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Why has technology stagnated? Have the overlords been keeping it secret?

Seems like the entire 20th century was filled with technological progress, then sometime in the 1990s it all stopped. Sure it’s faster, smaller, and in HD, but nothing actually NEW has hit the scene in maybe 30 years. Is this what happens when you reach the end of history?
jews are already in the matrix. you think billionaires like Zuckerberg are showing you their powerlevel?
tech companies fired all the real engineers and hollowed themselves out from the inside with pajeets as a sort of investor "shrinkflation" scam
We stopped going to the Moon because progress is to expensive and a descent into a corporate nightmare where the brightest heads use cutting edge technology to make things that feed and distract the population. Look at advertising patents to see the world they're setting up and the tools they're using to reach it. Ridiculous.
This is also why spaceflight is now dominated by players reducing costs for low Earth orbit, with only pipedreams for further exploration. There's money in transmitting the electric Jew with a cutting edge piece of space equipment, not in putting Aryans on Mars.
>Why has technology stagnated?
The width of a transistor,
which is the workhorse of the computer, has shrunk to about 25 nanometer wide cube. The wires leak electricity as heat because of inescapable properties of matter and the transistor cannot be made any smaller because if they do, the electrons are perfectly happy to quantum-teleport themselves through any electron-insulator to where they don't belong.

That means until professor egghead figures out how to make a transistor out of 25 atoms that are glued together in a certain way, and can defend their existence from cosmic ray, we're about at the apex of computing.

If you want more computing, you need more computers and to run your software in parallel with itself and written in a massively parallelized and network distributed way.

Yes gentlemen, we have bumped up against the walls of our simulation cage. There is an absolute small and an absolute large.

Be happy with the lego pieces we're made of, There's plenty of them for another trillion years of shenganigans:


Absolute speed limit, and the cost of going fast is time slows asymptotes to zero.
Absolute limit on cold, absolute limit on hot.
Absolute limit on small, absolute limit on large.

We're like a species of crab that have saturated our island. We regret to inform you that computers have for the most part extracted every single rev out of an electron.

To go faster, you need to make a computer out of individual atoms, and that's neigh impossible since it needs self and endless self-replication at the nanoscale, due to cosmic rays filling everything with beta, gamma and alpha holes all the time.
The low-hanging fruit has been picked and tech companies are full of diversity hires.
First world countries were creative and innovative when they were filled with whites. Now they are filled with retarded third worlders so we are now in the dark ages. Society in general is degrading on every level.
why do they call modems "gateways". sounds kinda satanic
I really don't want to rekindle alt-right tropes here but: giving women voting rights did it. Yeah. Shoudn't have don't that too fast. People are going to discriminate against each other anyways for all sorts of wrong reasons anyways. What's wrong with discriminating women at all?. At least until we're past the point os scarcity.
Technology keeps progressing, however you have to realize that all the computers thing came from Apollo. Without a large endeavor like Apollo, companies are just making incremental changes and improvements, and are hesitant to develop crazy tech. This is why we need Artemis.
But I am pessimistic, we don't have huge economic growth like in the 1960s
>Why has technology stagnated?
Instead of living our lives we've wasted decades pandering to non-Western populations.
They’re still developing advanced tech. They just realized they can’t let the public have it. If you notice, every update or new device includes ways the feds or the powers that be can shut it down, or monitor your use of it.
Electronics engineering fell out of fashion for programming.
Programmers are shit at using chips properly though.
No one even uses asm outside of embedded devices.
>t. ASM/C/C++ Robotics Engineer
yamaha FM synthesis can instantaneously transport me back to a better time, were I could call up a buddy and dial in to their modem, atdt 5555537 <enter> BEE-BEE-BEE-BU-BU-BU-BU-SHHHHAAAAARSHHHHHHHHHQUUITTTSSSZZTICCZYYUURRZCK-KKKHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-KH-KEHUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHSHHHHGGGG, doom.exe, before there were ladyboy health secretaries, fags, and homo lovers ruining all that is precious and good.
Technology hasn't stagnated. Maybe consumer goods you consoom have.

Machine Learning, Genetic Engineering, and Robotics will transform the world you know and love into hell. Fortunately most of us will be dead by the time it truly comes into its own. But sheer absolute nightmare fuel.
darpa decalres any new innovations national security
>Why has technology stagnated? Have the overlords been keeping it secret?
Almost all 'modern technology' is derived from the Roswell crash and has been reverse engineered to the limit of the metallurgical and miniaturization technology that could be derived from it. Further miniaturization requires elements and compounds not found on our planet, and that cannot be manufactured without critical technology that we don't have.

