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The Universe Is Not Locally Real, and the Physics Nobel Prize Winners Proved It

>One of the more unsettling discoveries in the past half century is that the universe is not locally real. “Real,” meaning that objects have definite properties independent of observation—an apple can be red even when no one is looking; “local” means objects can only be influenced by their surroundings, and that any influence cannot travel faster than light. Investigations at the frontiers of quantum physics have found that these things cannot both be true. Instead, the evidence shows objects are not influenced solely by their surroundings and they may also lack definite properties prior to measurement. As Albert Einstein famously bemoaned to a friend, “Do you really believe the moon is not there when you are not looking at it?”

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The fuck are we supposed to do now?
not give a fuck and move on.
Scientists have been using at click baity headlines for their inane rambling papers on their schizophrenic theories for a long time. Guess what if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it it does in fact still make a sound no retarded overpaid quack can prove otherwise.
>The fuck are we supposed to do now?
what do you mean
just continue, the usual
we are literally causing spastic reverberations onto the real world by sheer autism alone and call that cliches, but as far as normies are concerned it can be magic
they might have all the doc titles, but actual pioneers of the applied quantum physics congregate here
universe wants to explore itself
we literally couldn't stop ourselves even if we tried
>the evidence shows...
how do you have evidence that objects not observed don't have definite properties if you need to observe them to check what their current properties are??
do "scientists" really?
Hypothesis is retarded.
If I hide a map in a wall hole of my house for buried treasure and I die immediately after not telling anyone, someone will eventually find the map and it will be in the exact same spot/shape as I left it.
How can an observer that never knew about this object to begin with reconstitute it to be exactly the same as the way I saw it before I died?
No information was ever transfered between me and the new observer.
So that means that object really did exist locally and existed without anyone being there to observe it.
Physics nerds are overcompensated in certain modes of intelligence and are quite dumb in others. In fact, they're very braindead on some things.

Here's how it works, think about it.

What would it take for every particle and energy packet to have discrete parameters defining their state and position?
A data structure. A "third party" which tracks these parameters. This is one reason why we talk about Higgs Bosons and spacetime continuum.

But does that make sense? That WOULD be a simulated universe.

What would it mean for particles to be REAL? Think about anarchy versus governance. Real particles ALONE "know" their own parameters and these only become real in the process of communication.
Thus, what is real comes through communication

The "particle" or "quantum of energy" are not REAL. A particle is nothing other than a moment of discrete communication between communicating substances.
Particles are not things, they are events.

Jesus physicists is it that hard, use your brain
Thank you, Joe Biden.
If you give that faggot eyed faggot in the picture credence, he'll take it.
so the Holocaust didn't happen, but it will if we want it?
>The fuck are we supposed to do now?
what do you mean? you were always an arrogant retard if you thought nothing was real outside your perception.
People are missing the larger implications here, slowly science is starting to confirm the existence of a higher power. They know this but are reluctant to talk about it except couched in scientific vagueness.
If you've never studied QM and did actual calculations before, you do not deserve to have an opinion on this because you do not understand any of the terms and the sophistications behind them. Quantum mechanics translates extremely poorly to digestible popsci articles, and will lead to wrong interpretations as demonstrated by the brainlets above this post.
Obviously, objects have definite properties independent of observation and obviously objects can be influenced by something faster than light, it would be ridiculous to presume we are in such an advanced state of understanding of the universe that it would impossible for anything to travel faster than light.
Measurement might affect the properties of an object depending on how it is done but that doesn't imply the object itself is without any definite properties while it isn't being measured.
It's just a bunch of semantic philosophical retardation.
>The fuck are we supposed to do now?
Ignore the baseless claims?
Quantum mechanics are a grift. There are no particles smaller than the fundamentals because they'll just fucking anihillate into gammas/xrays.
stop reading click bait headlines for one
all the experiments really showed was that quantum mechanics doesnt give a fuck about relativity, which means einstein was a fucking hack fraud kike
This was necessary to show that there are more than 2 genders.
No really that instrested in this week's mathematical mastrubation

