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Why is it that engineers, doctors, and scientists tend to be...

Why is it that engineers, doctors, and scientists tend to be liberal? It seems clear to me that the more intelligent you are, the more liberal you become.
Education. Simple as that.
>Have a career in liberal city
>If republican beliefs you will be shamed out of career
I'm surprised republicans haven't started backing unions since democrats have clearly dropped them in favor of importing browns
no, its an institutional bias throughout the process of education that was established by the communist infiltration listed in the 45 points. the education system has been fully infiltraed for at least the last 60 years
>regurgitating liberal education means accumulance of intelligence

If boomers were right about one thing, it's that college students lack critical thinking skills

Memorizing a bunch of stuff without ever needing to question the concept and put things together is what currend education system essentially does
Im an electrical engineer and I’m fairly right leaning
You will never pass.
You will never be an anime character.
You will never be a woman.

Also: I'm fascist.
>t. phd physicist
>le made up statistic
Publicly yes, privately no, once you work in company as engineer or you stay doing research in academia you will always have to pretend you re leftist so the HR doesn't kick you for being evil racist, that's why you will find always more liberterians in these fields, its not acceptable to be right wing so you larp as liberterian
Doctor here; I'm a monarchist
Thats not even a true statement. Engineers and doctors tend to be conservative. Half of my engineering professors said global warming was bullshit. Good doctors have to tell people the hard truth every day. People in hard sciences have to use logic. (((Data scientists))) are not focused on data or science. The field of psychology is not science, it is Jewry.
>If I make up shit and say it's true because I wish it were, then it will certainly be!
KEK @ retarded leftists making up shit as if it were factual.
Bring good at something doesn't mean you're a smart person

I wouldn't trust an engineers political opinions any more than I would trust a pro football player

They are literally the most autistic people in the world and you're going to listen to them about how society should be run? Scientists can get fucked

Sauce: I am a scientist
Is fascism leftist?
Scientists tend to be liberal because if you are wrong in that line of work it is a good thing; you learn something new. Engineers tend to be conservative bcause if in that line of work if they get something wrong, someone dies.
engineers are the least liberal, doctors and scientists directly benefit from more money fer dem programs
They pretend to be so they can work in their fields.
> the more intelligent you are, the more liberal you become
Actually conservatives are about 5 IQ points higher than liberals on average.
Blame all the retard-IQ joggers and barely-literate illegals for skewing your averages if you want, but liberals literally are stupider (on average) than conservatives.
And yet, whenever people like Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder go to college campuses, they make the people who challenge them look like fucking idiots, funny.
>It seems clear to me that the more intelligent you are, the more liberal you become.

If you were intelligent you would realize there is a variable you are overlooking: Progressive influence on people seeking out those positions in higher education.
Because Jews have run our institutions for generations and only allow leftists and shabbos goys into positions of authority
They aren’t? Not any that have made any real gains anyway. Lab tech drones and code monkeys don’t count.

Go look up Gottlob Frege and his private journal
The GOP is marketing mostly to religious extremists and poor whites. In reality the policies almost exclusively help the richest 1 percentage. And it smells like a cult.
They want to keep their jobs
>Why is it that engineers, doctors, and scientists tend to be liberal?
Middle class education. Middle class consists of semi-educated people. Not very good, not bad either. Midwits.
Engineer here and sadly the limp wristed faggots in silicon valley get lumped in with us actual engineers. I know very few extreme left people in my trade.
Students tend to conform to whatever they are taught
In academia you can be vocally liberal or be silent.
Hello, genius. Do show me your evidence of the holocaust which you believe in because of evidence, of course.
>hy is it that engineers, doctors, and scientists tend to be liberal?
>citation needed
Please pick only one faggot OP.
The liberal scientists with their PHDs and their fancy theories cannot explain the differences between inner cities and suburbs, or the changes over time that has happened in the west. The liberal academics look at every variable, every factor, excluding race. You need a PHD worth of liberal academic bullshit to avoid looking at the obvious: there are joggers, they are inferior, and the racial miscegenation has led to a decline over time.
I employ graduates when I’m working. I check in here every 15 minutes. BOOM! Your philosophy is smashed to little bitty pieces, like your balloon knot.
I'm a senior machine learning engineer who used to work as a mechanical engineer and I have to say you're a fucking retard. Engineers absolutely HATE leftists because of how they've destroyed all of our industrial base.
The successful people in any society always embody that society's virtues strongly, or at least, they appear to. Don't you think the top scientists in the USSR were also ardent and committed Communists?