Almost all technological breakthroughs are simply the alien tech being released on a schedule. If the crash hadn't occurred we would be using 1940's/50's tech still and personal computing would still be the realm of science fiction.
Bifurcation my dear Watson
>rapid expansion of tech when new
>growth slows
>new discovery (quantum computing)
>rinse and repeat
"Computers are useless. They only produce answers."
-Pablo Picasso
machine learning is new and ultra exiting
but it does not fix the energy constraints which
is the worst limit we have encountered
Moore’s Law is Dead
Because we reached a peak where current tech basically is only going to marginally improve (basically stagnate). There’s a term for it but I forgot what it’s called. It’s why video games, movies, shows etc don’t look any better than ones from ten years ago.
Technology has enslaved us and you still want more? It's coming, fuckhead.
it's stagnated because we're no longer in a meritocracy. People are given jobs and positions of power based on immutable traits and connections.
The new iPhone camera is pretty litty
We don't need more technology, we need less low IQ coonsumers.
Because the clown law of miniaturization of transition has being basically reach.
So now that they milk the world for trillions of dollar over the last 40 years shit will get cheap again, that's why they are desperate trying to get a commercial Qbits processor.
But then again, there's hundreds of parts besides the processor in the motherboard and what not.
The problem is that they had being trying to get a supercoductor that is cheap and works on room temperatures for decades.
To no avail, most qbits out there need several layer of cooling system and is as big as a old computer from the start of the computer era even thought the chip itself is small.
Controlling the quantum world to achieve qbits is harder than it looks.
A bloke that will be eventual rob by the kikes will probably come up with a solution eventually.
The internet in the mid 90s was horseshit text based dog slow 2400baud speeds. I would say tech has been stuck 10 to 15 years outside of 4k shit.
I think it has more to do with reaching a hard limit on what the average NPC retard needs as far as technology is concerned. The hardware is extremely good but it's just being used for its ability to handle bloatware and other inefficient software that runs like ass made by retarded brown people at this point.
Processors haven't really advanced since 2012.
Because for mass marketing and need to prop up the phony economy, Asian manufacturers have designed obsolescence into the products, specifically computer chips, and everything made today has a computer chip. Fries out in five years and you buy another flimsy piece of shit product made in Asia.
Not enough engineers to work on everything.
Technology was the bait for eternal digital enslavement. Now that they have the majority of the world hooked, they're just optimizing it, no need to come up with anything new. The internet solidified everything and smartphones were the icing on the cake.
We are in the winter of civilization (like rome was in the 4th century)
People have become dumber since 1880.
I had two engineers threaten to quit because I featured Santa on my corporate Christmas party graphic. Despite having the director and manager telling them to fuck off, the lead designer capitulated. I also had my director deny me approval to attend UC Berkeley next year, nor to do material science research with the professor I was talking to because they don't give a shit about investing in their engineers. That's the quality of people we're seeing in silicon valley right now and why you're not seeing innovation. It's ran by fucking 22 year old children who believe that Santa is an "HR Nightmare" and that we should only feature food to the point that they would quit in response.

Another annoying thing is that universities that used to be considered good, like Cal Poly and Santa Clara University are total jokes at this point. They teach the kids bare minimum engineering skills and then inflate their grades. Silicon Valley companies don't know the difference and they effectively hire people with associates degrees. My EE degree took me 6 years of fucking struggle, and the new kids don't know anything about basic filter design, basic impulse response, feedback, coding or even the block diagram for a CPU. I've engineers, who are being paid more than me, who are ranked higher than me, take excel sheets one by one and perform menial calculations by hand instead of writing a simple sorting algorithm. I've had to teach all of my coworkers upper division concepts because they never learned them
TV technology just gets more pathetic. Current OLED tv's can't even match the image quality of decade old Plasma's, especially with the motion blur aspect rife in modern panels.

