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Why do doomsday preppers buy precious metals?

> Society collapses
> Economy collapses
> Economy is reduced to a level of tribal bartering
> Human knowledge of technology begins to decline as knowledge of survivalism is prioritised in the day to day
> Be a prepper, smug that your theory of the future turned to be true
> "What do you mean I can't exchange water, food, and warmth for these shiny metals that you've lost all knowledge of how to use and have no value in a post apocalyptic society?
Not just lost knowledge but lost any need for .

We will all know what shiny metal is, but we won’t care.
I buy toilet paper
You're saying people would just live primitively like medeival peasants for 30 years after a collapse?
Eventually a currency exchange system would be implemented along with basic statecraft.
At that point you would "buy in" by exchanging your precious metals for whatever is being used as currency.
You don't trade the store of value for necessities during the collapse. It's saved for after.
>Retarded post
But you have a point. Precious metals are the last thing you need to invest in after securing Water, Food, Shelter, and Defense. I will be great for future trade tho, everyone understands 2 things, Violence and the worth of Gold
Precious metals are only valuable in a pre-doomsday environment (like a great depression), so I don't think it's fair to say that preppers buy precious metals FOR the end. They buy them to gird themselves against that necessary period of time BEFORE the end, when controlled economies are still a reality. It shouldn't take a genius to figure out that there is only one type of metal that will be worth anything when shit actually hits the fan.
You're trolling or retarded.
different kinds of collapses my friend. In a Weimar Republic style inflation scenario it would do pretty well, until the government confiscates it of course.
Yeah, it’s totally asinine. I bet there’s a bunch of retards here that think it gains in value as time passes; which is economically illiterate.
Bullets and water will be way more valuable. Most preppers are retarded boomers who want to larp.
stay jealous no-stack
Somebody online who has an interest in the commodity told them to and it feels like it's anti n establishment move.

The notion that the ruling classes of society don't also control precious metals, crypto or anything else is laughable.
precious metals are used in electronics, retard
I don't buy silver for the collapse. I buy it because it's a good investment against inflation.
No the most important btfo of preppers is that if society collapses then i will just fucking murder you and take all your shit.
Gold and Silver have been the standard means of currency for nearly as long as civilization has been around. Unlike food/livestock/ammo, it doesn't go bad, and is one of the few items that have universal value across all of humanity.
As an added bonus, both are excellent conductors of electricity, and are therefore used heavily in the electronics industry.
OP is a stupid faggot who is trying to gaslight people into not buying precious medals.
PMs were monetary metals for thousands of years before the industrial revolution, including in some societies we would consider pretty primitive.
Collapse isn't necessarily a 'back to the stone age' scenario anyway, and if it is, there are bigger things to worry about than "oh no I wasted money on shiny rocks'.
Sensible prepping, in my opinion, is about being prepared for (1) as many scenarios as possible and (2) being prepared for what comes after the crisis - and as another anon has pointed out, emerging complex societies would eventually require some monetary system. Even if it's some years down the line, I'd rather my descendants have a head start with a little stash of PMs in that regard.
shiny metal still worth more than digits on a computer screen or piles of rotten food.
Stfu jogger. If you dont know by now, you are an NPC that deserves death. Couldnt care less about oyu
I'm buying physical silver to help collapse the technocratic society that requires cheap silver.
I just like the secure feeling it gives me. The government could collapse tomorrow, a nuke hits DC for example, and I will still be able to go about my life under the new reality. Have currency to start a new business for example, where as the folks who only have greenbacks, they are just screwed and broke, which is a terrible almost impossible place to be.
SHTF is not an on/off switch from "NPC cummie utopia" to "Post Nuclear funscape just like my fallout games", and anyone who thinks this way is retarded. THere are a million fucky scenarios where barter and commerce will still be on the table.
>Hurp de derp but my character class will be Raider and I'll just take ur shit
No, jogger, you won't. But if you still want these bags of rice that will be two mercury dimes or a blowjob. Your pick.
It IS better than keeping cash but yeah a lot of the value for it would disappear. Maybe if i end up with a big farm with way more than enough food and water for my family ill buy a bit of silver because pretty metal but yeah the value will mostly fuck off
Trading shiny rocks does not require advanced knowledge, illiterate peasants did it for thousands of years.
>Why do doomsday preppers buy precious metals?
because they are literally retarded, PMs are a middle ground between anarchy and fiat chugging along smoothly. your better off 95% invested in the market and 5% invested in SHTF stuff like food and bullets. buying fucking coins is literally a scam ran by people like pic related. there is a reason they have gold commercials on fox news and its because only retard boomers with lead poisoning from childhood are dumb enough to fall for it
First off, in the event of a financial collapse that doesn’t destroy society, PM holders will retain more of their wealth across the gap.

