not "must of." Remember that so the next time you write a sentence you won't seem illiterate.

There is no air on the moon so temperature is not the issue. Heat transfer is the issue. Heat transfer occurs by conduction and radiation. Astronauts had insulated boots and gloves, white suits, and reflective visors.
Good insulation.
Google "insulating materials used for moon missions". There's your answer, you didn't need to make a thread on here and file up the schizos.
>believing in the moon landing in 2020
>over night
Told you in the other thread you made days ago, moron, that they did not went out at night. Was impossible too, seeing they landed during a moon day which last 2 Earth weeks.