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Elon is on drugs

The man is 51 years old and he's burning the midnight oil with a bunch of younger engineers at 1am like it's nothing. He's on the same "smart drug" stimulants as SBF.
He looks like he’s giving double handy lessons
jfc, who wants to sit around till 1am listening to some cokehead spew about how he's going to mars?

I do believe he is on some kind of drug/drugs.
It’s really easy to do that when you don’t actually have to do any of the work. Speaking from experience
Tell me what kind of drug Elon uses

the best nootropic i know of is THCV
>he's on drugs
>post picture with zero drugs in frame
Sure thing. Hope he's having a fun time with those guys.
It looks like he's surrounded by desparate chinks, pajeets and basedboys who need him to keep their h1b status.
Does he share, or Bogart his shit?
Why don't they hire white people?
>pajeets and chinks
where are white mennnnnn??
Henry ford did this shit until he died at 82 years old.
He is motivated as the owner and personally. That is more than 99%. He is already the richest man in the world, but still he works non-stop.
He's on HGH. The tell-tale sign is a barrel chest, due to the way the drug acts on rib cartilage
Or here's a crazy fucking theory.
He didn't wake up at 8 am.
Kek all the ugly incels are the only ones left
I’m 50 and normally go to bed after 2am. I’m most alert at night. And I normally need less than 8 hours of sleep. Being 51 doesn’t mean anything. If he were 80 doing this, maybe.
This photo is disgusting. After firing all of the female workers he's having a misogynistic "bro-session" with the remaining male employees. I really can't even believe this is happening. What year is it, 1962?
why is a hetero white man running those chinks and poos ? das racist
they all need to quit until a tri-black trans bimorphic jubilon queen castrated runs them
Some people are just higher energy. I wouldn't put it past Elon to be on something but it could just be autism energy
He's always done that. Literally for 25+ years straight.
honestly im 39 and i just need some weed and coffee and im in programming heaven
its not that he uses drugs, its that you might be so retarded that you can't comprehend someone being up at 1am
"So AFTER you open the top lid, while leaving the seat down, you sit on it and do your business. Now, let's talk about wiping."
Group motivation is a drug, OP.

You wouldn't know anything about that you isolated sad kekistani.
He has insane work ethic that older people have
My dad will pull all nighters for his job and he’s much older than Elon is
pretending the richest man in the world at peak disruptor levels needs drugs to stay awake !
The firebox pussies of the hottest fems in the world are on constant whore duty to land him - he probably stays awake on just the rubbings and smell of their emissions
incels don't like this
>they dont even have a communal cum receptacle
no theyre not on those stims
Dudes fat, and from some pics I’ve seen recently, it is evenly distributed fat. Not on coke or meth/stimulants. Only kind of person on meth with fat will be distributed entirely in the spare tire area, per cortisol weight retention.
Elon looks like the typical lazy elite. Soft, fat and telling other ppl to work hard. He’s excited he bought something and will tire of it eventually.
>only 1 white guy
Guaranteed he pulls the most weight here
>implying you need drugs to stay up late and work
he's manic depressive those people frequently stay up long hours anyways
>3 white guys, three Indians and 4 gooks
Thisi is the future
>only two white people
Is he a kike
Inspired by his own vision of the company, but wabts you to sacrifice your life for his vision. His work ethic onoy matters if we had fraternity in the same dream and morality. It means nothing for a soulless profit driven incentive. Jobs and the mechanic behind it are exactly profit. In other words, the only reason to be at a job is money. Trying to lead from the front seems admirable at first, until you get into the nitty gritty sacrifice justification and fulfillment of corporations disconnected from the cultures ans people.
If he gets sleepy he just fires another woke nutjob, who then shrieks and blabbers some tourettes - a good laugh good for another hour
are you getting tired of this yet? no one cares but you just keep posting weirdly inauthentic bs like broken bots
Why are they all joggers? Musk is a kike, right?
I am also on drugs

