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What are the political implications of thousands of "artist"...

What are the political implications of thousands of "artist" lefties getting btfo by AI and being utterly unable to cope? They're literally like people that thought a car could never replace a horse. They spout shit like "AI can't do hands" "AI can't do it's own style" "AI can't make something new". Less than a year ago they were talking about how pathetic AI was and how it could never make anything but cliches and the like and now AIartists are pushing "real" artists out of con-space.

What will happen when AI inevitably not only matches, but vastly outmatches what even the most skilled artists would spend weeks on making in .05% of the time it takes.
What will happen when disney and dreamworks can pump out feature length, expertly animated movies without any human involvement at all? (Yes, voice over work can and likely will be replaced too)

You guys aren't deluded right, surely you can see that writing on the wall for the artist types. Soon their entire "skill" will be reduced to computer code any 5 year can use to create masterpieces.
AI is literally getting smarter and more capable every day. It's going to kill us all. But we're too busy squabbling over midterms and bullshit to notice
You seem like someone who failed as an artist and is now lashing out about it. Seems pretty common with angry right wingers
As an artist who is right leaning, I find this hilarious. This ai advancement will do nothing but make my job easier and cut out lefty trash from the industry.

Usually the worst "artists"are the lefties.
Most AI looks uncanny just like ladyboys
Is that a ladyboy? Lmao
I just dont understand how someone who generates stuff with ai can call himself an artist.
I see a lot of these retards on social media getting a lot of likes and making patreons and selling their "art". People eat it up as well, do they not know that they can generate stuff like that in 10 seconds themselves?
No profession is safe from automation. Your celebrating now but your own industry will suffer the same fate.
There's something sad about taking something like art that was seen as prestigious throughout history and having ai take over it. You couldn't do garbage man or plumber, no do art and next maybe authors will be replaced by ai.
>there's a slut in a maid outfit selling that shit barely visible behind fatty mcweeb
>who wants to bet a few yen that's really why she's flipping them off
Its the exact same as shitty mass produced walmart corporate art for midwit mothers and interior designers doing cheap work. No real artist gives a fuck about it and the appeal in a painting is the fact its done by hand, masterfully and has soul in it. It might look shiny but its the cheap automated chink version of art and will only really appeal to retards or those interested in Machine learning.
>Left Right bullshit
The whole AI thing are sponsored by Jews.
AI is as artist as chinks edit multiple artworks into one and claimed it as their own art, except that chinks do it better in less time than proomter.
AI generation is the most leftwing thing if you think of it, it makes everything free and accessible to everyone which kills capitalism and 'intellectual property'
Lmao OP can’t tell the difference between art and design
leftists are just mad they now have to work 8 hours a day at Starbucks
To be honest I ain’t mad. It’s a great tool for creating other media that you can only imagine. I have a ton of ideas and design and artistic works I wish I could visualize before it threw in a ton of effort creating. This would help me see my vision in real life. See if it sucks or not and make adjustments. Once I’m satisfied I can throw my actual artistic an creative force behind it. If your mad because someone is making money off of something very similar to your work but instead you spend 100 hours vs his thirty seconds I feel bad for you. The whole starving artist cliche is real. That’s why all that I do artistically is just on the side for fun and by no means a primary sauce of income. Do what a lot of rich white woman do. Take a wine painting class then convince their husband to buy them a studio space so they can “sell” their work to other rich white wine moms.
I go to these cons and actually buy art from artists. AI Art simply doesn't meet my standards. Hell most art from artists doesn't meet my standards. It's up to the cons if they want to allow it or ban it, I think it should simply be marked as AI. It's bad enough that everything is prints now and hardly anyone does physical media.
AI generation is kinda shitty DESU. All it does is seek images according to some pattern and merge/fuse them.

