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No one actually wants to hire you.

>work for 4 years with an MS in biochem
>have to quit to move home to support my mom
>mom dies, move to west coast city
>apply to jobs i’m over qualified for
>have good references
>”oh anon, you gotta take this personality test”
>never get called back
they’re just trying to make us into robots. i landed a shitty job as a mid-level manager making shit pay at some shitty startup. my friends with less qualifications get paid better than me. the work market is shit, the world is shit. now i’m blackpilled.
Welcome to the fun anon
It's only going to get worse. Massive layoffs at FAGMAN companies are coming soon.
find a problem someone will pay you to solve. go in business for yourself
>they’re just trying to make us into robots.

They already did it. You're just not fitting in.
They make wagies take personality tests? That shoulda shitty I have been a shut in neet for almost a decade and have never had a job. How do you wagies have to score on the personality test? What kind of questions do they ask?
job hunting fucking sucks. work for yourself .
You don't actually need money though. Just become a burden to the system by going homeless.
>No one actually wants to hire you
Of course not. They merely want me to adhere to various internal rules and regulations where the law is insufficient.
Lie to every job interview until you get enough experience to not need to lie ever again.
I guess that's why you post pics of Alan Moore who doesn't have jack to do with your thread.
You just have to improve your skills at lying. 95% of adult social life is about lying to people in the right way. It's why high IQ psychopaths do so well. I have a friend in DB who hates feminism and the pozzed corporate culture but he did volunteer work for IWD because it gives him a fucking golden shield against harassment claims and puts HR on his side.

Lrn2machiavellianism, anon
I'm sorry your mom died
>guys I am so smart and experienced
>can't figure out how to answer a bullshit MBTI test
You are significantly more autistic than you think you are. That or hideously fucking ugly.
Jews are insecure pussies.
>MS in biochem
Congrats, you fell for the higher education cliche. A masters degree is worthless for 99% of the population.
>move to west coast city
Why would you move without a job you absolute inbred? Did the "big city dreams" give you stars in your eyes? Are you looking forward to slamming craft beer IPAs with your DnD friends?
>Apply to jobs
You fell for the cliche from your high school guidance counselor. Nobody gets good jobs by "applying" especially in a niche field like yours. Stop playing video games and get out there and network. Spend some time on your LinkedIn and let them recruit you.
Move to the boston area idiot. Thats where the good pharma jobs are.
>Be me
>Ace the aptitude test
>Have to retake the bullshit "behavior" test 3 fucking times before I figured out what exactly they wanted to hear
Figured it out though, it was their bullshit do you trust your government type questions. Anything but STRONGLY AGREE was basically an automatic fail.
I once was told, with an arm around my shoulder, that I was the only one they were expecting to hire for a shift supervisor job. I never applied and changed jobs. The replacement had 5 job titles. Came into work not sleeping off the alcohol about 6 months later. They don't care about you.
leave the USA you dumb fuck
your country doesn't want you or need you
If you actually respond honestly to these personality tests you're a fucking idiot. You're not standing up for anything except your own detriment. Fake it and go on thinking whatever you fucking want.
Mid level management

Run for you fucking life anon

That’s a job for a 20 year old that has nothing to lose
I love Alan Moore!

Especially what he did for swamp thing and etrogan.
>less qualifications
They're not fucking spergs, sperg
>>”oh anon, you gotta take this personality test”
>>never get called back
t. intp?
>need 25+ years experience at Google and to be a crippled black transwoman to get an entry level job at a no name company
You have to be a fucking psycho or autistic to fail those tests.
Fuck OP, I feel ya bro:

>Do 10 years in chair force, white collar job inb4 nonner
>Separate, contract on and off for two years
>Decide I'm done w/ the desert--want to stay home
>Apply for jobs at 30+ different airports all over the country
>Most of which require a bachelor's degree in what I did
>Only one airport calls me back to progress to the next step, half of them tell me I'm not qualified because I don't have my college participation trophy
>Do a test w/ the airport that calls me back; do well
>Never heard from them again
>Decide to fucking get my marxist indoctrination paperwork from College University
>Have a 3.75 GPA because the coursework is so easy
>All the while struggling to make ends meet because no one will fucking hire me
I have six months left on my degree, and despite getting mostly A's in most of my classes plus my decade of experience, still no one will hire me. Boomers have really fucked up this nation, bros.

