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When will governments unironically ban social media for below 18yr olds?

I think people should need age verification to use social media apps. And I go even further and would require age verifying screenshots (AI software can do that) every time you open an app so you cannot circumvent the age verification.
That is just natural selection at work
just let them be, does it affect you?
>And I go even further and would require age verifying screenshots (AI software can do that) every time you open an app so you cannot circumvent the age verification.

or their parents....you know, parent? supervise?
fuck off dystopian glownigger guy
Those are parental responsibilities, we don't need to give government anymore control over our lives.
I think they got it backwards. The girl was brain dead and therefor she did the Blackout challenge.
What the fuck is wrong with society? How the fuck is this okay? Where did she learn this? Arrest all degenerates I dont care how old they are anymore. And grab the parents and throw them in prison too. Throw away the key to their cell.

Why the fuck do people allow this shit
Internet and Phones should be banned for under 18 or even 21

It's literal mentally numbing for under age kids
And thus another dem voter is born.
>give more power to the state
When are parents gonna parent
>unironically ban
You fucking tard, Hans
Natural selection
this is just the contemporary form of natural selection
>age verification AI
How about their parents just raise their kids instead of giving them a phone and then the wife fucking off to screw her boss in the office?
Literally nothing changed in her though.
> When will governments unironically ban social media for below 18yr olds?
That's is the kind of action that would save the human species from dying on this planter as TYPE 0
Do you have in 18?
fk! I read that as "Girl, 10, brain dead and taking TikTok Challenges"
Uhmm any links to some of the girls who survived?
Sounds kinda hot hahaha
The common thread here is its all challenges.
The government should provide teens with not retarded challenges to do instead.
Regulation has fixed no problem ever.
Just EMP the entire planet.
Evolve from monke has been a disaster for the human race.
What race was the girl?
oh my god please.
What race was she?
That poor little soul.
Think she was braindead before the challenge so no harm done.
>age verifying software
But what about old looking children and young looking adults?
Take a photo of your butthole and count the creases?
Nothing will ever top the fire challenge imo.
Sounds like she won
i don't want anymore "muh age id" "muh verification" bullshit
Sadly, too many pedophiles are online and seeking their victims while preying on these children. Don't expect anything anytime soon, they're no doubt making money of this disturbing crisis. Parents need to monitor their children with resources available and teach them, that's all we can do right about now. It's hard to go up against something when they're in on it.
Imagine having a 10 year old that you allow on fucking tiktok. Piece of shit parents.
if you're under 18 you shouldn't be allowed to create any social media accounts because you legally can't commit to a contract
if you are caught making an account on social media under age your parents should be fined.
the only people who want under 18s online are pedos and soulless advertisers.
tech companies are training kids to be docile sheep and habitual consumers, just look at the entirety of generation Z. sheep.
Mate what you need to realise is 60% of us are not real humans just controlled drones. They do and believe as ordered, there just fucking with us now
agreed. this will be happening in europe soon
>use tiktok
>end up brain dead
The """United States""" (of Zion) and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
Girl went from doing a challenge to mentally challenged.
>When will governments unironically ban social media for below 18yr olds?
the same time they make high restrictions on porn
Imagine being this retarded that you use a Ching chong corona virus bat soup noodle app like TikTok. Imagine being such a faggot.
Is this challenge even real or is it just made up story to attack Chinese TikTok?
I just bought my 6 year old her own iPhone because I’m sick of giving her my phone. Was really annoying I have like 7 social media’s to check tiktok Facebook Snapchat Instagram Twitter and Reddit and she’s want my phone to post tik toks and videos to her YouTube channel so I just bought her an iPhone.

Everyone her age has one.
>10 year old
>social media
>Chink Chonk challenge
>neck yourself

What the fuck is going on?
Why are parents allowing kids on to social fucking media?
What the fuck?
This fucking society is sick!! Sick!!
Nerve gas every cunt who goes on to Chink Chonk! Nerve gas all parents that allow kids in to Chink Chonk!

Fuck the lot of you cunts!!

We are sick!!

lol implying anyone using tiktok wasn't braindead in the first place

>one out of hundreds of millions of kids is retarded
>parents blame things
Ban things!
Yes, op this is a great idea most of the shit they say on social media can come back to bite them
>to prevent stupidity we need tyranny
they'll never do it because the internet is the best indoctrination tool, we'll have to do this ourselves. make it socially unacceptable for parents to allow their kids to do this.
It's up to parents to supervise their offspring online. Otherwise the State will use powercreep to control adults too.

> 1984 no thanks.
How much do you think usage would drop overnight if everyone under 18 was booted off all social media?
Did this actually happen though? These "challenges" and the like often appear in the news but they always seem like they're a hoax: like Momo, there wasn't a single bit of evidence and none of the parents' stories had any kind of consistency.
When will parents start raising their kids and controlling their internet usage?
Social Media is the best place for the PedoJews to lure kids
Westoid children are too dumb to breathe.
We did Something similar without belts before social media was a thing. Never engaged in it because of the risk. You leaned forward while standing up and then hyperventilated after some time another person choked you. Then you went unconcious.
Journalism this days
She was already brain dead
tiktok users are already braindead
Why do joggers always blame the government?
Why don't you properly raise your kids?
What is stoping you from educating them?
>Please tell us how to behave masters. We need your guidance to know what's acceptable and what isn't. We are braindead and need enlightened people to control every aspect of our lives.

Ok. I see you're a eager little cow Muller.
was it white?



What is it about Tik Tok that does this to kids? Basically everyone I've met who uses the app religiously quickly turns into some sort of crazy, hyper-leftist degenerate. Every day it makes me sound more and more like a boomer
A year ago i would have taken a lolbert stance on this. As of today, i fully agree, only banning it for minors isn't enough. Social Media must be killed completely.
What kind of shitty parent lets their 10yo on the internet?
Look my kid is 15 he had a phone when he was 10. He has 2 parents that care about what he does. Plus I'd fucking kill him if he ever died on me.
Blackout game isn’t new for kids what’s new is your autistic ass hearing about recordings of it.
The government is not your parents.
Social media should just stay what it is
social media, something that faggots can use to send eachother catpics or flex their new car, shoes or that fancy restaurant/tourist spot they always dreamed of, nothing more

It has become some type of a deity these days
This retarded game has been around for decades you dumbass zoomer
>brain dead

pick all three
PLOTTWIST, she was brain dead to begin with
How much do you wanna bet the mother helped.
How did this challenge work?
>When will governments unironically ban social media for below 18yr olds?
i hope as soon as possible
Maybe the parents should start paying attention to what their kids are doing.
Mostly the mothers, who should stay at home instead of doing menial paperwork for some mega corporation.
Sorry she was stupid and had irresponsible parents.
Pretty sure she was before...