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I am an uncircumcised male, and let me tell you, the idea of...

I am an uncircumcised male, and let me tell you, the idea of not having my foreskin throughout childhood because of it being chopped off is pretty horrifying. During childhood, it is fully attached to the penis, essentially unable to be pulled back fully until puberty. This protects your penis, and honestly seems like the most perfect literal and metaphorical form of innocence. It is an important form of protection that gives much more stimulation sexually. I can go on.

So, circumcised american lurkers, let me ask you,
how does it feel that your genitals were mutilated when you were fresh out of the womb? How does it feel that this is a normal part of American culture? How does it feel that your own parents could be so brainwashed to the point of thinking that circumcision is the right thing to do?

Is it just me, or do you guys have the right to be absolutely outraged? Knowing what I know about the function of my own foreskin, I would personally want to hunt down whoever did that to me and chop his penis and balls off.
They botched mine and now I have weird white spots all down the burn area and on the sides, I have to squeeze them every week and they pop like zits. But they refill every week.
Every day I'm thankful my father stood his ground and I have an intact dick.
Not sure how to bring it up without being weird but I hope he knows.
I have my foreskin and I feel the same way.
All the males I know are circumcised except for one guy who might be the only one with his shit together.
How's being such a faggot that you're obsessed over other men's dicks?
Kinda sucks, cause I never really had a choice. But no dick cheese so that’s a plus
Shit sucks, but generations of American men have lived with it and until the internet made a huge deal about it most people didn't care, it simply does not impede on a mans ability to reproduce like an actual castration or becoming a cripple might.
Essentially, you've just gotta live with it unless they figure out how to regenerate it.
>Do you have the right to be outraged
Of course. But like, do you really unironically see a second holocaust occurring because American men are mad they got cut? That would be surreal.
>how does it feel that your genitals were mutilated when you were fresh out of the womb
It feels like shit.
Had mine done at 22. No loss of sensitivity and girls suck it better. Seriously. Before I was cut they would just open there mouth wide and bob like it was a chore. Now the last two girls I've been with suckle and nurse on it, savoring it like candy. Any girl who is honest will tell you foreskin is gross. Hopefully enough people get cut that future generations will evolve it out of existance.
How does it feel? It makes me want to burn it all down. I can't stand to live in a world where this is okay.
How does it feel to know I don't care and you're a faggot for wondering about everyone's penis?
Something like 5% of boys require circumcision to correct defects of various sorts, mostly the dickhole not being in the proper place.
To answer your question, yes, it has contributed slightly to my hatred of kikes, but I already detested them so it wasn't a big change.
God I love being uncut. Can jerk off anytime anywhere. It's like a super power.

In fact I'm starting to think that circumcision is what's causing all the mass shootings in yhe US. The incels just go insane cause they can't fap properly.
Why is it uncut chronic masturbators can't get other mens dicks out of their heads? I've honestly never given it a moments thought,
>During childhood, it is fully attached to the penis, essentially unable to be pulled back fully
Not true, you're just a freak
Wash that nasty ass smegma dick
honestly, Im circumsized and feel pretty great masturbating and having sex, but from what I've seen online lots of the sensitive parts weren't removed, so I guess the kike did a good job. However, seeing some ppl rage so hard makes me know Ill never to it to a kid i have
what happens when you get a boner as a child?
Yup I got cut at birth. Not like I had a choice. My ex wife and I made sure not to have our two boys cut. This is where the jew bullshit ends. Am I outraged about sensations I never had? No. Is you orgasm better than mine idk.
It's a fucking penis dude, guys only care about it if
A. Its broken or out of order
B. They are junkie
Appalachian anon here.
It's pretty much a tradition to circumcise your infant son around these parts. Every boy in school got mutilated. My dad's dick is mutilated, his daddy's too. Literally the only reason is "i'm fucked and so are you".
For the results of my circumcision, my scar turned dark. Every girl says "what the fuck is that black ring around your dick??". You can actually see the scissor snips where they snipped my foreskin off. Sometimes the scar will feel sore and sting around the top of the shaft and sides, sort of like how your teeth hurt to sugar or hot/cold but more dull and all the time. I didn't feel that anything on my cock was missing when I was young, I just always wondered what that big ring around my dick was. I thought circumcision is when they tore the head of your dick off until I learned that I was missing a sleeve from my dick at age 14.

