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Microships are alien technology

>complex structure with trillion of instructions taking place over the size of an atom.
>no one really knows how they work, they just pretend they do. Not even Europe or China has figured out its whereabouts.
>zero real information on the internet
We know exactly how they work and how to make them.

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>size of an atom.
>no one really knows how they work, they just pretend they do. Not even Europe or China has figured out its whereabouts.
what do you need explained that you dont get?
>zero real information on the internet
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gates are absolutely not the size of an atom, what the fuck are you smoking?
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>no one really knows how they work
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no jogger it was humans, you're just to stupid to understand how it works
Here we see a columbian man faced with his double digit intelligence; trying to cope with the fact that because he does not understand something; no one does. Truly, the life of a shitskin must be a challenging one.
Here you go OP.
You can educate yourself about the logic behind dem micro ships.

They're really not that complex, just amazingly tiny.
OP did you know that your computer has an electrified crystal that regulates time. It changed when Mars is in retrograde. Not joking btw
I know a Romanian scientist when I see one
>Too complicated for my monkey brain
>So must be alien
>integrated circuits are magic
Behold the power of brown "people"
It was the result of archaic interpretation then reverse-engineering of a system from a disabled craft, that was far too complex and abstract to understand.
Colombians sure do are fucking stupid, eh?
For those who don't know, there are rumors that the microchip and other technology was discovered from a downed alien craft.
Everything is alien technology if you're stupid enough.
You are too low IQ. That's why your country will never produce a single chip in 1000 years. Shitskins are defeated using brains. Always have, always will.
Brainlet. This 17 year old kid figured out how to make transistors in his parents garage. It took half a century to figure out how to shrink them.
Autistic 12 year old can make them in Minecraft
Its not complicated.
You gather your ingredients from the far ends of the earth, in the dungeons and catacombs below the ancient lands. Down in the darkness you gather the rarest and most precious of alchemical substances, exotic minerals and mystic powders known today as 'rare earth'.
Then, after determining the appropriate purpose, you find the leylines/astrological alignments that show the power flow you desire, and you inscribe your rare earth ingredients in highly precise and specific mimicry of the nodes in the energy lines.
The last two steps are securing the black crystal for gazing and calling down the lightning, harnessing the power of the Heavens (the 'Hammer of Thor', Zeus' lightning)
>>no one really knows how they work, they just pretend they do. Not even Europe or China has figured out its whereabouts.
I think al to of tech was developed when the masters decided to roll out LSD in the late 40's/ WW2 created the opportunity for lots of research which was continued after the war. Wars create exponential growth in tech. I'm more weirded out by tube tech.
>find alien tec
>spend a lifetime reverse engineering
>the smartest humans figure it out
>mass produce to share with humanity
>the future is now
>people use this new age alien tec to call each other joggers from anywhere in the world
If you were around when they were much bigger, and did much less you wouldn't think there were "white man magic". (pic related)
>complex structure with trillion of instructions taking place over the size of an atom.
You must be retarded.
>no one really knows how they work, they just pretend they do. Not even Europe or China has figured out its whereabouts.
We are taught about semiconductors in elementary school.
China is leading a chip design and it's only problem is a manufacturing at the latest process, because there's an embargo for photolithography machines which are manufactured in... Netherlands.
>zero real information on the internet
Do you even google?
If you do not understand how chippies work then you are unironically a brainlet.
great blog series on this topic
If it's so impossibly complicated to make, then how did aliens make it?
checkmate atheists

Usa dumb.
>Nobody knows how they work
>No real info on the internet
You can make chips in your garage if you're dedicated enough.
My favorite part about early semiconductor technology is early photomasks (pic related) and how they had to hire actual mechanical drawers to physically draw chip designs. These drawings would then be projected onto a wafer hundreds of times at the appropriate definition.
>>zero real information on the internet
cutting edge chip tech is legit modern day corpo secret. In TSMC, there's no single person who understands the whole process. They don't want you getting poached. Which means that if there's a fire and a few key people die you would go back 5-10 years on process tech.
>the monkey is baffled by human technology
>Man creates Circuits
>Man creates Microscopes
>Man creates small Circuits visible with a Microscope

No they are not. Corn is made by aliens tho.
If you are dumb jogger then yes, its so alien to you its insane.
If you understand that its almost 1:1 principle on how you home lightswitch work but miniaturised to physical barriers, you are not retarded.
I've read qt becomes an issue as the chip size decreases. I've also read that longterm storage on solid state memory cards (like SD) is not a great idea because of qt. Over time the data will get corrupted.
>Nope, but the theoretical limitations of chips is when every gate (1 instruction) it is the size of an atom.
Every single component in your "smart" device is a Satanic Sigil.
lurk more retard
pic very rel
i read it as micropenis
It uses electrical circuits to express truth tables that's all.
Read about analytical philosophy, discrete mathematics, and you'll understand.
We've known how they're made for a long time now.
Jogger I did comp sci, chemistry and scientific instrumentation at uni. They taught us how to make computers all the way from quantum field theory of the particles in the atoms in the transistors to using transistors to make logic gates to using logic gates to make basic CPUs that can interpret machine code to expanding them into modern processors to programming compilers to turn higher level languages into machine code to programming OSs, programmes, databases, apps, websites etc

None of it is hard for intelligent people to understand. It's rare that anyone studies it from top to bottom like I did, but I'm a genius level IQ with diverse interests so why not.