Me = Elon Musk
notice how none of the engineers that survived the necessity purge are female or black
>The man is 51 years old a
>on the same "smart drug" stimulants
By that age you have mastered the art of being slightly high and managing your drug response. And you can process a lot of information if you are making selections from a menu but not having to prep and cook everything yourself.
t. 52, also a billionaire*
* I am only lying about one of these
you need less sleep in your 50s than your 20s
t. 53yo

This is like rednecks saying theres a secret cabal of Jews because they're better at money than them
The older you get the less sleep you need. Hitler would sleep from 4am to 9.30am
Apparently he's on better drugs than Atjack.
He doesnt actually do anything so of course he is awake at weird times.

All his team is brown.
Probably just coffee, healthy diet, and mental wellness. Is coffee good for you??
I see he didn't fire the chinese employees
>Not firing the mask guy
more deadweight to cut
>man talking at small group meeting

Jewish projection and copr. Sorry you neanderthals need smack to just make it in a Cromagnon's world. Should've probably learned and improved instead of lied and subverted, huh?
based and neuromancerpilled
SBF? Ooooh buzzzword.
>tech industry has a stim problem
jesus dude, pay the fuck attention
He's just high energy you incel. You wouldn't understand because you're genetic trash.
please stop spamming elon musk PR
what the fuck? these wagies have to work on saturdays? hes giving them all raises right?
It is funny when he weeded out all the non-workers, it is just dudes left
All the people who actually built Twitter were men.

The women were the social enforcers.
It's called coffee and enthusiasm.
>owner of the company is actually there on a saturday, and not just during the day, it's fucking 1am. And he's not in his office, he's literally on the floor talking shop with the workforce.
That's really fucking impressive in my opinion, i'd be shocked if the owner of any place i worked at was even visible at all.
He's a workaholic, sleeps very little, 4 hours by my estimate. It's pretty common for CEOs / industry leaders.
imagine the leader of a company he just purchased in one of the biggest sales in the history of the world

imagine that leader caring about getting that company back and track and making it profitable

imagine going to work

what a fag this elon guy is.
why does this thread exist faggot.
Yeah it's called coffee and being a night owl.
>"smart drug" stimulants as SBF.
it's meth
(you) can say he is on meth
Watch his eyes when he answers questions.
Elon has Horizontal Nystagmus which might help narrow down what his drug of choice is.
Are you a zoomer who can't fathom anyone being over 30 years old or do you only know a bunch of fat and lazy 50 year olds?
Maybe he had a coffee.
Some people are like that. My grandad at 80 was still working and slept 4 hours a night max like a mad man. Whilst at 25 i can barely get by with 9.
yeah, baby blood
That's a lot of chin holding in this picture.
>The man is 51 years old
Confirmed that this site consists of kids.
51 is not fucking old, kiddo.
all of these people snort cocaine like mad, it's integral to their sociopathic personalities
I take a pretty large amount of supplements, but stimulant scripts will wreck your heart and brain overtime.
>he's burning the midnight oil with a bunch of younger engineers at 1am like it's nothing.
This can also be a product of genes and good old fashioned "work ethic". I've heard Trump only sleeps a couple of hours a night, he gets up at like 5 AM and is on the phone bugging people with his to-do list. My dad was similar, and since I worked for him as a kid, I can outwork people half my age now. At work I'm constantly laughing at the younger guys and asking them about their buck status. Take the workpill anon.
The older you get the less food and sleep you need.
>Write the rest of the joke:
4 chinks, 3 pajeets, and 2 whyte bois walk into a bar...
Any sane person would fire the mask.
Take the circled part out and here you have what’s his taking.
HEY GLOWNIGGER! Fuck you, i studied this at university quindi succhiami il cazzo
You're projecting kike. He's not 90 years old.
Sorry ladyboy, not my problem
Cope, seethe and dilate