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Most engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors are Democra...

Most engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors are Democratic voters.
Most truckers, pastors, construction workers and stay at home mothers are Republican voters.
Let that sink in.
Now, tell me, what sort of mental gymnastics do you do to cope with this fact?
most no one cares, the biggest problem to america and the world is jews not drumpkins or bodenkins, also its really important to leave sages behind
Those people are likely making enough money they dont have to live near blacks or hispanics
its not a well kept secret the republican party is a dogwistle for poor and lower middle class whites who are afraid their communities will become less white
>low IQ boomers
>midwits faggots
>Intellectual elite
Where was that list that broke down professions further? I remember it saying surgeons and specialized doctors were conservative, while cliche doctorates like psychology were liberal.
So the people who keep society running vote republican? Got it
"Police officers" should be all you need to see. What you have there is people who are exposed to what the democrat policies actually mean, vs people who live in bubbles where the policies they vote in don't impact them.

It much the same way my lawyer friend is 100% for Canadian support for skittles (all types). My other friend lives in a lower income neighborhood, he is unsupportive of Canada helping skittles as his neighborhood was safe (other than some petty crime) but turned into
"a warzone" with shootings on a regular basis, as well as a dramatic increase in muggings and other violent crime once some skittles moved in.
I'm a lawyer in a Red state. Biglaw salary is insane. Gives me more $$$ than I know what to do with as a young, single junkie man. I've diverting the portion of my salary I spend on investments into real estate. Houses are very cheap in rural areas, and I make sure every town I buy in went overwhelmingly for Trump in the 2020 election. Feels good to keep the dumb white trash in servitude while liberals build back better :)
>Sauce: My ass
I'm a senior machine learning engineer at a huge company and I think you're a dumb jogger. Trump was just the first wave of populists and the backlash against Biden is going to cause the second wave of populists to literally hang you elitist faggots.
>Most engineers

Senior mechanical engineering student and Navy vet here. I will NEVER vote Democrat or support the Left, and I will only consider moving to a based state in the South once I graduate.
This doesn’t says who voted for Biden vs Trump, not who is republican vs democrat. I know plenty of republicans who voted for Biden
Masters in chemistry here, vote republican, fuck u
>CEO's go blue
>we'll get the evil burgeoisie this time reddit!
Kek it just keeps happening
That means absolutely nothing.
Remove truckers and your country would die in a week.
woah people that have harder jobs are more likely to vote for someone that won't fuck up with the primary industry
Wow more people more indoctrinated in the system are npcs at a higher rate! IM FUCKING AMAZED BY THAT INFORMATION. kys please.
Those are called “liberal professions” which traditionally have been filled by jews because they don’t like to work. They’re mostly not real work.
It means communists are full of shit and hate the poor
>we've created a diagram describing which professions are the most jewish
>engineer (non-software)
coders are not and will never be engineers
they will always and forever be faggots
The former group requires prolonged exposure to liberal indoctrination, the latter demands experience. Both paths elicit hard work from their participants. That's why the worldview formed through participation in these roles is considered valid by each side, despite being diametrically opposed.
It's a combination of elites who have a vested interest in the status quo at the expense of everyone and everything else, and clever sillies who have abysmal judgment.
That picture is fake. Your post is fake. And the Democratic Party has no voters.
>People who actually make society better are liberal
Business Owners vote Republican....so pretty much every "Democrat" in your mythical chart works for a Republican boss. Pretty much blows your shit tier generalizing political affiliation equals brainlet wank chart out of the water even if it was remotely accurate.
Black people vote for democrats
So republicans are the working class and the democrats are the elites. Good to know
democrats just donate more
Independent thinkers vs corporate cucks.

How many are larking as Democraps, so as not to be ostracized by inferior herd mentality faggot doxxers?
None, your premise is fallacious.
70% of people live paycheck to paycheck...
The intelligentsia and middle management are democrats. Producers and workers are republican
So essentially, all the most relevant people have donated to Trump. Remove the bottom red part and the blue part disintegrates. Do the opposite and the red part is mostly unaffected.
Engineers to Biden? Seriously, a disgrace.
>People who spent their entire life in academia and make enough money to live away from the rabble are Democrats
>People who live in the real world, do real work, and interact with real people vote Republican
needs, cripples, cops and home makers vs everyone. oh and those 'jews' you love to hate so much. they're the business owners

actual cock-in-mouth faggot.
Why do people on disability vote Trump?
You can get rid of almost every blue circle and society continues, we couldn't function for a week without most of these red ones
liberal colleges brainwash eager liberal 20somethines lol? kinda obvious no?
Law, Science, and Engineering are all jobs focused in the university where you are kicked out of your academic depart for expressing the wrong political views. People vote democratic so they won't get fired for wrongthink.