When I confront my family about this they say "your daddy got it", or how having a foreskin is "nasty", and "girls don't want foreskin".
My mom said she did it to me because of bacteria (not Jewish). I don’t know I wish it wasn’t done but I mean I’m ok I guess. I don’t hate her because I know she loves me but it’s just feelsweirdman.
I had no control over the decision when I was an infant and I have to live with it now. It is what it is, but if I did have control over it, I wouldn't do it now
Not gonna lie, it has been a horrible life. Even looking back at my baby pictures, I can see the look on my face and the damage circumcision did to me. I will say though, now that im a boomeranon, with the typical enlarged prostate and frequent need to urinate, being circumcised makes peeing easier than having to constantly peel back some folds of skin.
Yes I am outraged, but the kike doctor that mutilated me died years ago. I considered murdering his family but decided I still enjoy fucking asian women enough that I don't want to go to jail just for petty vengeance.

I do think it's important to oppose this form of genital mutilation wherever it occurs. Stand up to idiots defending it whenever possible.

If I had nothing left to lose I would consider systematic removal of any doctors performing the operation as a valuable use of my time and my life.
Everyone i know who is mutilated gets very hostile when you bring up circumcison, they know it was stolen from them and they know they can't COOOM real good like us with our natty penis and because our dicks work properly vaginas don't dry up because we keep it inside with our dick skin plug.
Don't care really. And people who've had it done it adulthood say there's no difference. I wouldn't do it to any sons I might have tho because the risk however small is too great and it's not really necessary.
the jews use circumcision to brand their cattle, they also sell the foreskin to cosmetics companies so bitches can smear ground up baby dick on their face.

the pain also conditions newborns for a life of abuse as debt slaves

the usa is truly the great satan
I was angry for a while. About three years ago I started restoring. I went from a tight cut to a loose cut so far. On cold days or after exercising I even get partial rollover. It's slow, and it's uncomfortable, but restoration is possible and I highly recommend it.
A bump for anticircumcision-bros
>how does it feel that your genitals were mutilated when you were fresh out of the womb? How does it feel that this is a normal part of American culture? How does it feel that your own parents could be so brainwashed to the point of thinking that circumcision is the right thing to do?
It makes me want to get revenge. I want to subject my parents and the doctor who did it to the absolute maximum amount of suffering that it is physically possible to experience. I would happily throw my parents into a brazen bull, and have them slowly and painfully burned alive if I could. I want to watch them bleed the way they made me bleed, and hear them scream the way they made me scream.
I've already been through all 5 stages of grief over this, I kind of just stopped caring man, I'm an incel anyway
The part that always makes me laugh is when people talk about it getting dirty under the foreskin... What are all these other uncircumcised dudes doing with their cocks that's making them so dirty?? Because I don't seem to have that problem
I'm refugee and my parents had it done. As I got older I realized how pointless and damaging it was, and I was bitter about it. Hell, I remember even being angry about it for years as a young kid (specifically hating the doctor who performed the procedure kek), but came to accept it for some time. Fully come to terms with it now, but I certainly wouldn't want it done to my son(s).
All true, to such a extent a preformed revesre circumsion and restored my foreskin, mostly. Still working on the skin tension
apparently ejaculation does not equal orgasm, and I have a difficult time reaching the latter.
Not having foreskin is like not having eyelids. Americans are out of their god damn minds.
>how does it feel that your genitals were mutilated when you were fresh out of the womb?
Pisses me the fuck off and makes me want to rage at my parents, jews and everyone I know who is even thinking about doing it to their sons
>How does it feel that this is a normal part of American culture?
Depressing, utterly depressing. You try to bring it up and GUARANTEED you will get these reactions: Men will get mad and insecure, telling you they're happy to be that way and they will do it to their sons if they have any, and Women will get cold and completely ignore the conversation as they do not give a fuck about men or their problems. It literally doesn't matter to most of them, and worse you get some who think they look better so they want their sons cut.
>How does it feel that your own parents could be so brainwashed to the point of thinking that circumcision is the right thing to do?
It's hard to blame them because they were brainwashed by jews and culture to accept it, but it still pisses me the fuck off. The saddest part is, it's looking like I'll never get to have my own sons to break the mold going forward, so the one way I have any means of control over stopping this mutilation from happening, I probably won't even get to partake in.
Circumcision is an affront to nature. It mutilates the body you were born with, It is also an affront in a religious sense if you believe your body was designed by a higher being.
Feels guzmán to have a foreskin
>So, circumcised american lurkers, let me ask you,
>how does it feel that your genitals were mutilated when you were fresh out of the womb?
Feels great man.

The hate for circumcision surpasses even the hate for anti-vax.