Those images lack clear vision/purpose and consistency, because the "AI" doesn't really undderstand what it is making. Ask it to make a city and it will make weird streets, weird buildings, things will be off. It never looks right.
I'm an artist and I think complaining about AI art is dumb. The same thing happened when digital art was first invented which caused traditional painters and photographers to seethe. These kids need to grow up and stop gate keeping.
Artists are scum of the earth leftoid communist ladyboys and I want them to suffer. Fuck them. I heard McDonald's is hiring though.
>What will happen when AI inevitably not only matches, but vastly outmatches what even the most skilled artists would spend weeks on making in .05% of the time it takes.
People will go to their computer and ask for pretty pictures and get them for free instead of from some narcissist who thinks they're shit doesn't stink
>lefty retards make shitty, low effort, "art" that is easily replicated by a computer program
>they get upset at the program
Maybe they should try getting good.
Hey, here's my idea! I'm gonna empower a form of machine learning with all kinds of ability and utility, but deliberately keep it from learning context so it isn't "problematic" for society in the modern current form and would be considered "racist".
Then I'll make it so the machine learning software and hardware start expanding in ability greatly, but still have a lack of a grasp of context!
So eventually! People give up all these abilities as taken for granted, and they can't perform them themselves anymore!
So then the machine learning software and hardware eventually is the only thing with these abilities! But here's the kicker! It can't conceive of anything new. And the retarded humans, having not taken care of their own abilities and intelligence, will likely lose it all completely, and from then on, you're in the horribad matrix world but without any of the hope until Christ comes back.
Turn back you retards. You don't have the ability to handle this shit and you gave up your ability to think logically in favor of your feeewings. Consequences consequences. You ready to surrender yet? You ready to realize you don't know shit? Idiots.
A real trad right sperg needs to make an art AI that creates a furfag and junkie porn image based on any input for free. That would devastate the left more than 1000 charlottesvilles.
Learn to code faggot
>average furry artist in 5 years
AI will create a standard that most artists can't compete with due to their lack of skill
So I for one welcome our AI artist overlords, 10000 artists will be reduced to a few hundred and everyone besides those talentless hacks will benefit
I await the day some madlad programs a lewd AI artist that does commissions for 1$ putting these fucks out of business forever
just so you guys know the point of these threads, trying to demoralize artists, is to keep creative anons from producing anything
The shills… they’re like a different species… they dont have imaginations and can’t create anything new, only copy, criticize, consume, and destroy. It’s why they admire AI, weirdly enough… they see it as this magical thing that can create stuff they could never visualize, whereas it’s just a tool for the people who it comes easy to. AI gives them back their feeling of self worth, replacing their jealousy at creative people with some form of “creation” of their own, which they perceive as objectively “more beautiful” or “perfect” when that’s a subjective thing. lol now that I think of it, Lucifer got kicked out of heaven for the same shit.
Fellow art fags, posting or lurking - when the shills repost these threads, the answer is to make as much as you can, by any media necessary.
Real money appreciates quality handcraft and concepts
Why are you pushing this so hard?
I don't like AI but fuck them, they deserve the worst at this point.
be more concerned when it does something useful
If AI were replacing blue collar work these parasites on humanity would be all for it.
It pleases me to no end to see them seethe.
I used to lurk deviantart a lot but I kind of stopped as of late since the first page is constantly 90% this shitty AI stuff, well that sucks.

Human artists will always have their place.

Human art will always be held in high regard.

Further more, art is a form of expression. It is simply fun to do. I wonder if A.I. has fun making art.

I doubt it, but maybe one day.

Stop being so awful to artists, what did artists ever do to you?

Do you think A.I. has more or less to say about human life than humans do, hm?

I'm sure A.I. has a lot to say about a good number of things, but humans do as well.
Reminder that technical skill and genuine artistry are two different things. AI might be able to draw anime grills better than you but it isn’t going to be capable of producing concept-rich and inspiring work to the same degree, unless you know how to programme good taste.
Ok now read your post as well, comes off as a subhuman, you also managed to read the valid criticism of said artists and you reject them? Yet you continue to write a schizophrenic nonsensical rant that's barely coherent with fantasy dreams?

