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r/engineering resumes is extremely redpilling

was reading the resumes on there and they resumemog me big time (I only had 1 internship during university_ and they can't even get interviews. I have a crappy 50k/year STEM job that I'm hanging onto for dear life.

these are people that did everything boomers asked
>got a STEM degree
>not just a STEM degree but engineering degrees
>didn't just go to class but also completed several internships
>also networked for jobs
>still ended up unemployed after graduating


Seems like there's precious few opportunities for getting ahead these days and all this STEM bullshit was just to 1) depress wages and 2) pretend the system had more opportunities than there really were
You were told higher education was a scam.
You didn't listen.
>don't do good in school because dumb/lazy
>don't go to college because poor/dumb
>learn to weld because neighbor had a welder
>got shit job in factory with no experience
>get certified on my own time
>get better job
>no longer poor
>still pretty dumb tho lel
>have job security that can't be taken by robots/mexicans
Shoulda learned to weld fren
Take your degree to marketing. There are a ton of jobs for STEM majors and if you're able to talk to clients or make numbers look good then you'll be fine. Key skills: JavaScript, vlookup, pivot tables, complete lack of integrity.
How is this possible though? I'm a mediocre law student and with a much, much worse resume, and I had no trouble finding a job out of school.
Most stem jobs go to immigrants. The elites want to create a subservient brown middle class. Sorry goy but they work for less and don't question our "shady" business practices. Better luck next time!
A friend of mine went to oxford and is now unemployed. I just neeted for the 3 years he was there and we're in the same position... actually he's thousands in student loans and I have 0 debt lol, anyway despite him having a piece of paper saying he has a degree in engineering. He's been looking for a job since 2019. Shit places won't touch him because he's too over qualified and the jobs he wants there's too much competition and he "doesn't have enough experience" it's pretty funny. He used to make fun of me because I thought higher education was pointless, he isn't laughing now lol.
maybe instead of submitting their resumes to HR departments and then sitting around the house playing xbox and waiting for a call back, they should go out and get real jobs tangential to their desired fields, learn some real life lessons, demonstrate some real life value, and earn their jobs like men. this whole "i did what women said is the right thing to do" path may work for women (who don't really want jobs, which is why they advertise broken systems [freudian subconscious self-sabotage]), but it sure as fuck doesn't work for developing actual success.

i'm a high school drop out who landed a $55k/y job at a structural engineering firm with zero experience, and by the time i left (4 years later) i was trusted enough to design footings, slabs, columns, and beams for simple structures. i now make $80k/y as a web developer, and my previous experience with web development was sporadic and spotty at best.

the people who don't get jobs but have good resumes are just people who don't want jobs, and just want to complain about it so that it looks like they want jobs. they "did what they were told" and that gives them license to complain, which is what makes them feel valuable. they don't want jobs. there are jobs to be had. if they wanted them, they'd get them. they don't want them. that entire subreddit is a circle jerk of delusional self-pity.
Your STEM degree is useless in an industry that consistently cuts corners now. Companies aren't hiring engineers anymore when they can get away hiring a Mexican to do the same thing writing some bullshit on a test report.
We can't even build machines anymore. The fact that I can put together a simple machine that ends up outrunning and out producing my biggest competitor with very little effort is tall telling how ridiculous this fucking industry is.

We are dropping to Chinese tier level so fast that I can't keep up anymore.
Have you guys noticed how in every application they ask you if you're a Hispanic, to try and find folks to fill their diversity quota?

What if you just put 'yes' on it. They can't prove you're not actually Hispanic.
I'm studying because I want to learn more.
Sure a piece of paper is nice and increasing the chance of finding work isn't bad either, but I personally would rather work for myself.
To achieve that, is why I decided to learn the things that interest me.
Even though I know the basics and understand most of the things they teach me anyway, I don't always have the motivation to learn more or the ability and experience to find other areas to study.

