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Hypothetical Post-Female Society

Suppose we were to replace women with artificial wombs and engineered companions that were actually capable of providing devotion, affection, and sexual fulfillment. These companions would also be programmed to excel at household chores like cooking and cleaning, but programmed to be incapable of subverting and destroying civilization.

Would society be better or worse off?

This is a "politically incorrect" discussion of the social impact that emerging technologies will have on human gender dynamics.
>Massively improve society
>Would society be better off?
Tbf if women did the same thing they would probably be happier too. However then we would devolve into a sort of Eloi Morlock symbiosis. Men would be productive and inovative and woman would sun tan and frolick all day.
Alternatively, you could skip the "engineered companion" part altogether.

Would artificial wombs in and of themselves be good for society? What social changes would be brought on simply by them existing? What would men do with women now that they are no longer needed for reproduction?
are we better off with cars than with horses?
some people might want to keep a biocunt around in a stable, just for fun, but i think we all know what most men's daily drivers will be.
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>but programmed to be incapable of subverting and destroying civilization.

You basically mean machines, that can have their programs rewritten via hacking, will always be stronger than any living things and depending on how sophisticated AI can get, will always be uplinked to the web so can coordinate in real time should a 'terminator' scenario ever actually happen.

Real smart plan there anon.
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I swear the people who type things like these are going to be the first ones that beat their robots into a pile of gears or "cheat" on it because, it is a robot, who cares?
First of all that's not gonna happen. Devotion? It wouldn't be devotion it would just be programing. If I take your sex toy and change her 1s and 0s, it will follow the orders of anyone I program into it's software and it's gonna follow it without a second thought. Affection? Not genuine. It will be as affectionate as you program it to. And sexual satisfaction? Given the above enumerated, the sexual satisfaction you'd get from intercourse with a sex doll is about the same you'd get from sticking your pecker into an object. A thing.

Yeah, the situation today isn't great, I get it. Finding good chicks is a challenge. But sadly as a two gender species we are codependent so no fancy sex toy is gonna change that.
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worse because artificial wombs are unnatural and women need to raise kids. women serve an excellent purpose in the home and cannot be replaced
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I'd rather go extinct than rely on technology.
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Men actually need very little to be happy, it would drive women absolutely insane.


This thing apparently vastly improves the mood of men that use it in Japan.

It’s home hilarious how easy it is to outsource women. You literally cannot do the same for men.
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idk what the world would look like as a whole, but I can promise you there'd be a lot of twink/femboys.
I think it's a safe bet that everyone would have a boywife.
First of all, jews and women would NEVER let any of this be released or sold. Also, white children need white mothers, the rest of this shit is unnatural, no matter how awful white women are. The solution to our problems is to roll back feminism and remove women rights, putting them under chaperone/guardianship etc. Back to how things used to be. Our ancesotrs did fine like this. The feminists that overcame our ancestors were not a natural movement, they were organized and created by jewry. Without jews feminism would never have existed, it would have never posed a threat, women liberation never would have happened.
>post-female society
>Posts a man

The state of g
Where do the eggs for robowombs come from? Wouldn't it be like incest to engineer eggs from the same male the sperm is coming from and junkie to use eggs engineered from another man?
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I think if such a thing could be engineered it would already be embodied in the woman. You can't say women are any worse than the incels
Why the fuck should we even reproduce. Not that much people needed for life to keep going. I'd much prefer a more isolated existence say a job from my room. I don't care for whatever you seek in relationships anymore. Had enough of this
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So what you are saying is that women belong in the kitchen or the bedroom, should be barefoot and pregnant, that we should lower the age of consent, and engage in a little domestic discipline when required?

That we should vote for far right christian fringe groups that have no chance of winning, so that the mainstream parties (conservative / republicans) politicians will start to represent the above values and people like you? (moving the needle)

stop bitching and do something about it, and vote

all adult women should be in a conservatorship like Britney Spears was, until they are given away for marriage

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Napoleon Bonaparte Quote
Women are nothing but machines for producing children.
>capable of providing devotion, affection, and sexual fulfillment
you left out the most important thing...because only God and real women can provide it...MOTIVATION!
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The problem is not women, the problem is not shutting women up, as well as focusing your blame on women instead of non-whites.
It would only work If the fembots demand thinks from you. Like fitness test and money wise.

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A loyal perfect woman worthy of the effort. If you make them give your rewards for nothing society would collapse.
Absolutely. We'd be able to escape the good times bad times cycle. Honestly we should be striving to replace women.

The only reason women need high IQ now is because we wouldn't want to risk her passing on her low IQ to her male children. Once you have artificial wombs, and men can seize the ability to reproduce themselves, and man can make a male child without any need for a woman. Then women's IQ should be lowered to the level of a house pet. They are too dangerous otherwise.

Women should be reduced to being automata. Sexual NPC's for fun and companionship. The should have no rights at all, and should legally and socially be considered a lesser people than men.
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>engineered companions
Anon has never had an actual companion, also anon knows nothing of engineering
>yet another tikkun olam transjewmanism thread
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Sadly even with artificial wombs, we need to keep regulars females alive as well. You need a natural stock, in case of some natural disaster, like a solar flare, fucks your energy infrastructure, thus your artificial wombs too. If we would entirerily depend on tech, we'd risk extinction. That is why no matter what high investment parenting, and eugenic selective breeding direction we go, high fertility is a must, and a desirable trait. Rather kill off the excess undesirables, than to risk losing our ferility, that is needed for post disaster situations, and to populate new territories.

Giving you an example, war breaks out, all sides depent on drones, whichever side loses the war of attrition uses some emp device in desperation, that generates a field that disables all electronics on earth while it is on. Your articial wombs are wrecked, your tech is gone, now you are dependant on who have more manpower, and low tech equipment. Fighting degrades into WW1 trench warfare, war drags on for decades, and you depend on how much new population can your females pop out, that can be used for soldiers and workers, or you lose the manpower attrition, and be exterminated.

I'm all in for the westworld like sex robots, hedonism of having a robo slave, but we have to retain our natural breeding methods, with no editing, only selective breeding for desirable (nordic) traits.
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