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Anyone else /wagie/ here? I'm a McDonald's worker studying e...

Anyone else /wagie/ here? I'm a McDonald's worker studying engineering and I swear it's about to turn me into a Marxist
get a different job?
Why, wagie will be the easiest job you will ever have. Once you get your engineering degree do you think it will be any easier?
Working for one of the largest corporations on the planet and this guy wants to be a marxist!


Tell your manager that you are bored and want to learn his job to better support him.
Faggot quit asap
You just need to work harder.
I was a wagie for a few years after my first stint at college. I became suicidal at every job and, once homelessness was approaching, my mom offered for me to live with her for free if I finished my degree. Now I am a senior with $28K in debt and no plans to ever be formally or legally employed. I am going to try my hand at small scale agriculture as a means of sustenance on some family property. Hopefully I can make that work. Otherwise, who knows. I just want to live in the woods and hunt shit with a tribe. But technology has absorbed and destroyed any abundance on the planet. I am trapped, and, like any trapped animal, I may try to escape
No, I make money off youtube
Interesting because a lot of the people the marxists threw into the Gulag work camps were the privileged students who were seen at future oppressors of the proletariat.

Billions of people have worked crap jobs while they invest into their own value enough to start a career and work their way up the career ladder. It's typical that people work crap jobs early on in life and they improve, and everyone else is OK with this, maybe you're just a fragile snowflake, ever consider that? Toughness comes from facing adversity.
I run the grill at a local college for the free tuition and health care. The only way to concentrate on something so awful for so long is to not think about it. Also learn how to be a slave spiritually. The only dharma for a slave is work. The whole point of society is leisure time.
Then why don't you engineer your way out of it?
Bro ur in Ireland lmao try working at a authentic burgerland mcdonalds u pussy
Just do board swap OP. It's the same shit. You assemble an electronic sandwich of sorts. Anyone can do it and they'll hire anyone off the streets only you get paid at least $4 more an hour and have bennies.
Don't worry brother I too am a wagie studying engineering, I did 10 consecutive 7 day weeks last semester

We're all gonna make it
Haha dude McDonald's is easy. I would love to still work in that environment and get same pay. It will be easiest job in your life and probably the most fun/casual. Engineering is high pressure, thinking all day, presentations, communication at high level,.... McDonald's is easy as fuck
> Imagine living paycheck to paycheck
I'm a forklift operator working overnight lumber recovery for home depot. The work is fun, everyone who I have to interact with besides the truck drivers are infuriating.

Originally i was stocking shelves. I thought it would be easy as fuck and that I'd be able to come to work stoned and do fuck all while getting paid for it. Turned out to be way more intense than I bargained for and physically taxing. Slow and unorganized people get hazed and shitcanned, and you are in constant communication with everyone trying to move from one end of the store to the other as a unit, with no residual freight leftover. I hated it so I got my forklift licences and eventually got the chance to move to lumber.

I still have to deal with the same fuckheads every night but at least it's a marginal improvement and my body isnt being torn to pieces powercleaning toilets and cabinets. But hell I didnt even mind that as much as I minded the gossipy backstabbing shitheads I had to work with and now have to work around. At least I was getting exercise and building strength while shedding weight. The worst part about this job and every job I've had before this is other people.
Vote for a better life for yourself, and may Christ be always with you.
why would studying engineering turn you into a marxist?
>being irish
just remember the soviet union paid stipends to students for their grades
>Take out a huge loan to get an engineering degree
>Go to college for engineering
>Finally graduate just to learn that nobody wants to hire you because an Indian will do it for pennies on the dollar.
>OP still believes the jews are trying to help him.
>be 19 in university
>plagued with mental problems from a very young age
>develop an inflammatory bowel disease that impedes life significantly
>just hope to die one day
>get absolutely fucked over by an administrative error in my final year
>graduate with STEM masters degree in 2014
>there's no jobs
>apply for something basic in the meantime
>finally employed in a supermarket after hundreds of applications
>gradually improve health with a very restrictive diet and lifestyle
>stay there for 5 years with little will to job search and wage full time with ill health
>have bad manager and quit without notice
>spam applications to everything in my field for 6 months
>every time the other candidates are women and non-whites
>interviewers act like I'm wasting my time and can't be bothered from the start
>the only job I get offered is 4 on, 4 off quality control nights for minimum wage
>zero opportunities for advancement
>decide to get IT certs instead
>work nights at weekends in mail sorting while doing that
>temporary contract expires
>corona hits
>get rehired by the supermarket I left because they're desperate
>finish compTIA (A+, network, security) certs
>vacancies become very rare so the interviews are absurdly demanding
>realise the only entry point into the field is a fucking help desk anyway
>the jobs are worse than the supermarket I left
>actually kind of glad to have my wagie job now but have no plans for the future
I'm just focusing on self-improvement now and hoping something falls into place one day. I can't remember the last time I wasn't having insurmountable problems with everything. Guess I got a low roll for my luck stat.
If I make $35hr am I still a wager?
Outback Steakhouse curbside and delivery my name is mark
No, I am sorry. But every day I feel grateful that there are people like you willing to do the tough work to support the rest of us.
I understand the McDonald's situation man, but if you get brainwashed by what you see in soc 101, there's no hope for you lol
McDonald’s was my first job. It’s a great starting point. Teaches you responsibility, accountability and that money is not so easy to get. Some of the most successful people in the country started out wage cucking at McDonald’s.

