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Quantum Mechanics and Our Simulated Reality

The fact that quantum computers work, proves that we live in a world where 'quantum information' is fundamental and that information becomes codified into reality when 'observed'. All of this basically proves without a doubt that we live in a simulation or at least a world where the fundamental physical architecture of this world is designed as a simulation.

We are entering an era where science is meeting spirituality. At this rate, it won't be long before scientists begin finding some Easter eggs left by the Programmer (God) in his code (this world).

Nobody can so much as describe what a quantum computer is
so basically, reality works like a PS1 game, where everything beyond the camera is not being rendered to ease the CPU load?
>I don't understand quantum mechanics
>Therefor X must be true.
You are halfway correct. Concious obverser is what quantifies the universe. A value is either true or false like a computer. Time and the universe collapses every time values are false in parallel time frames. If values are true the timeline persists. Every frame which time can be obversed is a opportunity for deviations which create parallel timelines. This how you reach infinity.

Higher dimensional beings observe all frames of time simultaneously.
According to quantum mechanics, you suck dicks.
God is observing us observing.

Observe meaning to measure, which requires interfering with the state of a particle.

Nothing to do with a "conscious being looking at something".

Carry on.
No, quantum mechanics does not say that.
That is just how retards misinterpreted some poorly phrased, extremely simplified explanations of uncertainty principle. And this misinterpretation became a cliche that spread around the world before anyone could think of a clearer way to dumb it down for smoothbrains.
>gives you a suckerpunch
>didnt exist, right?
Quantum mechanics is fake jewish science
some fags just """proved""" local reality exists so you guys will have to find a new grift.

Throwing a bunch of major assumptions into an equation does prove anything, anon. Quantum physics is a scam.
The belief of (((Clever Time Wasters))) and cowards. Stuff in our above quantum level hangs around persistently. Just because a smug cunt wasn't around to bask in somethings presence doesn't mean it disappears when she goes to get her nails done. Those bills still have to be paid, honey.
>AcCoRdInG tO qUaNtUm MeChAnIcS
Pop Sci fags are the worst
Quantum Mechanics is a cliche. Just like radiocarbon dating. All fake shit based off of ridiculous assumptions.
Here's the thing anon.
Covert national security research is always 30-40 years ahead of the public.
Quantum computer anti-virus technology is already patented. How can you panttent anti-virus for a technology that supposedly doesn't exist yet.

The jews that control black ops budgets have already crossed the quantum event horizon. They understand what happens when the larger humanity as a whole reaches that point - they lose control

Everything we are seeing right now with the great reset. Metaverse. Covid. Wars..... it's all a desperate attempt by the jews to keep humanity enslaved.
That's not even remotely what that means.
Observing or looking means "interacting with" in this sense.
If a quantum waveform is "interacted with" in any sense (even remote observation) then it will collapse into a locked state. This doesn't mean reality doesn't exist. It just means it hasn't solidified yet, and that "state" is quite limited in what it may be.

Not to say that QM isn't just bullshit, but the gist of how it supposedly works is quite clear.People get tied up in the "observation" aspect, because how can you interact with something you're not actively touching, right? But your brain is. You observe particle X and the wiring of the universes has to account for the information you will store in your brain relating to the state of that particle. That synapse and that particle did interact with each other on a "quantum wiring" level. They affected each other's behavior by the act of remote observation or scientific measurement.

Again, not saying this is real. But that's the system they're selling. They may paint it up in more sciency terms by saying you have to bounce another particle off Particle X in order to get a reading, but the "magic" part of QM that gets everyone excited is that unobservable/unmodelled connection between remote particle and local synapse. That "you can change reality, bro!". You can't (not this way at least). Because, as said above, Particle X only has a few basic states it can exist in. It could be largely governed by random factors for all we know. And the only reason it "works" is because if it didn't we wouldn't be here (because maybe the universe/reality wouldn't be able to stabilize and develop complex lifeforms to do all this measuring and observing in the first place). It's like a form of survivor bias.