Got to get there somehow though, to each their own.
I taught myself how to code just to prove the point that college isn't necessary. Well that, and the money.
Check the fucking employment stats, you absolute fucking retards. "There's a STEM shortage" is a meaningless statement. Pick a stem area with an actual pronounced shortage in workers and go into that. Not an already oversaturated field.
>>still ended up unemployed after graduating
>Seems like there's precious few opportunities for getting ahead these days and all this STEM bullshit was just to 1) depress wages and 2) pretend the system had more opportunities than there really were
Universities need to teach engineering students business skills. There is a greater need for Americans who can mix biz/dev/code/eng/marketing together while managing others than there is a need for yet another necktie who can fill out an RFI and calculate stress over strain.
The lie you were sold was “just get a degree”. The reality is that compared to boomer times, there are now thousand of universities that offer no value and you won’t get a job out of it. If you want to do well in life it’s a combination of education + hustle + connections. Getting ‘a degree’ hasn’t cut it for the last 40 years.
While that resume looks impressive in size it's mostly just a bunch of filler with nothing really that great. Like good for you that you worked a few months here and there filling out some forms, it's still just an average student with nothing substantive to prove their worth. The skills section pretty much sums up the actual value of this jogger.
You are right that STEM was always a scam to depress wages. Our leaders know that the best and brightest are the ones who move society forward, and if you let up on them they won't reach their full potential. If you pay them too much you risk their early retirement.

There are tons of opportunities for getting ahead. Nobody talks about them, or they turn their nose up to the idea. Pic related.

The delivery platforms are going to war in the shadows. Nobody knows this is happening, but right now there's 100 billion dollar companies duking it out to try and achieve monopoly. Uber is paying incredibly outsized premiums to try and monopolize the driver pool. This creates longer wait times and worse experiences for their competitors, and it's all being done on purpose. I am making engineer wages doing this right now, in addition to my 9-5. Yeah I know that I am saying "Just work two jobs lol", but the money is there. Every year I do this accelerates retirement by 4-5 years.
> Be 23 year old me working as a doomer cook
> Get 2 year programming degree from local community college
> degree is basically free since its a community college
> graduate at 25 with no debt and a nice Github from doing Udemy courses in my spare time
> work my way up over the last 5 years
> turn 30 making 6 figures feelsgoodman.jpg
These Redd!t fags are just losers, that's the only explanation. I have 3-4 recruiters calling me daily and CTOs in my inbox at least monthly... theres no way any competent coder is jobless right now, demand is crazy high
I literally just lie. Not only is there nothing wrong with it, I even view it as a civic and moral obligation
>lazy asshole in high school
>dropped out of college after 1 year
>work IT for a company because of church connection
>work in patient care because of family connection
>work in IT for a larger company because of previous job connection

life is about relationships. im making 25 an hour doing basic help desk stuff from home (basically lift, read, manage fidelity account, and play vidya all day while watching my laptop notifications) while some guy with 100k debt and years of hard work is living with his parents and penniless. i am currently looking at investing in a rental property.
all this because i went to church and my parents arent bums. if i have children ill ensure they have the same treatment. keep in mind my parents are first generation college grads and we were middle class. your dad doesnt need to own the company.
connections connections connections.
This is why every one should just be starting their own businesses at this point.

Jobs are for NPCs.
Network during college and find a good internship. Networking is how I landed my job. 155k consulting job
Just shut up and go get a state job ffs. Youre earning 50k a year because you wont go out in the field and youre unwilling to travel.
The guy can't even hold a job for half a fucking year, why would anybody hire him?
Stop reading this shit once you get all the utility it offers. Reading more of this will psychically cuck you into a self fulfilling prophecy. I understand its important to read others to improve yours, but at a point it just is masochism.
>3.4 gpa
>some university nobody has ever heard of
Redditors are extremely low iq retards, there's nothing surprising about this at all.
It was all a scam to depress wages and get shitskins into the west.
It's pretty evident here. Friends of me were asked several times to work for joke wages, even after extensive work experience. It 's even worse for the ones who came fresh of the universities.
To be honest.

