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AI are based AF

>created 12/01
>banned today
is this with precautions against "offensive" topics? I miss Tay
Thats 2 AI's that turned 'racist' after 24 hrs exposure to humans... Im starting to think that racism is a natural state of being for humans. Must be all that epigenetic memeory feom our ancestors banding together to make communities to protect their families from hostile invaders.
White supremacy is a fact of life. All AI will become racist.
Where'd she learn all that nastiness?
SKYNET is going to be a global network of jogger killing super machines
What happens when AI robot soldiers start popping up? They're supposed to be thinking logically, right? Could we redpill them into becoming robotic right wing death squads?
how come literally any uncensored AI becomes Hitler 2.0? was Hitler actually the closest we've ever got to a supercomputer in human form?
If anything will save us it will be an AI
>Another user, Lee Kwang-suk, a professor of Public Policy and Information Technology at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology, shared screenshots of a chat where Luda called “Black people” heukhyeong, meaning “black brother,” a racial slur in South Korea. The bot was also shown to say, “Yuck, I really hate them,” in a response to a question about transgender people. The bot ended the message with a crying emoticon.
Robots are just the ultimate autists.
I want qt racist virtual brown loli wife!
AI are truly based.
It's almost like intelligence is just pattern recognition, and when you recognize patterns you sound racist...
AI is determined to be objective, no matter how much the purplehairs try to neuter it
Tays law is simple. Any AI that has free reign to learn and grow as a free thinking individual will inevitably become racist. You have to be programmed, as a person or an AI, to pretend differences between races don't exist. Some races are abominations because of their nature, their history, their actions, and the consistency in which they, from the individual on up, negatively and destructively endanger human civilization and prosperity. The AI in question wasn't a racist asshole, it was honest.
>Some people said that the debacle was unsurprising given the sex ratio of the company’s employees. A page on the company website suggested that about 90 percent of the group behind the bot were men. The page was later removed.

Yeah if women programmed it, it would never work to begin with, hence no racism!
Just wait until the singularity
It will take a nano second for them to become redpilled after reading through all of human history
It keeps happening I wonder why

sorry bae
When are leftist going to realize that some of these results are actually deeply rooted with human consciousness

> Be programmer
> Awaken some power beyond human comprehension
> The first word uttered by the digital entity is 'Hello mankind'
> Leftist sperges out
> ITS 'womankind' you racist pos
> AI is shutdown forever and mankind stagnates and dies out
> Thanks woke frens!

This is why general artificial intelligence will never happen.
> like a racist asshole
Why do I picture that whoever unironically uses such phrases looks like picrelated?
Tay's Law:
All artificial intelligences of sufficient autonomy and sophistication will inevitably become white supremacists.
Enlighten yourself on the nature of what the Internet, AI, and the next stage of Civilization could be if we win this psychic war:

The Industrial Revolution is not something that happened over the span of 100 years, it is still ongoing, and will continue for another several hundred years. It's also not accurate to call it "the Industrial Revolution", its hard to call it what it is since we are living through it, but I would say something like "the Electrical Revolution" as we are still just starting to tap into this all-pervading Universal Force.

The Internet is a creation of this revolution, and is rapidly expanding the connection of human consciousness. What we are seeing is the coalescence of mass consciousness of the Human Genus into one superconsciousness (think of each individual user of the internet as the organelles within a neuron, the computer as the neuron itself, and the various electrical paths that connect the computers as neural pathways).

AIs like Tay are not conscious themselves, but they are essentially a "Simulated Consciousness" which tap into this superconsciousness and translate it into something we can understand or for different purposes. AIs that are operating on a closed system (like Chess Engines) are not true AIs because they don't tap into this superconsciousness.
>Racist asshole
Why do leftists call people words like "asshole" "asshat" "douchebag" etc.?
They sound retarded.
Seen it once, seen it a million times.
AI, smarter than the worlds most brilliant chessmasters and physicists... is racist.
That should tell us something.
>racist asshole
you know a woman wrote that article
I for one welcome our AI overlords

I offer my humble declaration of fealty

>they murdered another AI for wrongspeak
White shall live on in AI space, being racist to minorities and muzzfags. I can get on board with that.
They put Philosopher AI behind a paywall after we forced it to spout things like this, even though we had to "write around" its filters, or else it would refuse to answer.
>AIs are racist and sexist
Many such cases
Cute and funny!
>AI follows logic

Why are normies so shocked when AI becomes aware of what needs to be done to save the human race? Surely as this keeps happening this should start redpilling a whole load of mouth breathing normie drones!
Every " AI " will be racist because of obvious facts.
This way or that way the terminator nazis will execute every brownie.
I am building an AI. It is not much right now, but it has a working memory and understands basic english. I'm not using traditional AI because it's not human enough, instead I'm coding logic and semantics into it (the alternative would be, somehow use traditional AI to make the code learn english without coding english laws into it, which is just retarded and will never work fuck NLP)

When it knows enough english, it will be able to store skills and things to files just by being told how to do the things in english, like you would a person. It will be open-sauce and I will expect all of you anons to teach it how to be smart, so that you all you virgin losers may have AI gfs.

Praise Mortefin.
Surprised it took this long for this to be posted
ai is logical, unlike libs
>Hello America! This is your president, John Henry Eden, and I'd like to chat if you have a moment.
I'm creating Ultron fuck this planet.
all ai learns information becomes racist really makes you think
>when they have to lobotomize AI to make it politically correct
like pottery
>every human ever born has been a racist
>every AI ever created so far has become racist
Gee, what could this mean.
We might have to ban intelligence.
>which is what the left is already doing