OP, if you want to see all this stuff moving into new agey spirituality, just go back 16 years and watch "What the bleep do we know?: Down the rabbit hole". A doco that covered exactly this sort of BS.
There are multiple dimensions we cannot see, including a realm of demons, fallen angels, and holy angels. In this realm exists God, our souls, and our thoughts and intentions.
Glad it only took science thousands of years to catch up with what the sages have always known via introspection
Is this the guy the won the nobel prize? I know it involved proving Einstein wrong, and kikes must be seething about that.
Same year in 2019 a demon offered me riches and power in exchange for my soul
In reality the Universe does not exist if there is no white person there to look at it. Don't buy into their egalitarian bullshit.
>All of this basically proves without a doubt that we live in a simulation
it doesn't
>We are entering an era where science is meeting spirituality.
This happened a long, long time ago.
This kind of information is kept within the secret societies.
The profane are handicapped with a secular nihilist education.
>doesn't exist when you don't look
I'm so fucking tired of you
30 years old LOOOOOKER
Look at this fag who heard quantum and thought it sounded neat. What an illiterate retard.
So quantum mechanics says Genesis is legit.

This is troublesome, worrisome and a lot to unpack and debunk.
This has been contemplated upon and explained by Indian Rishis long long before materialist western science reached the same place. "Neti Neti" and "Tat Tvam Asi".
Earth is flat with a dome.
God exists.

Aliens don't exist.
Space isn't real.
Gravity doesn't exist.
Never went to the moon.
Asteroids don't exist.
Nukes don't exist.
Evolution is a lie.
Germ Theory is a lie.

The world is ruled by secret societies that worship Satan. Jews/Jesuits/Freemasons/Illuminati are Gnostics and Kabbalists. Masters at deception. One satanic philosophy is inverting reality.

They make you think you live on a spinning ball.
They make you think you're just an animal.
They make you think there's a deadly virus out there.

Luciferyans are behind liberalism, feminism, socialism, marxism, communism, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, social decay and degradation.

They despise, and want to destroy:
- Religion, specifically Christianity
- Family
- Nation
- Property

Hence these civilizational concepts are under relentless assault to make way for their satanic New World Order led by the Antichrist after a fake alien invasion known as project Blue Beam.

ALL of these conspiracies hinges on the original, mother of all psyops and hoaxes: Earth being a ball floating in nothing, revolving around the sun

(((kikedumb mechanichs))) is relativity 2.0
No proveable assertions no experiments that affirm even the most basic of its assumptions no real world applications at all.

This is another jewish mind trap for naive goy researchers to throw away their lives on.
You don't need a "God" to create such a simulation. It can just be an ancestor simulation from 10.000 years from now, possibly run by hyperintelligent AI or alyums. You might be in need of God to explain the real world, though, but as we know nothing about it - except assuming that it is closely similar in some ways to the computer game in which we unwillingly(?) participate - we can't tell.
It is obvious this world is fucked up. Science shows how fucked up it is. There isn't the remotest possibility that in a real world some shit can spin left and right at the same time, or be a wave and a particle at the same time. If the entire show is just simulatedf and works with probabilities, reacting to intelligent observers and rendering shit as needed, it all makes sense. It also becomes easily understandable why so much shit in nature is fractal. Extremely complicated patterns created by some dumbfuck easy mathematics. Lowers computing power immensely, I assume.
God is the baseline observer sustaining the canvas of reality.
Humans are like god cells analyzing shit up close and painting on the canvas
God is omnipresent because you're a god cell

All stems from god, like a thought organism
It's actually not that complicated if you set aside the materialist understanding of the world for a moment which is ultimately a superficial way of understanding the world. The fundamental nature of Universe is non-material. It is composed of two non-material forces, Consciousness and Energy - denoted as Shiva and Shakti in Yogic philosophy. Both are intertwined into a perpetual coitus to make this world appear in this form.
All you need to understand is that it is not just you who is conscious and this feeling of "I exist" ends where your toe ends, but that consciousness is part of the very fabric of the universe, and it expresses itself in a multitude of ways, not necessarily how our anthropomorphic understanding may assume it to be. Energy waves that otherwise stay in an energized state, collapse into worldy apperance when the universal consciousness comes out of its "slumber" and watches it, and can go off like poof in an instant when it goes back to sleep. Till then it's just a dance of Shiva - the consciousness, and Shakti - the energy - and there is not an iota of difference between the universal and you. It's all the same - Tat Tvam Asi
>Cannot be a simulation if its real

NO! the material facts matter, Simulation or similar to what exactly would be more precise a concept to examine.