My question though: Are we supposed to circumcise our kids before or after their vaccines? And what's the best way to do this after home birth so we can still avoid the government making the doctor tagging our kids with their "birth certificates"?
what's being constantly outraged going to do? do i wish i wasn't circumcised? yes. but it's too later. all i can do now is make sure my sons aren't. you simply suck it up and move on. no point in being outraged over something you can't change.
The reason why parents have their boys circumcised is to get them into heaven.
The belief is that when Christ returns, he will ask every man to remove their underwear so he can inspect their penis to see if they are circumcised.
Those who are circumcised make it into heaven and those who are not are of the devil and go to hell.
Yep, thats all true, plus foreskin is silky smooth on the inside, so its like having your own personal pussy, when jacking off. I especially like it after the first round, when the beniz is very sensitive and the space between it and foreskin is full of cum, which, combined with saliva, makes for best natural lube ever. Your cock just glides like on ballbearings. No need to poison yourself with factory lubes containing only God knows what. Heavenly sensation, from which you Americans were robbed by the insidious Jews. Make them pay dearly for this crime. This martyred gentile foreskin should be on the armbands of new and even more ruthless Shutzstaffel.
Nearly a doc. I will refuse to perform circumcisions on a “religious grounds” basis and will recommend every family to not have one. It’s so dumb I can’t believe it’s a thing.
I wonder how many dick threads we've had in the past year
Being cut is a good thing. Maybe Eurofags would not be such lazy bums that are inferior to American work ethic if they werent jerking off all day.
Genitals dont matter, your thoughts do
The only ones obsessed with foreskin are coping cutfags themselves that try to pull others down with them. I'm uncut because I was born to catholics in a state that already has an extremely low rate (Nevada, 10%~) and I'm also a faggot. 3 of my 4 exes were cut and I never even gave it any thought beyond "It would be a bit more fun to play around with if you had a foreskin but whatever lol lemme suck 8)"
If you're rightfully pissed about getting jewed just restore and encourage others to do so, eliminate the shame of it. It's not your fault. My current bf was cut but restored and he says it's night and day compared to what he used to feel, doing that is much better and much more productive than wallowing in self hatred and pity.
Also if you're a straightfag then women are retarded and literally can't tell the difference between a cut dick and a retracted foreskin, don't even worry about it. I've seen posts from guys saying they don't even want to have sex because they're so ashamed of being cut - 80% of this shithole country is, you can't let it ruin your entire life.
My foreskin is gone and I wanna fuck my mom ama
Iirc, there was something in the (((Torah))) about snipping slaves.
But it has absolutely no relation to US, doesn't it?
i dont think foreskin is supposed to work like that.
I have no choice but to move on, and make sure my kid has the opportunity to experience being a non mutilated being
I heard some people even have their frenulum removed, all at birth. That is fucked, I got circumcised at 7 & still have my frenulum
girl here

Uncut dicks are fucking disgusting and look like grubworms. There's a reason our dildos look resemble cut dicks. They are more aesthetic and clean looking. No girl wants to suck on a cheese dick.

gif related
I hate that this thread is on here every fucking day reminding me that I need to place a large boulder on the legs of all those who intentionally hurt the young. They musn't flee from the wrath of God.
I dont see any advantage to being uncut other than jacking off feeling "better". Everybody thinks uncut dicks are gross except for right wing males. They just look fucking weird, man.
I understand being against it, but honestly it is kinda weird being obsessive and even elitist about the form of other men's penises.
God ordered it in the Bible. Its one and only God, same as Jesus, so you are wrong and he is right, because He is god and you are anon. Stop posting aboit circumcision. GOD CANT BE WRONG REEEEEEEREE
There needs to be a stronger movement against circumcision. At the very least for children. Sure you can cut up your body when you're older just like with piercings but to children? Fuck no. Though i can't wait to hear all the calls of "antisemitism" when it does get even further traction. I've noticed a shift over the years at the very least. I'm degenerate enough to notice the change in lewd art in the western sphere. Far far more often are artists depicting uncut dicks rather than cut ones, and a stronger emphasis for the appreciation of it being there in general.

The Jew is losing on this front. Keep pushing, and keep it smart. I hate this shit and I'm at least blessed to have parents that didn't immediately want to mutilate their child.
You guys practice ritual genital cutting? That's something you usually see in backwater African tribes, not a developed country.
>uncircumcised male
You mean intact penis.
I was force circumcised at birth. But whoever did it had some mercy and left the Frenulum and some skin intact so I know everything the intact cock guys' say about what circumcised dick gives up is true. Do not get circumcised. Try to convince others not to circumcise their own offspring it is a fucking real evil crime only meant for Jews.

P.S. I wish I knew how to grow more of it back. It was suggested there were stretching techniques but early searches came up mum. If you know anything about this lemme know.
There's not much you can do about it at this point, so why whine about it? It ends with you though, don't pass this shit on to your kids. You're not Jewish, and there's no medical reason for it.
how do you know its more sensational if you've never been circumcised? or do you just hold your foreskin back to simulate?
You should really suck both kinds of dick to learn more about them, OP. S 2 the age in options, of course.