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>ITT: /g/ lit, pdfs, and discussion
For those who don’t already now, during the last 6 months, eBay/Amazon/and others have systematically been purging wrongthink books that were previously available in some form or other. It’s only a matter of time before they move on to things that don’t even have to do with race like “Technological Slavery” by Ted Kaczynski. Im honestly surprised you can still buy Evola

My wrongthink library is bustling, but there’s many I cannot find now. I have:
>The Turner Diaries
>Serpents Walk
>Ride the Tiger
>Revolt Agaisnt The Modern World
>This Time the World
>Technological Slavery
>Might is Right
>The Camp of Saints
>Programmed to Kill
>Killing Hope
>Behold a Pale Horse
>The Last Circle

Pic related since we’re living in the opening pages of The Turner Diaries, and for better or for worse it is /g/ before /g/. I’ve been killing to find a pdf of “My Confession” by Samuel Chamberlain (important to Blood Meridian fags). I’ve also been looking for a good physical copy of White Power by Rockwell, or The Decline of America by Oliver
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Victoria: A tale of 4th Generation Warfare
I just bought an amazog kindle, leave it permenantly on flight mode, and download books to it from Z-Library
Fuck me, I can't find a single copy of the Turner Diaries anywhere, did they actually do it anons? Did they remove wrongthink?
loser, saged
Just find the pdf and DL.

They're not very good books, so they're all online.
I'm a White guy that married a nonwhite, but I'm a high IQ fit Chad that's down for the cause, what do bros?
I am a reporter at a big time cable news network. what other books do you guys like to read????? i am curious i am doing a story on "dark books" and want to know more
>like “Technological Slavery” by Ted Kaczynski
Banning books from serial killers isn't immoral, illegal, or wrong.

Also, Mein Kampf is readily available, so cry more you dumb illiterate Nazis.
a single jogger hate thread will teach you more than 1000 books
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley?
>know thyself
>the menace of the under man
>pdf of "My Confession"
Buy a real one. The value will never go down.
Hunter was shit.
You have to read Harold Covington's series, anon. Holy shit it's amazing.
If possible we need to start sharing pdfs to make it easier to share and cheaper. Not to mention harder for the jews to stop.
I just bought a thousand dollars worth of books, here's some to grab

>Anything Alfred Rosenberg
>Kevin MacDonald
>Miguel Serrano
>Savitri Devi
>Henry Ford - The International Jew
>Mein Kampf of course

Expect even more obscure books to go missing in the future
>The Oera Linda Book
>The Secret Doctrine
>Plato's Timaeus and Critias

The list goes on and on, get them while you can
Use zlibrary I have a nice collection saved on an ereader that will never connect to the internet for this very reason.

At least in the us libraries have become a joke save a handful of places.

I view myself as a digital librarian who will protect literature from the digital book burnings
The book suck tho.
>Matt Bracken’s Enemies Trilogy and his essays
Dude’s a former seal, openly hates feds, progressives, and is big on prepping for a 2nd Civil War. His Enemies trogy is about America collapsing into a 3rd World shithole and being consumed by a second Civil War. The way the Feds are defeated by the Rebels is a bit too idealistic, but Bracken’s overall portrayal of a CW2/SHTF scenario is the most realistic ive read. Also, he’s not a /g/ tier card carrying NS or WN Reactionary, but he’s pretty hardline for an older conservative and understands the inconvenient realities of our situation.
>Unintended Consequences
Forget author and dont care enough to look him up. Okay book about Gun people yeeting on ATF and getting the NFA repealed. Dude whines about “racism” and “muh holocoaster” but his ideas for wrecking feds and his autism for weapons makes it worth reading.
>Victoria-Thomas Hobbes
Interesting 2nd Civil War story about 4th gen warfare and middle America overthrowing the government, author’s a little moderate by /g/ standards, but his stuff is bearable and he has some neat ideas.
Pretty good for the most part. It’s The first and most well known Race War/Overthrow ZOG book, so it’s got a special place for any reactionary.
While it has a lot of good ideas (See OKC Bombing), it is poorly written (to be fair, dude was a physicist, not a literature pro), a bit too idealistic and impractical, but it still a must read.
>Covington’s Northwest Books (The Brigade)
Well written books about a White Nationalist Insurrection and secession in the Northwest, it’s more up to date, practical, and in depth than TD, but still too idealistic. Good read tho.

