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Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works how did they do it?

Seriously I believe these things exist and humans are flying them, but how did they manage to discover, create the tech?

US Navy and the airforce are clueless but seem to have orders not to shoot at them.

Will anyone claim the Nobel prize?
Where are the engineers that worked on it, where are the scientists?

How does it feel to work on something like that and not be able to say or show about it?

Do the Russians and Chinks have their own models?

What are their political motives in it all?
Bump, because I'm somewhat interested. :)
look into To the Stars Academy. Has the ex-head of skunkworks. They're lying low but in a few years will out of nowhere have black tech in public. You can buy shares of their company
A lot more releases from government as of late. Almost like they're preparing us for something.
The weirdest psyop stuff I saw was that Black Star ship that got coverage in a printed magazine.
It was a mixture of many well-known working prototypes, it was described in detail and tiggered the jews at the time.
They split the engineering teams. Each one works on something without knowing what the other is doing aside from the most basic objectives. Then they put the whole thing together at the end
its literally a breakaway civilization at this point. the only hope is that they are actually nazis.
You know how humans discovered lodestones(magnets) and found uses for them even though they didnt understand the science behind them? It's like that.
Alien tech and our taxpayer dollars. Federal taxes should be banned. There is a need for state taxes because it directly affects us. Federal taxes are theft. On top of it, they dont want to use the tech because they cant recreate it. Its so compartmentalized and the people that knew brought it to their grave.
The mutts are still trying to understand the white man's technology they stole from Germany after WWII.
Some background info on this project


Super cooled Mercury? Hmm, kind of weird. They say this propulsion system is this:

A circular ring, filled with acceleration plasma, called the Magnetic Field Disruptor (MFD), surrounds the crew’s rotating compartment and outperforms any currently known technology. The Sandia and Livermore laboratories have developed this secret technology, and the [American] government will do everything to protect it. The plasma generated by bringing mercury to 250,000 atmospheres and at a temperature of -123 degrees Celsius, if accelerated to 50,000 rpm, becomes a superconducting plasma, the ultimate result of this process being the cancellation of gravity (levitation).
>but how did they manage to discover, create the tech?
took it from it from the nazis that got it from the Pleiadeans to help them win against the reptillians.
you can watch an old video with some engineer who worked for one of our defense contractors who says they discovered that gravity doesn't actually behave as you'd think it does when he like dropped a ball of metal that was surround by big magnets or something.
Jogger, have you ever heard about Nazi UFOs and operation Paperclip?
Yes, they do exist. There are patents for them at least.
They are going to kill me anyway, but they reverse engineer technology from "captured aircraft" and call it innovation.
TR3B is a fucking cliche. And thos patents mean nothing, you can patent any shit concept in the US without any proof of concept.
I mean bob lazar broke it down although i think he's probably mixing some false stuff in with truth otherwise they'd probably suicide him
Russia, yes, it's called Ajax.
they stole all of our brightest scientists and researchers way back then along with all the vril related knowledge. also look into jack parsons and where he got his inspiration from.
It's probably a combo of alien tech and german scientist foo fighter anti gravity disc tech
Anything is possible when you have 1,000 young bright eyed engineers, another 200 senior engineers in management positions, and shit tons of Cold War cash and a desire to scare the communists. Seriously, the Blackbirds (A-12, SR-71) as a design were finalized in 1959. The lack of technology held them up until the mid 60s but I think it proves my point. The best ideas always come before the technology needed to implement it.
>Where are the engineers that worked on it, where are the scientists?
in outer-space, in another planet
A good book to read is Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen, it goes into detail about the Skunk Works shit that was happening in Area 51.
I work in Aerospace and work with some older dudes who have done some shit in the past, they are just normal smart engineers, but if you put them in a room, give them unlimited budget, and a direction, they will make shit happen. Nothing super human, just a bunch of smart dudes with money to do shit, look at elon musk, smart people + money = cool shit.
they can tap directly into collective consciousness and use it as a super quantum computer to solve their problems, then they utilize millions of brilliant autists that all have minor breakthroughs but then they suck it all up in a big torrent that they get on other side
Scientists and engineers from it exist.
Fifteen years ago, I worked with a guy named David who was part of a lot of the shady stuff.
Anecdotal, yes, but I'm not going to dox myself here with.
David was a big dude, like 6'6, and had a frame like he used to lift out a lot. He was in his seventies at the time, and liked the women.
I was just general help. He had been building a koi pond in his yard, and injured his back. Had a surgery to install some screws and wires to stabilize his spine, and then for some dumbass reason, the hospital went and started an MRI on his back and fucked it up more.
He was on lots of pain meds after that, and his wife (30 years younger than him) enjoyed a bit of the old pain meds herself now and then. She got hold of his oxycontin, back when oxycontin was actually dangerous, and OD'ed.
He was a friend of my parents, and I was asked if I would stick with him and help. So I did.
Dude had a LOT of money.
Anyway, I spent a lot of time with him. Dude was awesome. He was in with development of the Blackbird, and was an astronomer, and repaired antique grandfather clocks.
I'm not a hundred percent what his job was with them back then but he was very meticulous and would talk in vague terms about what he did and who he worked directly with, but was more than happy to discuss what he could.
He made asstons of cash repairing clocks. It is surprising. He had a special shop out in his yard. He could custom build gears and parts. He'd go check out the damaged grandfather clock, take what was broken, build another, and then replace it. Hundreds of dollars a day to putter around.
He had money from a long time back, so he was well paid. After a few months of assisting him, and he was able to move around well again, he sold his house and packed up, bought a camper, and pretty much disappeared.
The people who could’ve claimed the Nobel prize for it are dead, you might’ve heard of operation paper clip.
Dude, it's just a plane.
You basically microwave a plasma in a vacuum.
Its creates a magnetic field and you make patters ie magic circles to rise or lower.
This is just psychobabble for the actual revelation of alien technology.