Just because I lack the means to precisely measure your waist doesn’t mean you’re not fat. It just means I don’t have a good enough measuring tape. And stop spinning so fast, lardass.
Biblically speaking, he's correct. The earth is flat and the stars we see at night are luminaries. The Hubbel images we see are all faked by (((NASA))).
you're supposed to have sex I guess
Based, none of this shit is real. Schizos were right once again.
>particles have no definite properties unless measured
advanced culling technique to save on memory usage and rendering performance. the universe is a simulation running on Unreal 25.
>ITT: high school drop outs chuds try to understand high level physics.
let me guess, God did it? which one tho?
it's a brain thing.
stop being a fag.
You are living in hell. Your soul is living in a projection and death is the end of your conviction. We all did something bad in a previous life.
Engineer here with two Ivy League degrees - this is bullshit

Most of quantum physics and theoretical physics is bullshit. Garbage theories contingent in prior garbage theories to be correct. How many layers of theories are we at now? Three? Four?

If something cannot be tested in a lab and observed through replication, it isn't important or valuable to know. This is the case for 99% of theoretical physics. Some nerd writes a paper with mathematical proofs for his advisor's pet theories - why should anyone give a fuck?

Better question- what has quantum physics ever done done for us? In nearly a century of research, quantum physics has not added any value to our way of life. It has not invented anything. It's just a bunch of academics fighting over the existence of fake and junkie who-gives-a-fuck particles and stupid word games of things not existing.

In the Bible, it is said that humans cannot understand God. What this means is that humans cannot understand God's creation. So all these theories are useless because they will never reveal the answer, since the answer is incomprehensible to the human mind. Our brains are limiter, and in video game terms, this would be known as a progression block.
better spend your time in electrical engineering
Only god actually exists, everything else is an illusion. Science once seemed to prove god didn't exist now it's fate will ultimately prove that on the contrary he alone exists.
Jews destroyed physics. The Aryan needs to get it back on track.
>still listens to scientists
it's impossible to prove any sauce of random data generation is truly random. That fact alone fucks up any experiment you can devise. People don't like the idea of superdeterminsm because they believe it nullifies the concept of existential free-will. What's the point of merits and reprimands if nobody has control over themselves? It seems like nihilism. It's not appealing.

That doesn't mean it's not the ultimate objective truth, but it's a really tough sell.
Imagine if the schizos were right.
You are confusing existence with observation.
You are falsely assuming something only exist if you make an observation on it.
That guy has not touched grass in a long time
Sounds like someone played to many video games.
this is more atheism
>The universe is not real
No shit? The rest of the cosmos is functionally non existent. Just an image on a screen and those images are millions to billions of years old and anything in them is likely already gone. Sure we can see it but we have no way of interacting with it. Like watching a recording of Hitler. No matter how badly we want to talk and tell him we love him he will never hear it.
In short: cliche magic is real
What practical applications does this discovery have?
God is real and this is a sim, science is finally catching up to what philosophers have known for ages
>The Universe Is Not Locally Real
you got sauce on that?
This is a logic argument, not a proof of anything
it means, universe is optimized simulation, that conserves its power when nobody is looking
midwit is thinking quantum physics is fucking real.
big brain is realizing until it has practical application it's just a big shitposting larp.
Is it replicable? No, then it is not proven. It is only theory. Faggot low IQ leaf doesn't understand fundamentals of science.
That sounds like a matter of perception. It’s like all those science fags who believe were in a simulation without a shred of evidence. As it turns out they’re probaly right because that’s something they perceive to be true when there is no contradictory evidence that dispels their belief.