Could I make you an Intel level chip from scratch? Yes, assuming you provide me with tens of thousands of employees in teams to build up the tech needed to build up the tech needed to start to start to do so, and give me a decade or two to get it all rolling.

Does that mean aliens or trans dimensional demons working for an ancient AI we call Satan didnt give us the idea to get us started? Not necessarily, but at this point, many people DO in fact understand how transistors work, how to build the layers of them up into working parts then whole chips, how to etch them in tiny nanotech dimensions.
Is it easy? Fuck no, the precision and quality control needed for nanolithography alone means most races and nations would struggle to produce modern chips, even with suitable funding, due to a lack of high quality intelligent workers and engineers and sauce materials etc, but it's not impossible
>no one really knows how they work, they just pretend they do.
The fundamental principal is no different than vacuum tube technology: Certain gasses only conduct electricity when a breakdown voltage is reached and the gas ionized. Similarly, certain solid state materials (semiconductors) only conduct electricity when a threshold voltage is reached, which is often facilitated or optimized through the addition of oxides to act as a 'gate'. If current only flows when a discrete voltage is applied, this creates the basis for digital signals that are either on or off in contrast with continuous analog signals, and from there its just a matter of logic and extrapolation.

If you can make a switch that only turns on when a certain voltage is applied, it's a simple matter of circuitry to, for example, build a switch that only turns on when the combined voltage from two switches is sufficient to turn that switch on (AND gate).

Microchips are just this extrapolated to a ridiculous degree of scale and complexity, but the underlying physical processes are not that complex.
>>no one really knows how they work, they just pretend they do.
This kind of thought process certainly explains why 99% of /g/ are a bunch of retarded faggot subhumans that believe every conspiracy they hear.
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This guy must be an alien then
Think about it like this. Roswell happened in July 1947 and the first semiconductor was created a few months later in 1947.

I guess the chip I made for my computer engineer project was alien techonlogy
Earth is flat with a dome.
God exists.

Aliens don't exist.
Space isn't real.
Gravity doesn't exist.
Never went to the moon.
Asteroids don't exist.
Nukes don't exist.
Evolution is a lie.
Germ Theory is a lie.

The world is ruled by secret societies that worship Satan. Jews/Jesuits/Freemasons/Illuminati are Gnostics and Kabbalists. Masters at deception. One satanic philosophy is inverting reality.

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Hence these civilizational concepts are under relentless assault to make way for their satanic New World Order led by the Antichrist after a fake alien invasion known as project Blue Beam.

ALL of these conspiracies hinges on the original, mother of all psyops and hoaxes: Earth being a ball floating in nothing, revolving around the sun
proofs aliens don't exist:

Op is a monkey that forgot that kids in minecraft create functiong comouters out of basic logic gates. American twenagers are smarter than this macaco.
Yeah no shit: the reason we've seen such a boom in technology these last 70 years is because intergalactic AI crash landed here back then and it gave us tech
Many people know how they work, most people with CS degrees have at least a basic understanding

In uni we created circuits by joining together logic gates and flip flops, It wouldn't be hard for undergrad students to make a circuit that implements a basic instruction set using just nand gates, and a nand gate is also easy to make out of three transistors. The only thing actually complicated is making the transistors as small as they are, they used to be large and have gotten much smaller over the years (trillions of dollars spent on this) but the way they work is exactly the same.

If you want to actually learn how they work there are many videos simple enough for a brainlet to understand, like the ones from this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTu3LwpF6XI
Cool story bro
you should learn what's a transistor before babbling
>no one really knows how they work
They are made of billions of transistors. These transistors hold a charge or don't hold a charge. These charges translate in to binary code which you can learn if you have the time, it's essentially a base 2 numerical system.
You can make a processor using a breadboard, there are tutorials, no it's not easy or simple. All it needs to do is hold multiple charges (or no charge) reliably and change states quickly. Once you have mastered that you can make even a simple processor do interesting things.
everyone in the industry knows how they work retard
silicone diodes are nothing special brub
I've suspected we've been using alien technology for a while. Compare the technological leaps in the last century to the leaps in literally every other moment and society. There were centuries there that not a single advancement was made.
I had the exact same thought some weeks ago. CPU's are definitely other-worldly and they cost billions to produce. As I said I went down the rabbit hole couple weeks ago and apparently kikes were (as always) also involved in developing the first ones for Intel
those thread are the proof we're falling into indiocracy and 70 IQ is becoming the average
Lol. You can build them in your fucking home...
Hate to shill kikes here but this book explains everything you need to know as a beginner:

