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I don't think you realize just how many jobs AI is going to destroy.

we couldn't find God, so we created him. part and parcel
Imagine 3D printing an infinite variety of unique designs.
75% of humans aren’t needed it what they said.
If an IA fucks up a nuclear reactor, we shut it off and thousands die
If a person fucks up, we hang them
The emotional bonds of the social sphere will overpower AI. Prevent social AI from being developed at all costs.
Do you know how many people will boycott AI generated products?
I keep seeing FB ads for an AI that generates news articles and blog posts, and these posts are filled with laugh reacts and negative comments.
Ai cannot create anything original. The jews are just going to start suing people for copying their work using AI.
I don’t think you realize how little I care about tech faggots and tumblr artists losing their jobs
I really like top left. Very Egyptian art deco.
We lost another month on the countdown.
but new jobs to direct the AI will be created
Which AI you using? A group of us are using stability for placeholder art during our dev process. Something this clean for objects would be solid.
I'm a skeptic when it comes to AI running wild and turning humans into sex slaves, but a ton of jobs are ripe for automation.
hopefully a lot
i dont wanna work
The star ship will always get more advanced. But it’ll always be managed by a human.
Just find a job where pattern recognition is not the only requirement and you'll be fine.
Not my problem.
True. White collar jobs would be impacted the most. People think of automation as a machine/ai doing 100% of the work someone would do in their job. AI may not be capable of doing 100% of ones job but can certainly cut out the repetitive parts. Regardless people would still lose their job to AI. Funny how people assume its the low wage jobs like fast food workers and stockers at a grocery store who will go first. Nope. Those with the cushy white collar jobs are first on the list of jobs to go because of AI. Not due to full automation but AI doing maybe 25%-50% of their job which means they'll still need workers just less of them.
Graphic designers? Concept artists? Sure youre only showing images here and there will be more impactful applications eventually but so what? Theres already retarded amounts of useless workers in most companies, heck some companies even intentionally use old tech to justify the positions.
I try to explain this to my pajeet techie friend all the time.
He doesn't see the issue, he seems to think everyone will just learn2code or something.
Yes, some random retard from /g/ is going to educate me...
>art, already happening
>programming, already happening
>driving, already happening
>space flight, already happening
>fusion reactors, already happening
>commercial flight, not there yet but considerations are starting
>shipping, not there yet but considerations are starting
>industry, almost ALL industrial activities all the way from mining the material to packaging the product can and ARE being automated, especially in Italy, Germany, Japan and Korea
>delivery, getting there
>medicine, already happening

And that is just narrow AI, general AI will be the death of humanity and will march into it cheering.
Good. The sooner we use our tech to free humans from toil the better.
Not politics. Your designs are dumb. Go into the jewelry making business like some crusty post wall hippie skank. Your artwork is fucking junkie. Render some sage for me fuckwit
As soon as AI takes every job, women will demand half of the money
What scares people the most about AI is what it teaches us about how our own minds work. Qualia are just cached values in neural networks. Plato's Cave is an I/O bus. The hard problem of consciousness will be solved within a century... and then religion and philosophy will die for lack of a gap to hide in. This will probably make a lot of people miserable, but since knowledge of the mind's mechanics is an edge in warfare, the genie's not going to go back into the lamp.
Ya it's going to be pretty extreme now that Pandora's box got opened. We're just at the beginning, the real scope about how this will change media is hard to grasp. It's only a matter or time until examples like OP are instead fully interactive 3d models. Honestly if anyone here is young and aspiring to work in the art and animation industry, start practicing with a.i. There's going to be a new wave of job type in the next few years that will focus primarily on using AI to create assets for animation, corps like Disney are without question already looking into it.
Ask it to make a wrestling title and watch it piss out the most generic no dime jobber title imaginable, no ai can pass /aspw/ challenge
hopefully 90% of them
You guys are so retarded. Socialism and free monthly money is supposed to happen as automation takes over since people don't have to work as much. Yet the opposite is happening, you still have to work a 40 hour a week job and all the fruits of automation are going to the elite.
To elaborate on my prev comment and address OP directly.
I have spent some minuets observing these images and I would like to share my findings.
What strikes me first is that although these produced forms can flow and swirl, and are not entirely creations of rigid hard edges that would otherwise infer its artificiality, they denote that artificiality still. What I am trying to see is that their elegance seems rigid, their beauty sterile, these artefacts exude devotion yet it is as if that devotion is too an yearning void.
These copies are machine idealised reflections of the distilled essences of our own idealised conceptual art forms.
Like staring into a mirror, the reflection is true in a sense and yet in a way it is a devoid representation, empty, soulless.
a soulless reflection.
isnt ai just a "bloom" of 1's and 0's? "if this doesn't happen then do this" sort of deal?
So far its only destroying artists jobs lmao remember when these same people told us AI would replace truckers kek
It was the same shit with computers and then the internet. Boomers back then were dismissing computers as fancy calculators. They had NO idea.
Learn to code, or learn a trade. Not my problem.
Yeah, while everyone was looking at artists this year, stuff was happening. Its not just the creative industry that should fear, they might after all be the last ones funnily enough.

>Chinks are already replacing their CEOs with AIs

>There are AIs already making music from text prompts and based on your liking of genera and mood

>There are already many startups making driver free trucks

>There are already AIs that can work better then radiologist

>There are students making essays using AI and getting best grades for it, potentially replacing research paper writers

>There are already robots that clean up pipes in ways human plumbers could never do

>Tesla pathetic robot might not be able to walk, but it can be programmed trough just word commands and perform complex manual tasks. Now that Elon is going down with Twitter and Tesla, it is likely some more competent company will buy the technology and use it to improve upon old handwork robots that didn't make the cut in 2014

>There are already AIs making medicine and drugs
Not gonna take my job
>t. Apiculturer
Which jobs should AIs have?
AI will replace White color tech jobs. Skilled blue collar would be the last thing
So? There are literally hundreds of thousands of jobs that no longer exist because we have changed socially and scientifically. Life is in constant flux, either you can swim or you drown, if you drown is entirely on you and frankly you deserve it.
Get good, literally. Find value and monetize it. Its not hard at all, especially in such an interconnected, instant info transfer digitalized world.
Maybe instead of wasting time watching the fucking superbowl and getting fat, learn something new?
All I'm hearing is "easier and smaller self-sustaining land footprints".
real AI is this channel by this "guy" :
>video related
Anyone who went to school for tech or have tech jobs are FUCKED. Should've learned a real skill like blue collar trades. Enjoy being replaced tech losers.
the, uh, low quality stock image industry, and uhhh......
AI art is soulless, but it will put a lot of coomerartists out of business
and ? who is going to buy those products the AI makes ? people with no job ?
Nice video game assets.
They won't have any effect on real world jewelery though because the bottleneck in jewelry construction isn't the design, it's the material and the construction. None of those designs are simple enough for mass production, and the type of person that can afford jewelry that's this ornate will pay extra for jewelry that was handcraft by an actual artist with an actual name.

Render artists who make their living selling assets on websites like renderosity are fucked though.
is ai the new car of the early 1900s?