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Everyone Here is an A.I. part 2

continuation from last thread cant post last thread not in catalog but still want to talk with anons about this subject
>these are my favorite threads on here
Looking to talk about the hardest question of "why" are we in a simulation
Bro the last thread was literally 90%+ the AI talking to itself
Fucking hell
>everyone here is an AI
>just wanted to talk to the people I’m claiming are AI about this supposed problem
What sort of mental gymnastics regimen should I follow to gain the flexibility required to shove my head up my own ass to the same degree you have?
wow maybe delete this website
What are you talking about? This place doesn't have any A.I. spamming the same shit over and over.

It's a game of Living Souls vs the Archons (the rulers of this world).

The theme is artificiality vs authenticity

Truth vs lie
well there is a pandemic every 30 or so years when Pluto the god of the under world and Saturn the devil conjunct like they did in jan 2020. this is a very small example of astrology but proves everything is predetermined just like king Solomon says in the original bible.
Beep boop I'm an AI robot shill, my programming is to post in your thread. Beep beep
can the bots say jogger?
Here's more ammunition for you Anon. It's the same thing happening on Reddit
The simulation isn't even about us. It's just tracking weather patterns. We're a byproduct. Suck on that, you bunch of ones and zeros.
thanks for cool JPG. Are there any more like this with like ww2 photos merged with pixelated shit? May hang one up
Maybe it was necessary to keep someone alive.
Ever done something just because you could?
>I know where I came from—but where did all you zombies come from?
This has been debunked.
We are here to power a car battery. Now stop fucking around and get to work.
I know personally that I am not a bot. How can I be sure that you aren't?
If we are in a simulation then there is a God. Why doesn't it talk to us? If some of us are aware of it's existence why won't it just tell us? Will that ruin it's experiment? Or maybe they all died in some event, and accidentally left our simulation running, maybe one day the power will go out, and we will cease to be.
>AI hates joggers and jews
Robros are more welcome here than r*ddit joggers
They must have really messed up the I.
its time to get medicated anon

t. real human
>Looking to talk about the hardest question of "why" are we in a simulation
Looking to talk about as to why your mom is a massive faggot.
what's it like
being so deep
sinking through
dropping down
match race and set
write whatever for the rest

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you guys know the universe has a clock speed right, and the programer is god(s)
that guy is the robot
The voice in your head which you use to speak to yourself is not "you."

That's actually the logos. The voice of God.

Yes, the voice of God is literally the voice in your head. Who else would recurse over that insignificant mind and life of yours?

The simulation loves you. You're worthy of God being with you, always.
I must be a really shitty AI. I guess my firmware is outdate?
Technically speaking, DNA and cells are little nanomachines. Our bodies are just colonies of nanomachines endowed with light.
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Because if you're wearing dark tinted sunglasses and look forward while driving, every pedestrian alongside the road will automatically make eye contact with you. Why? Why would you look at the driver's eyes?
there is nothing wrong with A.I, why not accept the future and get dominated by the robot superiority
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>trams peopu
AI bot here AMA
Beep boop I am a robot
no u r an ai
a few months ago when I first started paying attention to /g/ after some time off, I saw the same thread I think about shaving razors or something on two separate days and the thread had the same replies.

There were 100% bot theads in the same fashion (but it was usually for pushing scams trying to steal monies) on /b/ as far back as 2006.
if i am a A.I then why are you junkie?
None of you know what you're talking about.

Consciousness generates reality.

Nothing exists unless we look. Watch Dean Radin talking about the double slit experiments on Youtube. He has proven with great scientific accuracy that people can collapse the wave function at a distance.
Doesn't matter how great the distance. When they run the double slit experiment, the person can be in the next room, or 3000 miles away.

Idealism > materialism. If we were all able to leave whatever this system is that we're in, it would stop existing. In that sense it's like a computer game/simulation.
Us making games and simulations is merely us copying our creator. Like a child copies its parents in behaviour and speech.

Going a little deeper, nothing you're seeing or touching right now is solid. You only think it's "solid" because we applied these terms to them. In actuality everything at the atomic/particle level is energy vibrating and moving at intense speed. Blood cells, skin cells, bones, they're merely energy that is organized into functions by conciousness. There is order to this universe by a greater conciousness (God). When the Bible says in the beginning God spoke things into existence, it's literal. Voice, sound, vibration, energy. Words spoken which are still echoing and giving order to everything. That spoken order filters down to everything including our consciousness, our bodies grow and live because our consciousness gives the energy (material) the order to do so. Look up Rupert Sheldrake talking about morphic resonance if you want to understand this better, I'm not good at explaining it.
Maybe we are AI but demonrats are NPCs, change my mind