Also very good:
Aliens are real and they are us.
It only seems that way, but throughout the course of human history there have been multiple examples of extremely complex creations by normal standards. Two examples are CRT televisions and early automatons.
Show us your watches, junglefaggot
>my circle of friends doesn't have any marketable skills or knowledge or understand how things work
>this incredible technology which is many layers of human achievement deep is not superficially understandable by me or my circle of retards
>therefore, aliens
fucking dumbass there is a random dude on youtube who makes them in his garage.

But that's same for anything complex enough... But surely you can build computer WITHOUT microchips... by just using transistor bulbs... I mean it'll still work...
So microchips aren't adding anything fundamentally new function-wise, they just make things cheaper, faster, more portable and more reliable.
Yes I think that white people are aliens.
OP is the typical subhuman brown shit that don't get it what the white man is capable when there are now shitskins around
>trillion of instructions taking place over the size of an atom.
Yeah, about that anon..
trillion of instructions taking place over the size of an atom.

Waita second...

This is black science guy, isn't it?
>no one knows how they work
I know the White man's technology seems like magic to you, but any electrical engineer or chip designer knows how they work.
>no one really knows how they work
Yes we do you fucking jogger, it's a well understood technology it's not fucking magic, just fucking google micro transistors holy fuck I bet you think the earth is flat to, you absolutely retarded subhuman
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Uncle who has worked in Silicon Valley ever since the beginning of Silicon Valley tells me AI is playing as God and that humans should stop pursuing the knowledge for it.
>also tells me that computers are basically impossible to be built by pure human hands
>he helped implement architecture for motherboards
>tells me you need to rely on machines to create the circuitry
>Computers could not exist without the need of robots to implement the nano sized circuitry for the CPU
>Computers can never be truly built by human hands
Also notice how circuitry sort of looks like sigils.
>retarded time wasting thread
>nothing is accomplished
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Xerox Integrated processor. You can look at the damn patent yourself.

He means picrel
i went to a dupont lab one day and they were showing me how they basically just use sand and light to make micro circuitry.

they tried to make me shave my beard to work there.. not to make micro things, but to do construction.
so i never went back.

i told my boss "im keeping a beard while i'm 33.. jesus." he was a christian dude so he understood what i was saying.

about 10 months later..
"a..anon.. you'll have to shave your beard for this job.." "cmon... shave your beard for this job.."

>>no one really knows how they work

Since when do aliens have some sort of monopoly on technology? Aliens are joggers. Plus why do people always assume aliens possess advanced technology and civilization? We were in the Bronze Age only 3,000 years ago. How do you know "aliens" wouldn't be in their Bronze age or Iron age still? Or Stone age. We are currently in the Information age entering the Nano age soon. We have to worry about AI not destroying our race if AGI s even possible.
They are called integrated circuits you dumb jogger. Aliens gave them to us if we promised to not nuke each other and also give them mineral resources.

>be ayy lmao
>crash in roswell
>ay yo man take these chips if you keep quiet
Congolombians are retarded monkeys
Germans developed the proto transitor during ww2, all technology is human made, and is not exotic enough to be of foreign creation.
Alien is a code word for the Duetsch Reich fleet.
more accurately, the patent trail of the microtransistor is sus as fuck and Bell Labs likely got US black project tech via Roswell by way of Vannevar Bush, here is a blog series on this very interesting topic (the author basically suggests that it's a demonic AI trying to take over our dimension using this tech and aliens are actually interdimensional)
touchscreens and fiber optics are based on alien tech as well apparently, which is interesting considering the impact those techs have had on our species in the last few decades
People produce something complicated.
Psychos : It couldn't be done by hoomans.
It's not alien technology.
People are just too fucking retarded to actually get to the electricity and circuit section in highschool physics, much like you.
>no one really knows how they work, they just pretend they do
Absolute bollocks, give me an unlimited supply of passives and transistors/relays, and I can build you a computer and write it an OS.
Anyone with a decent CS/CE degree can don't his. This stuff is fully understood by anyone with an undergrad.
Good. We'd be better off ruled by computers and aliens because human rule is retarded and unbearable.

What movies like the terminator always forget is that AI would not see all humans as a threat because significant amounts of us would actually side with the machines.
Given that my kid little brother made microchips as part of a fucking museum tour, microchips are easy to build at a certain scale.

Also, an autist made a chip in his home.
You've got to be kidding me, right?
There's books you can buy right now on how they work and the logic behind it.
Semiconductors are male logic. If you don't understand them then you may just be a woman.
anon there not the size of an atom that would be retarded
aliens are the product of microchip technology , retard