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If the changs truly have the IQ they claim to have how come...

If the changs truly have the IQ they claim to have how come they still cant put together a jet engine?
Bad smelters. Which is a huge problem when most of their iron is pig iron and reused aluminum
there is no modern technology that they have figured out on their own, unironically

from the steam engine, to rail roads, to automobiles and jet engines. All have been taught to them by foreigners.

not just shown to them, but actually sat down discussed and taught to them. They tried just showing them the steam engine. 150 years later they still didnt figure it out so the british just explained it for them.

now the internet exist.
China could fuck up a wet dream.
>If the changs truly have the IQ they claim
Their claim are lies. As usual.



Because they have stolen every piece of technology the west has ever made.
Somehow they cannot steal IP from a jet engine producer.
>80 years from invention
that's a biased and false title. China started seriously pursuing domestic jet engine production very recently.
Changs can't even copy the designs they steal. Look up chinese jet problems, they're more than just the engines
The chinks are good at cheating and lying. The US could kill their biggest tech companies in a heartbeat if they wanted to by denying them access to western parts.They are also very much a midwit race in general. The bug mentality snuffs out anyone with abnormally high iq. So you get a bunch of hard worker ants that don't really understand the underlying theory of how anything works but just jam shit together until it works.
Hires Americans to build the such and such, Anon. That's how.
>He fell for the smart chink cliche
designing and building is a skill. USA/UK/Russia all got their aeroplane expertise from WW2 and Cold war. China has only recently switched to 100% china designed planes, as before they either used design concepts from USA or Soviet export models, so its only natural they suck shit
Chinese railway stations....please post NY Penn or Newark for comparison. Thanks.
Ngl our technology is quite shit too we're still stuck with stinky cheese, wine and exporting women footwear or perfumes...
lol at this cope article
>murrica's greatest aviation crown jewel, boeing, makes planes that fall from the sky from engine failure
>quick write an article about changs
The problem is only one part.. Single crystal titantium blades or whatever.
As in many other cases they only lack the know how and experience with one or a few processes. It will take some years to master, but what then?
This is a run of the mill city in China...there are 40 cities/municipalities that are bigger than pic related within China.

Care to share a picture of Detroit, Kansas City, or Memphis so we can compare?
They can't get the fan braids to work right.
Meanwhile in China....
do you know who makes jet engines?
Rolls Royce
it isn't easy
IQ is one thing. Conscientousness is another. White engineers add an extra layer of "is the design *really* good enough? Have I found all the flaws?"
and im pretty sure the chinks can build an 80 years old jet engine quite easily, it's the modern engines that are hard to make
why dont they just copy us?
No Germans or Scands.
Oh Canada you again.
Good to see No Gulag can with your uppity faggotry
Bulshit and western propaganda
>lewin day
>more like lewin JUNKIE
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Metallurgy and lack of what is called "institutional knowledge".

These things get lost over time: see Boeing's struggles in aerospace.

Only way forward is to build it up from zero, but where to start?
china's modernization program began in the late 70s early 80s, and the programs to create a domestic jet engine came even later than that, 2000's perhaps. that is just not enough time to catch up to the very few nations that can actually produce a cutting edge jet engine. Only the us, uk, germany, and maybe japan and france could do that. Even many developed countries cant accomplish this. Aussie military modern jet fighter engine? lol no. not without 99% american tech help. Think of all the different scientific disciplines that are needed: mechanical engineering, materials science, physics, mathematics, precision machining, chemistry, electrical and optical engineering, computer science, and many more. The chinese still just have a lot to learn and it will be decades before all those industries mature.
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They don't need jets for anything. All they have to do is wait and keep building their country.
chinese have this bad luck of being absorved by anything that spins fast, every time they finish a jet engine someone walks by and becomes minced mead and damages the engine
I keep saying it - China's average IQ is almost certainly fake. I suspect it's somewhere closer to Mexico. The conditions they live in don't lie.
they require strict tolerances.. not surprised.. this isnt a shitty ak copy
how are american jets doing? other than the ones that keep crashing into each other
Fake News.
Gas turbines are all about the metalurgy.
Chink metalurgy....
computational skill =/= innovation
Because Wish-quality knockoffs tend to fail pretty bad when it's jet engines.
This one seems to be working fine.
The differences between white and gook IQ resides in creativity.
Whites are literally the only race of people capable of thinking "outside the box." We are creative and innovative.
Chinks, however, are better editors. They can take white invention (which they could never fathom), study it, learn how it works, and edit it to perfection.
>Whites are outside the box thinkers.
>Chinks can only operate within the box, but they can perfect everything inside said box.
As it is, Chinks are trying to make a BETTER jet engine. They can't. They can only improve upon that which has already been created.
Bugs always get sucked into turbines, anon.
Isn't like everyone struggling with jet engines except for nations with a long lasting engineering background? I don't recall the Somalis or Greeks ever building any jet engines. It's not because they're stupid, they just had other interests than engineering.
China cannot innovate, they can only steal.
Probably having trubble with the turbo charged air/fuel ratio and pressure.
Ever ridden in a Chinese car? THERE ARE NONE ! They are still in the early stages of the industrial revolution !
China is a very poor country pretending to be rich. The communist party uses the peasant underclass (almost 50% of the population) as slave labour.
We need to do the same thing reagan did to the soviets and feed their agents defective technology so their rice shithole tears itself apart at the seems
IQ doesn't mean shit
Humility, is the gateway to understanding. They have none. Every single person in this world who thinks they're the best and that their shit doesn't stink are the people who don't understand really anything. It's blocked from their mind. Pride blinds to mistakes. Mistakes are learned from if you have humility. If you don't have humility what are mistakes to you? Just a nuisance that bothers your pride.
Understand? I hope so.
Took them 50 years to learn how to produce the ballpoint pen.
Xi is satisfied with still using ramped carriers and to busy giving joggers to chink women to care about jet engines.
Chankoro are a slave race. Always will be. Pajeets are the same way. Yes, there are some exceptional individuals amongst the groups, but the group mentality is one of servitude and submission towards society, authority, etc. Russians have too much of this asiatic admixture, hence the eternal peasantry mindset.
material science and GD&T
Remember how NASA lost a bunch of math that got them to the moon? It's kinda like that, except they lost all the Chinese guys that stole the technology originally.
Stolen industry knowledge is not enough. Need brains, imagination and experience.
>how come they still cant put together a jet engine?
80 years of communism
It turns out that decades of stealing schematics and proprietary information is a frail gimmick that only produces a technological cargo cult. They probably hit the same ceiling with the “UFO” tech that USA and Russia play with.
IQ only measures closed problems, not open problems. It's not a pure indication.
They only copy formula, no create. They very good at copy tho, better than western pig dog.
Metallurgy, plain and simple
They can only copy greatness. They cannot create it