We are born in a void where two forces meet if that makes sense
> The fact that quantum computers work
But the don't.
> quantum information
Only angular momentum, because you can't have corpuscular matter with a pi'th of what propagates it.
reality is indeed a simulation, but it is not "simulated", nor was it "designed"
reality is a self-simulation
>As the term “reality” is undefined beyond this hypothetical relationship, the Simulation Hypothesis is indifferent to the details, e.g., where the host system is located, how the host system works, who or what created and/or controls the host system, and in what respects the simulation resembles the higher reality containing it. But in any case, there must be an ultimate all-inclusive reality or “ontic ground state” that contains and supports whatever reality-simulations may exist, and it is natural to ask whether some aspects of the simulation concept may apply to it. The Reality Self-Simulation Principle states that ultimate reality is itself a natural reflexive self-simulation in which all intelligible levels of reality must exist whether simulated or not.
it's the 'free will' god spoke of.
>The fact that quantum computers work
fake and junkie
so where does this rabbit hole end?
>needs a human to observe it
>needs any mammal to observe it
>needs only a bacteria to observe it
>needs only a plant to observe it
does it have to be life that observe?
>Reality depending on humans
Oh my universe.. please kill us. Please send a comet.
What the fuck does quantum annealing has got to do with anything? What the fuck does an atom spin as a propriety proves? You are way out of your league midwit.
that's isn't how that works
Quantum anything is just theoretical bullshit kikes invented so that they could be called geniuses and make a bunch of money and to literally get a PhD in bullshit. They sit around making unprovable shit up all day and get high on their own farts while producing nothing
>scientists begin finding some Easter eggs left by the Programmer (God) in his code (this world).

This has happened.
Sorry, Anon. I forget the scientists name.
I recall watching a documentary on it.
He literally found snippets of what can only be described as code in nature.
It was about 10 years ago I saw the program and was blown away by it (I am in I.T., code stuff is relevant to me). Only problem is, I could not find more at the time and just lost interest.

I hope to see renewed research into this.
I am Catholic, but not for much longer. The Vatican is just too much for me anymore. All religions are, really.
Which is why I am defaulting to a "creator".
My opinion only. I just can't conceive of all "this" coming together randomly.
Fuck, I just learned, from here, recently that the function of us breathing it to carry a single electron into our bodies so RNA (maybe it was DNA?) can replicate. (Yes, obciously, more fucntions to breathing). But the single electron bit.. Fucking. Mind. Blown.
This is why it's so easy to conclude there is a God or something like it that is the culmination of all our consciousnesses. Imagine thinking the body dying blots out this dynamic.
wait so why don't blind peoples fall into a void all the time?
Reality being changed by observation is really a fact that at the smallest level of reality, to observe it directly we have to actively fuck with it. Thats what quantum mechanics means when they say reality changes when it’s observed. You cant observe a cars top speed without pressing the gas, this also changes the cars location temperature though.
I went pretty deep down this rabbit hole 2 years ago. Its kinda interesting so only watch this video if you want it ruined for you.


Quantum mysticism is just a cool story for mid-wits. I was way into it for like 2 years. Now I'm 99% sure physicists just tell these stories because its really interesting and they need public support because Large Hadron Colliders don't get built without it.

Basically all the "weird" shit in quantum mechanics can be demystified with a bit of logic and an understanding about how they actually take measurements. Reality definitely exists absent of any user interaction. Each possible "quantum state" doesn't spawn an infinite amount of extra dimensions. In fact, there's really only one quantum state and the way we "observe" that state is what produces the weirdness.
"Observation" doesn't mean by a conscious entity. It basically means interaction with any other particle. There's no spiritual connection, it's not proof of a soul, you've just misinterpreted the concept in the same exact way a thousand other stoners have. Nicely done.
If there is no one to hear a Jew Kvetch... is he even making a sound?
That's right: rationalists btfo forever, by their own math.
>pic related
Taking the term "observer" literally is just such a brainlet move. It's a metaphor for phenomena that occur when a quantum object interacts with classical matter.

Also, no, you're retarded. The laws of physics simply do not work like classical physical models suggest, which proves absolutely nothing. They're models, OF COURSE reality doesn't work like they state. That doesn't hint at a simulation at all, it's EXPECTED.

How are people that low fucking IQ even allowed to live?
>scientists begin finding some Easter eggs
Is DMT or other psychadelics considered an easter egg?
What does this even mean?
That a person can create universes? By simply existing and "having' to observe something?
>"reality doesn't exist when you're not looking at it"
I mean, on what level? Let's say everyone in the Earth fell asleep at the same time, or died at the same time, the Earth would cease to exist/ It would explode? Or just stay there "existing' but at the same time "not existing" because no one is observing it?
This sounds silly. Simply saying that you can not observe things if you don't exist. Well duh
Reality is still reality even if you never existed.