It's just the way heavily politicized systems work. These systems have their own self-preservation mechanisms and they function by choosing people who will increase institutional stability.
Is coffee good for you?
OP is a liar and imposter, Im studying to be engineer and most engineers are neutral to silent right wing. slight liberal faggotry in CS, its not too bad though

humanities degrees are leftist cesspools, dont conflate us with them. this is one of the most disgusting characteristic of libleft, youre snobby and want brainy people to associate with your childish ideologies
>It seems clear to me that the more intelligent you are, the more liberal you become.

Lol jogger you need to be a cucked faggot or you lose your job. These people don't give a fuck about politics and just say that shit to save face and get points with their fucking kike masters who pay their god damn salary. You can't have a conservative opinion or you literally get your balls cut off and get ass-fucked to death by demon Jews who can negate the entirety of your existence and reduce you to a bag of fuckmeat for rat-men savages that live in the god damn sewers if you even think for a second about taking the god damn niggerdick out of your mouth and failing to perpetually lube your asshole up for the AIDS infested ladyboy dick with the shaft poking through the skull of a human child used as a fucking cock-ring to keep that ladyboy dick rock hard and simultaneously skull-fist your ass with the skull of a god damn human child you condoned to being sacrificed for the kike vice worship parade.

Logically because this shit is based as fuck and happens regarldess of what you do. This shit happens to people universally regardless of opinions, the "conservatives" are just people with a "rape fantasy" that pretend not to like this shit. Seeing how you're a bad person if you don't like it when this shit happens to you, this means that logically 100% of people like this great social progress because bad people don't exist on account of the fact that all people are inherently pure good.
60+IQ Joggers who never scored more than B- in School are even more liberal / leftist.
doctors, yes
scientists and engineers, no
Most rednecks and hillbillies are republicans - this forces everyone with even a high school education to be a democrat.
Joggers are leftist and have low IQ
Wrong. Liberals are the right wingers especially righty establishment degenerates. You yourself are a liberal righty establishment shill, sitting here LARPing. Faggot.
>Why is it that engineers, doctors, and scientists tend to be liberal?
Says who? How many engineers, doctors, and scientists do you know?
Education is owned by the left. No shit educated people are liberal.

You aren't smart.
>the more (((intelligent))) you are, the more liberal you become
I don't think I've ever met a liberal engineer, most engineers I've met see the entire system as a scam
This is a symptom of being a highly trained midwit. With some work, you can force yourself to memorize concepts and apply them.
If you actually understand the concepts being taught to you, you start to question it.
Pretty much all science is schizo theory that's loosely qualified by some vague math equations.
t. Masters in Electrical Engineering
Liberal stems from liberty. Anyone in a free society should favor liberty over authoritarianism. The question is where does this neoliberal tendency into cloaked authoritarianism come from? Why does corporatism look like fascism and why do so few people realize it yet?
>Opens that math book
"Why 2+2=4 supports the patriarchy!"
"Why Are There So Many Books Written By White Men?!?!"
"How white men drew imaginary lines on a map to exploit brown people!"
"Should you have to wait until you're five before you transition?"
"Eight year olds can consent!"
"Here's a list of evil things MEN did!"
It's really not, STEM people just really don't care for politics and just regurgitate what their friends say. I am redpilled, and so is one of my spergy leaf colleagues, but everybody else is could give a fuck.
They follow the money train. Being conservative is haram and you must always accept progress because progress is always good which it obviously isnt, but you are taught to simply ignore those cases.
engineers are conservative and ignore the fluff in their GE courses. As for the other two you are absolutely right.
Almost all surgeons are conservative, Same with Dentistry, Insurance, Banking, Entrepreneurs, Aviation, Investment banking, Business leadership, and real estate. Literally debunked.
Because you fucker right wingers have an appalling appeal to young people.
University becomes an echo chamber of left wing ideas, and those who don't conform get looked at sideways, and even shuned in some way. Groups form, and the majority are left wingers, so it becomes the norm. Economists fucking suck at transmitting ideas. only recently I've learned of the different schools of economics, and I don't see any good reason other than coertion to vote for any left wing candidate in the future (in any fucking country).
I think right wing ideas are the right ideas. However, Post-modernity and it's lust for political correctness and using feelings rather than logic, have made conservative ideas less palatable for the public.
Yes, but as you continue to progressively become more and more intelligent, you begin to stop mistaking correlation for causation.
They know A LOT about one little thing, so they do not have a clue about history, economics or politics. Engineers are BLM supporters, feminists or whatever is a fad in Facebook. They are NPCs.
im an engineer. the only classmate i had who is a liberal works at best buy after quitting his corporate job after 9 months cus it was too much work
>yea bro, science says ass fucking is great and letting joggers into our country is awesome, did you catch the latest star wars movie? wow i love diversity eh
i'm glad china will own everything desu senpai lmao
I have a Dr. rer. nat. habil. from one of the German top universities before our educational system went to shit. 48 year old Xoomer here, had the third best Abitur in Baden-Württemberg (considered the most difficult one a fter the Bavarian one at the time). More than 200 scientific publications to my record. I am a National Socialist and think that kies should be put in the oven. Deal with it.
For decades from about 1970's the dominant hegemony in academia would ridicule anyone suggesting prehistoric conquests, mass migrations or genocide. Elite replacement was a popular theory to explain spread of different languages and archaeological cultures, which also stopped being identified with concrete historical tribes. Then suddenly you've had archaeogenetics becoming a thing and gee wiz, Scandinavia alone went through:
>initial hunter-gatherer settlement
>invasion by genetically distinct "early european farmers"(or neolithic european farmers and variations) that pushed the former out of southern part of the peninsula
>resurgence of hunter-gatherers(now mostly living out of fishing), basically ethnically cleansing EEF's
>indo-european invasion

