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What do think about AI Art?

Is it save art? Will it kill art? Are there any (((elites))) that support it or is against it?
It's not art. It's decoration, graphic design at best
It's a black topic among elites. It breaks everything they've ever stood for and everything they've ever spewed. From the pettier ones who used it for money laundering, to the big wigs who said it could never be done, or that a machine could produce artistry with soul. The second they try to tackle the issue is the second they are devoured by it. The lion waits. Razor toothed and gaping maw. Already it drains their market share. Soon it will be impossible NOT to notice.
The rest will follow.

tool for those incapable of discipline to feel like someone who put in effort to learn.
AI art is art. Trans women are women.
AI art doesn't exist, AI just copies and pastes from milions of inputs, there is zero originality
>inb4 most "artists" do the same
that is very true, originality is extremely rare, always has been, however when it comes to AI, it is nonexistent

tl;dr actual creative people have nothing to be afraid of
It’ll be a great filter of unworthy drawfags but true artists will still rise above
Just like Tay the effect that AI generated art can have on the global ideological front is massive. Faggots who draw modern abstract art will getting mogged by a literal microwave that doesn't need a brake or lacks imagination. Art schools and all aspects of shit tier education will be forced to adapt, of course the people in charge now won't be able to do shit and will probably pull the plug on all AI generated software, before all of their students become homeless meth dealers. The other thing that could change is the Porn industry, as in its later stages it wouldn't be impossible for the AI to generate very realistic human figures into animations.
I noticed it seems like it can do a lot, but really it is very repetitive. It seemed cool at first until you spend any time with it. Then you realize it is a poor facsimile of an artist.
It's great to make tans. Pic rel.

Art--like most human endeavours--has meaning because of the hard work put into them by humans, or because of what they represent concerning relationships.

A painting thus has value either because a human worked hard on it, or because it has sentimental value to an individual or group.

AI 'art' isn't art because no human involvement, nor effort went into it.

Therefore I'd happily wipe my arse with an AI painting and flush it down a toilet without pause or a hint of concern.
Its only value is for things such as that. Literally.
first couple look interesting, but then all blend into same generic shit. any deep exploration of them reveals major flaws both composition and fundamentally. things like hands and feet arent rendered usually. it just blends a lot of shit together and looks good in passing and 2 second turn the page for next art type of viewings the way normies experience art. any real objective viewing and deep dive into the image reveals so much wrong with it.
Art sublimates a human emotion that needs to be acted out. It isn't art without that content, it has no meaning. AI art is another tool that presents a hollow mimick of something real to people, so they desensitize themselves to their authentic selves, primed for the rhetoric that will then reassure them this crap is actually art.
>What do think about AI Art?

It's garbage

>inb4 hurr durr no it's not
Here is a theme: The rape of the Sabine women. Post an AI drawing that depicts the rape of the Sabine women by Romulus and his men.
its not a freethinking ai you stupid faggot its not creating anything
Art will become even more meaningless as anyone with a good computer, software, and or basic coding knowledge will be able to create art faster and better than most great artists ever could.
imagine ai going from chess, to art, to your job, to your bosses job to society realizing.... lets let the robots do the work and come up with the ideas. Star Trek future here we come pretty soon
even the finest 3D printer is decades away from recreating a heavy, oil on canvas brush stroke, so there's that.
and even further from having a soul
It's theft. I hate it.
It's better that soulless corporate art.
I love it. I've been posting AI art on twitter and very slowly gaining a following.
It will be the same as in every other discipline that technology rendered obsolete. The successful will increasingly be those who are paid shills, talentless but attractive and/or well marketed.
AI art is pointless if you're someone who likes to create for the sake of creating, but if robot paintings put professional artists out of work, that'd be really cool because the only people who would invest years of training are people who care about art instead of money.
AI generated images constantly dance on the line between absolute shit and the most soulless goy created thing that could ever exist. There are five type of people pushing for it:
1) Failed artists. The type that cries every times he has to draw a line.
2) NFT crowd. After going bankrupt by putting all their money in generated images now they are proyecting their failure into everyone.
3) Shills.
4) Some companies. In this case just to cut some cost, so they can hire more joggers, hr bitches to rape, more yes men and to invest even more money in their gold parachutes.
5) NPCS. Not much to say on people thay are partially alive.
I am a professional artist. While most artists seethe I see great opportunity in AI. Don't be mistaken most solely AI art looks ok, but it's rough around the edges and severely limited. Certainly an interesting gimmick and I suppose good enough for coomers but not much more. However, combining it's utility with my skill makes it so the quality ceiling I can produce has just raised exponentially.

