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The Automotive Problem

Why is cars still needing mechanical work and breaking down a thing?

Its 2021. We've pretty much reached the peak of engineering. Every other industry has almost mastered their product. Even when other products do seem to have problems it's not expensive and its minor. But the car industry struggles to just make a product that is reliable and won't shit the bed, despite consumers spending tens of thousands on them.

Is the automotive industry holding on to the perfect vehicular engineering just so people have to keep buying cars and they don't lose sales? This makes the most sense to me.
What is the best automobile manufacturer in leafland?
How hard is it to make a car with parts that dont fucking break. Like what the fuck is the deal man. My hond aaccord has run fine for 12 years but the interior is fucked and i have random lights and shit go on. My shovel has worked for 75 years in my family and nevwr broken. Why the FUCK cant my car do the same when im paying 30000x more for it. Fucking kikes
Today's engines are nearly indestructible. Also, the general public will be weaned off IC engines and pushed towards electric.
this hasn't been a thing since the 1997 camry came out.
>We've pretty much reached the peak of engineering.
no, we passed it and now everything breaks easily. nothing is made well anymore.
more complex, sophisticated systems, more things to go wrong, but also one thing has not changed: cars have to take a beating on roads, all sorts of weather conditions, driving conditions, accidents, etc.,
>posts ford ecoboost 4 cylinder
not even a ford fan but there are a lot of turbo engines alongside this one that do just fine and reach 100k without anything but oil changes and spark plugs
Because cars are used more than any other form of mobility. They seem like they break down more but that is because of stats.
Because manufacturers don't want them to last too long, otherwise they'll be out of business. It's the same with anything else you buy. Planned obsolescence.
EV is the future. Get rid of your ICE POS while it’s still worth something. Soon that jacked up 4x4 micropenis compensator you paid $50,000 for will be worth $6,200 on a trade. Driving an EV is a sign of prosperity and high IQ. I have had two already soooooooooooo...

also have a $7,500 tax refund coming PLUS my Biden bucks. Sweet.
Because there is money to be made from broken cars. Same reason light bulbs are designed to fail after a year, lightbulbs can last 100 years if they wanted them to. Same reason hospitals and pharma needs sick people, so they fuck you up with vaccines to create a health care demand.

Diesel engines can last a million miles, run on less processed fuel, get better mileage, easier to repair and those engines are getting banned. You can't get cars with diesel anymore because the faggots want you broke.
They are made by the sheepest, excuse me, cheapest means possible to increase profit margins. Also they need to keep the automotive parts and repair tech industries alive until they have robots. Then we are all FUCKED!
>we've reached the peak of engineering in year X
that's probably what the Wright brothers thought
Get a land cruiser. Stop buying dogshit cars.
We could make a car that doesn't break down nor need service for a million miles; it would just cost $500k. Most people are okay with a car that costs $15k but needs the occasional service every few months over the alternate.
In order to improve mpg they shove twin turbos into the car that spin at 130,000 rpm and break within a few years costing thousands to repair
The more complex a machine becomes, the more failure points it has.

There was a bunch of dodge trucks that wouldn't start because a bolt in the driver's seat was installed wrong at the factory. It caused ground issues.
It's a machine, it will break down.

Even a meticulously handcrafted Patek Philipe costing hundreds of thousands dollars will require maintenance once in a while.
Because that's not as profitable
You have metal parts rubbing against metal parts, you're physically going to have wear no matter what. Furthermore, cars aren't allowed to have a smooth evolutionary engineering process due to ever changing emission requirements, which is one of the big reasons if you open up the hood of a 2020 car it has about ten times the wires and random sensors of something made pre-1980, with more complexity you're going to have more points of failure (even then modern engines tend to have longer lifespans than historic older ones did).
They design some of the stuff to fail. The money in the car industry is in the service.
Regulation. It’s getting more and more complicated to engineer a car that not only has good power, but also complies with emissions regulations.
>Why is cars still needing mechanical work and breaking down a thing?
>Its 2021. We've pretty much reached the peak of engineering. Every other industry has almost mastered their product. Even when other products do seem to have problems it's not expensive and its minor. But the car industry struggles to just make a product that is reliable and won't shit the bed, despite consumers spending tens of thousands on them.
>Is the automotive industry holding on to the perfect vehicular engineering just so people have to keep buying cars and they don't lose sales? This makes the most sense to me.