Plus you can actually make a great career out of it if you care to and put in the effort. Work up to management, get into burger college or whatever they call their school. Get your own franchise. Rule it with an iron fist so joggers don’t cause you to lose money. Get some good managers to run it for you eventually. Kick back and let the money roll in while you are basically retired at age 45.

People shit on wagecuck jobs but really if you work your way into management at any of these big corporations you will pull down six figures. I’m betting it’s easier work and easier to get a job than engineering.
Good luck. It's funny how everyone working in McDonald here is irish, where as burger king is full of blacks and Pakis, or just non irish in general
low time preference retard, you're literally in school training for a six figure job
Marxist? You really wanna be, or feel you're on the same wavelength as your average mouth breather? Suit yourself but don't get me involved.

T. Maccies wagie alumni 2010
Well without cheap imported labor it wouldnt be as bad bro.
Thinking about quitting my accounting job and becoming a mailman. Twice the pay, actual holidays/benefits/job security, respect, and seems fun as fuck and healthy. Thing is im 22 just got my degree and put in a year in this office job its just fucking soul destroying and my body is falling apart. Im fairly certain i could become top mailman in my city easily because im super athletic and pretty smart as opposed to the old guys and boons delivering mail
Based mcchicken craftsman.
So when you finish that engineering degree and all the hard work that goes into it, will you be happy getting the same pay as the stoner guy cooking fries ?
McDonald's was the shittiest fucking job I've ever had in my life. I would've been better of not working at all during uni
Just keep pushing through. The world is kinda fucked at the moment, but some sectors are seeing plenty of hiring, so I'm sure you'll get something good when you're done with school. I used to work on a golf course for $8.50/hour. Got my CompSci degree and my entry salary was $52k. Got a raise after 1 year to $55k, and if I get promoted (likely this year) its an instant 20% raise to $66k. Never thought I'd be having this great a time as a software programmer after college, but everything got way easier once the stress of grades went away. Even applying for jobs is easier when you aren't worried about exams.
You do realise that if it was Marxism you'd likely have to work at your local kolhoz 12 hours a day at some production line with no way to negotiate hours or studying opportunities? Soul destroying labour isn't as much an effect of capitalism so many people can't define but a decline in western values and spirituality. Constant diversity and propaganda brainwashing people into consumerism orchestrated by (((them))).
Are you that faggot subhuman jealous of that kid with the scar on his face? Lmfao.
you think the Party is going to care any more about you than the McDonalds CEO?
don't kid yourself. you are a number to either of them.

look for a gang and trash any corporate business you can find - while working for small local businesses.
that's the only way you could make a difference.
invest in dogecoin, its going for piss right now
Why the fuck would anyone work fast food. Work in a warehouse or something.
I`m doing my bachelor in economics and was aiming for a PhD because I hated the idea to work for a living (have rich parents though) and wanted to have "fun".

Last year I was short on cash because I bought a nice watch and a friend got me into the purchasing department of a small online sport retail outlet (6 office guys and the boss and 30 warehouse workers).
Job is really funny, as we are mostly young guys working there. Looking at new clothes and bargaining with manufacturers, shipping companies, customers. Sometimes just walking around the warehouse trying to figure out how to optimize processes.
Last friday we had to catch an refugee worker who was stealing and threw him out.

I'm just doing this 8h a week but I would certainly not mind getting such a full time job. Sadly I have pretty high standards and could never tell my parents I was not going for a 6 figure job.
Learn to trade, I’ve been trading on the stock market for a little less than a year now. Incredible market to get into, not sure how long it will last but you can make some serious cash.
You know what? I think Amarican communism would be better than Chinese communism. I bet we could figure out how to do it better if we get all the liers out of office. The reason China does so poorly is because all it does is lie to its people and other countries. You got to be honest with people if you want them to work properly.
>works shit tier job
>wants everyone else to pay for his lifestyle because he made bad life choice
Gee, I wonder why?
Shitty LARP. STEM and Marxism are incompatible.
>t. Undergrad MEEN student
Learn economics, marxism is an uber bullshit theory, it's only relevant thanks to sociology and lefty retards with no real economy knowledge.
buy XRP. do it now. even if it's only 20 or 50 or 100 pounds worth...do it now