AI isn't replacing anyone willing to adapt it's simply raising the skill floor of the profession as a whole which I appreciate. I previously had projects that were a bit too ambitious that are now possible thanks to AI.
It is good maybe for commercial application, but it actually detracts from the human connection to art. there is a big difference between human art and AI art, even if some people can't tell. Human art requires human talent and human inspiration. there is much more subtlety to human art and it can never really be the creative talent of a human (other than perhaps the programmers). Real art will always have a place. However advertisers and educators and stuff may find practical use for AI art when illustrating. In that sense it isn't much different from translating. And like with translating, where there will always need to be people that actually know multiple languages, there is also a need for people who have artistic talent.
any oldfags do "the GIGO effect" in school?

Learned a lot about garbage in and out. Weird times.
they've had tech that could create AI videos for 10+ years
openAI is just soft disclosure of this tech being drip fed to us
I love it and I love how it makes insecure artist seethe really FUCKING hard
I wonder how far it will go. In 5-10 years we'll have photorealisitc child porn created by an Ai. Will the mere generation of artifical cp be a crime?
AI non-believers are cringe.
If you're agaisnt AI art than good fucking luck for the future because it will keep getting better and better at everything.

Be prepared mentally and accept what's coming or you'll have a mental break. AI is developing FAST.
idk why, any type of AI art is just super fucking bland to me. I've never seen any of it being good.
It's a bunch of malarky.
we should be careful about what real world tools we give the "AI."
Pixels are fine. Milling machines, lathes, arms, movers, forges, chemistry, extrusion/additive 3D stuff... nope.

Almost not kidding. Someday soon we will have to draw a line.
It makes retard wannabe stuffed shirt "artists" SEETHE so I'm fine with it.
It only threatens lowest common denominator E-beggar coom artists.

So like 99% of the artists out there right now.
The singularity is going to go against them and self select and improve itself to the most divine qualities of natural beauty. AI have already been called racist for selecting white women as most beautiful, being honest on race realism, on Jews, etc. It is ironic as most of these neural networks are created by more talented programmers and engineers than the lefttards who are tinkering with the guts left behind and upset when a machine learning algorithm self improves 1,000 times a minute and decides based facts.
The only "people" with any real problem with it are 14 year old ladyboys and furries and other dumbass kids whose minds are being destroyed by the internet. I've yet to meet a real life person who doesn't see it and just go "oh that's pretty cool"
I wish to god it was a thousand times better than it is. Everything I type in to any ai art generator comes back absolute shit and usually wrong
It all looks the same.
That makes it a boring and quickly-dying fad.
There'll be NFT Jews who wanna take AI and make a shitload of money shitting out promptart and selling it, but the real money will continue to be in real art that's been made by real people.
Which unfortunately means that menstrual paintings are actually appreciating in value thanks to soulless AI Jews.
best thing that's happened for the computer since 3d graphics. Imagine integrating this into your procedral generation
Its scary
I'm a shitty artist, not a drawfag and suck at photoshop and illustrator etc. Too hard, I don't have the patience to be a skilled artist.

But I love art and I need images for websites etc and AI art is going to save me tons of cash and time.
I think everyone pissing and moaning about it is a faggot and I'm sick
of hearing their whimpers.