No they don't know how to make "super cooled mercury" they are just revealing the alien technology on the timeline specified like good goys
The fastest aircraft we have in the world today (officialy) was built in the 60's. And that was before we had miniature electronics, supercomputers running advanced models, and autistic AIs that can optimize things in ways we can't even comprehend.
Consider also that technological growth is exponential.
They’ve know about this stuff for decades. It’s secret tech now. Probably powered with cold fusion. Now they’re also finally starting to admit that the cold fusion experiments from the 80s were real and cold fusion works. It’s called lattice confinement fusion. Or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions by the non establishment scientists. That means we’ll be getting flying cars and space travel will become common next decade.
if america had anti gravity space ships they would be flying them around china and russia every day letting them know they have got them
Autism anon. It was autism that built those, it was autism that put us on the moon, and it was autism that split the atom. But they hate autists, so they will sacrifice everything because they can't control them.
I know it exists. Multiple independent person has seen a very similar flying object during the yugo war.
Founders of NASA and skunkworks were both satanist. You tell me how...
i'll tell you a story you won't often get on here (a true one) and you can believe me or not.

i lived my whole life around skunkworks in burbank and edwards afb. i was going to end up working for lockheed-martin, but complications in my life arose. i knew two people that directly worked on what people refer to as the aurora project in two different capacities.

one of them was a radar engineer for hughes aircraft. he was a big time egghead during the cold war and that company did all the radars on our aircraft for like 20 or 30 years exclusively. they made a radar so accurate that you could fire a bb gun through its arrays and it could tell you the speed, size, trajectory and height of that bb. i remember asking about it when he was super old and in bad health, whether or not it exists and whether or not we use extraterrestrial technology, and i remember him saying "you fucking idiot, of course. did you think that wasn't the case?"

the other guy i knew worked for the dod, but he was also a college professor. just some computer nerd fag. he worked on the avionics system for this craft.

whatever this project is, it does exist and has for a long time. i can tell you this without any doubt whatsoever. as for the use of extraterrestrial concepts or materials in it, from what i've heard from people i don't believe this to be the case, at least not to any extreme. since everything is compartmentalized maybe someone working on propulsion knows something my radar man and my computer man doesn't. maybe someone else is working on an exotic system while these guys are just integrating existing technology. i have no idea on that angle.

so those are my two cents.
the tech involved changes everything, it is free energy essentially, but lots of it and the ability to use it. we are talking alchemy. this kind of power would not just change the world it would likely destroy it.
He's the problem.... anti-gravity to lift an object and allow propulsion like that is one thing (that I will believe, actually). But...they HAVE to be "drones" in the military sense, in that they can't have human pilots inside with the g-forces shown.

Anti-grav is one thing.... anti-inertia is a whloe other bag.
>take b2
>make it more triangular

wow so advanced
how did they do it?

look at the designer. notice anything superior about him?
Create a local magnetic field around a spacecraft to lock it in (or somehow use Earths field,) then repulse magnetically in different directions without friction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyOtIsnG71U
I saw one in Canada June 1999. Three red grey circles in a triangle slowly rotating across the sky.
> but how did they manage to discover, create the tech?
crashed landings

> Will anyone claim the Nobel prize?
no one

> Where are the engineers that worked on it, where are the scientists?
retired/dead, few still at Lockheed actually, Lockheed's office maintains a list of retirees that worked on these sorts of things, if you're inside the org you can get access to it probably just by talking to the right secretary/admin assistant

> How does it feel to work on something like that and not be able to say or show about it?
they allude to secret/cool shit to their buddies/wives, that and the compensation is good enough for them to keep them quiet enough (not complete, but enough)

> Do the Russians and Chinks have their own models?
no, they do not

> What are their political motives in it all?
money, there is no political motive behind lockheed or anyone else out there part of the complex

there are a variety of random accounts over the years, and if you're bored enough you can just go to the general area and chat up middle-aged men in the bars 7-9pm
Jogger that shit is from the 90s, fuckin Aurora is hella old. SR-71 60s, F-117 70s, B-2/F-22 80s, F-35/??? 90s, etc.
I hope this stuff is real. It would renew my faith in the US.
What if I told you there are buildings in the middle of no where were whole cities of people live and never leave developing the next generation of shit you and I will never see?

You'd probably call me a faggot. But I'm right. You can start your research of said places at Oak Ridge, TN.
There are things that you can't even dream of. No pajeet developers, no joggers working there, no foreigners.

Good luck out there.
google Jack Parsons you will understand the industrial military complex is not just a business, not just jews, the shit is far far more deeper and much more sinister than it looks.
do you research and you will realize the world has been runned by an interrupted line of devil worshiping occultists since the very days of sumer and ancient egypt the pyramids were built by devil worshipers, almost all revolutionary inventions that changed the world was acquired through rituals. there is no fucking aliens there is only demons and demon worshipers, and they fucking run the world.
>Will anyone claim the Nobel prize?
>Where are the engineers that worked on it, where are the scientists?