Now I have a question to ask. What was Obama's LSAT score?
>careers with overwhelming women are liberal

GEE who would've thought
>construction workers
If they aren't unionized they're not workers, theyre indentured servants. And if they are unionized theyre basically democrats. So either way youre wrong and dumb and broadcasting a dumbshit non existent stereotype.
You look down on construction workers, farmers, welders, etc. Get the dildo out of your ass faggot
Most people who go through the education system and get corporate jobs are souless drones who don't do alot of thinking after hours, no arguments there anon
Midwits vote Democrat

Halfwits vote Republican

Galaxy brains realize the whole thing is a charade
imagine thinking a small sample size represents reality.
you must be quite mentally retarded to fund politicians and political parties in the first place
This is actually a really good representation of the state of our economy. All that blue at the top is supported by the red at the bottom. Shifting numbers around on a page can only go so far without industrial capacity backing it. The blue are just grifters on the physical production of the nation.
>Most engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors are Democratic voters.

note all these occupation require you to receive an education. education is not given to everyone. what this says is that demoncrats only give the education to those who agree with them. and that makes sense. they've used the education system to brainwash our kids for generations. what you're seeing is just the fallout from biased education system
Having known multiple members of both groups I can tell you that if there is any difference at all in terms of inherent human decency and goodwill toward their fellow man between the two, its the truckers and stay at home moms that come out looking better than the lawyers and engineers.
Why does that matter is my question?
In a democracy and if everyone gets an equal vote than so what? You know joggers vote mainly Democrat too. Let’s that sink in faggot. You preach unity and equality but put people down who you feel are beneath you. There is nothing wrong with being a trucker or tradesmen or a pastor or whatever other profession you feel is unworthy. As long as they aspire to take care of themselves and families and our country and don’t bother anyone then they are fine by me. You’re a dumb bitch and stupid for thinking like this. Guess who else will vote Democrat? Every single immigrant gang banger that becomes a citizen because of Chairman Biden’s executive orders. Also we will pay them all fifteen dollars an hour to take actual citizens’ jobs. America is doomed. It will be worse than communist Russia because at least Stalin sent faggots and degenerates to the gulags.
What does the size of the bubble represent exactly? What does the color? Why is it presented in this way when the axis appears to display percentage of?
>Most engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors are Democratic voters.
Most are Jewish, most are anti-White, most support mass immigration, most support anti-White/pro-Negro policies, most are pro-APPLE INC. degeneracy, most are pro-abortion, most are feminists, most have fewer than 2 children, most are hedonists and pleasure seekers, etc.
it's not voters it's donators
All the joggers and spics are dems too . Average 85 IQ .
Thats a large chunk of the dem party thats literally borderline retarded .
>Most engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors are Democratic voters.
I thought the democrat party was the party of the workers? When did you stop caring about the average person.
Wow, people with disposable income donated. while people living paycheck to paycheck have no economic power.
Intelligence =/= wisdom

good government relies most on the latter
That graph is about donation, not votes. It also shows only a slight favor towards republicans from pastors so you can't even read your own infograph right.
So the bulk of useless bureaucracy is democrats? Gotcha.
some incredibly childish shit here.

>look at my political survey. LMAOOOOO COPE

People who live in urban areas vote Democrat, and people who live in rural areas vote Republican. This is common knowledge. No gymnastics required.
The chart regards donors not voters
People who go to college for professional degree's have to take "humanities" courses. This is where the indoctrination happens. Trades don't have that problem
1. Try and give sauce - you won't
2. There is absolutely no way that most engineers vote dem.
3. KYS
Oh. so this is a democrat coping thread. Hi leftys. sorry Joe immediately killed any promise for Medicare for all and People in Georgia getting lied to about straight 2k checks. Off to a good start. gonna be a fun 4 years!
>on disability
Top fucking kek!
democrats support the elites
lawyers are juden. professor title lost its worth. all the people who dont really work seem to vote democrat. all useful people seem to vote republican.
useless people shouldnt be allowed to vote.
They lower standards and let any onions shitskins pass. Fail a jogger? Professor gets booted for racism. Not to mention affirmative action and hiring quotas in all company's
Those with high paying jobs don't get hit as hard by tax increase and don't have to live near dindus.
Holy cow your American college graduates are literal retards lmao. No wonder they don't let you run your own country.
>Hey, my college education says we should pick a walking corpse to hire a walking abomination as health minister, increase the price of insulim and bomb the refugees back into stone age so they can come to the EU and destroy it.
I really don't hate anyone, but burger democrat voters this year are pushing it.
Democrats want to claim the working class and then constantly deride them. You hate the working class. Why not just honest about it?
Okay. Then explain to me how an asshole only popular with about 2% of the employed taxpaying population wins without massive fraud?
Don't you find it odd that disabled people are for Trump? I thought that Biden was supposed to be the empathetic leftist candidate.
and yet you're none of the above. Could you be any more pathetic. I'm a lawyer though, can confirm majority democrat. Doesn't make them any less wrong
I’ve always said it: HVAC workers are based as fuck.
If democrats are so smart why are they such fuckin retards? They voted for Biden for example, watch CNN, believe that men can be women, etc.
you cant name a single scientist from the 21st centuey because none of them have achieved anything
>party of the working class
>can’t have a conversation without demeaning the working class
>The working class is right-wing
>The bourgeoisie are left-wing
This has been obvious for generations.
What is there to cope with? Republicans are the party of the working class and Democrats are the party of coastal elites. We already knew this.
Worthless Jew jobs to keep the beast slave system running.