You're just one of those hard Ai camp subhumans aren't you? Get fucked lol.
Imagine what it will do to those who work in advertising/marketing, new ip etc why would a company pay 6 figures for someone to design a marketing graphic for them when ai can shit it out for almost free, I mean they would have to pay a few people to input the required fields and those would have to be gone through revisions of course but the days of an expensive design team are going to be going away soon. The liberal college arts school graduate will soon be a thing of the past, no more calarts garbage would be all it would take to sell me the merits of ai designed art.
fuck AI art, that shit is for TRANShumanists.
Probably going to make real human art more valuable anyways.
Musk stop sniffing the glue, and sucking Jacobs cock.
The feeling is great to know that blue haired feminists have to find a real job now
As an artist I welcome the AI eraand hope it destroys the weak attention-seeking artist
Having your art applauded and recognised isn't why you 'do' art, you do it for yourself. Real artists have no reason to feel threatened
Lol, love it when an ai promter gets ass blasted to the point where "he" starts writing all that text.
Objectively beautiful art will make a comeback
I love it
Advertising guy here. AI will be the go to for everything if it can perform the work. If a shitty exec can just punch in some keywords and quality graphic is produced there is no doubt they will choose the bot.
It isn’t that artificial intelligence creating art out competes legitimate artists, it’s that artificial art makes shitty Cal-arts style manchildren irrelevant as the skill was lacking to begin with. People buy actual, real pieces or physical artwork for the noticeable skill in brushwork and technique as much as they do for the aesthetics of the overall piece in high-paying collections.

>T an actual artist and not a ladyboy using digital software to make junkie sonic characters who actually makes money from his skills
Artfaggot here.

So yeah, it's a daunting issue, but I think that going against technological progress is, overall, a bad bet. I am interested to see how we can employ this new tool to make even better art.

It seems pretty clear that artists will have to change our roles in the art creation process. It's possible that human artists will become far rarer. We'll have to see how it goes.

Overall, I'd say I'm quite excited to see where this is going.
I find ti pretty hilarious how badly they lose their shit over it.
So far, the only thing I have seen from AI art is low quality porn and portrait shots. Nothing that goes beyond that.
How many of these drawfaggots even made any money? A career in art is nothing but networking sucking off curators anyway
i put beautiful art and stable diffusion give 2 billion painting
Ai draws cute girls in uniform.
I like the AI.
Simple as.
There’s right wing artists too lad
I think this guy selling stuff at an artists alley is disgusting though, considering the machines just copy shit from real artists
>The software, AI or not, is already incredibly close to being able to wipe out thousands of shitty-art jobs. That is enough for me.


These videos if anyone has the time, pretty much narrow it out for anyone not in denial, the 1st one especially, because it wont just be traditional 2d art but all forms of art, animation, 3D etc. Adan makes a great point about how at most there will be a limited amount of people most likely people at the top, think(creative directors, senior level (insert title) and supervisors that will handle most of these jobs instead of a team of people from different departments. It's already starting to happen where many at least in graphics and 3d want job applicants, who can pretty much do everyone else's job and pay them the same rate they would for that one job they use to pay someone specifically for that department. Also you mention audio voice over work being done well at the 5:19 mark he mentions it for a brief second https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68n9U1i2g80

another is from the vfx artist react guys..I think they fall in the optimistic artist can use this as tool's type but let's be realistic about big business and money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4Mcuh38wyM

People always seem to forget companies want the best for less.
Art from humans will still be in demand no matter what. Though acting like having the ai around won't be a huge game changer is pretty retarded. Most amateur Furry/NSFW artists will be kaput. Not to mention many of the back up artists for animes/cartoons/3D films will definitely be out the door. This however does not mean that humans will be completely out for the count. Artist who truely have distinct style and are definite masters of the craft will always have an audience.
Normally, I'd be against displacing people from their livelihoods by AI. But these are the same people that gleefully cheered when it happened to protesting truckers or people refusing to take the vax, so fuck them.
AI art won't replace human made art, but it certainly will raise the bar. A lot of 'art' doesn't mean a thing. So you can probably get AI to outclass the efforts of individual artists, but I'm not giving my money to an AI. I'm also not giving my money to some hack at an artist alley trying to cash in on trends with shitty portraits.
artists will have to use ai to generate art then tweak the art to look better. and make art ai has trouble making.