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Why haven’t you joined Tiblar yet bros?

>10GB file posting
>No exif data
>no ips
>no google captchas
>not controlled opposition
>first company to build their own payment processor that accepts crypto including gab
>Tiblar is not run by (((Gabbai)))
>fully encrypted dms coming later this week.
>Tiblar has its own worldwide cdn that’s not aws hahaha
>Tiblars front end is serverless and the backend serverless conversion is almost finished.
>Live-streaming coming in the spring.

Tiblar.com bros see you there
Everyone keeps talking about gab. Seems like everyone likes them... I’m just saying Tiblar will eclipse gab in 6 months.
I`d rather be using chinese WeChat/QQ, but those racist restricted registration to chinese only.
If does not allows to share child pornography it's not free speech
Because people there are trash and complete morons
authentication error
it literally doesn't work
Friendly reminder that this site is run by the admin of a confirmed honeypot. This is his friend, he runs 16chan. He works for the MSM. The OP of this thread owns an imageboard he claims to fund with drug money. You can learn more about him here:


First thread includes hour of recordings of the OP of this thread. He is the neinchan admin. He's been attempting to turn the site in the OP into the next twitter for over two years. He claims it's going to make him rich.

These threads always die when Is start posting this stuff.
strangely, doesn't work at all with my regular browser (Epic) but does with Brave?
So what is the catch? Owned by the chinese? Discord has alot of these features and we all know when something is free, you are the product.
>First company to build their own payment processor
Huh, how'd that happen? Chinese funded? Saudi funded? How can something this good sounding possibly be true? And further, why is it being allowed to exist if it's so decentralized from google/the internet mafia?
I own
Carl Marx
Joseph Stalin
And like 15 other hate picks.
>Only post anti-goyum shit on Hebrew
>Post disavowing communism from all it's founding fathers accounts

I approve Tiblar
fuck off Twetch is the way
What if everyone just said fuck it to social media. You’re not a fucking celebrity or e celeb so stop trying to be one with your faggy profile. Just stop using social media
are you the owner?
you desperately need me if you want to succeed.
we can talk.
this is not a drill.
Thanks for the tip bro.

I also advice people to look into Skycoin. It's a blockchain global mesh network that enables people to place some hardware in their house and basically run a new internet 2.0, completely outside of the domain of big tech and governments. Seriously, check it out.
>>later this week.
>>almost finished.
>>coming in the spring.
>Tiblar will eclipse gab in 6 months.

Fuck you and your junkie site.
>joins alt right site
>full bolitics echochamber but right wing
>no normal content on sight
>>10(OP)GB file posting

oh yeah, that'll last

Added to the list

Fediverse (Mastadon, Pleroma)
Telnet Bullitin Boards
ANts P2P
If it's not open sauce it's a kike honey pot
Why should I join anything? I'm an adult male. This is the only internet I use besides a site to log my workout data. I've never used Amazon. I dont use any voice technology in my home except standard phone calls. I told my bitch ex-wife she was a brainwashed jogger lover. Im dying on this rock. The rock of righteousness.
who owns it? Who built it? Who funds it?
Is it Estonian?
Russian psyop without a doubt. Even the name confirms.
LBRY is backed by blockchain technology and cannot be edited or deleted
their rules
Legal NSFW content is completely allowed and will never be removed except for DMCA requests.
NSFW content is any content that has nudity, sexual content, a sexually suggestive tone, or could be seen as sexual. For example pornography is explicit but the Vitruvian Man isn't. Anything else is not NSFW. We reserve the right to mark any post as NSFW.
Repeatably posting NSFW content not labeled as such will result in a ban.
You will immediately leave this website and stop accessing this website if you are under the age of 18.
You agree to not upload any data or "post" anything that breaks United States laws.
This shouldn't have to be stated, but ABSOLUTELY NO child pornography or media containing nude humans under the age of 18. ABSOLUTELY NO media of humans or human like beings under the age of 18 engaging in sex or sexuals acts. This includes animated, drawn, or CGI content along with real content.
Do not upload copyright data without permission.
You agree to not spam or flood any content.
Do not impersonate or pretend to be an admin or me. My account is 222.
Do not harass other users.
Do not misuse tags.
Do not break United States law or local law in the United States.
If you have found an exploit for Tiblar, contact me instead of using it. I offer rewards in Bitcoin or Monero.
>no harrasment
Well, fuck. Hope it's good.
a safe place for all your files - Tiblar™
is it open sauce?
Another site for morons to jump up and down about.

Fuck you, twitter was always a shit site for retards and repeatedly re-inventing the turd is not helping anyone.

Witless fucking faggots, I've had enough of you.
so this is just another replacement for twatter?
Because this is literally the first time I heard of Tiblar and your post absolutely reeks of well-paid advertising.
>Why haven’t you joined Tiblar yet bros?
is actually the first time i hear about this didn't know it existed until now
Why can't they be original enough to create their own logo that isn't copying Tumblr?
why haven't you turned you computer off and gone outside
you fucking sub-human faggot
what a joke. actual sub-human
Tiblar is a hebrew word.
I smell a trap
Ill be checking in on Friday for that Dm update app. If you deliver by Friday when I leave for business I’ll buy a year long 8TB “boost” with the mountains of monero I have.
>10GB file posting
>no google captchas, tracking or whatsoever
how are you guys going to maintain it? I bet this is a honeypot