Real jobs that are pivotal to any society.
>people who were indoctrinated in indoctrination camps, otherwise known as colleges, are more indoctrinated
What a fucking surprise
The most important jobs vote republican is what it means
>ow, tell me, what sort of mental gymnastics do you do to cope with this fact?
I don't. Its pretty obvious the parties have switched to anyone with eyes. The RNC is now the party of the worker and the DNC is the party of the bourgeois.
>post wrong opinion
>get canned
Look what happened to that guy who discovered the DNA
Note how many of those blue jobs depend on government spending. No one is willing to actually pay for what they produce so they have to steal it from others.
that would explain why everything is upside down and backwards nowadays
education =/= intelligence
Smart people are fucking retarded, simple as.
Cope with the fact that trump supported the poor? I support them. I am a caring good individual, unlike yourself.
>sauce or go fuck yourself
>People with disability and receiving free handouts from the government vote Conservative.

Im a physicist and Im a Mosley voter
Job titles don't mean shit. At the end of the day, it's just a job, regardless of political affiliation.

t. right-wing engineer
>OP is a cliche flag, you removed the military bubble I see
Fake and junkie
Care to factor all the joggers in the ghetto into your stats fuck tard?
I can't help but laugh at the fact we live rent-free in your deranged minds. Take your meds, schizo leftoid.

Sage goes in all fields
Im a lawyer and engineer and basically alt right. University requires diversity brainwashing
Democrats and republicans are both pathetic parties. They have not improved the lives of americans despite both substantially increasing the size and overreach of government to historic levels. There has never been a more large, more hostile, or more petty government in human history. You cannot name a government with more jobs or more departments than the american government and yet its still providing us with less than most other first world nations, instead it spends its time producing literal mind control experiments and gunning down its citizens. It doesnt matter if dems or republicans are in office. The government will become bigger and more hostile to americans without improving their life at all.
>Autists/socially inept vote democrat
No shit?
are stay at home moms /ourgirls/?

This is why they want women to work
>I believe this!
That makes sense honestly.
You do have a job, right? You got friends, communicate with people, dated women and have skillful hobbies?
Those kinds of jobs creates those opinions organically. Are you trying to be the wife of another man whose been neglecting you? Just wondering. Kinda junkie lady...
Your whole country is retarded mutt, it's cute you think there's any difference. You're all subhuman cancer
Just because someone voted Democrat doesn’t mean they love nigras.
but why are coders usually huge faggots?
>more retards vote for trump

Makes sense
>stay at home mothers are Republican voters
Bullshit. Those women will actively cuck their husbands (if they're married) by voting for more government. Those that aren't married are already government-owned broodmares.
common sense and basic needs are the realm of the normal people
democrats are about leeching off those people
>teachers & professors overwhelmingly vote democrat
>teachers & professors career prospects are tied directly to getting more public funding.
>people who spend more time being instructes by teachers & professors tejd to also lean left
Real fuckin mystery
So democrats are mostly cityfags?
Most of these prestigious professions are filled to the brim with highly trained midwits that can't see past bullshit.
It is simple. Engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors all have to go through left-brainwashing college to get a degree. Also lmao at lawyers being in your list, the most untrustworthy of all people.
Trump got more donations than Biden, what a joke image. Billionaires support the left, the people support the right.
Most men vote republican, most women vote Democrat, let that sink in.
Most engineers and doctors I know voted Trump
OP is a dumb jogger
Engineer here, can confirm that most engineers are rightwing as hell and just say they are blue to not be vilified.
universities are indoctrination machines of middle-upper class well sheltered people
>Literally any trade job
>Business owners
>Construction workers
Looks like society falls apart and turns into shit without conservatives. Cool post OP.
>Most engineers, scientists, lawyers, and doctors are Democratic voters.
Overpaid professionals vote Democrat to cut their pay and bring in cheaper foreign replacements? Let's see how well that works out for them.
Most science cannot be replicated because it’s not actually science. Most science is government funded to produce anticipated results. Keep this in mind.
Most scumbags vote democrat...
It's simple:
>The college institutions attempt to indoctrinate all of those who go in.

>The longer that you're in college the more you're indoctrinated by the professors and the more you're exposed to other indoctrinated students who will further reinforce those ideas.

>Indoctrinated individuals vote almost exclusively democrat because undoing the indoctrination would be far too painful and socially damaging.

people that don't go to college and aren't a minority will vote more republican because they can use common sense due to them not being indoctrinated