People always back the wrong horse when it comes to technology, they always choose form over function.
All the disruptive technologies have been suppressed. This is why any majro tech should be open sourced and disseminated immediately, patenting means you will be hunted down or bought out.
>technlogy has stagnated
What a fucking retard. Did you not pay attention to the AI revolution that happened like last month?
Honstly, there is a limit to everything.
Processor companies can't 10x their performance anymore because it isn't really possible to 10x performance anymore. Moores Laws is a retarded cliche, physical things have limitations.
Stupid question but what's stopping companies from making bigger CPU dies?
Wouldn't they be able to cram more transistors on it if they used a bigger space?
They are 300 years or more past us now. those fags were running around in 1999 with 1Tb thumb drives. they have left us behind, you wont see anything new until they have successfully popularized the idea for brain implants for gaming. Once it is released 'early' because of some faked advancement event, they youre fucked out of your humanity forever.
AI technology is having breakthroughs every week now.
Aliens next
They give us naquadah generators and then ZPMs
Like in Stargate
Technology does not only mean electronics.
How about biology? We have learnt in the last few years that gender is not what we thought it was all this time. If that's not progress, I don't know how to help you, anon.
All those Nazi scientists from operation paperclip are death, stupid mutts can't invent shit on there own.
Two things:

1. White IQ is declining as intelligent women are encouraged to spend their lives in cubicles rather than pumping out smart kids.

2. The smart white men who still exist have been laid off and replaced by Pajeets and joggers.

It really is that simple. When the IQ of those working in these fields is the same as the IQ in the 1600s, you get as little innovation as we had in the 1600s.
They're inside the hollow earth. Talking about the leading tech engineers. A witch hunt has been declared on them in the 90s
Technology is staggered behind developments in Physics.
Boomers were too retarded for Physics
It's all because of the jogger.
well thermal limits fucked cpu clock speed back in the early 2000s and Moore's Law is ending as we speak.
The old conundrum: short-term profits vs long-term investments? Short-term won bigly. R&D slashed. Pimp out ye patents.

Government research plunged into partnerships w/ academia. They capture all the R&D cash. Big mistake. You want engineers in the field for innovation, not academics.

Production moved out of the West. Biggest mistake of all. Innovation follows production.
There is supression, yes. Why? Wont be needing a new generation of tech because there wont be a new generation of consumers. That era is over. Manufactured shortages are coming. A global holodomor. Enjoy the ride. It's not ending.
The phone you typed this on is more powerful than NASA entire cuck computer database from 1997.
Moore's law is basically dead, only the Asians are keeping it "alive" despite them trying to kill it with every new overpriced chip they make.
It hasnt. We have self landing rockets and text to AI generated video. You are just retarded and are repeating something you heard on /g/.
because there is a limit to how smal we can produce transistors, anon.

even the ching chongs haven't been able break that barrier.
>nothing new since the 90s
Is this a joke?
>nothing actually NEW has hit the scene in maybe 30 years
- iPhone
- mobile data
- flash memory
- kinect/face-id
- fingerprint readers
- bluetooth
- machine translation
- AI image generation
- computers win at chess now
We've ran out of allien technology to reverse engineer
It literally hasn't though. If anything technology has only progressed further day after day. You look at what we had in the 90's and compare it to the tech in 2022 and it's a monumentally stark contrast. The main thing destroying the tech industry right now though is reliance on China and companies overstocking themselves with Indians who are dumber than sacks of shit.
>Sent from an iPhone
semiconductor tech has undergone multiple revolutions in just the last 10 years, but it is invisible to most not working in the field, like 5nm EUV, SOC, 50 billion transistor 3D chips, AI engines, we are truly now the Eloi dependent on the Morlocks working all night in the fabs to make our techtoys which we have no clue how they work or how they are made
All the new tech, instead of being put into the latest PC of phone to consoom, is justbused to spy on you and plug that data into an AI to predict your thoughts beliefs and buying habits
no more natsoc geniuses to carry America singlehandedly.
Late stage capitalism. Capitalism has run its course and is a system that cannot make further progress. It will transition into a new system and progress will explode like it did during the beginning of capitalism.
Bump for truth
they made the internet in the 60s.
most of the things they are creating is related to population control, the "chip in the brain" is a distraction, they sure want to put a chip in your brain, but they don't need it to read your thoughts.
they are investing on how to use cross gathered data from your life to predicted and enslave you better.
since they can always track you, they can use the already known methodologies of control trough trauma but they are also investing in some subliminal programming.
there's something else plugged in the grid and it's alien, they are the best in programming and they are the ones who lay out the most discovery to scientists.
30 years ago a cable box was new tech, cordless home phones were all the rage and a cellphone came in a fucking brief case. AUX cord for your disc man and Apple was on deaths doorstep. This thread sucks ass.
The idea technology keeps progressing continually is a mistaken assumption driven by the idea history as we know it is correct. Ancient texts from India an Mesopotamia tells us of a great war at a time before time where great technology was used, technology that is now lost. Atlantis also comes to mind. It's foolish to presume the past was technologically not advanced based purely on known mainstream western history. I argue a more accurate depiction of reality is that technology, and human progress in general, is cyclical. What causes these great resets is up to debate, but that seems to be a more plausible explanation of the situation.
tl;dr: progress is not linear, in fact, it's an illusion.