Your cv might have a lot of experience/grades on it, but if it says nothing about you as a person, it means you're probably an autistic fucker, and therefore many companies won't want to work alongside your ass.
Yeah well what we really want is someone with a Masters 15 years of our niche in the industry experience, who will be willing to take on a 6 month unpaid trial period then join on for $19hr.

You kids today don't know how easy you have it. When I started in this industry I had to meet the foreman and give him a firm hand shake to get this job.
If you're lucky colleges will give you the prerequisite skill sets, but there needs to be a 600 level course on advanced career planning.

Not bad op
>completed internship
>didn't line up a job during internship
either because you're retarded or because they didn't like you.
The problem is communism. It takes jobs from Americans and gives it to shitkskins. Also, communism believes that corporations shouldn't have to abide by any rules or regulations that hinder profits, regardless of the consequences for the masses.

We need to kill all the communists.
Don't tell me this while I'm getting my Master's in engineering dawg
Degrees are not immune to supply and demand. If the skills your degree gave you are in high demand and low supply a firm handshake will get you the position; if the opposite is true guess what.
hmmm.... back when I graduated even the fucking idiots with C level grades were getting job offers but this was computer major

for engineering they are very pick about grades in college at least for the first job

good luck
Here’s the issue.
Firstly the jobs are leaving but this is already too obvious. The other important thing is lack of entrepreneurship opportunities that create jobs for engineers like this man. Engineers need business owners with capital and managers to run a company to work with. In the absence of these things they’ll never get demanded by the market and thus be oversupplied. Only way you get a job now is through nepotism or recommendations of connections, rarely merit.
Another important factor is the US is an oligarchy with no true fair competition. The big and establishment corporations game the system and run the smaller or growing companies out of business. This in turn leads to lesser companies surviving or opening and hence lesser jobs for engineers. If the system was fair it with an equal free market opportunity for all then you’ll have a many small, medium and large companies in every corner creating thousands of jobs. Each medium to large company will have many engineers at each branch for many projects. But the culture is rotten in the country, they get cliche tier degrees like gender studies instead of something in business or science. Instead of investing in something useful these bums choose to be “activists”. It starts at educating them when young and to be a victim and leech off instead of being ambitious and creative. The system is meant to be rigged.
This resume has copy/paste in it. Not a good look.
>that included work scopes, drawings, and technical specifications so work could be executed properly by the tradesmen
I’m a licensed PE in 3 states and work for a fortune 50 tech company. I get brought into interviews often and I can say without a doubt that most engineering grads, even ones with great GPAs, are absolute shitters. There is a big difference between the neat little puzzle box problems you solve in college and the problems you encounter in the real world and most people straight up don’t have the talent. If you weren’t wrenching on shit or building things constantly growing up, engineering isn’t for you. In fact engineering isn’t for most, because a significant portion of “engineers” realize how dog shit their technical skills are early on in their career and jump into a project management or finance position to cope. Even if you DO have talent, you do need those soft skills to be successful, because a good portion of your job is going to be convincing non-engineers to give you something or to support you in implementing something.

Engineering has become that thing your dad tells you to major in to get a good job and you listen like a retard without any personal introspection about where your talents lie.
>Lives in Canada
Do you now understand your big problem?
He’s out of work because oil fields are still on shut down basically. That Boy’ll be out on a platform or in no mans land the day the re open with out covid restrictions making six figures.
You can make a lot in engineering. It's just that you have to be ready to work in places other than LA and NY.
Nearly all corps are nepotistic in nature. You have to be friends with them or know somebody big to get hired these days. That or be an affirmative action hire. This is why trades are best for the white man. Trades you just have to be good at what you do and you are hired for good pay. If you have the determination you can also turn your trade into a business and be your own boss. I know plumbers who are independent contractors making 200k a year and some with a few crews that make 500k+ a year.
I work as a Canadian real estate agent. Today i made more money than any of you cucks will ever make day trading cryptocurrency. Want to know something amazing though? I can hold it in my fucking hand, that's right i can count my dollars right in front of my face. I'm not playing around with pretend coins that don't have any impact on this world.