All that said, I think a combo of Bracken, Covington, Pierce, and Hobbes books with a lot more suffering and brutality is the most realistic idea for how a 2nd Civil War will play out.
There's been some great recommendations in here definitely the Northwest Front stuff by Covington is great.
It reads surprisingly well and it's amazingly refreshing to read something that's not disgustingly Jewish

Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum
Had some spot on predictions that came true during the saint Floyd chimpouts.
Here's an audiobook for those of you who like taking long drives or just plain illiterate.

this shit is beyond deranged. god fucking help you
reading Evola's Revolt rn and its so fucking boring bros what do I do
thinking about learning russian and reading 200 years together after i get really good at it. how much trouble do you think i'd have with it after it gets to a decent level of comprehension?
don't bother with these shitty scan pdf files goto the free online library
The turner diaries and hunter are 2 of the worst books I’ve ever read. Blatant self insert fan fiction. Completely unimaginative dribble that is written at a 5th grade level and is a fucking caricature of neo nazis. I’ve read sonic fanfics that were better written and with better philosophy than this trash.
make sure you read this

pic unrelated, but also a good read

You might also add:
Hear the Cradle Song
O.T. Gunnarsson

Used to be available at almost every gun show, it is available on .pdf, usually one of the first links when you do a search.
America's decline is so fucking good bro. Idk about pdfs but here's the audiobook.

Revilo Oliver - America's Decline
Finished but needs to be added to this site:
Ragnar Redbeard - Might Is Right
Randolph O. Calverhall - Serpents Walk
James Mason - Siege
Richard Harwood - Did Six Million Really Die?
Louis Farrakhan - The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews - The Leo Frank Case
Matt Koehl - Words of Hitler
Abir Taha - Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism
E. Michael Jones - Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control
E. Michael Jones - The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit
Martin Luther - The Jews and Their Lies
Robert Klark Graham - The Future of Man
Byram Campbell - The Future of Man
Byram Campbell - The New Mythology of Racial Equality
William L. Pierce - Cosmotheism Trilogy
William L. Pierce - The Turner Diaries
William L. Pierce - Hunter
Jean Raspail - The Camp of the Saints
ADL: 100 Years of Hate
100 Years Ago Today: The Trial of Leo Frank Begins
John Murray Cuddihy - The Ordeal of Civility
Francis Parker Yockey - Imperium
Francis Parker Yockey - The Enemy of Europe
Revilo P. Oliver - The Enemy of Our Enemies
I say this in library threads all the time and no one ever fucking listens, GO TO ESTATE SALES. The old people that are dying off have awesome books that weren't "controversal" when they bought it, it was a common belief and most Americans are fat/low IQ retards that havent read a book since high school. You will be surprised what you find and for next to nothing - dead people unironically have the best shit
I love this book, i just cannot listen to robots reading these books
Anon posted a website where I can find these books for purchase still online not too long ago. Anyone have that link?
This thread is fucking based
What's this book about?

>Pic related since we’re living in the opening pages of The Turner Diaries
I said that too. That's both a white and blackpill.
>Be me
>Has 14/88 pilled dad
>He is pretty good at hiding his power level so even I never really knew it, But every now and then he would slip
>Would mutter "Damn jews" in the store if he saw something went up in price
>Thought the game Runescape was a dogwhistle. (Cira 2009)
>Heckled me for drawing a "Shitty swastika" but then my mom came into the room so he had to make it sound like he was mad at me for drawing a swastika.
>About a month ago I said William Pierce's voice "I just wanted to be content with my fiberglass speed boat, Dammit!" and he said in return "You'll fight when you are hungry"

In that moment we kinda realized each other's power level and he shook his head and said "Ya know anon. Back when that book came out I thought anyone who thought that something like that could happen is crazy, But seeing as how things have been going lately I'm starting to worry.
Read anything on sabbataean frankists. Tough to find as jews refuse to publish so most books are self-published. (((They))) are the root to all evil this millennia.
I have Hunter, Turner Diaries, and Mein Kampf thus far. I've just about finished Hunter. I liked The Turner Diaries a lot and found the ending kind of sad kek.
I've not read Mein Kampf yet.
anything you listed but Turner Diaries
what you dont have incel, is a fucking gf. Doesnt matter how much you read you lonely sad faggot boomer. YOU WILL NEVER BREED.
https://mega.nz/folder/cgYXBAzI Key: VidKxyHUHuKwOdHstFOwfQ
I’m sure it has been mentioned but The Culture of Critique is the most important book you can read. I’m serious, read it. You will be an anti Semitic iron man.
Pic related is opening my eyes to thousands of mistakes I made in business because of how I was "educated".
Diversity causes anarchy which forces a selective attention police state. This consolidates power in a few families and thus families robbed means take over can be a part time job.
1910's rural Canada was more productive in exports to USA than all of Latin America combined. It's more work to get lazy third worlders to work than just DOING the work. This book opened my eyes on a career level what I have to watch out for in deeply of the character of everyone I interact with. The way I spend my time and understand identity now has a far greater depth.
This is literally /g/: the book