As for societal collapse, Silver/gold etc will be valuable for the exact same reasons they are today: speculation.
In a given transaction, the person spending silver could be said to be betting against the revival of society (for present wants and needs) whereas the person receiving is betting on the revival of society (the items being traded away will become available again before they are needed)

People that successfully adapt to post-society (likely preppers) will either owe their quick adaptation to their prep (including what silver will buy them) and they will be in a position to safely bet on the revival of society (and in fact, are actively participating in it) by accepting precious metals for their surplus. With enough large players accepting PM for desireable goods, people will begin to use it between themselves in barter as a “multigood” (currency) that acts as a stand-in during trade for anything the silver-collectors sell.

Fast forward a bit and we are well into the feudal age and back on our way to modern civilization

You’re welcome, poorfags.
The late nineties rappers were all about their chains,,, gold was at $270 an ounce, now it's at $1800... Jokes on us.
It's not the goods and services that will collapse, it's the dollar and other fiat currencies. If you are holding dollars you will get wiped out; that's it. The productive nations like Russia and China will simply return to a gold or silver standard and that will be that. They still have all the manufacturing and infrastructure to be prosperous. Only America and the West will suffer, nations with colossal debts, little gold, and enormous trade-deficits. We shall no longer be able to print money any more to buy things which we never laboured for.

"In Germany and Austria in 1922-23, country estates and residential properties could be acquired for very small amounts of gold — only five ounces bought a six-bedroom house in a fashionable street in Berlin." (Reported in Stefan Zwieg’s contemporary autobiography, The World of Yesterday.)
In every case of a complete economic collapse, gold and silver are still recognized as money. You can look at countries like Venezuela. Average people don't trust the local currency, they've solved that problem by accepting gold, US dollars and bitcoin.
Silver & gold were used as currency for thousands of years. You would have to believe we're going back to the stone age to believe they won't return the default currency. Every fiat failure in recorded history has ended with a return to precious metals
It's not about society collapsing for me. I buy because if it every become rebalanced to its true price I won't be a slave anymore.
silver actually makes good bullets
gold not so much, its too soft
>requires some form of use to be valuable
Its like you dumb joggers have forgotten that gold has been used in jewelry and has been seen as valuable since it was first discovered, long before it ever had any industrial and technological use.
>Why do doomsday preppers buy precious metals?
Who knows. In the end of days when my roaming band of thugs shoots them with my stockpile of lead and brass, their stacks of shiny will mean nothing to them.
eh, all you have to do is look at weimar germany, which was an industrialized modern economy, suffered hyperinflation, and came out of that inflation as an industrialized modern economy. the difference is those with gold/stocks of companies that survived were quite wealthy, and those who had their money in paper lost all their savings.
I think you are just confused about how societies have operated throughout all of history. Even in the bible they exchanged land for silver. How the fuck are you going to carry 60 gallons of water in your pocket to barter with? Every time I speak with someone who doesn't understand why gold and silver is valuable I find out they have never held an ounce in their hand in their entire life.
Shiny metal is super portable and durable, and the traditional method for both getting the fuck out of a collapsing place to a better place, or for caching to rebuild later.