I do have some good news, though: I know a few folks who went to University for about 3 years, give or take a few months. They said fuck it, applied for jobs and claimed to have the degrees they were already working on and lied about experience. The hiring teams did no background checks on any of it, and they got fucking hired. Dudes are making $40K+ with no experience and no finished degree. If I wasn't so close to finishing mine already, I'd try it out. I hope this gives some hope to some of you guys out there. You don't have much to lose!
It sounds like you’re a fucking loser or a freak. Be normal, lie to people, and try not to let on you’re a domestic creeper. If the 9/11 bombers could do it, surely an autist could handle it.
Pro tip: if you’re applying for a job you’re overqualified for, dial back your qualifications.
Good. You are a piece of shit goy begging for jewish approval. You arent even essential after all that (((education))). Let that sink in.
capitalism demands the cheapest of labor
you are too expensive
Alan Moore is based as fuck. Go read Neonomicon. Also his books always involve rape. League 1 and 2. Nemo: Heart of Ice. Neonomicon. From Hell. V. Watchmen

fucker is crazy
>Nobody wants to hire an autist with a shitty attitude.
Big if true.
Let's cut to the chase. You're not a manager. You're here to start a dialog on junkie sex. It's what you do.
>oh no not enough money to spend on frivolities, the world is shit :(
Come to Ohio if you want to work in biotech. California biotech is for losers. We have three whole cities filled with nothing but biotech companies.
>personality test
lol wat
What the fuck is a personality test?
>they’re just trying to make us into robots
this but unironically
They *dont* want to hire you. Its a buyer's market out there for management vs labor thanks to the 1970's perfect storm of labor castration from the double-whammy of an almost-overnight doubling of the labor force plus the increasing labor-savings from automation.

Remember that scene in Saving Private Ryan with an office full of people drafting "we're sorry to inform you little Johnny died in the war" letters? That office doesnt exist anymore because it was replaced by a single laser printer and 2 lines of code. Don't think "automation" equals "factory robots", Word and Excel are automation, barcodes are automation.

And for what few jobs remain, it used to be you competing against Bob and John, now you're also completing with those two plus Babs and Jean and Sally. Companies *love* this, salary negotiations are in the basement because you have no room to negotiate, if you dont take the rare job they'll give it to the line of people behind you.

It simply cannot be stated enough, the labor market crashed and it will take a *century* to right itself.
If you unironically take the tests truthfully then you’re an idiot. You always take the test as if you’re exactly the guy they want.
>MS in biochem

If you don't care where you are call a haedhunting agency and tell hem that. You'll get something in your field.

Or go teach in Mississippi. In the desperate areas they will buy you a house and give you a sweet pension just to come and try to help the blacks.
Yep, shit is hitting the fan. There are a glut of humans and not enough jobs to fill them, we are experiencing a labor shortage.
The only winning move is not to play. I figured this out a long time ago.
Just be glad you have some sort of work portfolio and don't have a deadly disease like type one diabetes that requires insulin to just keep you functioning. And the kikes keep increasing insulin prices on top of all that. You don't even know what blackpilled is my friend.
You have to take those tests knowing what THEY are looking for. The questions they ask are obvious, and my company actually asked me questions multiple times to try to slip me up. They also asked me if I would ever lie, to which of course I responded yes because anyone who says no to that is a fucking liar.
>moves to cuckville, US
>expects none faggotry and prosperity
>receives faggotry and a rod up the ass
Sounds like it’s time to pull up those bootstraps young man. Crying about it won’t get you anywhere
>the work market is shit, the world is shit. now i’m blackpilled.

just say your junkie, blackface or transition to a woman.