AI is certainly going to cause some interesting developments this decade, but seeing the current state of the world it'll likely be used to cause us more harm than good.
>nothing actually NEW has hit the scene in maybe 30 year
An insane number of new things have "hit the scene". More than ever before, but it's gone quiet.

It's being used ON you, not FOR you. It's no longer patented, it's kept as trade secrets. 99% of people have no clue how far AI has come. What it's used for.

Beware the silence.
Because the tech boom of the 1900s all stems from reverse engineering of alien spacecraft. As if we made microwaves by ourselves lol
While you can slightly reduce the size, you can't reduce the efficiency anymore. At least people can't. Which means the power consumption per transistor will still be the same, so if you make them smaller you will need more power, more power = more heat. There is a limit how much heat you can handle so the other issue is that it's also impossible to remove the heat fast enough so we basically are cucked here unless you cool with liquid nitrogen at this point which is unfesible unless in some lab.

So no, you can't improve tech anymore. The price to make it better also grows exponentially beyond reasonable numbers.
Yes, you can make a PC twice as powerful as currently best one, but it will cost you 100k per unit to maintain.
It's what happens when you sell your birthright to foreigners at the cost of your son's pride and history apparently.
Tech hasn't stagnated. Mohr's law is still on going. We are going to see 2 nm chips in computers soon. Hardware has already surpassed the ability of software to make use of it.
It's because we stopped developing hardware and have instead focused all our energies on software (i.e. goyware)
You get at most two generations of development every time you have a material revolution. In the last 150 years or so we got steel, the plastic, then silicon.

You need a new material to do new shit. problem is that we're spoiled into thinking that this shit happens all the time.
If we didn't have the world and its problems overrun with joggers, spics, and poos then mankind would be doing space exploration in search of new planets.
But nope our priorities is making sure every jogger gets their fried chicken and watermelon.
All new computer technology is driven by software, and there are fundamental unresolved economic dilemmas related to developing and purchasing software.

You can purchase awesome capabilities if you buy proprietary software, but then you're stuck using a platform that someone else controls. Your data effectively becomes their data. Obsolescence is frequently built into proprietary software so you're stuck paying big bucks for a new version every year, even if its capabilities don't improve much, and much of this software might better be classified as malware because it spies on users so much.

Few people are willing to work for free to develop open sauce software, yet this is the only software that's even potentially trustworthy. Quite often there's an ulterior motive like selling consulting services or related hardware, which is fine. The work done in developing OSS raises the baseline for what's expected of all competing software and code reuse expands the limits of what can easily be achieved. This is where all of the real advances happen.
because all the NPCs just need the same phone rebadged every year with a digit higher number and they are happy
They're locking down meaningful computer tech now.
They locked down engineering especially in regards to transportation in the 70's
>Caucasians in their homogeneous nations working alongside one another in male-dominated environments hiring based on meritocracy.
>Diverse jew-colonies hiring joggers, kikes, women and degenerates based on ESG, affirmative action, diversity, etc. to sabotage and destroy nations from within.

They have been hoarding the best for themselves; only giving us what ets the job done, so long as its not diy friendly...They allowed us to have tech, only in so far as it benifited them

technologically they have gotten to a point where they dont need us anymore and can now get rid of us....

Jut to prove my point -they are reading your mind now.

>Your brain puts unique electro magnetic waves
>your computer reads electro magnetic waves(wireless...)
>When you consume info on the net/input info into the same -you are creating unque electro magnetic brain waves
>your computr comes pre made with the ability to read and catalogue these brain waves.

act acordingly...
All you need to known to see how the Kikes really felt about tech advancement was to see what they did to Wernher von Braun