Why are modern 'men' like this? like I can tell this isn't a larp by the way it was typed.

t. motorbike mechanic, was going to type out more but didn't want to insult the intelligence of other people in the thread by stating common sense.
I have a feeling you don't really know much about cars
In the late seventies and early eighties was peak longevity for vehicles then the decline of sales, so they manufactured a fuel scare to make people buy "economical" cars that were throw away cars. Then it snowballed into "engineered to fail" to keep you in debt forever either by the fix it shop or trade ins.
I don't understand how in 2021 we are still dealing with entropy. How has this not been resolved yet?
Because Humanity is still using gasoline engines like 1945 we are in a Dark Age year Germans would laugh at us
Moving parts = friction. Constant friction = wear. Wear = things break. I get what you mean but looking at current manufacturing and costs. I don't see better options. All the options increase cost and people don't want that for vehicles or part prices.
I bought a used low-millage Toyota 1999 Corolla in 2004. Have been driving it ever since. It's super reliable. The only thing I'm worried about is rust from Midwest winters. I will always buy Toyota, though am not certain how reliable recent production has been compared to 1990s era.
not even women are this stupid. fuckin leafs
products are designed to expire in a set number of years so that company may sell their product again, that is the greatest reason why all expensive products have a shelf life of 5-10 years until they slow down, break down, or become obsolete
Buy EV car, change battery every 5-8 years, enjoy. But battery cost is fucking HUUUUUUUUGE
>just so people have to keep buying cars and they don't lose sales?
t. worked over a decade in the Car industry.

they also design modern cars in a way that its hard to impossible to fix them yourself. they want you to go to their auto repair shop for repairs.
They also lied about Co2 bullshit to release newer cars for green idiots.
>this car produces 10% less emissions. I need to replace my 3 year old car to protect the environment!
It's a combination of high temperatures and metal parts rubbing against each other along with a very long lifetime and generally poor and sporadic maintenance. If you get your car serviced on a regular schedule it will last basically forever. Everything needs servicing to last. Cars, tractors, turbines, nuclear reactors, ships, etc. Most cars manufactured these days make it past 100k miles with only oil and battery replacements. Longevity is way better than it used to be.
The ultimate, unbreakable engine was made in the 80s by Mercedes. Theyd run for a million miles and still run like a charm. Then they realized each car made was a net loss to the company, and so they addressed the issue.
Planned obsolescence. But it's not just the automotive industry. It's all of them.
Same thing, unironically with college education.
More people than ever attend school, getting educated and yet the more shitty the actually education is. Trying to appeal to critical mass is a mistake, if you're aim is quality. So why do they do it? They make a shit ton of money.
Buy a Toyota you dumb fuck
>a product that is reliable and won't shit the bed
ever tried Honda?
Becausr first law of physics or second or some shit. Idk im a retard, but i do know whenever you start an engine, its breaking down. Everything and anything like an engine ia continuously wearing out when you are expecting it to do what it does. Oil. The lubrication prevents it from breaking down as bad. Coolant. The heat is dispensed throughout your radiator. You have to change the way you see a car. Yes some of it is cheap chink shit, and thats doesnt help. But in reality, everything rusts, everything breaks down. Its pretty much a unstoppable. Thats why you have to take pride in learning to fix this shit yourself. Both o mine over 200k miles
As someone in the auto industry, this is one of the most retarded things I've read.
>Why is cars still needing mechanical work and breaking down a thing?
Works in IT
>Why are cloud hosting servers still needing mechanical work and breaking down a thing?
probably part of it is patients on the correct way of building things

but, you are probably saying that they build them to break down and sell you a warranty on your vehicle?

