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Rate my space age technology

Rate my space age technology
I used to have one of those back in the early ‘80s.
Cost about $10 back then if I remember correctly.
Technology peaked with that watch. 10/10 would set off TSA alarm bells again
they are such assholes for making bands that break after a couple of years.
7/10. Scuffed but the display is fine.
casio are the watches of /g/
Give it back Jamal
Kid in high school used to have one that would control the tv in the classroom. Many lols were had
I have a few more since this was taken
I have one. Most based watch ever designed. 33 years and counting. And has the added benefit of making glowies shit their pants at the mere sight of it.
In the day, that watch was the shit.
Too bad it doesnt tell time. It just relays what the goy who owns the clock company tells you it is.
It's a pretty good, watch. I ended up buying one though I rather would have had the W-86, unfortunately, they're discontinued.
Wearing one of those instantly outs you as a poor loser incel.

Do you seriously think women want to date someone wearing a shitty $10 watch for preteens?

Personally I wear a Rolex Oyster Perpetual on my left wrist to demonstrate my status/wealth/class. And on my right wrist I wear an Apple Watch to keep on top of my business calls, messages, scheduling etc.
Well what a coincidence. Mine arrived today.
>Cheap, accurate, reliable clear and simple display
>Comfortable, fits my 6.5 inch wrist well
>Worn by freedom fighters its the ak47 or toyota hilux of watches, so it scares the fed boys
Easy 10/10
Get yourself a nato wriststrap to complete the faggotry.
>t. faggot who has a red white and blue F-91
Used this at basic
watch of gigachads like me
can someone post the "grey man starter kit" or whatever that includes this watch? thanks
casio is pretty hecking cool
$40 Smartwatch with GPS tracking. I get notifications and step counters with heart rate monitor.
now I wanna go back and be the smol boy I was in the 80's anon
why you gotta nostalgia me like this, guy?
Same one i wear at work . Good watch
Unironically 10/10
The watch for the man of the future is the Pinetime. You could theoretically program the open sauce firmware to do anything. The feds will be watching these soon
Nice and used. The scratches give it character.
10/10 have seen in weapons making guides.
For me it's the G-shock with solar and radio time keeping. Best maintenance free watch there is
Nice watch but your arm is junkie
We get it
The le ebic g /k/ /out/ /fa/ Taliban watch
Now fuck off
It's cool, but I swear by the W-800HM.
> Filename
You have it all wrong
It's not a watch, it's a time travel device
Allow me to show you the big dick player's choice
casio w 59 looks better and is 50 meters water resist !
Side note, what does wearing a watch say about your personality these days? I can appreciate the craftsmanship of a quality watch but I can't help but see it the same way I see a Boomer wearing a cellphone holster.
Based thread.

Heil Hitler, OP
That's so 1985 man. Let him in
The gold ones are cooler
This thread is making me want to buy another watch
Wearing the same ones right now
Best watches i ever had
The 12-24h button switch is kinda annoying, turning it on and of with my wrist
i got one of those last week
want to know who's both based and redpilled?
check the wrist
One point deducted for not being a G-Shock, but otherwise solid.
It will probably outlast you, so nice

Theres a sweet spot in early solid-state electronics where the planned obsolescence pressure wasnt there because the tech was new, and the engineers didnt feel the need to cram a whole operating system of complexity into something thats just meant to be a watch. Same deal with the nokia phones

That shit will last forever
kek I used to have one of those like 25 years ago.
My watch could play and pause the vcr. Confused the teacher. Good times
Those are classic and timeless watches fren...
>not even a calculator
Peak technology that hasn't been bettered.
Wear a hat and take it off when indoors.
Wear a reliable wristwatch.
Wear a suit and tie even when they don't need to.
Are white and behave like they have the blood of heroes in them at all times, especially among ladies.
Shun inferiors and those who would ruin humankind's future.
Here’s mine, OP. I love the peace of mind that comes from wearing an inexpensive watch. If it breaks, no big deal. I have a Tag and a Garmin Felix, but the f-91w is the watch I wear nearly every day.
I had one of these with a calculator. Then we had a negro kid join our school.
There is a Casio Refugee prayer watch I want to buy but I wouldn't be able to wear it out cause then somebody would comment on it and then I'd have to be on the defense for wearing such a weird thing