I knew science would eventually combine the metaphysical but I had no idea it would only appeal to high Iq stoners.
this is particularly funny because the entire premise of modern science is based off the idea that only the immediate, observable universe is relevant.
I always thought the academia was largely full of shit but I'd never dream they actually took that premise seriously to the point of needing quantum physics to prove they're retarded.
indians shit in streets, and live in restroom sized homes. the universe is all about perspective right?
So can I change my simulation please?
I think therefore I am. This Boltzmann-brain declares its surroundings real, I also grant reality to all of you out of pure generosity.
>quantum physics have found
stropped reading there
quantum mechanics is pseudo-science
This terrible title and horrible cliche explanation are why retards on /g/ think science is a bunch of made up bullshit.

The truth is, modern physics can not be properly explained without math. It is perfectly rigorous, and makes perfect sense, if you can understand the math. The language of physics is mathematics, not english.

Popsci retards trying to give explain modern physics to laypeople using terrible analogies do more harm to physics than good.
wait till you get a load of the size of the moon
Our souls are linked in a peer-to-peer reality network.
Our souls wifi into our hearts and we experience it from there.
We are stars.
Tom Delonge talks about this in an interview. He says that multiple timelines exist at once and we create what we see.
i have no idea what this means
i will never understand what this means or what you people are talking about
This isn't news. /g/ is filled with sub 100 IQ joggers. For now over 50 years scientists know that the act of measuring an atomic sample automatically alters the sample because the very act of seeing implies having photons go through atoms, and most atoms experience different degrees of ionization when light gets shot through.
/g/ and OP would know this if y'all actually were the special snowflakes you believe yourselves to be, when in truth you're not smarter than your average street jogger
You know, almost all of this University research is tax funded.
If it's real to me, it's real to me.
actually that claim was not proven at all anywhere, no one has produced any such "proof", only made claims that they did without actually giving up their supposed proof
None of that shit is science.
This is theoretical physics which since the rise of memestein has turned into little more than pseudo-theoligical BS.
Do I still have to go to work Monday?
Actually in Platonic philosophy, only the pure perfect paradigms of things that exist solely in the mind of God are "real". The imperfect materializations of those pure ideas are mere images of the real ones in the mind of God, hence the chair you're sitting on, your body, the earth you're living on are all images, that is imaginary manifestations of the real.

Their material substance is mere hyle, ashes, dust filth. They appear attractive or interesting only insofar as they manifest a form that is dictated by the rational scheme of the universe in the mind of God, that is the Logos.

I'm not sure how that world view holds up to that POV. I haven't gotten that far yet in Bertrand Russell's history of Philosophy.
This is stupid pseudo science that “scientists” are wasting their time with because they know nothing new and have zero prospects for breakthrough science.

y'all are just going to ignore me cause I'm a mexianon and I'm talking about flat earth. But the space is obfuscated, some divine entity obscured the lights above the earth. Any and all conclusion you make about the universe must be false. It's like trying to describe a room after turning off the light.
>The local universe is determined not by itself, perpetuating, but by will and awareness
We knew this four thousand years ago
So Leibniz's monadology is correct?
Albert Einstein was full of shit.
Well threre is no mass. All there is, is energy whit different wavelength.
KEK no shit sherlock. WTF are normies so fucking slow that they need science to discover something before they can even begin to contemplate a different view of "reality" than what their normie eyes can perceive.

That being said--yay for him. I get so fn sick of normies
>I don't believe in big foot
>I don't believe in--what the fuck ever
Waste time demeaning people who don't need to believe in Big Foot they KNOW big foot. I wander into reddit now and then to read or /x/ on here and it's just sad.
>I don't believe

Who gaf what you believe? LOL wasting time slamming on other people who have had experiences different from yours and or giving time to the fake fucks, the hunters but never finders--why?Does it make them feel better?

It a person is standing right next to you blowing a dog whistle, you can see they're blowing it but you can't hear it--does it mean there's no dog whistle?

The real world is part
>simulation theory
>parallel dimensions
>Truman's World
>prison planet
filled with Organic Portals someone told you that you had to care about.

For everything you CAN see there is a whole world right next to you that you can't see. Frequency--life is.

I wonder if the dude that left this comment realized he was describing "Jehovah". HEH.
>It's all consciousness
No shit sherlock