white straight men are at the bottom of the hiring list. another reason corporation's like women is because they are 'yes men/ women' they will do what is asked of them without question and will put the corporation ahead of anything or anyone.
During an interview to work at place that helps pharmacies when their software doesn't work, they asked about previous work experience. I worked at a gas station, and I tell her that customers are annoying and I'd much rather help a companies clients in a closed off environment rather than any hobo that walks in off the street. She took it as me being an asshole. I guess I'm supposed to say I love helping spics get gas and cigs all day. The amount of acting that goes into an average job interview is absolutely retarded. Libs think their life is a movie or something.
Hey anon. Its all about fake smiles and lies.

college is a scam. i knew the system is shit and i knew it since i was in 5th grad.
i spit in teachers, professors and educators faces my whole life, joking about their fake proxy authority.
learned how to be a combat engineer in the army, got kicked out there for beating up a west point fag and fucking unorthodox levels of peers (arguable the only use for women in the military).

after this track record, i am now making 125k in the automotive industry soli base on the big mouth my teachers told me wont bring me very far.
also all that in a small wyoming town, even the socialists' here are all white.

college for other than STEM is a scam, and even then you need connections to get a highly pozzed job.
When is this commie capeshit boomer gonna croak already?
the matrix only has a use for you until it drains all your talent. Then it tosses you aside. You should have known this. You made a deal with the devil and sold your soul.
NEETs will inherit the Earth.
Lol. Some bimbo in hr gets paid double than the avg just cause she has some nice tits.

Other people just know someone and make 100k doing nothing
Biochem jobs didn't hire you? Apply to Google, they eat up masters degrees.
Bio Chem huh ? Come to the world of oil , Chem engineers get fuckin paid to frac, or get a cushy refinery job
Has a Robert Plant look to him
Just sell weed. You will live very comfortably if you're not a jogger, you'll pay no taxes to ZOG, and punishment is mild if you get caught.

Fuck working for kikes that want to constrain and bend you into some globohomo golem.
Head on over to /biz buddy they’ll get you all fixed up
Stop playing their games m8.
Move to Montana or some shit and work in the woods.
Why the fuck would any sane white man move to a city?
I have a chemical engineerjng degree. I just spent 2 hours tearing down eavestroughs because aluminium work pays me significantly better than being an office drone. Dont feel bad, youre not the only one who fell for the stem cliche.
just hustle bro
Urbaniggers issues
Nobody cares, fuck off
>keep looking for new job while working current job
>during interview process ask probing questions of interviewers such as "what sort of culture are you promoting here" then manipulate personality test appropriately
> avoid applying for jobs you are overqualified for now that you're employed - it actually hurts your chances of employment and advancement later
> GTFO of CA, OR or WA unless you're a braindead lefty wanting to fit into zombieland. If you are a braindeader, get fucked loser.
>pray your "shitty startup" gets bought and you BETTER have equity.
> Move to west coast city
> expect to get a real job with a real degree
Why don't you move to literally any other location with industry. Or is your degree from Evergreen State?
I never ubderstood the term "overqualified". If you are that good they should just hire you. You are agreeing to a lower pay because of this no?
this is scary accurate. how are 90% of these companies all of the sudden doing personality tests. had to take an Anthony robbins one for a fucking accounting job. good lord shit's changed
same dude
>working jobs that don't even require a degree because i cant get hired for the actual entry level job in my field
i'm not a consoomer so i have enough money to live but i have to live like i'm in college again. every day i feel bitter and angry. every year wages stagnate and cost of living rises, and rises much faster than official inflation stats. it's the long squeeze and we're in it.
yeah if you need to hand out cv's to find a job you're fucked, if your industry is pretty tight you can get by on your reputation.
Why didn't you get a doctorate?
Even with a doctorate in biochem, postdocs start at about $40,000.
people aren't in science to get rich usually.
personality test is a way to say no to you without getting into discrimination laws
Might sound cruel but you did not have to quit and move home. You chose to
don't lose hope anon.
Stay positive and look for likeminded people. Its going to be a small niche company but it will fullfill you way more than a corporate slave job.

I will never work in the corporate world either i despise those people and that mindset.

You'll make it.
You pretend you're a liberal cuck on those tests you spastic
Everyone is inherently good, you always try to understand their point of view. Pass.
yup. life sucks for most people. welcome to being most people.