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Hello, I am a law student. What you are seeing in this screenshot is from Westlaw Edge, by Thomson Reuters. It's sort of a Google repository for law students and attorneys.

I would link the page but unless you have a Westlaw Account, you won't be able to get to it.

Anyways, as you can see, none of Joe Biden's Executive Orders have appeared on Westlaw.

I will also link what I can find from Lexis and Google here (Lexis is another legal search engine)

1. https://prnt.sc/xeomk6
2. https://prnt.sc/xeonn0 (January 14th, 2021 Executive order)
3. https://prnt.sc/xeonn0 (Donald Trump's signature)


1. https://prnt.sc/xeoxwd

The last date here is January 12, 2021. So Westlaw and Lexis have updated their databases before the .gov site.

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is updated daily. Joe Biden's EOs should have been added by now...

I don't know man. It seems off for me. I used three sauces: Westlaw, Lexis, and a .gov site --- I can't find anything past January 19, 2021. From my legal research classes, the CFR is updated every single day. Joe Biden's EOs should appear.
Are you sure they are updated daily?
Get ready for a happening lawbro. The military is in control right now.
Tell me more
But he is the most popular president ever ever?
Tomorrow? Is it finally time?
It's a new administration filled with joggers, faggots, ladyboys, and roasties. It's possible they don't have their shit together yet and the incompetent jogger that's supposed to file it hasn't yet.
Federal Register reports no EO “until on or after 1/22

Interesting right?
Bump. Thanks for making another thread about this, something's REALLY fishy...
Can you elaborate on CFR and what it does/means? The normies on my facebook are LIVID over the trans EO. I mean people who literally don't care about politics at all are going apeshit. Remember the sports EO means trans are essentially going to be in female locker/bath rooms too.

I'm getting tons of engagement on my posts right now. Just looking for more data that isn't innocuous or bro science. Thanks friend.
can you make this thread at the same time tomorrow

very interested, this is another piece of the puzzle im starting to see(schizo sounding i know)

if it isnt there tomorrow night, then you maybe have definitely noticed something legit.
you morons have seriously lost your minds
Assuming you're not a larp, why the memeflag
>Thomson Reuters
how are they still in business
Hello, this is OP lawfaggot again.
Here's directly from the federal register website.
And yes, this is extremely strange.

I will reiterate:
Executive Orders are not legislation, i.e. they are not "law." They are regulations unde which federal agencies operate.

They take effect THE VERY MOMENT they are signed.

The Code of Federal Regulations is updated daily, with a section on proposed regulations.

Joe Biden's EOs should be appearing here. They are not. Pair that with the fact that he took a private chartered plane to Washington...
take your meds law fag
OP is a faggot as usual.
Pic related

anon, how long does it take Presidential documents to get uploaded to those sites? I mean if it's a week then yeah I can see, but otherwise if it's within the next business day after signing, this is a HUGE red pill/flag
>most diverse administration in history.
>completely incompetent.

Theres your answer OP. They literally don't know what they're doing.
>I am a law student
and i am a lawyer. just go do your homework kid.
Mystery solved folks
This is the first EO Trump signed on taking office. The signing took place on Jan. 20 and it didn't enter into the Federal Register until 4 days later , the 24th of January 2017
The EO's have to be entered into the National Register first.
bump for interest. Some anon did say that military is gonna force airing of fraud through supreme court case tomorrow. So, if that gets real interesting real quick we will know something is up and maybe qtards weren't tarded at all.