Have you even attempted to reason this shit out?
Silver and gold have value because they’re rare, pretty, easily-formed into convenient trinkets to carry, don’t tarnish, and can function as a medium of exchange for anything. Bartering supplies is only an immediate temporary solution.
Where’s a good place to buy silver and gold, lads?
It’s not for doomsday dumbo
It’s for currency collapse
Society collapsing doesn't mean it's gone forever. It's a way of preserving wealth, especially for your heirs. Because your monopoly money sure isn't going to be worth shit once the new nations are formed. By all means buy other useful things to prepare for surviving some kind of potential apocalypse.
trade with foreign countries
precious metals are for intermediate collapse. that is, to have something you can buy yens with when the dollar and euro value collapses to nothing.
you're a fucking retard, silver isn't for trading in an apocyliptic scenario. silver and gold is just to protect the value of your money.
Retards think that there are only 2 options - our modern technological society, and Mad Max world - that's a chimp-tier understanding of how the future could turn out - there are many levels that society could devolve/evolve into, - precious metals have had, and ALWAYS will have intrinsic value - but feel free to not buy any, im sure you're smug ignorance will keep you safe and happy.
Coinlets stay coping lel
>retarded leftist doesnt understand why currency replaced the barter system
Shocking, granted you should be stocking up on guns and ammo regardless
Because even when societies collapse, civilization never collapses for more than a VERY brief period of time. The number of times in human history when technology was lost or regressed is so low it can be counted on one hand (Greek Fire, Roman Concrete, and Damascus Steel; all of which, by the way, were rediscovered later). Precious metals are useful as a store of wealth during the common occurrence of fiat currency collapsing.
>Economy is reduced to a level of tribal bartering
That's not how it works. Society in the 1880s functioned fine without electricity.
Because they are 99% retarded larpers
Fools are preparing for a movie like apocalyptic scenario when they should be ready to survive and fight on militias the New World Order.

When Drones and the World Army begun to hunt and kill all these fools and sent many of them to modern day Gulags, then they will realize that all their money invested on silver and gold were in vain.

Be smart and be read for the Apocalypse(revelation) described in the Holy Bible, God warned us all of all the things that WILL happen in the last days.. If the russians were not able to survive the bolcheviks persecutions on Soviet Union, who the heck we the people will survive agaisnt the coming world government ruled by the anti-christ and his A.I robots and armies ?
Whats more likely you retarded bong:

>world collapses into mad max


>(hyper)inflation continues to decimate fiat currencies and the price of real goods skyrockets in terms of "dollars" or "pounds"
I don’t think preppers, legit ones, would be interested in precious metals. If SHTF for real, metals aren’t worth shit. Things like food, water, ammunition, medical supplies, alcohol and tools will be worth WAY fucking more than a lump of useless metal.

Honestly, one of the best ways to sustain yourself when everything goes to shit is to have a functioning still and the means to protect your production. You can do amazing things with alcohol.
so i can be rich when i raid them
They’re retards
It's for economic collapse, not doomsday brainlet.
dunno, because it's retarded to hoard metals in the city where you can't easily move it or guard it.
the best investment is a gun and bullets.
>nice shiney metal you got there
its now mine
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>how much for your tinned goods?
thanks for your donation.
>cool house senpai, is that a chimney?
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Apocalypse is great.
I'm a pepper I've managed to store food water, seeds and some equipment. I'll just hit you with my equipment and take your silver things.
I bought one cause its shiny and cool :3
In a situation where everything collapses people will still like shiny things and jews love money so if they are still around then the metals will still have their uses. And if not then at least you got some bitchin' sling shot ammo :D
that's why
>> "What do you mean I can't exchange water, food, and warmth for these shiny metals that you've lost all knowledge of how to use and have no value in a post apocalyptic society?
gold and silver have been used since your grug ancestor days
>The most stable and constant form of currency will be spendable after the collapse.
If you look at human history, shiny metal has always been the best thing to exchange for water, food, and warmth. Cloth IOUs meanwhile have never worked out long term.
>Why do doomsday preppers buy precious metals?
There are multiple schools of thought on this
Speaking from the burger perspective
Very very few people that stack pm's here don't also stack ammo cans, freeze dried food, survival kit, etc
Given the scenario you have the other stuff sorted what to do with the pm's
Pull a jew and "buy when there's blood in the streets"
Mostly property, but could be other durable goods
The other thought is dollar goes to shit, but realistically the lights aren't going to be out for the next 100 years
When the lights do come back on and new currency comes into being, you pm stacker, have something to convert into new currency if needed, instead of person that held on to cash and starbucks stocks, which are now worthless
>why do precious metals have value
I guess gold can have some value in the long run, but short term, bulets, seeds, drugs/meds, tools, eletronics, batteries are waaay more valuable. If I was a prepper I'd unironically consider hoarding some hard drugs, besides the essentials, just to make bank. Stims and opiates I'd imagine would be the most valuable, as they also serve non recreational functions that could make the difference in survival situations
got a point lad, roman soldiers were often paid in salt, as it was more valuable than gold by weight
hence salary