Some companies do that, they know their transmission fail about 100k miles and need to be replaced and it's part of the design

What you've discovered probably has more to do with laziness and greed in getting fleets of cars worked on at dealerships. Which is common for government fleeted cars

get your local congressman to look into business practices of automotive manufacturers and how to make them a better value for American citizens
retard users
What is planned obsolescence? This is why I have pre-1985 Mercedes Diesels
Enjoy taking public transport \ cycling you retarded jogger
>The jew fears the modded ej205 mechanic
Shit breaks, but with enough time and familiarity you can diagnose problems by feel and sound. Download a factory service manual for your car, or buy an aftermarket service manual from Vatozone.
As long as you buy something not built in the last 10-15 years
>Nothing is too difficult
>nothing requires tools that can’t be cheaply purchased or rented FOR FREE with a refundable deposit
>parts aren’t that expensive if you’re smart. Is the dealer trying to rob you for a MAF sensor? Go buy it straight from a DENSO vendor for a quarter of the price. Don’t be afraid of aftermarket stuff if it’s not going to cost you a new engine if it fails
>every repair has been documented online in detail if you look
>many cars have enthusiast forums that are happy to help with unique problems and are a repository of solutions to common ones
>t. Subaru owner/hobbyist mechanic for 10 years
>Its 2021

Jogger, did you really just CURRENT YEAR us all?
two primary reasons
>crash safety regulations have increased the electronics and weight requirements to bring any new car to market
>emissions and fuel economy regulations (plus displacement taxes in many locales) have increased the stress on mechanical components through the strongarm encouragement of forced induction engines and the increasingly complex exhaust treatment/recirculation systems
there are some manufacturers fighting against some regulations, others fighting against others, but none in the west have managed to give all the regulations the finger ever since Dieselgate killed the magical 1.9TDI
that being said, modern vehicles are objectively far more reliable than cars of even 20 years ago, with some exceptions like the land cruiser
Take a steel rod, heat it to red hot, then have it handle 9 atmospheres of pressure 50 times per second 96,000 times per day, every single day for 10 years.
That is the repetitive stress every single piston in your car operates at every single time you drive it.
It's a fucking miracle they last for 10 miles let alone 200,000.
Just change the fucking oil retard.
Anything mechanical will fail. You fucking retard.

I will agree with you when it comes to emissions related bullshit leaf. That shit is there to break your car on purpose.
planned obsolescence is real
Check oil level retard
Throttle body
Ladyboy fluid
>boom new car
Because retards like you don't maintain their cars
which industries have mastered their product? things seem to last a couple years at most.
>Why is manufactured obsolescence a thing?
Anon... I
It's intentional. Greed makes things break and makes repeat customers. Many people have several auto loans, even loans on cars they don't have anymore. An EH2 civic from the '90s was like $9k and still is safe, fast, fun, reliable, and gets 50mpg. Some people say modern cars suck because technology, like the tesla touchscreens that only last a few years, but buick was making super cheap cars with lots of modes, HVAC, etc. operated by touchscreen in the '80s, and they still work perfectly to this day, with less lag than teslas.
I would keep my 98 civic going forever if I didn't live in the rust belt.
Old saying:
If it has wheels or tits, it'll give you problems.
I drive a pickup from the 70s. Even if it broke down, it'd still get me home. Vehicles have regressed.
planned obsoletion
They are engineering profit into every modern car so that even when major things don't happen, minor things cost a fortune.

Example: Ford Ranger 2019+ Rear tail lights are LED, LED cost "$10", tail lights are a sealed unit, so the LED cannot be replaced. Tail Light Assembly cost "1200USD+". It's criminal.
You want automotive perfection OP? Get pic related. Will literally run long after your gene pool is extinct. If it does break, you can fix it for pennies compared to anything else. This is peak engineering, change my mind.
Look up what friction is you retard