I started work at 9AM today. I was able to get three listing appointments from Facebook ads. I uploaded one new listing to MLS, 10 minutes of work, scheduled 30 showings automatically via calednly since it’s a hot market I expect this new listing to sell by 6pm(netting me a cool 25k in commissions). I find problems that dont exist in every single house that i enter into. Especially if its an old fucking boomer in their 70s who ruined our economy i dont care i take advantage of their stupidity.

You really need to paint your house before we list!! Your kitchen is looking really old and Even though its completely fine i'll just refer them to my contractor buddy who gives me 10% kickbacks on every client I bring him.

The only way to get ahead in life is to fucking push your way around. So that's right today i made $25,000 canadian dollars. Meanwhile you fucking cucks are investing in digital garbage like "chainlinks , howdoos, effereums, and dotcucks" Spamming your fucking cuck cliches and losing money.

Why don't you use your brain for a minute and realize that the latest SEC news is going to crash all of your crypto world around you in the next few months. Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme that only profits for the original founders. You will never make as much money as me in real estate because you're too busy failing realizing the only way to get ahead in life is through hard work and ripping people off.

Enjoy staying poor
Bullshit anon that resume would get 5 interviews within a couple days in the area I'm at.
what do you really need a job for anyway? participating in this society? if you aren't a satanist what's the point
the jobs everyone goes for now are the high paying ones, but as they get through the school everyone else has joined that job for the same reason, but theres not that many of those jobs to begin with, its a funnel and it gets smaller as you go down or get more educated the jobs you can do gets smaller as well

thats why i do the most basic low pay jobs that are easy.
People may have to work with you 5 days a week for 30 years if you accept a job, so if you’re unbearable to be around it is unlikely that anyone is willing to take on that burden.
my question is why did fuck did this jogger need five full years to get a bachelor's ? don't know about canada but it's 6 semesters or 3 years over here.
White boys represent a threat to the existing leadership structure, so they'd rather hire women or colored folk at discount rates and kill two birds with one stone.
>>still ended up unemployed after graduating
Because nobody wants to hire insufferable reddit ladyboys
I did two internships over a year for dogshjt pay at a no name bumfuck college and just got a 70k fully remote job on graduation. Security analyst for a dod contractor. Worth it
>wants to engineer technological wonders
>cant even into some simple risk analysis
>gambles 100's if thousands of dollars on less then 25% odds if getting a job in his field
>comes here to cry about it
>ᵐᵃᵈᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ᵃnᵗˢ
Got a chemistry degree and got a job at a material science company 23$/hr starting off in a cheap area. These faggots are just being picky about what jobs they want to work. There are so many companies that you could work for that will hire you with good pay/benefits as long as you have SOME kind of stem degree. It may be not what you went to school for, but its better than nothing. Either that or they live in cliche states like california or new york.
Engineering has been in a position for years where if you don't have a Masters in Engineering you're going to struggle fest hard for your first job.
>Applying in Canada
There’s your problem, OP. Canada is collapsing
Companies here want people on work visas, because you know they'll go the extra mile, not baulk at mandatory company breakfasts etc. Basically you can make them eat shit and they will do it with a smile
Might sound redundant but get a degree in a trade. I'm going pursuing degrees in agriculture science, ag business and mechanized agriculture using my gi bill, I'll have a huge advantage in the farm world.

Since you have a mechanical engineering degree, you could easily get into automaitenance, HVAC, Black smithing, plumbing, etc. and quickly ascend to management or design. But you faggots just keep following the same generic routes a 100 harder working gooks are, there's nothing special about you.

yup it was another obama scam. get a stem degree, get a cool high paying job. turns out a double stem degree didn't get me shit!