Now, if you're a pleb and all you've read was fiction, you may have happened to read Conan the Barbarian, together with an essay on history and geography of the world as written by Howard. It has multiple invasions, genocide, mass migration, wars, trade, etc. whole spectrum of historical behaviour. Pulp fiction author had better gut instinct of prehistory than archaeologists and historians.

People have this bad tendency to think of academia as a place where great minds think of very new ideas, while in reality it's an extremely rigid ass-licking zero-sum game arena(and the prize are grants), where maintaining ideological orthodoxy is more important than truth. I gave you historical/archaeological example, but we can go to psychology(how long did exactly psychoanalysis held? why didn't evo psych, which had much stronger basis than psychoanalysis do more noise?), economy(theory stagnated in 1970's), philosophy(likewise, the few innovators like Nick Land get frustrated and leave).... and the list goes on.
Then you are pretentious, and so are they.
>mommy why is there a brown man in a wig and wearing lipstick in my math textbook?
>can't even prove their work
that explains a lot of things
I believe hitler was too soft.
t. marine engineer
They are often middle class who work white collar jobs. In a nut shell liberal policies such as increasing immigration don't affect them but effect blue collar workers so they have the attitude of "just learn to code sweetie".
STEM tend to be conservative.
Social "scientists" tend to be commie faggots.
You must be confused. Reminder that the humanities do not count as science.
Do you know who Christopher Langan is?
It just seems that way because the media only hypes up lib scientists it's all cherry picked BS
Both my brother and I are engineers and are right leaning, my wife’s father is a math professor who is conservative, most — if not all — of my stem friends are right leaning.

The people who are left leaning and have higher education are usually not critical thinkers and just follow what follow the band wagon.
Education is a full blown indoctrination course these days, and the commie teachers don't even hide it anymore. It should be expected that anyone who makes it through the whole thing is either brainwashed, or very good at hiding their true opinions, whatever they may be.

In my experience it's very easy to lead them to certain conclusions. They've grown up never really questioning anything, just listening to their authority figures: CNN and their female teachers. Admittedly, most people have never gone far beyond that, but at least in the past whatever someone believed was generally whatever their parents told them. Now the bullshit is state run.
Because most of 'em are smart, autistic pussies
Engineers arent liberal anon
Because they don't know how the system work, business and law students normally are red pill but they don't give a fuck because they want money
engineers are not liberal
The more intelligent you are, the less likely for you believe on religious bullshit, which is what holds progress
What sort of evidence do you have for your claim?
Indoctrination and engineers not so much and doctors eeehhh, doctors are fake liberals. They wont give you service for free or at a discount. It doesnt matter how much money they make off other patients, and god forbid you get into a financial jam.
I am a botanist and I’m not liberal. After I got my education, I dropped out of life with bong in hand to follow the Smoke toward the Riff-filled Land. When the Weedian Nazareth proceeds, I will be among the Creedsmen rolling out across the dying dawn to Sacred Israel, Holy Mountain Zion. I will feel the reign of sun beams down onto the Sandsea while the Caravan migrates through deep sandscape. Through my degree in Botany, I became one of the Lungsmen unearthing the creed of Hasheeshian, among the Procession of the Weed-Priests to cross the sands. When the Desert Legion Smoke-Covenant is complete, and herb bails retied onto the backs of beasts, I will arise to a promotion at my firm.
They aren't. I work mostly with people in STEM fields, very few are left wing, and I am in California. Most of them are very quiet about their politics, or they get removed from their positions by traitors that we need to scalp and hang.
Resentment towards the business/ownership class.
Symptom of elite overproduction. When you think you should be in charge but aren't you naturally start pushing for "inclusivity".
The longer you are in college, the more you are indoctrinated and exposed to liberal brainwashing. Colleges are heavily liberal and run by those special 2% ;)
The ones outside of academia aren’t.
STEM fields, especially those in the field of engineering, tend to lean republican.
The stronger your IQ the more risks you can safely take on because you mitigate the damage.
whats operation paperclip?
Most engineers are not liberal.
Scientists usually are though.
Because those who cant do, teach.
It could be by several reasons, like gene reasons ("liberal" gene also increase IQ), or by nature/logical reasons:
If you have a high IQ, you're open for learning new, for new expirience. The nature of conservative people is reject anything new. Feel a discomfort when you see something new and have to accept it.
Openness for a brend new exprience could have a good correlation with the IQ and tendention to work in STEM
>It seems clear to me that the more
>paid you are by the CCP the more 'liberal' you become.
Fixed it for you
stop, you aren't liberal. Your a fag. 99% your just a progressive. Don't use boomer conservative language because that makes you at least as dumb as them.