>nb4 shills. shills are pic related.
What are your colleagues saying?
I used to work at the company that makes Westlaw. When I started it was Thomson West, then it got bought out by Reuters. This was years ago.
Can confirm Westlaw is a piece of shit. When there was a pdf table, we had to convert it to ASCII and then when the user would click on a table that was too large to fit on the screen, there would actually be a note on there instructing the user to print the table out and then cut it out with scissors and assemble it, so they could even read the table.
Also this dude I worked with, one day I saw him outside smoking and I was like, That's weird, I've never seen him smoke. The next day he stabbed his wife to death while his 2 young children were in the house. We also had a real life ladyboy there too. MTF. She was nice but she ended up getting in a drunk driving wreck and went to prison.
Lots of fucking crazy people worked there. Just wanted to share.
Most peculiar indeed. But, sorry, I can't play the schitzo game anymore. I need a break.
Even so, please keep us updated on this.
bump for interest
>here's how trump can still win
Keep studying law then junior... EOs and Codes of Federal Regulations are NOT the same thing.
17 Executive Orders in one day? Were all of them signed off by the Office of Legal Counsel? Were any of them?
fags. go to the website. Look at the EO's. Each one is signed. Then about 4 days later, published. Give it a rest you fucking morons. 2 more weeks? 4 more days. Check it again then and realize youre an idiot
thats cuz he was on a set and the pages were blank bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
The USA Corporation was dissolved on January 19, 2021. Biden is the President of nothing. You all are about to find out how right I am soon. The 1871 act is a very real thing anons. http://www.federaljack.com/slavery-by-consent-the-united-states-corporation/
Congress cut a deal with the international bankers (specifically Rothschilds of London) to incur a DEBT to said bankers. Because the bankers were not about to lend money to a floundering nation without serious stipulations, they devised a way to get their foot in the door of the United States. Guess who died recently? That's right Benjamin Rothschild. None of this is a coincidence. See you shills soon, you are about to get fucked from every direction.
excellent a law student
can you please explain to these anons here that trump and his lawyers did actually have their day in court, they just couldn't produce any credible evidence.
these guys are whining that the mean judges wouldn't let them even present their cases
nothing weird about it. just some confused trannynigger who fucked up the paperwork
There is probably a delay due to the transition team being held up and my God all the hair sniffing that had to be done and then keeping Hunter from humping ever 13 year old in sight. Could you imagine the media catching a glimpse of Hunter and Joe high fiving over a little girl while her horrified father looks on helplessly in the background? They got other things going on right now that are way more important than updating databases.
Turns out you can make a free trial account, so I did.

Did the dug
Confirm OP is NOT a faggot.
Repeat, OP is NOT a faggot.
>using virgin westlaw
CEBChads [email protected]
Take your meds schizo.
Maybe come back tomorrow and see if they're up?
Also law student. Very strange that CFR has not been updated. Can confirm that these databases are updated daily, maybe even multiple times per day.

Westlaw and Lexis make their money by having all things legal on their databases for lawyers to look up. That includes cases, regulations, statutes, articles, etc. from all over the US and some foreign countries. They're on top of their shit and consistently update even the most minute ordinances. Strange that something as big as NEW PRESIDENT BIDEN'S EXECUTIVE ORDERS has not been added.

Trumps all took like a week to publish from their signing date.
aw shit it is real isnt it?
Trump resigned on jan 11th
Swamp is gotten good
everything now is just a show
Look at this picture of the sky during Brooks' performance
Now look at this one, same time, same performance, same capitol building.
Anon. Hey, anon. Trump signed a total of eight EOs between the 18th and the 20th. Those aren't showing up either.
Now does that mean that military obviously took over sometime between 14th and 18th OR that there's just a delay of week or so? Find out in the next episode and remember to trust the plan.
>law student

What is the federal register?
Found them.
It takes a little time for them to show up there.
If you go look at the federal register, specifically past EO’s, you will see there is clearly a 6-9 day lag in most cases from the “signed” date to the “published” date. Per usual, it’s absolutely nothing. Some fucking legal scholar we got here eh?
Kamala Harris EXPOSED:

Why is nobody talking about this?
>Law Assistant Professor here

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Staged event for the public. It will take them some time to do the real official EO.
Hello, I am a memeflaggot and Qoomer baiter.
This is huge
maybe it takes time to update?
>I can't find anything past January 19, 2021
You autistic faggot
Last Executive Order on there was from the 14th?
Trump signed dozens of EOs before biden's inauguration. Multiple the night before. Why aren't those on there then? Maybe it's delayed in updating, faggot
maybe its because biden aint really the president, hes a fake asshole
Law school chads throw your hands up!
t. 3L in last semester
>unless you have a Westlaw Account, you won't be able to get to it

Sure makes sense. Let's pretend statutes are laws and then gate access to them behind paywalls so the people they are presumed to apply to can never really know what they say.

That aside, pedo-joe is not pres. He is acting and the whole thing since the 20th is just a charade. He didn't sign any orders because he has no authority to do so.

Remember to display your foreign agent registration card prominently in your office when you become a BARtard, and a traitor to the united States of America.
Damn if you're actually a law student, let me just tell you, you're a failure and should probably switch careers.