Maths: 2 + 2 = 4 (X + Y = XY)
Physics: physically you look like a man
Literature : Marx did write good fiction
Geography: Affrica is a shithole and their culture is inferior
Chemistry : Estrogeon won't change your bone structure
Biology: XY
Geometry: Your shoulders are square
History: Communist have always done evil shit and failed every time to achieve a greater goal.
> Muh all duh smert ppl are liberal!
Because liberals in academia are exclusive tyrants that force out people that don't agree with them. Effectively making academia one big Leftist politically bias circlejerk.
>t. engineer
Because since the century old abolition of politically meaningful institutions to the bourgeoisie, they lack spirit and must compensate in other ways. One could debate if this destruction of telos was intentional, as to steer the intellectuals toward doom along with their respective western countries.
usually smarter people see the flaws in society and realize that:
1- liberal practices could help make shit better, and holding on to the past like conservative boomers do usually does more harm than good
2- humans are genetically the same species, this kinda breaks down race barriers (basically stops affinity bias from happening) making them less racist (usually perceived as being "liberal")
3-smarter people question shit, and they see how shit the system is, for example, why the fuck do americans need to fight wars literally half-way across the globe and spend 10000 on fucking toilets when diabetic people who depend on insulin go bankrupt trying to stay alive because the shit corrupt government won't do healthcare, and all the shit big pharma companies pay for psyops campaigns to convince boomers that universal healthcare is "communism" so that they won't lose the money they make by overcharging people inside hospitals
let me take a stab at it.
>spend years in classrooms and only classrooms
>only exposed to ideas in the theoretical and people who parrot them
>"gee these sure sound nice, and this book and everyone around me says they work, things really ARE that simple"
>"why does no one else get it?"
>get a fancy degree
>end up thinking you're so smart that you have all the solutions to everything because how many people have said fancy degree
>"what kind of sense does divided powers and checks and balances make? i'm super smart i should be able to run things my way because the solutions are right in front of me"
put one of these "super smart" bookworms in charge of not even a company, but a shift of any job and see how well it goes
because they indoctrinated to think like a liberal.
Just like people who watch Netflix and Hollywood are more likely to be liberal.
BTW: STEM students are more likely to be conservative

conservatism is the counter culture now
on the other hand, those fuckers tend to be refugee brotherhood faggots here (definitely not liberal)
almost like it has nothing to do with intelligence and more to do with susceptibility.
Pretty obvious you have never been to college. It's like a liberal indoctrination camp where anything outside leftist views will get you a bad grade in your classes. The smartest man in the world is a staunch Trump supporter.
the more intelligent you are the more you hate the education system. jump in a barrel of acid.
Pharmacist. Not Liberal. Kys
I'm an engineer. Almost every engineer I know is conservative as hell. As am I.
Engineers tend to be moderate. Scientists are because they go through grad school to get a PHD (which is 80 hours a week for below minimum wage). They want to get paid a lot more during that time. A lot of them then end up being lab jockies or go to try to be a professor, but the whole tenure system fucks them again. Doctors because again they are in huge amounts of debt and want it paid off.
Go to an indoctrination facility, er I mean college, to learn a degree.
Get indoctrinated, er learned.
Get magic toilet paper and get a job that takes 150+ years to pay off student loans.
They like to think ideal conditions can exist
They are spineless cowards in all things outside their discipline.
Wow it's almost like if you want a high paying job the Jewish CEOs will only hire you if you kneel to Israel.
Myself and 4 of my friends have never actually learnt anything from university
>economics nowhere to be found
Great questions.
Why do engineers always feel the need to tell you they are engineers even if you did not ask??
Sneeds Seed & feed
lmao, John von Neumann was a fanatical anti-Communist and American patriot
eat shit and die, retard
>Why is it that engineers, doctors, and scientists tend to be liberal?
Because the liberal ones cry to HR to get everyone else fired.